355+ Clever Human Rights Slogans And Taglines - (Guide + Generator)

355+ Clever Human Rights Slogans And Taglines

In order to spread the message of humanity and equality, we celebrate human rights day once in a year on the day of 10th December.

Its celebration is done on the global level. As equality connects people around the globe, its celebration does not limit to a particular region.

The main purpose behind this is that everyone must fight for their rights and raise their voice against its violation. Moreover, there should not be any disparity between the caste and creed and the upper-lower classes living in a society.

They all must be treated with equal rights. Not more for someone superior and not less for any inferior.

Best Human Rights Day Slogans

  • Everyone must entertain the same rights
  • Rights is for everyone
  • Treat everyone the same
  • Abide by the law
  • Be neutral
  • Learn to respect everyone
  • Everyone deserves the same
  • Your right matters
  • Treat everyone like the low does
  • Follow the law and order

This also supports the fight against racism. In fact, all human beings must be treated the right way. There should not be the one exploiting anyone by violating the rights given to them. 

Human Rights Slogans

Catchy Human Rights Slogans

Human rights are inherent to all the citizens of the country, irrespective of caste, gender, and religion. Human rights include the rights to freedom, rights over liberty, freedom of expression, the right to speak, and many other things.

However, there are several instances prevailing around the world where several citizens are barred from getting those basic rights.

To create an impact in society and to help those people achieve their rights, some catchy human rights slogans must be created. Here is a list of some catchy human rights slogans.

  • Take a stand for human rights
  • Don’t be idle, take what is yours
  • Fight for what is yours
  • Equality comes with equal rights
  • Stand and fight together for human rights
  • Celebrate human rights day every day
  • Speak up, say what you need to say
  • Your rights give you a voice, use it.
  • Raise your voice and take what is yours
  • Fight, but only for fair and truthful.
  • Don’t be calm, it is your right.
  • Encourage human rights, don’t abuse power.
  • Your voice counts.
  • You have a right to write for human rights.
  • Raise your voice for a difference
  • Take stand for human rights.
  • Human right for humanity
  • Violating human rights is abuse to the nation.
  • Let’s make a world where everyone is treated equally
  • Stand united for equal rights
  • Equality is a cure to social diseases
  • No one is harmed by equality
  • Make amends to your mind and support human rights
  • Do the human right thing
  • Equality harms none
  • God gave us human rights, do not exploit it
  • Human rights for all
  • No human rights mean inhuman.
  • Human rights now
  • Human rights – a hope to strive
  • Hate crime, love humanity
  • Human rights are mandatory
  • Human rights should be acted on all humans
  • Poverty violates human rights
  • Human right is to love and be loved
  • Share the earth with the same right.
  • We are all equal, no discrimination
  • Humans are born free, keep them that way.
  • If you hope for peace, stand for the human rights
  • Say no to racism, embrace equal rights for all
  • Racists go away.
  • Treat every human being equal
  • Stand up to defend equal rights for humans
  • So wake up! You’re sleeping high, support human rights.
human rights day slogans

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Human Rights Slogan Examples

Every individual in this world is entitled to his/her rights without any partiality. Human rights are important to survive peacefully and live happily. No other citizen has the right to take away other citizens’ human rights.

All citizens must stand up for his/her fundamental rights. Coming up with good and impactful human rights slogans is a bit tricky to make. So here is a list of some of the highly impressive examples of human rights slogans examples.

  • Human rights can correct the wrongs
  • We are one, we are equal
  • Hold on to human rights!
  • Human rights violated? Raise your voice!
  • Shout out loud! Human rights
  • Don’t hesitate to support what is right
  • Never give up, hold on your rights
  • Human rights are required for now
  • It is never too late, embrace human rights.
  • Human rights for everyone
  • Human rights give an equal opportunity to all
  • Not supporting human rights is itself a crime.
  • Men or women, equal rights coz they are human
  • You cannot wait for the world to change
  • Waiting for the day everyone is equal is waiting till eternity
  • Rights must be equal. Not more. Not less.
  • You are living if you are living with your rights
  • You cannot get freedom if you have no rights
  • As a human, I have a right to remain equal
  • Parity is better than charity
  • It is heroism if you stand up for someone’s right
  • Spread love, support equal rights for all
  • Show some care and let it be fair to everyone. 
  • Stop it if you still have got the voice
  • You are born and raised not to live in a cage
  • Do not let the patriarchy steal your rights
  • Racism sucks
  • Not supporting human rights is like being raised to become an animal
  • Here I stand up on the right side of the history
  • Different color, equal rights
  • You are god’s creation, so avoid rights violation
  • You are not standing up for anyone but yourself.
  • It hurts if you no longer have any rights, so stand for human rights
  • The fight is necessary is you are doing it for your right
  • Denying human rights is denying the humanity
  • Women’s rights = human rights
  • White or black, we are all the same
  • Thing equal to spread human rights
  • Human rights belong to every human being
  • Human rights to treat everyone right
  • Keep calm and support human rights
  • Not everyone has got a voice, if you have, use it.
  • Don’t let anyone exploit someone
  • Make sure no one is becoming the victim of exploitation
  • A human should care for other humans
  • We live together, stay together, breathe together. Why not live with equal rights too?
  • Don’t be afraid of asking for what is yours
  • Love yourself, know what you deserve
  • You are not a rebel you are fighting for your rights
  • Be the change, to change the world.
  • No one can have your rights
  • Be the change, raise your voice. It is high time to support equal rights
  • United we shall overcome
  • Equality can beat poverty
  • No one can beat discrimination alone
  • Do make some efforts to get what is your right
  • If you have got hands, write for your rights
  • Right to treat everyone right
  • Discrimination can infect the whole world
  • No matter what we do, we breathe and bleed the same.
  • Treat everyone better, treat everyone equal
  • Everyone must be treated equally
  • Discriminating others is a shameful act.
  • Don’t be a victim, be an achiever
  • The fight is good if you are fighting for a cause
  • Do not let anyone be the victim, help them by supporting human rights
  • Why so silent? Shout out your rights
  • Snatch what is yours
  • Don’t request a thing that belongs to you
  • Do you ask to breathe? Then you should not be asking for your rights.
  • Take it what is yours, you do not have to ask for it.

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Human Rights Day Slogans

Raising up our voices and standing for what is right and what is wrong is nothing to be ashamed of. Human rights are the basic rights that are entitled to all the law-abiding citizens of the country irrespective of their caste, creed, and gender.

There must be equality everywhere because it is equality that connects people. The main purpose behind celebrating human rights day is that everyone must raise their voice against the violation of their rights.

There should be no disparity between the high-class and low-class people. The human rights day slogans must be motivational and inspirational. However, crafting some unique human rights day slogans is not that easy.

It must be strong and unique. Mentioned below are some of the human rights day slogans.

  • Stand united and fight for your human rights.
  • Human rights are your priority, don’t unseen it.
  • Celebrate human rights day with all your courage and confidence.
  • Your rights, your voice. Own it.
  • Your fundamental rights give you the voice, don’t misuse it.
  • Always encourage human rights.
  • Raise your voice today to make an impact.
  • Human rights are needed for humanity.
  • Equality is a strong remedy to create a difference.
  • Every individual deserves the same rights.
  • Your basic rights matter. Don’t stay silent.
  • Stand and speak together for your rights.
  • Raise your voice because your rights give you a voice.
  • Raise our voice and courage for humanity.
  • Human rights for all individuals. 
  • Human rights are basicity; everyone deserves it.
  • All are equal; they need to be treated equally irrespective of gender, religion, and caste. 
  • Human beings have the right to speak for their individual rights.
  • Wake up and celebrate human rights day.
  • Say no to discrimination and racism, and spread love and smiles.
  • Everyone must shout out for their rights.
  • Stop racism and discrimination, and bring the change now.
  • Be the change, and take a stand for human rights.
  • Human rights are a necessity, don’t ignore them.

Human Rights Taglines

Taglines are generally short phrases that reflect the motto and the importance of a particular day. Human rights taglines can be a unique way to speak on behalf of the citizens in some scenarios.

Human rights are the basic rights that are inherent to all the citizens of the country. These rights include the right to education, the right to expression, the right to speak, and the right to life.

History books are the main example where it is quite clear how the various activists and groups have fought for these rights. So to spread the messages to the entire country, here is a list of some creatively created human rights taglines.

  • Stand up and raise your voice to speak about your fundamental rights.
  • Fight for what is yours because your voice counts.
  • Respect human rights for humanity.
  • Never give up on your rights; never lose hope.
  • Human rights are for everyone, and all are equal.
  • Celebrate human rights day because we are one.
  • Human rights give equal opportunities to everyone.
  • Better late than never, embrace and speak up for human rights.
  • Rights must be the same for everyone, no more, no less.
  • Not supporting fundamental rights is a crime.
  • Spread love and equal rights to all.
  • Show some respect and be proud of your rights.
  • You are born and raised to be independent and speak up for yourself.
  • Standing up for your own rights and needs is not a crime.
  • Human rights belong to everybody, and we are all the same.
  • Don’t ever be scared to ask for your rights.
  • Be the change that the world needs today, and support equal rights.
  • No one can violate your rights. You have your right to speak.
  • Raise your voice and make the world equal for everyone.
  • Equality can be a very strong social treasure.
  • Do make some efforts to get your rights.
  • Shout out for your rights.
  • Human rights must be equal now for everyone.

Human Rights Advocacy Slogans

Various conferences and meetings are carried out on International Human Rights Day all around the world to spread the message of basic human rights.

The main purpose of this day is to create awareness among the people to keep fighting for their rights and to stop those citizens who are violating these rights on the other side.

Every human is born free, so speaking for our rights is not a crime. To create these catchy and innovative human rights advocacy slogans, dedication and time are a must. However, have a look at these human rights advocacy slogans mentioned below, which might help you out. 

  • Stand united for equal human rights.
  • No one should have the power to divide the rights of every person.
  • Stay calm and get your rights in your hand.
  • Take action and immediate measures for equal human rights.
  • Don’t harass human rights. It is the same for all.
  • Violating human rights leads to harsh consequences.
  • It’s high time to stop supporting unequal rights.
  • Equality is better for everyone.
  • Human rights are a priority, a need.
  • Protecting and saving human rights is important.
  • Every human is entitled to his/her basic human rights.
  • All human beings are born the same and deserve equal human rights.
  • Human rights first before anything else.
  • Learn to embrace equality.
  • Equal rights bring equal progress for all.
  • Equal opportunities come from equal rights. Stop discrimination.
  • Human rights need to be protected and defended.
  • Get up and respect your rights.
  • Standing for equal rights harms no one.
  • Write and speak for human rights. Make the difference today.
  • Human rights are equal for all people.
  • Make every day a celebration for international human rights day.
  • Fight together for equal human rights.
  • Speak when someone is violating your rights.

Slogans About Promoting Human Rights

Human Rights Day is celebrated on 10 December every year. International human rights day is a day to celebrate human rights and advocate for freedom, equality, and dignity.

Human beings are born independent and have the right to express their views for their rights. There can be no peace if the violation of human rights continues. These days need to be celebrated with slogans and quotes on human rights.

Human rights-promoting slogans must be powerful and creative to make an impact on every individual’s mind. Here is a collection of slogans about promoting human rights.

  • Rights must be equal for everybody.
  • Know your basic rights to progress and survive.
  • Violating human rights is a punishable offense.
  • Speak up for your rights before it is too late.
  • Don’t let others take away your fundamental right.
  • Every human being is born with several rights.
  • Equality is for every individual; stop racism.
  • Everyone must get equal treatment irrespective of his/her religion, language, and caste.
  • Human rights give an equal opportunity to everyone.
  • Spread equality among everyone.
  • Celebrate the international human rights day altogether.
  • Don’t let other people be deprived of equal human rights.
  • Human beings have the right to express their expression.
  • There can be no solace and peace without equality.
  • Let’s hope for a peaceful world where all the people will be given equal rights.
  • No more discrimination based on social status; we all are equal.
  • The world will be a better place with equal human rights for all.
  • Peace and equality go hand in hand.
  • Disrespecting human rights is a threat and a shameful act to the nation.
  • Countries progress better with equal human rights for all.
  • Equal human rights and opportunities solidify the progress of growth.
  • Equal human rights for everyone will make the world better.
  • Avoid human rights violations and oppression. Celebrate human rights day with everyone.
  • All people are born with equal dignity and equal rights.
  • Speak up for your basic rights now. Don’t be afraid to raise your voice against the violation and oppression of human rights.
  • Have the right to treat everyone in the right way.
  • Don’t make this world a wrong place with unequal opportunities for different people.

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