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Brand Name for fashion clothing store.

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What your business/startup is about?

We are an online store for affordable trendy fashion clothings for females. Our USP is our products are curated from Italy and we sell that at very decent price. We offer affordable, unique and trendy designs by up and coming designers to fashion savvy customers.

What ideas do you want to convey with your brand name?

We want to show that we are modern and always up to date with fashion trends.

Who are your competitors?

Zara, Gucci

What is your products in initial phase and in the future?

We are starting with clothings for women and in future we are aiming for cosmetics and men’s clothing as well.

Who is your target audience based on age, gender, demographics, economical status?

Our target audience is mainly middle class female youth who can get quality trendy fashion clothings in decent price. And in future male youth will also our target as we expand in male clothings.

Do you have any previously explored or rejected names?

“GoGirls” - We liked this name very much but it’s not available and it is also limiting our future expansion in male category.

Is there any concepts/specific words/parts of any word you would like us to add/avoid in your brand name?

Please avoid using gender based and category based name. We would expand in both genders and multiple categories in fashion.

What is your preferred language & country of focus?

Catchy and meaningful name in any language is welcomed but english name would be our top preferance. We would start our business in USA and planning to scale it globally in future.

Do you want exact matching domain?

Example - Yes, we would prefer exact matching domain like “”. But if name is so good and catchy we are okay with minor vatiations.


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