Top 31 Best Hot Dog Brands of the World

Hot dog in the 21st century is one of the most competing nonvegetarian sausage sandwich forms which is available in a wide range of variations. Children across the world have a special inclination towards this food item. Below are some of the most renowned hot dog brands across the world.

Hot Dog Brands of the World

Oscar Mayer Classic Wieners 

Country- United States of America

This is an American brand of the hot dog where each hot dog weighs 45 grams and provides 110 kilocalories. This brand has a calorie content that is 60% lesser than any average hot dog brand. This hot dog is also suitable for people following the ketogenic diet.

Big Apple Hot Dogs

Country- United Kingdom

This is a British company that makes hot dogs that are absolutely free of gluten or any bulking agent. They prepare pork hot dogs and have different ways of serving them. The buns they use are locally made with no chemical agents and hence they are extremely soft and ameliorate the taste.

Boar’s Head Beef Frankfurters

Country- United States of America

This American hot dog brand serves the Frankfurt-style hot dogs each weighing 45 grams. The calorie content of each hot dog is 120 kilocalories, which is less than any average hot dog. This is a low cholesterol food item that goes well in a keto diet.

The Sausage Man

Country- United Kingdom

This is one of the best brands of hot dogs in the United Kingdom which serves both the Vienna style and the Frankfurt-style hot dogs. They are wholesalers of hot dogs and serve only quality products to their customers. They also offer a noticeable range of sauces complementary with hot dogs.


Country- Australia

This Australian hot dog brand is a completely organic brand. They make beef hot dogs and use organic vegetables and spices to prepare the delicacy. They serve their customers with traditionally made American style hot dogs with no added chemicals and are just needed to heat and then serve.

Nathan’s Famous

Country- United States of America

This is an American company operating restaurant chains with a specialization in hot dogs. It was founded in 1916 in Brooklyn. Nathan’s Famous organizes a hot dog eating competition every year. They serve hot dogs in a wide range of styles and of different types.

Malone Foods

Country- Ireland

This is an Irish, family-run food company that serves hot dogs mainly of the Frankfurt-style. The sausages are made up of Irish pork and they are naturally smoked. They can also serve hot dogs in different flavors according to the wish of the customers.

Hofmann Sausage

Country- Germany

The Hofmann sausage company was established in 1879 in Germany but operates from the US. They serve completely gluten-free hot dogs which are rich in proteins.  They are famous for their handcrafted techniques of preparing hot dogs and using spices that enrich the taste of the food.


Country- United States of America

Johnsonville is a company native to the US that was founded in 1945. They produce different types of hot dogs which are to be served in different ways. They also have a number of different sauces for better enjoyment and a more authentic taste of the sausages they produce.

Abeles Heymann

Country- United States of America

This American company was founded in 1954 which solely produces hot dogs. Their hot dogs are mainly known for the no nitrate contents and less sodium. They produce certain types of specialized hot dogs among which chipotle hot dogs and bourbon hot dogs are the most famous ones.

Hebrew National

Country: United States 

This brand of sausages along with hot dogs have been created by the very famous ConAgra Foods. In 1982, a non-kosher department opened by Hebrew National under the title National Deli; presently it is located in Florida. The brand produces beef products including knackwurst, pastrami, corned beef, bologna, salami, and beef franks.

Trader Joe’s

Country: United States 

It is a line of grocery shops in the United States, that has head offices located in Monrovia, California. As of 2015, it has a competition with “fresh format” grocery shops in America.  As of 2019, they had more than 503 shops nationwide in 42 states. 

Ball Park Franks

Country: United States

It is a hot dog brand created by Tyson Foods and the Detroit Tigers of Major League Baseball popularized this brand in 1958. It is undoubtedly a famous hot dog brand in the United States and has approximately 94.9 million customers.

Vienna Beef

Country: United States

It is the primary plant of the hot dog used in the Italian beef, and Polish sausage as well as classic Chicago-style hot dogs. The company also manufactures a variation of deli meats.

Sabrett hot dogs

Country: United States 

It was popular for its all-beef casing kosher-style and spicy hotdogs. The omnipresent hotdog carts acquired solely from Sabrett’s but were singly acquired. Main Sabrett consumers also included Stevens Company, Papaya King, and Nathan’s Popular in Coney Island.  

Koegel Meat Company

Country: United States

It is a meat distribution, packaging, and processing corporation founded in Flint, Michigan. It manufactures 35 stocks. It is also a distributor of A&W, nearly 200 Coney Kroger, Dairy Queen, Walmart, and restaurants. 


Country: United States

Sahlen’s or Sahlen Packing Company Inc is a meat packing firm of the United States that has its head office located in Buffalo, New York. Joseph Sahlen established this company in 1869. They only use the highest and freshest quality meat stocks.

Kunzler & Company

Country: United States

It is a food processor and manufacturer of the United States. It manufactures the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball group’s official hot dog. A German trader named Christian Kunzler established this company in 1901. 

Pronto Pup

Country: United States

It is a corporation founded in Portland, Oregon. The Pronto Pup blend for hot dogs is manufactured by them. Pronto Pup is also an eatery situated in Rockaway Beach, Oregon. 

Herta Foods

Country: Germany

It is a company of pre-cooked Frankfurters, acquired by Nestlé. Presently, Herta Foods is the most famous Frankfurter-brand in the United Kingdom.

Marathon Enterprises, Inc.

Country: United States

It is a main regional distributor of gourmet delicatessen products and meats to the food assistance business in the New York City urban sector. It has a head office located in Englewood, New Jersey. Marathon Enterprises, Inc. is a non-governmental company and retails its stocks under the brand name Sabrett.

Hempler’s Uncured Beef Franks

Country: United States

Created with Wagyu Beef brand. Typically remedied without nitrates and totally gluten-free, fillers-free, allergens-free, artificial color-free, and phosphates free. A Hempler household masterpiece procedure, uniquely prepared with the excellent mix of seasonings giving a true European spice.

Bar-S Franks

Country: United States 

It is a top company of meat stocks. Although it has a head office located in Phoenix, the corporation runs four manufacturers in Oklahoma. Brands include Chuck Wagon, Old World Premium, Jumbo Jumbos, President’s Pride, and Bar-S. Bar-S Franks is also one of the biggest secretly owned corporations in Arizona.

Open Nature Beef Franks

Country: United States 

The container is enjoyable and snappy, but the inside of their hot dogs has a squeaky texture and metallic tint. The finish tastes as the impression of flavorings, which is as off-putting and nonsensical as it sounds.

Sam’s Choice Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dogs

Country: United States 

The adequately dialed-down seasoning of their private wiener brand is equalized by miserliness that’s excellent for amusing large groups of individuals. 

Applegate Organics The Great Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dog

Country: United States 

For more than 30 years, they have been manufacturing high quality organic and natural cheese, deli meats, sausages, bacon, hot dogs, and frozen stocks. All the products manufactured by them do not have GMO ingredients. They are natural, which make them tastier and not to mention, healthier.

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