Japanese Island Names: 615+ Catchy And Cool Names - (Guide + Generator)

Japanese Island Names: 615+ Catchy And Cool Names

As beautiful as it is, Japan is a land of spectacular islands. They also play a big role in affecting the ecosystem. Japanese islands are full of beautiful scenery, and it shows the real beauty of Mother Nature.

Japanese islands are of many kinds. This will be your go-to place if you are a fan of the tropical season. Then again, if you love snow and monstrous mountains, go book a ticket to Japan.

Naming islands is a challenging job. You must know about the characteristics of the island and why it is famous. To help you a little bit, we have created a list suitable for Japanese islands. 

Cool Japanese Island Names

Did you know that the islands in Japan are one of the most beautiful places on earth? It is an ideal place to take a break from your busy schedule and have a fun time. If you want a cool name for a Japanese island, here is a list for you to help. We hope you will like them.

The Moon Island – the island owned by the moon

Lord of the Islands – the island where Gods and Goddesses reside

Where the moon lives – the residence of the moon

Eye Land – a creative way to describe an island

Hogwarts – reference from Harry Potter

The Neverland – an island full of dark secrets

The Disneyland – an island suitable for kids

Racoon City – reference is taken from the movie Final Destination

The city of stars – a beautiful island full of stars

Isle of Ruby – an island full of expensive rubies

OceanEye Land

Hasumi Bay

Numako Springs

Lavalava Island

Bluebird Tropic

Yasumi Isles

Final Destination

Bane Rock

Atlanta Island

Achelous Rock

Lourbourg Holm

Amesney Haven

Shizumi Shores

Nohea Bay

Yasumi Bay

Ushio Bay

Hinami Tropic


Paradise Hakuna Batata

Great fish Isle

Sirona Haven

Laguna Reef

Almus Shores

Hiroka Isles

The White Refuge

The Monster Ait

Hinami Land

Noelani Haven

Lost Lily Bay

Takiko Land

Hiroka Rock

Punk Hazard

Sirona Isles

Hinami Springs

Banana Rock


Numako Bay

Clarencroft Skerry

The Black Key

The Beast land

Tingle Island

Makara Reef

Bermuda Triangle

Jumping Frog Isles

Hans Island

Keone Land

Shizumi Bay

Yasumi Springs

Kai Land

Dogon Springs

Luana Khanna Retreat

Skullduggery Isle


Aomi Haven

Luana Sanna Island

Kala Casa Reef


Loe Retreat

The Addams Family Isles

The Throbbing Atoll

Bluebird Shores

Amesronto Isle

Mihiro Land

Kongo Tropic

Hasumi Haven

Pink Turtle Island

The Roaring Isles

Kingfisher Reef

Banana Island

Northern Island

Suna Bay

Pandrosus Bay

Celadon Land

Melemele Island

Laguna Land

Carlcola Island

The Citadel

The Inviting Islet

Keone Kinz Bay

Mundele Island

Itotaki Island

Kailano Land

Akala Island

Kazemi Isles

Junto Haven

Almus Island

Junto Haven

Sundon Islet

Broadfolk Islet

FUN FACT on Lord of the Islands  The Kudakashima island in Japan is known as the Island of God. It is believed that the God of the sea took the form of a white horse and came to this island.

Catchy Japanese Island Names

In Japan, different types of islands exist. Plus, certain islands must be visited at a certain time of the year.

For example, Hokkaido island must be visited in the winter to relish its beauty. At the same time, Shikoku island is notable since it is not touched by industrialization. Japanese islands are so beautiful that it deserves a catchy name.

Suna Island – Suna means sand in Japanese.

Mamizu Island – an island full of fresh waters

Itotaki Island – the land of large waterfalls

Reito Springs – the island of beautiful springs

Mizuka Springs – an island full of springs, which is ideal for visiting in the summertime

Mamizu Island – a place of fresh waters

The Heaven – the island which resembles the beauty of heaven

Suna Haven – a perfect desert island

Jumanji place – reference is taken from the movie Jumanji

Moana island – reference is taken from the Disney movie Moana

Mundele Island

Lusca Reef


Hiroka Land

White Tiger Haven

The Molten Haven

Hasumi Rock

Kongo Rock

Gibmeuse Isle

Lala Rock

Makara Bay


The Naked Isle

Koholint Island

Portsmere Islet

The Twisting Holm

Silver Wing Island

The Naked Isle

Sleep islands

Holokai Bay


Lavalsard Isle

Duparree Reef


Little Crab Retreat

The Twins

Nu-Nu Reef

Athaning Islands

Yoshi’s Island

Suna Haven

DND John Wick

White Tiger Island

Suna Reef

Mallet Island

Ceto Land

Boxwick Chain

Oceanus Rock

Lover’s Point

Bakunawa Haven

The Lightest Cay

Nammu Island

Heat island


White Tiger Island

The Island

Leilani Shores

Nammu Haven

Witch Isle

Tua Land

Etsumi Island

Acheron Springs

Wuhu Island

Fight Club


Achelous Springs

Takiko Haven

Windfall Island

Birdwell Island

OceanEye Isles


Yasumi Rock

Tisgueuil Island

Keone Reef Roof

Super blues

Land of Serenity

Wildflower Springs

Mizuka Bay

Numako Island

Etsumi Bay

Craggy Island

Northern Island

The Grim Holm

Gaulquet Isle


Koholint Island

Spider-Man’s web land

Dogough Peninsula

Tiswood Key

Pandrosus Retreat

Nohea Of Tropic

Yam-Yam Haven

Silver Wing Tropic

Lala Laila Reef

Makara Isles

Ula’Ula Island

Yasumi Tropic

Miss Isle

Best Japanese Island Names 

The more migration takes place, the more uninhabited the Japanese islands become. Research says that even some of the islands in Japan have been completely deserted.

For something so beautiful and eye-catching, this is truly an unfortunate event. We hope your island will never fail to amaze people. Here are some of the best names suitable for an island.

The Pearl Ville – The place full of pretty pearls

The Island of Dreams – an island as beautiful as a dream.

Pandora’s Isle – Pandora referred to a beautiful lady created by the God

The Green Land – an island where everything is green

The Milky Island – an island of white color

Hasumi Island – An island full of beautiful Lotus

Hinami Land – refers to the traditional Japanese custom of watching flowers

Hiroka Land – An island bursting with attractive fragrance

Dansui Island – an island full of freshwater bodies

Yasumi Land – an island where you can have a fun holiday

Suna Land

Sinman Isle


The Gray Chain

Total adventure

Ushio Shores

Jumping Frog Island

Wuthering Heights

Mizuka Island

Dogon Bay

Shizumi Bay

Nammu Tropic

Oceanus Isles

Azkaban Island

The Arbor

Dansui Reef

Horn Hill

Aomi Bay

Batman’s cave

Avonmore Islands

Gotham City

Leilani Reef

Suna Land

Junto Retreat

Mbumba Rock

Rotheboro Skerry

Itotaki Rock

Mizuka Retreat

Makara Island

Doom’s Palace

Wildflower Haven

Bane Base Island

Hinami Springs

Lover’s Point

Bermuda Triangle

Spider-Man’s web land

Dogon Tropic

Brimstone Falls

Cinnabar Island

The Maroon Isles


Pandrosus Land


Hiroka Island

Mihiro Island

Lala Isles

Lord of the Islands

Ben 10 universe

Crow’s Rest

Etsumi Bay

Kala Island

Akira’s Paradise

Kingfisher Shores

The Grim Archipelago

Numako Haven


The Haunted Forest

Damona Land

Magic land of Dr Strange

Aomi Haven

Shadow Island

Rockfort Island

Sardinia, Italy

Super blues

Numako Island

Traygrave Key

Greywater Watch

Hinami Island

Nowhere Islands

Richville Islands

Dansui Land


Great fish Isle

Godetos Cay

No Hea Bay

Shizumi Reef

Junto Island

Pink Turtle Springs

Outset Island

Prawn Island


Scarlet Bay

Gibville Archipelago

Keone Isles

Scared islands

Isle of Manimals

Kauai Springs

Kai Zi Rock

White Tiger Retreat

FUN FACT on Scared islandsHashima island in Japan is the most famous spot in Japan for its paranormal activity.

Amazing Japanese Island Names

There is a certain island named Hashima, which is famous for the shoot of the movie Skyfall. This was the den of Raoul Silva.

There is also a cat island in Japan which is filled with hundreds of cats. It is believed that feeding the cats will bring good fortune. Amazing, isn’t it? Here is a list of amazing Japanese island names given below.

Takiko Land – An island that brings joy and hope

Banana Haven – an island having lots of banana trees

Madagascar – reference takes taken from the Madagascar Film

Crow’s Nest – the land of crow

Shutter Island- reference is taken from the Leonardo DiCaprio movie

Magic land of Dr Strange – The residents of Doctor Strange

The Maroon Isles – the land of maroon color

Haunted Island – An island haunted by the unspoken

Kazemi Haven – the land of people who can control their anger

Pony Island – An island of ponies

Moana Tropic

Whale Bay

Dansui Haven

Kazemi Springs

Aegaeon Island

Fight Ville

Itotaki Island


Okina Reef

Dansui Land

Kala Rock

Almus Springs

Yam-Yam Island

Kauai Kusu Land

Kai Lano Land

Bloomsman Atoll

The Teal Cay

The Oriental Isle

Hasumi Island

Aomi Land

The Raging Key

Port Moody

Nu-Nu Springs

Bakunawa Island

Takiko Tropic

Numako Island

Ganasor Islands

The Ray Islet


The Waterless Ait

Dodola Bay

The Whale Cay


Noelani Island

Sanity Island

Mamizu Rock

Dogon Island

Poseidon Land

Noelani Rock

Mizuka Rock

Gorgons Springs

Numako Tropic

Mihiro Land

Shizumi Island

Port Moody

Kai Rock

Vampire Castle


Kongo Springs

Little Crab Land

Lala Springs


Keone Reef

Shutter Island

Delfino Isle

Mizuka Reef

Gorgons Isles

Sharkfin Island

Bane Li Haven

Hinami Island

Farmingcier Atoll

Afuru Retreat

Akua Haven

Mizuka Isles

Kai Springs

Hudrath Atoll

The Pelican Chain

Deep waters

Aloha Retreat

Yasumi Island


Aegaeon Reef


Booty Island

Tua Bay Li

Isle of the Storm

Wildflower Isles

Robin’s world

Shizumi Island

Ganasor Islands

Yoshi’s Island

FUN FACT on Great fish Isle in 2016, the world’s oldest fish hooks were found on Okinawa island in Japan by archaeologists. This proves the usage of maritime technology in the past.

Awesome Japanese Island Names

Nokonoshima Island is famous for its yellow flowers. It is also noted for its pink Sakura (Japanese for cherry blossoms).

Several factors have caused the existence of so many beautiful islands in Japan, one of them being its geographical location. If you are looking for some awesome Japanese island names, please look at the list below.

Okina Island – Okina Means old man in Japanese

Etsumi Haven – an island full of love and affection

Hinami Island – an island where the sun shines bright

Ushio Land – a land of monstrous tides

Adventure island – An island full of exciting adventures

Etsumi Springs – a lovely island

Yoshii Land – Where everyone is respected

Mizuchi Haven – a land of Japanese Dragons

Etsumi Shores – a beautiful island

Numako Land – A land full of swamp

Aomi Bay

Harley Quinn’s Laughter island

Aloha Island


Keone Shores

Haunted Isle

Garcour Isle

Prawn Island

The Black Lagoon

Takiko Haven

Thalassa Land

Xavier’s School Island

Oceanus Springs

Ravenwood Manor

Readna Cay

Akua Isles

World’s Edge

Banana Island


Luana Island

Nessie Rock

Okina Bay

Hanalei Haven Nino

Hydra Reef

Avatar Lands

Nerina Shores

Mamizu Bay

The Lonely Haven

Joker’s Asylum

North or South Pole


Okina Shores


Mizuka Island

Brookcana Key

Gorgons Haven

Slug island

Jabberwock Island

Adventure island

Mihiro Land

The Distant Chain

Donkey Kong Island

Bloomslin Islands

Noe Lani Haven

Hasumi Shores



Balamb Island

The Forgotten City

Sharks Warf

Sandy Feet Reef

Keone Tropic

Ruuku Island

Skull Island

Narius Haven


Shizumi Tropic

Bloomslin Islands

Luana Rock

Akua Isles

Noelani Bay

Dansui Haven

Poseidon Retreat

Ula’Ula Island

Itotaki Tropic


Tony Stark Richlands

Kauai Tropic

Junto Island

Suna Reef

Aomi Land

Ganfait Isles

Stardew Island

Farnrey Haven

Forsaken Fortress

Sevii Islands

Shizumi Reef

The Defeated Haven

Sedgegamau Chain

Shizumi Rock

Clarencroft Skerry

Itotaki Springs

Konoha island

Hasumi Shores

Shizumi Isles

Ruuku Rock

Walsdwell Islands

Afuru Retreat

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