Top 35+ Best Hookah Brands in the World

Hookahs are utilized to smoke particularly made tobacco that comes in various seasonings, such as watermelon, cappuccino, licorice, coconut, chocolate, cherry, mint, and apple. With so many hookah brands it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top hookah brands in the globe.

Hookah Brands in the World

Khalil Mamoon

Country: Egypt 

The hookahs of this brand are the finest hookahs of Egypt. Their Hookahs are recognized to have the most remarkable traditional designs, created from the best quality substances. The hookahs of Khalil Mamoon are resistant and give the absolute smoking experience.


Country: United States of America 

It is arguably North America’s outstanding manufacturer of contemporary style hookah tobacco. They claim to be “modern” because of their use of unique seasoning mixtures to produce one strong seasoning experience.

Al Fakher

Country: UAE

They concentrate their flavor lineup on individual note seasonings like mint, orange, and blueberry. This makes it simpler for novices to agree on a combination to smoke.


Country: United States of America 

Fumari began in 1997 with the concept to launch an old Mediterranean convention in San Diego. By creative seasonings, giving odd quality, and putting the standard in assistance, they have created a devoted following from all over the world. Their wholesale strategy benefits suppliers in offering their buyers nothing short of the finest products and hookah tobacco.


Country: United States of America 

Situated in Colorado, this company with many years of background brings extensive modern knowledge to smokers. Their hookahs are prepared with high-grade stainless steel down stem, anodized space-grade aluminum, and wonderful wood finish. It is one of the best-accomplished trademarks of water pipes. 


Country: Poland

Originated in Poland, Wookah is an extremely distinguished trademark of wooden nargile. Despite getting the launch in 2005, they started receiving both recognition and popularity after their products became the best products of the years. 


Country: Egypt 

It is the most prominent and first water pipe tobacco factory in the globe since 1913. The actual shisha manufacturer, Nakhla Tobacco is manufactured in Egypt and comprises mid-grade unwashed, long cut tobacco. It is timeless valued around the globe with its bold shisha smoking style and compatible seasoning.

Sahara Smoke

Country: United States of America 

The hookahs of Sahara Smoke are the most unusual hookahs. They are mainly prominent for exotic glass vases and premium quality items. They offer their hookahs in different shapes and sizes. Sahara Smoke has add-ons such as ice pots, rotating adapters, and mega trays.


Country: United States of America 

They offer handmade hookahs in America for the absolute hookah smoking knowledge. Produced with function and design in mind, each hookah is optimized for the finest creation regardless of shape and size. 

Al Waha

Country: Jordan 

Originated in 1972 in the heart of Jordan, it is one of the oldest trademarks of shisha. Al Waha is one of the most prominent hookah brands. Al Waha Hookah is a popular trademark in several western hookah lounges and across the Middle East. Produced from quality tobacco leaves, it promotes both contemporary and traditional flavors.


Country: United States of America 

Their hookahs are the best trademark of luxury hookah. They offer hookah with a shisha tray, hose, and glass bowl. They are the most stunning hookah label offering some of the contemporary hookahs with a glass pipe.


Country: United States of America 

Premium Shisha flavors are offered by Hookafina. Produced in Los Angeles, their shisha is mixed in portable batches. Their hookah is hand made from the best ingredients in the United States. 

Al Amir

Country: United States of America 

Their hookah is quality made tobacco which is extremely famous in the Middle East. The Al Amir trademark has a different molasses-based seasoning and promotes a timeless combination of shisha seasonings.

Econo Mya

Country: United States of America 

Their hookah provides all the exceptional craftsmanship and style at a budget-friendly rate. They are delighted to offer various of this label’s remarkable hookahs. Utilizing more cost-efficient production substances, their hookah chain provides incredible design and attention to detail. 


Country: United States of America 

This is a home-grown household corporation that started in Detroit, MI trading unattached cartons of Zig-Zag papers, ultimately rising into a corporation that operates all over the globe. Their main focus is to broaden the stock range and offer high-quality commodities at a cheap rate. 

Social Smoke

Country: United States of America 

Social Smoke corporation was formed by two enterprising brothers passionate about hookahs in. The corporation began with shisha, but soon broadened their industry and the hookah production was the next goal. The firm also promotes one of the largest flavor choices in the globe.


Country: United States of America 

Producers of the very first glass hookahs, this brand of shisha is extremely popular and loved. They have their individual mart and they also manufacture several other unique shisha equipment. 


Country: United States of America 

The firm was begun with the purpose of providing quarter hookahs at inexpensive rates in 2002. In addition to the mixture of modern and traditional looking nargiles, high-quality glass hookahs are also offered by them. 


Country: Austria 

Their hookahs are produced and designed in Europe. This is the one brand that concentrated more on modern hookah designs in comparison to the traditional models. 


Country: United States of America 

This firm in the USA is focused on the manufacturing and designing of quality hookahs for global smokers. High-quality smoking products and hookahs are offered by Zahrah.


Country: United States of America

This firm with great prominence among shisha smokers are in the industry for more than 10years manufacturing only the finest quality stocks. Tangiers most prominent stocks are handmade clay containers.

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