How Advertising Agency Work on Any Project!

What is an advertising agency?

An advertising agency creates ads and secure placement. To give final shape to an advertisement, the agency takes the help of graphic designers, copywriters, and other professionals. Ads agency team advertising strategies to create marketing campaigns for their clients.


What are the steps to be followed by an advertising agency?

    • Set your goals and objectives.
    • Define your advertising brand and identify the target market and area of operation. 
    • Hire professionals in your team with great communication skills. 
    • The advertising agency should be professional and creative in their approach. 
    • A team of passionate individuals with industry exposure can help obtain transparency and efficiency in solving problems and taking decisions. 


Why hire an advertising agency?

  • An advertising agency saves your valuable time and energy. 
  • They take care of the entire advertising campaign of the project from scratch.
  • Small businesses lack expertise in advertising. In order to do that, they turn to advertising agencies to pick up the task and streamline the entire process of running ad campaigns.


How does an advertising agency operate?

An advertising agency works at many levels. The working is not a chapter unread but for sure, it is a complex and multi- stepped process. The advertising agency has to go through a lot of pre- advertising steps in order to reach the actual outcome of advertisement.

Along with these advertising companies, the others such as design, PR and marketing work together. We will, in detail, undergo the steps and discuss them in detail, in order to get the perfect idea of the working of an advertising organization.

  • The finance and marketing teams approaches directly to the client, in order to know about the problem that needs to be addressed to. This helps them to get a clear idea of what and in which manner the client wants the work to be done.


  • A brief creative lead is made by the account manager. This helps the company get a detailed view on the proposal. This detailed brief includes comprehensive analysis, a detailed research or survey as well as the go- about procedure.


  • A budget is then planned. This step enables the company to get a rough idea of the expense incurred. Itr also helps the company to decide on how to go about the campaign, in a better manner, when there is a financial outlet in front.


  • The creative team is briefed about the project. This helps the team to have a clear as well as a detailed outlook about the project. This helps them work better and extra focused on the process of creating and coming up with unique ideas. 


  • The creative director is the one who has to take the final decision on which idea should be implemented and which should not be. This happens when after a prolonged working for days or weeks, the creative team comes up with the first round of ideas.


  • These ideas are further combined or put together, in order to negotiate the strengths and weaknesses of each idea that comes to the desk. There are discussion over these ideas, which enables the company to step forward with the most unique ideas.


  • The creative director plays a very important role. He/ she is the one who cuts down the ideas that are not acceptable and approves the ideas which are either perfect, or can be worked upon. This leads to the team to go ahead and hunt for better ideas.


  • The creative team keeps on working on the ideas for days and weeks. They also contact the production team, which gives them a way to discover better ideas and to get assistance. The account team along with the production team, helps the creative team to fetch better and stronger ideas. The production team can also estimate the expenses and the other processes that are involved, if there are the invasions of the prints or shoots. 


  • After all these, the creative director approves the final ideas that are presented by the creative team. After this happens and a final outlay is made, the creative team goes on to show it to the client. 


  • The client will, in general term, take time to discuss about the idea that is produced to him. After the discussion between the concerned people, the client will come forward with a feedback. The feedback may result in rework or a green indicator, which means that the idea is approved and can thus be implemented by the company. 


  • After all this, a final budget is made and the further procedure takes place. This budget has to be approved by both, the creative director, as well as the client. This is one of the most important steps because, budget is the main element that would determine the outcome or the process in which the project will take place.


  • In whatever way it has been agreed to, the accounts team, the creative team along with the production team, sit together in order to make a layout. This layout helps the entire team that is associated with the project, to carry out the procedure in a better and organized manner.


  • After the advertisement that is made is approved by the creative director, it has to be placed before the client. The client must be available to be able to watch the final ad that is prepared by the team, after going through all the above-mentioned steps. 


  • Once the advertisement that is made is approved by the client, it is published. The advertisement can be published through various processes. The processes are listed below:

       On air: The advertisement can either be auditory that is published on platforms such as the radio. They can also be auditory along with visual. These can be published on television or on other platforms like YouTube.

        Print: The print media such as newspapers or magazines can be used for the production of these advertisements. This process proves beneficial, as it reaches to a huge number of audience.


  • The creative team along with all the other teams that are involved with the project, go ahead to check the success of the advertisement along with the returns on the investment made. After this, the feedback about the advertisement is given to the client. This is then evaluated and brought to a basic common ground, where both the client and the company gets into collaborations for further projects.


  • The client then pays the agency and the whole procedure is repeated and thus, there is again a session of brainstorming and going through ideas, that can be implemented and will be beneficial for the agency as well as the client.


The advertisement works as a stepping stone, for marketing. A brand or a company that is coming up or is on the verge of establishment is in need of a huge marketing strategy. Marketing is basically undertaken in order to reach out to more and more people, who will play a very important role in the profit-making of your organization. One of the most important marketing strategies is an advertisement.

Advertisements can be auditory, verbal, visual or electronic. It depends from one company to the other, as to how they want their marketing to be done. There are numerous agencies that can help you out with marketing, through the process of advertisements. You need to choose your partner agency, with whom you want to shake hands with for your projects to be done, very carefully.

In the process of choosing the right advertising agency for your company, you need to know the basic qualities or elements that a good advertising agency should have.

Below, we are listing out few of the key elements along with their effects on the projects that are to be made.


  • Creative team with good communication skills: The main element that an advertising agency should have is a team of creative thinkers. Having them is not the only criteria. They should also be confident and should be good communicators. Communication at the very basic level, is very important as to provide the correct information, both to the client as well as the agency. They should work as to bridging the gap between the client and the agency.


  • Digitally acclaimed: In this world of advanced technology, it is very important for the advertisement agencies to be digitally efficient. More than the television and newspapers, individuals look up the online platforms, to collect knowledge about different products and services. Thus, it is very important for the agencies to be efficiently working on the online platforms, in order to reach out to numerous people, with their projects.


  • Professionals: The advertising agencies should have a responsible and efficient professional, who work at a project. Not being professional would mean lagging behind or not coming out with the best ideas at the time when it is needed. They should have proper skills to interact efficiently with the clients.


  • Punctual: An advertising agency should be punctual in all respect. If they fix a particular time for a meeting with the client, they should be before time or at least on time, in order to maintain a good image of the agency as well as themselves. Apart from this, individuals working in the advertising agency, should be very stringent about deadlines. This is very important because everyone, even your client is bound by a time constraint.


  • Passion: An advertising agency should be highly passionate about the work that they have undertaken and thus are working on. This is very important because this helps the agency, make a good image in the market. Passion is required by individuals, to meet the targets faster and provide quality outcomes. It is necessary for an advertisement agency to have the zeal in them to work towards achieving their goals in a better and a  faster manner.


  • Understanding science: It is not only through passion and knowledge, that an advertising agency can lure the customers or the audience. The agency should have a basic scientific knowledge about how and by what means, the memory structure of an audience can be hit by the advertisements that they are making. Thus, in order to create a huge and long- term effect on the memory of the customers or the audience, it is very necessary to have a basic knowledge of science.


  • Efficient in solving problems: An advertisement agency can encounter problems that they did not even see approaching them. Thus, the company must have efficient staff and leaders, who can easily solve the problems that they might encounter. This would help them build their own confidence, as well as the confidence of the client. The more they become efficient with their problem solving skills, the better they can manage the work that they are assigned to. This would also help them in getting more and more clients and thus, more projects.


  • Branding all around the Globe: In order to reach a huge number of audience and getting more eyes or ears on your advertisement, it is very important to reach out to the audience, globally. When your agency reaches out to audience globally, it brings in more and more business to your agency. This will also help you get more and more clients to become attracted to your company. Thus, you will have a higher number of projects to give out.


  • Transparency: Transparency is the key to success. An advertising company should have transparency that is to be maintained, while processing the billing. The more transparency, the stronger will be the relation with the client. If you get hands on the right client and gain their confidence, you will have a fixed inflow of money, over time. This will help the agency maintain itself as a reputed and confident agency.


  • Execution skills: This is very important in order to have a fluent as well as a well built a relationship with the client. Execution refers to the putting out of ideas on a real platform. It means that the agency has to be efficient enough to put the exact project outcome that the client had approved on paper, in reality. This would again help grow the relationship between the client and the agency.


Few of the advertising agencies that you must look upto are:

  1. Float design: Best for a long-term relation.
  2. OhPartners: For overall success of the client’s projects.
  3. Copper Leaf Communications: For flexible work promises and the guaranteed outcome.
  4. Three29: For the exact outcome as you want your advertisement to be.
  5. AcrobatAnt: For getting the exact justice done to your internal milestones and goals.



Thus, it is very important to choose the right advertising agency to reach out to a numerous audience. Alongside, you should also have an idea about the qualities that the agency should possess in order to be chosen by the client.

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