600+ Best Indian Cooking Blogs and Page Names

Indian cooking is famous for its nourishing values and the use of flavors and Spices. It is said that pickles is originated from India. Due to the delicious taste of Indian food, people from other countries like to follow it. Techniques used in Indian cooking are world-famous as they are simple and easy.

If you like to learn these, there are ample opportunities through the web. Many Indian cooking experts have created Indian cooking blogs to spread their culture worldwide and to expose their talents to the world.

Local, as well as dishes from all over India, can be learned through such blogs.  These blogs have become popular and have made their own brand. If you are good at Indian cooking, here is a chance for you to get recognized by the world. 

India is the land of diversity. Its cuisine depends on different groups and regions. It has a variety of food and spices across the country. People are passionate about food and innovation is the key that brings various diverse recipes together.

In India, it is believed that food not only reaches an individual’s digestive system but also entreaties to the mind and gratifies the soul. Cooking can be said as art or technology or craft or science of cooking food.

Cooking blogs consists of step by step recipe of the dish with apt photography of the same. The way a blogger writes about the food and displays is what makes them different from others. 

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Top Indian Cooking Blog

Padhus kitchen The main focus of this blog is on Indian vegetarian cuisine and baking and has over 700 recipes.

It was started in 2009 by Padhu Sarkar. The recipes given my Sakar are simple and nutritious that can be cooked at home even by people who stay busy at work or are living alone away from home.  

Veg Recipes of India– This blog is opened by Dassana and is full of vegetarian, vegan and baking recipes. She started this on her husband’s insisting and now is one of the most famous cooking blogs on the internet.

There are a lot of traditional recipes as well as adapted from cookbooks or the internet. She has also put recipes that are her original. 

Cooking with Thas It was started by Thasneen to upload pictures of her home-cooked food and soon people started asking her for recipes and this became a cooking blog. Her blog has recipes that are Indian as well as international which she has put in a most simple form that keeps her original and rooted to her readers.

Her blog will help you step out of your comfort zone and try out different things. She not only cooks but celebrates the fact that food exists. 

Rak’s Kitchen- This is an old blog owned by Rajeswari Vijay Anand which has very basic Indian recipes and baking recipes. It has been running for 7 years and has pictorial instructions of step-by-step procedures. 

Slice of my lyfe Owned by Anita, this blog has non-veg, veg, snacks, as well as fine, dine recipes. She is a well-known food blogger because of her baking experiments and her detailed writings about her food. The beautiful photography of her food adds charm to her work. She also writes reviews of restaurants and describes her experience in detail for her readers. 

Simply Tadka– Blog by Preeti Garg is principally a vegetarian blog that has simple and easy recipes that are delicious and can satisfy the needs of her readers. She has simple and interesting Indian as well as international recipes with a twist at the end. They are simple, creative, and easy with a beautiful presentation. 

Vegan Richa This blog by Richa Hingle is all about bread, Indian, Vegan, organic recipes that are healthy.

The blog brings its readers food for different events. The way Richa writes about her food is very interesting, has complimentary pictures and funny references, this keeps her readers hooked and relate with her. 

AappleMint The blog is owned by Kajal Tejsinghani is the epitome of easy cooking and quality food. Tejsinghanig has included a lot of baking recipes and a wide variety that is mostly healthy. The best part about this blog is that in every recipe, she has told the ingredients and their healthier counterparts that can be replaced. 

Coconut and lime This blog is by Rachel Rappaport, MD writing from Baltimore who creates her original recipes and has her own style.

She imparts her knowledge about food, its preservation, and a lot of other things. Her writing style is easy and simple to follow and cooks both Indian as well as western dishes. 

Divine Taste The blog is owned by Anushruti RK. It talks about how our food not only goes to our body but our mind and soul. She talks about Ayurvedic food and how it affects our bodies. We are, what we eat, this blog will teach you about that. She writes in storytelling way that makes her readers enjoy. 

Saffrontrail This blog is owned by Nandita Iyer and consists of majorly authentic tambrahm recipes.

She is based in Bangalore and is a well-published writer and columnist. She has been doing this since 2006 and started her YouTube channel in 2014. She is a nutritionist and her prime focus is on health and cooking that is full of nutrients. 

Passionate About BakingThis is owned by Deeba Rajpal and her major focus is on baking.

She believes in starting from scratch and baking with fruits, whole grain bread, oats, buckwheat, alternative flour and gluten-free food. She also develops recipes from the ingredients that are recommended by her readers which are recommended under ‘recommended for you widgets’. 

Flavour QuotientThe blogger Priyanka is Bengali and resides in Bangalore.  If you are looking for a Bengali recipe, this is just the right place.

She has vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes for snacks and appetizers. She has presented her blog so well that you might instantly start craving food. 

Foodomaina This blog is by Kavitha Ramaswamy is Mumbai-based was started in 2012 to share her culinary experiments. Her recipes are simple and described in a very simple manner that her readers can easily follow. The best part of her blog is that her cuisine is arranged menu-wise. 

Raks Kitchen Blogger Rajeswari Vijayanand started her blog some 7 years ago. Her way of explaining the recipe is simple and very convenient for beginners. Her quick fix and daily veg recipes are something you can rely on and are the best hacks that make cooking smart and easy. 

Great Indian Cooking blog names Ideas

Indie Meal

Ind Cuisine

Delhi Cooker

Hindu Fry

Ind Edible

Natives Fry

India Food

India Kitchens

Buck Cuisine

Indie Pantry

Indie Culinary

Hindu Pantry

India Oven

Indie Cookbook

Ind Chef

Natives Stove

Delhi Chef

Ind Pans

Indie Serve

India Dish

Indie Cookbook

Bharat Chef

Herbal Cooking

Vegetable Food

Neem Kitchens

Indian Diet

Hot Indian Rice

Spice Kitchen

Masala Makers

Thali Dishes

Saatvic Food

Asian Kitchen

Coastal India Chef

Spice Tempering

Traditional Meal

Rice Cuisine

Chilly n Pepper

Goan Cuisine

Indian Chats

Garam Cuisine

Spicy War

Filter Coffee

Mughlai Buffet

Fusion Cuisine

Culinary Tradition

Green Chutney

Spiced Thali

Indie Street Kitchen

Indian Dosa

Legendary Cook

Indian Curry

Indian Rice

Fine Dining

Indian Zap

Tamil Roll

India Prepare

Spicy Garnish

India Stew

Tamil Grate

Hindi Chunk

India Dough

Indian Blend

Indie Mold

Spice Blend

Indian Bakes

Home Cooking

Indian Chefs

Indie Eaters

Spicy Flavors

Spice Trade

Fresh Cooking

Continental Cuisine

Valley Kitchen

Unique Aroma

Umpteen Cuisine

Indian Taste

Turmeric Spoon

Taste Blends

Indian Pickle

Crazy Mughals

Perfect Cooking

Herbal Culture

Spice Choices

Flavor Molecule

Skilled Indian Cook

Cuisine Range

Land of Spices

Unique Cookery

Indian Luxury

Exotic Flavor

Cooking Technique

Crazy Curry

Tasty Epic

Sweet n Sour

Indian Buffet

Spice Flavors

Kerala Dishes

Nawabi Dishes

Versatile Cooking

Western Dishes

Cooking Secrets

Nutritional Menu

Authentic Cooking

Spice Markets

Healthy Cooking

Green Chilly

Fresh Garlic

Authentic Meals

Eating Healthy

Country Food

Ayurvedic Food

Menu Today

Regional Taste

Masala Menu

Anglo-Indian Dish

Cooking Practices

Spicy Touch

Rice Cracker

Fresh Flavors

Arab Flavors

Indian Meal

Indian Pulses

Famous Foods

Taste Choices

-Fresh grill

swad india

Indian Cooking Blog Names

aroma cracker

salt n sweet

savory salt

delight india

fresh fry

ras tarang

olivea meal

flavour of heart

love speare

smell better

ice spice

tasty tora

healthy adda

mizabani snacks

raspaan meal

mild melon

taste of love

flavore of love

precious cook

look like cook

sense of india

india on spice

fresh formula

aunty’s recipe

uncle das

fruity flavour

gradient swaad

gradient groom

pandit rasoi

kandoi rasoi

maharaja sweet

welcome food

alligence avora

food masti

taste n trust

flavoured fuzzy


herbs cooking

irony cooking

capanova cooking

dazzy taste

delicious adda

earthy snacks

butter munch

soft swaad

chattaak food

culture hope food

pongy sushi

A blog is a webpage created by an individual to expose their talent and to earn money. Blogging has been evolved as a great profession these days where you can earn money through it even when you sleep.

A blog allows a reader to comment on it and have a conversation with the blogger. Also, it reflects fresh information every time as it is updated regularly.

A company can use it to market their business online. The posts you put up on the blog should be interesting in order to attract more readers and in a similar way, a blog name is also an important aspect of a blog. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best blog name to your blog.

Trending Indian Cooking Blog Names

Catchy Indian Cooking Page names

-The Life of an Eater

-The Travel Diner

-West Coast Living

-What’s My Life?

-Sisters Journeys

-Epic Bakery House

-Too Much is Not Enough

-Copper Confectionery

-Steam Confectionery

-Horizontal Living 

-Blessed Days and Nights 

-Reinventing Every Day 

-Before the Sun Even Rises

-Settling in the Dusk

-Magnetic moods

-Journey to 40

-Over 40 with Kids

-Singled Out Man Blog

-Professional Woman Blog

-Nursing at Home

-Copper and Cream Parlour

-Remote Lifestyles Blog

-Every New City 

-We Bought a Farm in Idaho 

-Minnesota Free Living

-Frugal Organic Farmers

-Spoons of Copper

-Copper Parlour

-Copper and Cream Confectionery

-The Rebel Mommy 

-At Home with Dad

-Casting  New Lights

-Mastering the Mood

-Informal Educations

-The School of Tough Living

-Sunsetting this Stage

-Heritage Meal Planning

-Yellow Meal Plans

-Mega Mom Meal Plans

-1001 Meal Planning Guide

-Spoons of Cream

-Copper Wrappers

-The Pasta Meal Planner

-Noodles on Schedule

-Monday to Friday Meal Kit

-7 am Meal Emergency

-Little Money to Big Meal Plan

-Mommy Daily Meal Strategy

-Meal Planning in Your 50s

-Meal Ideas for Infants

-National Meal Plan Digest

-Taco Every Day of the Week

-The Working Mom Food Diary

-The Daddy Meal Makeover

-Always Green Recipes

-How I Made This Cookie

-All These Pantry Ingredients

-My Wife’s Best Recipes

-The Yellow Measuring Cup

-One Egg, Two Sugar

-Healthy Salads for Every Day

-Welcome Home Cooked Meals

-Our Shopping List Hobby

-17 Dollars or Less Recipe Blog

-Over the Hill Cooking Directions

-Over 30 Cooking Instructions

-Organic Method of Attack  

-Too Much Dough to Make

-American How-to Cook Magazine

-Keto Recipes You Won’t Believe

-Ultimate Vegetarian Recipe Blog

-Grandpa’s Dinner Plans

-Journey With Sweets

-Candy Shop

-Batches of Candy

-Peanut Brittle

-Copper Kettle

-Cream Dream

-Little Sweet Taste

-Sugar and Fruit

-Make Recipes Better

-Altering Recipes

-Recipes Inspired by Movies

-Dishes Based on Movies

-Recipe Remodel

-The Recipe Tailor

-Recipe Refashion

-Recipe Recooked

-Recipe Reshaped

-The Recipe Blender

-The Kitchen Cinema

-A Kitchen Love Story

-Cinema Picnics

-Popcorn Kitchen

-Movie Kitchen Nights

-Chop Chop Soup

-House of Tasty

-The Fork and Spoon Love Story

-The Runaway Pea

-Kitchen Cheers

-When Vegetables Meet

-Veggies Living In The Fridge

-Foodie Therapy

-Footprints in Flour

-Kitchen Closeup

-Kitchen Jungle

-Sizzle Sizzle Yum

-Marinated Goodness

-Round About Recipes

-Tried Something New

-My Kitchen Collective

-Secret Coffee and Cookie Club

-Mom and Dinner Simplified

-Boast about My Roast

-The Plethora of Pizza Blog

-The American Beverage Guide

-The College Dudes Cooking Guide

-1500 Calories Plus

-The Weekend Cook-Off

-BBQ Cooking for Kids

-The Retired Chef

-Lessons from a Line Cook

-The Coo Coo Cook

-All My Moms Meals

-In The Kitchen with Gretchen

-Brick Oven Video Tutorials

-Tickling the Taste Buds

-Punch in the Mouth Feasts

-Fixings with Frankie

-Belly Laughing Bakers

-Wreckless in the Kitchen

-Life inside a Commercial Kitchen

-Where Did That Meal Come From?

-Cooking in This Century

-Southwest Revival Spoons

-Frozen Feed Bags

Indian Cooking Pages Names

-Egg Whacking Steak Grabbing

-Hungry at Night 

-Fasting is Over-Rated

-Cooking with Nerds

-The Restaurant Review Letter

-365 Dining Habit

-My Food Review Formula

-Skin Deep Eating Guide

-American Restaurant Critic Magazine

-1001 Dinners with Sal

-Group Dining Decision

-Fish Stick Debates

-Austin Dining Review Guide

-San Francisco Dinner Club

-Idaho Fast Food Review

-Taco Review Guides

-The Best QSR I Ever Ate At

-Rick’s Top Rated Buffets

-Tim’s Taco Shop Tasting

-All-American Food Truck Review

-Unbiased Mobile Food Reviews

-Pizza Chain Review Magazine 

-Burger Life

-Brianna’s Family Living 


-Fairytale Flavors

-Tasty Table Delights

-Spoons of Spices

-Hometown Flavors

-Dining With You

-Flavors 101

-Recipes of Yesterday

-Plates of Flavor

-The Walnut Chopping Board

-My Kitchen Snaps

-Home Family Feast

-Taste The Joy

-Kitchen Footsteps

-The Happy Chopsticks

-The Missing Apron

-The Lost Chef

-Escaped Flavors

-The Dancing Cook

-Golden Baking Sheets

-Yummy Tummy Tasty

-That Smells Delicious

-Secret Kitchen Diaries

-Mystery Flavors

-A Bite of Yummy

-Servings of Delight

-Spice Toast

-Kitchen Portrait

-Cook and Dance

-DIY Kitchen Diaries

-Spoons of Flavor

-Fresh Farm Flavors

-Morning Market Visits

-Home Grown Spices

-Summer of Flavors

-House of Veggies

-Get Your Soup

-Texas Salad

-Who Wants Veggies?

-Veggie Season

-Going Green and Vegan

-Vogue Veggie

-Garden Cooking Specials

-The Chefs Salad

-Summer Dresses and Tomatoes

-Dancing With Wine

-Cheese and Wine Delight

-Dancing Desserts Delights

-Creamy Chocolate Cravings

-Yummy Paradise

-All I Ate

-Breakfast Club


-City delicious

-Curious Appetite


-Dining delight

-Flavor Up

-Food Coma

-Food Hybrid

-Fork-it Spoon

-Golden Brown, please

-Head over Meals

-House of Taste

-Hunger Buns

-Incredible Edibles

-Lettuce Eat, Let Us Eat

-Lord of the Fries

-Mystery Flavors

-Nom dot Com

-Pantry Girl

-Smitten Kitchen

-Taste it like that

-Temptation alley

-The Pantry Club

-The Petit Vegetarian

-Bake and Roll

-Buns that cannot Lie

-Butter with Cookies

-Cookies and Milk

-Cookies 101

-Cream Puff Blogger

-Creamy Crumbs

-Do that Tart

-Eating between buns

-Flour Bin

-Get Baked Up

-King of Tarts

-Mad Batter

-Muffin Bottoms

-Puffy Rolls

-Rookie Cookie

-The Buns will rise

-The Dough-Knot

-The Oven Stories


Grill Surve

Frittella Cook

Trending Indian Cooking Pages Names

Cook Queen

Delight Delicieux

Vinagreta Cooks

Silver Spoon Cooks

Munch Grill

Cute Cookerr


Fondura Cokks

Spicey Star

Taste Heaven

Kitchen King

Kitchen Queen

Mr. Cookstar

Cook Malon

Recipely Cook

Cook Bright

Kitchen Mexima

Magma Thrives

Magma Bright

Kitcho Nova

Pranzi Cooks

Pandora Eva

Cuisinia Cook

Cake Ly

Meal Day

Ready Cooking

Mild Recipe

Biscotto Green




Tostado Cook

Easter Cook

Cook Orchid

Inferno Grill

Snad Width

Flavoured Port

Tasty Land

Recreta Green

Magic Hand

Mystic Chem

Mom Chem

Culture Cook

Fork Shine

Farine Spoon

Receta Rome


Flavou Panda

Cook Tree


Vegan Town

Garbanzo Cook

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Sugar Grill

Taste Breath

Heaven Cook



Polpette Cook

Peperocini Cook

indian cooking blog names

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