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178+ Brilliant Hockey Slogans and Taglines

Hockey is a widely played global sport. The National Hockey League often referred to as NHL, has reportedly ranked number four among the most famous leagues.

Over the past few decades, hockey has noticed a significant increase in its popularity ranking. Hockey is majorly played in parts of South Asia, Australia, USA, Sweden. In Sweden, it is called ‘land hockey’ rather than field hockey.

Best Hockey Slogans

  • Do I smell of hockey and sweat?
  • Hockey and some more hockey
  • Puck and stick is what I carry
  • Have you smelled my bag?
  • The dentists are going to profit tonight
  • I only live for hockey
  • Not everyone gets the hockey thing
  • Eyes on the puck, feet on the turf
  • Love and breathe Hockey
  • Rule of the stick

Hockey is considered as the national game. Historical evidence shows that hockey was played in Ethiopia as early as 1000BC and in Iran around 2000BC, however it was an ancient form of the game. 

Here are some hockey slogans and taglines

It is hockey season

I would rather play hockey

Love hockey

You won’t understand, it is a hockey thing

Eat. Hockey. Sleep. Repeat.

You cannot puck with me

May the best defense win 

Please talk hockey to me

Life can be a game, but hockey is serious

Keep calm and keep playing hockey 

We love hockey 

Whatever it takes to score the goal

Defense wins

We own the turf

Make the turf yours!

Love me a game of hockey

Actions not words

We earn it

We got the game

Shin up! For it is hockey time

We are the puck bunnies

More of hockey, less talky

Remain the same or train 

Anyday is a good day for hockey

It is time for some hockey 

Got skills and stick?

Conquer the world with skills and stick!

I am a hockey and chill kind of person

A week without hockey will make one weak

Play nice or play hockey

Go hard or go home

I speak hockey fluently

Therapy comes in the form of hockey

We were born to play hockey

Make your hockey bag stinky, not your attitude

Hockey is loved by cute girls!

Playing hockey is my superpower, what is yours?

I want a hockey cup, not diamonds

Do not get fooled by my skirt

Don’t let the heels fool you

Weekends are for watching playoffs, not for partying

A sport beyond strategies 

Believe to achieve 

I can ditch you for watching an extra playoff 

Love hockey. Love life

Keep scoring!

Goals are scored, not wished for

Hockey hard

It is hockey and relax kind of day 

Hockey makes me happy. You? Not so much

I am a play hockey, be happy kind of girl 

We are here to beat the odds

May the puck be in our favor

Live. Laugh. And play hockey!

hockey slogans

Every drop of sweat counts

The best ones came together

I don’t like ice, unless it is for hockey

Hockey, because you need a reason for dental appointments

Hockey is life, hockey is love

Hockey is where passion and sweat meet

We are here with the goal to deny yours

We are here to finish some unfinished business

Ice in my veins, and on the field!

You won’t understand the love of hockey

It is that time of the year again

Hockey season, the only season that matters

Love the game, live the game

There’s just one rule: be hungry 

Practice till your muscles give up 

We got the game in  our favor

The puck is in our court

The sticks rule

Our team has a hockey problem

Hockey is more than just a boy’s game

Hockey keeps us going

I don’t take revenge, I own the puck

True commitment with a true passion

East or west, hockey is the best

We can’t keep calm, we won’t keep calm

I would rather play hockey than go out with you

We score together, we win together

We are in this together

Play all the hockey you can

Outdo yourself on the field 

Earn the victory as it cannot be bought

We love the hustle and respect the struggle

You wish for it, we work for it

We love us a win

Either knock us out or get your teeth knocked out

Go hard or go to the dentist

It is time to goalie up

Fearless and ruthless

It is our time

Get your stick and shin guard ready

Fast and furious just leveled up 

Overcome the excuses with the competitiveness 

Keep from feeding the goalie

With all the ice, hockey is the coolest sport!

Adverse and diverse

We are giving everything we have got

Lose the tooth, or lose the game

Motivation and dedication brings success

Play hard or play weakly

One game, one team, one win

Are you ready for 70 minutes of intensity?

Are you signing up for 70 minutes of awesomeness?

We love hockey, we live for hockey

Puck up!

Coaches do not speak loud, actions do

We are the best in the field

For the love of hockey

We live our life, 70 minutes at a time

We make the rules

Hockey practices are just a fancy vacation for us

We do it for the sticks

Keep calm and keep defending 

Can you feel the turf?

Instant winner: just add some ice! 

Get up but do not give up

Others play the game, we live it

We make goals, not dream about it

Goals are dreams with deadlines

Fearless or toothless

Disturb at your own risk while I watch hockey

Disturb me and lose a tooth

We love to puck and love the stick

Be beyond another brick in the wall

Unbelievable and unstoppable

Life is just boring without hockey

What would we do without hockey?

Cause mom said to play hockey 

Hockey addiction runs in my family 

The only addiction I have is hockey

It is all about the goal, the stick, and the puck

Holiday season? Nah! Only hockey season

It is not a sport, it is a lifestyle

Nothing better than hockey

Hockey problems are not problems 

Eyes on the goal, and off the obstacles 

We trust in love and hockey!

Hustle and never quit playing

It is kind of hockey crazy 

Real hockey people stake out

Can’t play nice? Go play hockey instead 

Hockey, it is for everyone! 

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