330+ Catchy Industrial Safety Slogans

Industrial safety refers to the safety management practices that apply to the industrial sector. They involve processes that aim to protect industrial workers, machinery, facilities, structure, and the environment.

Overseen by several national and local laws and regulations, safety is assured to industrial workers, who are often at higher risk of severe injury even when the work is carried out by specialized, trained, and skilled workers.

Industrial Safety Slogans

Safety is not an accident.

Stop, think and only then act.

Leave a little sooner, drive a little slower, and live a little longer.

Health is, after all, your greatest wealth.

Always be aware.

Take care, and be aware.

A slip could lead to a hospital trip.

Never give safety a day off.

It doesn’t hurt to think of your safety.

Do not be a fool, always use a proper tool.

Your no. 1 intention – is accident prevention.

Make your safety your first priority.

If you think your safety is expensive, try getting into an accident.

Always check and then re-check.

It does not take much to double-check.

If you cannot think of your safety, think of those who care for your safety.

Work safely because somebody wants you back home.

Put on your gloves right now.

Life is precious.

Safety comes first.

One thing that you can ensure is your own safety.

Your safety is in your hands, even if your future is not.

Set an example; never be complacent around your work area.

Be mindful of the dangers.

Don’t get complacent.

Protect your hand, and wear your gloves.

It is cool to be safe.

Think safe, act safe.

Stay alert, don’t go and get hurt.

Talk is for later, do your job safely.

Safety first, business later.

Our goal is zero accidents.

Be aware of the safety rules and prevent accidents.

Industry safety rules!

Safety is a state of mind.

Safety begins with concentration.

Safety cannot be substituted,

There is no replacing safety.

Safety is for all, be it big or small.

Why be sorry when you can finish your job safely.

Work safely, or you will get hurt greatly.

Safety is your full-time priority.

Don’t gamble with your safety.

If you gamble with safety, you lose your life.

Safety has no timeout.

Be the safety hero.

Work towards zero accidents.

Wear your helmet.

If you want your head safe, pick up and wear that helmet.

Do forget to wear your helmet.

If you don’t protect your head, you will end up dead.

Safety is the tool of life.

Know safety, no pain.

Work safely, so you can go back home safely.

Here helmets are the fashion.

Use your brain and protect your head.

Walk safely.

Work safely.

Plan safety or prepare for an accident.

Safety, do it right, do it now.

My choice is safety. 

Safety does not get break time.

Accidents bring tears and safety cheers.

Work safely, you might not get a second chance.

Safety is everybody’s job.

Fire is ruthless; always be safe.

Be responsible, act responsibly.

Be responsible for your safety and others.

Accidents are, after all, preventable.

Don’t want to end up in a hospital bed? Cover that head.

Shortcuts are not the path to safety.

Choose your safety instead of shortcuts.

Think about your safety.

Always be ready for the unexpected.

Shortcuts cut your life short.

Avoid unsafe acts.

Stop accidents, or they will stop you.

Fingers are precious, be safe.

It’s sharp; keep your fingers safe.

Protect your hands, and wear your safety gear.

Do not trust fire.

Do not play with fire.

Your hands are in your hands.

Using a hard hat is a wise choice.

You can never go wrong with a hard hat.

Be wise; use gloves.

A small fire grows tall.

Everyone has a hand in safety. 

Fire safety is on, and fear is gone.

Zero injury does not always mean full safety.

Do every task the right way to ensure safety.

Invest in tomorrow- work safely today.

Safety by choice, not by chance.

Prepare to prevent negative outcomes.

A safe workplace is a productive place.

You can prevent all your injuries.

Always speak up when safety is considered.

Do not take safety for granted.

Look up and live.

Proactive safety measures.

Safety is as easy as ABC.

Always be careful.

Safety requires effort.

Blaming after it has happened is not going to help, so do what is required now.

Don’t go for the easy method; follow the rules.

Plan ahead, and put safety first.

Production only comes second to safety.

Just because you are used to doing it that way doesn’t make it the ideal way.

Take a pledge- safety starts with me.

Be alert today and be alive tomorrow.

Hazards mitigate.

The saying prevention is better than cure applies best in your workplace.

Safety – did it, do it.

Report the smallest of injuries.

Work for everybody’s safety.

If quality is the standard, then safety is the priority.

Hazard mitigated today means an accident prevented tomorrow.

A near miss left unreported can come to bite you tomorrow.

Safety is not expensive.

Safety requires effort but is priceless.

Safety builds trust.

Safety overproduction.

Look twice and save a life.

When you have doubts, re-check.

Be aware, and know where your emergency equipment is.

Take a minute to save a life.

Expect the unexpected to stay protected.

It is a good sign if the first thing on your mind is safety.

Sometimes shortcuts lead you to deep cuts.

Prevent the worst; put your safety first.

Lock out, tag out, so you don’t get zapped.

Avoid the shock.

Keep the wires at bay.

A faulty wire can cause a fire.

Before you start, turn the power off.

Do not be a fool. Re-check your electric tools.

If it gets in your nose, it means you have been exposed.

Chemicals and food don’t get along- dont eat your food in your workplace.

Foresight is always good.

Do not work under the influence.

If you want to look after other people, look after yourself first.

Luck is not a safeguard.

Do one task safely at a time.

Your memory is not a safeguard.

The outcome of safety is the decision of every individual in a workplace.

The person taking the shortcuts is a personal hazard to the company.

Safety is redundant, and so are the hazards.

Eliminate the hazards.

Don’t deal with hazards; stay away from them.

If you are unsure, then stop your work.

Never continue if you feel unsure.

Good enough is not always enough.

Safety should not be learned the hard way.

Don’t let an accident take you out.

Safety is not optional here.

People who follow the safety measure grow old and die.

We ask you to follow only two rules 1) be safe and 2)follow rule 1.

You don’t hear people saying that they regret working safely.

Don’t rush life, as it is already too short.

Chance takers are also known as accident makers.

Machines do not have brains, but you do.

Always have a plan B.

Put your phone down if you care about your neck.

Heaven can wait; work safely.

Guard your coworkers’ safety.

Your life does not come with a warranty.

The difference between a machine and you – a brain.

Be safe, be sure, and be secure.

Make safety a habit.

Work carefully.

Carelessness causes disasters.

Take time and be safe.

Don’t fumble your way through; always be double-sure.

Be aware of the danger.

Always follow the safety rules.

If you think it is unsafe, don’t do it.

Apply safe work practices.

Observe, learn and act.

Adopt safety.

Better a saver than a loser.

It is everybody’s loss when one person forgoes safety.

Only use tools for what they are actually made for.

Always be prepared for the inevitable.

The work is not over until everyone is safe.

Before you start, think.

Concentrate on safety.

Do not use equipment you are unfamiliar with.

Stay informed regarding safety hazards and workplace changes.

Be safe, and set an example for others.

It is better to prevent injuries than to get them treated.

Play by the rules, and obey safety regulations.

Be aware of your surroundings.

No job is safe from injury.

Respect and inspect the equipment.

Is prevention not preferable to repair?

Stay calm during an emergency.

Keep your facility safe and injury free.

Follow the right safety procedures at all times.

It is not about how much you know.

Use your equipment correctly.

Use common sense to avoid accidents.

Respond quickly to signals.

Quick response will minimize the damage.

Always know where everything is before you start your work.

Wake up today and choose safety.

I would rather be safe than mutilated.

Our watchword is prevention.

Learn from your mistakes.

In case of an emergency, think fast, and act faster.

Always remember most equipment can be dangerous.

In the face of danger, don’t lose your calm.

Adequate maintenance is always important.

Be aware of your limits.

Stay vigilant.

Always use proper protective gear.

Preparation prevails over performance.

Know the escape plan.

Opt for excellence at every turn.

Follow personal safety guidelines religiously.

Don’t ignore the warning signs. 

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