140+ Best High School Homecoming Slogans

Slogans are one of the effective ways to draw attention to the Event and their things. Slogans have been used in marketing for a very long time but today they’re everywhere, used by all kinds of brands and businesses. The role of a good slogan is to point towards the benefits of a product or Campaign. Here are some Best and Catchy Slogans for HighSchool HomeComing

Names and Slogans Business Slogans 140+ Best High School Homecoming Slogans

140+ Best High School Homecoming Slogans

Homecoming is an event that is celebrated annually in every school to welcome back the students and alumni. Different types of programs are organized by the students to make the occasion memorable.

Best High School Homecoming Slogans

  • Won’t let you down with the crown
  • Be proud of who you choose
  • Here to rule the town if given the crown
  • Let me be your Queen!
  • Can’t keep calm for homecoming
  • Got the gown, need the crown
  • Love us a sincere king!
  • Vote for who deserves the crown
  • Faithful to the crown
  • Give it up for your queen!

The programs can be cultural and some might also be related to sports but the biggest attraction of homecoming is to vote for the election of king and queen. The students use slogans to garner support for their friends who are contending to become the king or queen of the homecoming court.

Here are a few examples of high school homecoming campaign slogans. 

It’s time to begin the homecoming celebrations

Welcome to the most exciting event, homecoming

Let nothing come between you and the homecoming event

Who will be the queen in this year’s homecoming ?

The suspense has begun, who will be the homecoming king

Don’t hesitate, cast your vote in the homecoming

You can be proud of your king

Come on, shout out the name of your queen

Be wise in choosing your king or queen

Keep your fingers crossed until we announce the name of our king

Vote for me, I promise that I won’t let you down

Vote for the person who deserves the crown

We have got the most deserving person as our king

Lovely people for the lovely occasion

Elect me as your leader and together we will rule this town

I want you all to vote for me

You can make us proud as the homecoming queen

Cast your ballot in favour of your favorite 

We deserve a queen not a princess

The students are counting on you as our homecoming king

Your votes will reflect your support

It’s a genuine homecoming for all the former students

Don’t vote for the ordinary, vote for the extraordinary

high school homecoming slogans

Nothing can be compared to the happiness of homecoming

We all like her and we must vote for her

Don’t be so cruel, make me the king

Free drinks for all those who vote for me

This is an election, not a popularity contest

You have got the chance to assert your choice

 I will fulfill all your dreams, elect me as your queen

She is worth voting for

Come on, you can do it

Spread the word for the homecoming queen

I am so excited that you will vote for me

Don’t be confused, you have to be decisive

Don’t waste your vote, make it count

Let the celebrations begin as it is a homecoming

Let us all come together in this year’s homecoming

Don’t let the spirits drop, keep on enjoying

It feels good to be back at home 

So many memories to cherish 

Vote for Katie as she deserves the crown 

We all love Simon , make him the homecoming king

Home sweet home

Nothing is better than homecoming

I urge everyone to vote for John

An extraordinary leader for extraordinary people

Give Mark the crown and he won’t disappoint you

Have you heard the name of Smith for the homecoming king? 

A queen who has beauty with brains

Only the best for the homecoming king

My bet is on Justin for the homecoming king

Who is up for the homecoming queen?

We are expecting a courageous homecoming king

The wait is over, we have a new king

We wait the whole year for such a fantastic event 

Are we all in for a surprise?

Waiting anxiously to know the name of our new queen

Come on, reveal the secret

Stop playing and tell us the name of this year’s homecoming king

It has been a hell of a homecoming event

It all depends on our choice

Cast your vote wisely

The one and only thing I need to get the crown is your support

Count on me for your expectations as the homecoming queen

It’s that time of the year again

The winner takes it all

We have elected you as our homecoming king

Matthew for the homecoming king 

The voting makes the occasion of homecoming much more exciting

Homecoming is probably the most awaited event in our school

Now it’s our turn to host the homecoming event 

It is our responsibility to choose the suitable candidate for queen

Let us make this year’s homecoming worth remembering

Lucky to be a part of homecoming

Feel proud to be the leader of such a fantastic crowd

Shout out loud, let everyone hear the name of our homecoming queen

No better way of welcoming back our students and alumni

The homecoming court is all set to elect the king

Homecoming is not just an event, it’s a tradition

No stones unturned in upholding the tradition of homecoming

Let no one turn your proposal for the homecoming queen

Come on, we deserve better than this 

A truly representative homecoming event

We beg for your support

It’s not easy to choose a king or queen, be serious!

Do it for the love of your school

I urge everyone to be a bit cautious while voting for the king

I refuse to vote for the ordinary

If you think that Samuel can be a good king then vote for him

There is a reason why homecoming is awaited!

Hold on for a moment, we are going to announce something  you didn’t expect

Such tense moments make this homecoming memorable to everyone

Brace yourself for the most beautiful event of the school

You can’t afford to miss homecoming

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