Jazz Club Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you on the verge of starting a jazz club, but you cannot decide on its name? If so, you are on the right page because you will find many excellent, catchy, awesome, unique and latest jazz club name ideas to get your creative juice flowing and help you find the perfect name for your jazz club.

Initially, jazz was played majorly performed by African Americans and only played at small venues and clubs like bars, pubs and cafes, which the locals ran.

However, the popularity of jazz had grown over time and spread all throughout America and other places worldwide. Jazz started gaining popularity in the late 50s and 60s and put forward the revolution of jazz.

So, let’s look at some brilliant jazz club names without wasting any time.

Cool Jazz Club Names

What music can be as cool as jazz? Are you planning to find a cool name for your jazz club? You should! Jazz is pretty cool, and so your club should have a cool name too! Here is a list of some cool jazz club names. When it comes to naming the coolest genre of music in America, you should name it cool.

Afro Jazz Bar

Jazzin’ Fun

Alley Cat Club

The Jazzy Bean

The Groove Room

Bluesy Jazz Club

The Music Box

Jazz House

Sweet Rhythm

The Jazz Palace

The Groove Lounge

Little Tokyo Jazz Hall

Golden Age Jazz Club

Club Bohemia

Foot Stompin’ Jazz

Fat Cat Jazz Club

Bebop Club

In the Mood for Jazz

The Beat Hangout

Harp Heaven

Jazz This Way

Jazz Masters

Funky Jazz

Swing Club

House of Jazz

All that Jazz

Night Fever

The Blue Harlem

Jazz and Chill

Easy Street Jazz

Jazz in The Attic

Bosa nova jazz club

Jazz and Brews

Delta Blues Bar and Grill

The Jazz Spot

Bovine Blues Cafe

Jazz City

Jazz Madhouse

Swinging Jazz Bar

Sixth Sense Bar

Jazzy Joe’s

Jazz Junction

The Jazzy Lounge

The Jazz Hole

blue bird night club

Jazz on The Rocks

Mellow Cats Jazz Club

Nighthawks Jazz Club

Hip Cat Club

The Jazz Jukebox

Blue Heaven

Jazzy’s Playground

The Jazz Corner

Cool Jazz

Catchy Jazz Club Names

We all love music, and jazz as a genre is so much attractive and catchy. What is the name? The name will set an impression and impact people, and they will be more and more interested in your club. Jazz is timeless, so choose your name mindfully. Make it timeless too.

Electric Jazz Club

River Jazz Cafe

Flashlight Nightclub

Sailor’s Jazz Club

The Jazz Keys

All About the Bass

Blue Note Resto

Club Jazzy Joe

Groove Bean Café

Brass Monkey

Fillmore Jazz Club

The Modern Jazz Club

Rhythm n Brews

Cool Jazz Club

Jazz Juggernaut

The Green Dolphin

Night Club Jazz

Goodfellas Jazz Club

Cozy Club

Angels and Devils

SJazzed on the Riviera

The Jazz Lounge

Jazz Mania

The Elegant Jazz Club

The Jazz Shack

After Hours Blues Club

Al’s Jazz Club

Downbeat Music Bar

Alice in Jazzland

Cool Jazz Club

Jazz in The House

Footlights Lounge

Jazz Yatra Cafe

Fat Tuesday’s Jazz Club

Cool Jazz Club

Love and Hugs

Deja Blue Jazz Club

Honeysuckle Jazz Club

The Unfinished Symphony

Horny Blues Club

Grungy Jazz Joint

Square Jazz Club

The Jive Hall

Jazz with a Jiggle

Mister Jazz

The Jazz Idea

Vibes Jazz Bar & Grill

The Good Groove

Aardvark Jazz Club

Jamz Café

Jazz on Third

Jazz Fusion Club

Sweet Jazzy Nights

Jazz City Nights

Timeless Jazz Nghts

Jazz Villagewingin’ Ivy

Live Wire Jazz Club

The Glitch

City of Lights Jazz Bar

Blue Moon Café

Jazz Bush

Cactus Jazz Cafe

Blue Note Jazz Club

Blues & Soul

Bourbon Street Jazz Club

The Jazz Joint

Midnight Jazz Club

West Street Jazz Club

Awesome Jazz Club Names

Jazz has been growing ever since it came to the limelight. The genre uses various instruments like saxophones, flutes, pianos, and so much more.

Jazz clubs are great and awesome entertainment outlets. So why not choose an awesome name instead of a dull name? We will help you out! The list has some of the most awesome names for a jazz club.

The Jazz of Beboppers

High Note Lounge

Swell Guy Music Club

Laughing Gravy

The Trumpet and The Blues

Old Skool Jazz Club

Naughty by Nature

Birdland Jazz Club

Late Night Jazz Club

Art of Jazz

Fly with the Jazz

Just Another Swingin’ Nightclub

All Notes Considered

Jazz on the Rocks

Black and Blue

We Laugh, We Jazz

Hot Jazz Club

Blue Flame

Jazz Moods Café

Bongo Joe’s Music Joint

Odd Fellows Lounge

Swingin’ Jazz Nights

The Jazz Bistro

7th Note Grill

Angry Pianos

Jazz it up Club

Club Deja Vu

The Pocket Trumpet

Avant-Garde Jazz Club

Salon De Jazz

The Red Cat Jazz

Jazz Bistro

Sunset Jazz Cafe

Three and a Half Observations Club

The Jazz Fork

Monk’s Bar after Hours

The Naughty New Yorker

Sax Nightclub

Blues in The Nightclub

Black Cap Blues Club

Jungle Jazz

Jazzy Jugs

Groove with Jazz

Only You Feel Good

Vibraphonic Jazz Club

Oh, Bebops

Grate Expectations

Jazzy Blues Bar

Jazz Society

Mellow Yellow

Blue Monday

Smoothest Jazz

Any Kinda Jam

Laughing Hyena Lounge

Baby Grand

Jazz Joint

Cocktails and Cool Jazz

LAUGHing Matter

The Blue Note

Play’s the Thing

Hot Jazz Tonight

The Jazztastic

Comic Jazz

Jammin’ at Joe’s Place

Gone Swinging

Belle and the Beats

The Vintage Jazz Club

Jelly Tight Jazz Bar

Upbeat Clubhouse Jazz

Jazz Jammerz

Red Hot Jazz

Swinging Smith’s

Smokey Rose Jazz Club

Cool Jazz

Gringo Palace

Jive Live Music Joint

Jokey Smurf

Jazz Note, Inc

The Dirty Dozen

Boogietime Jazz Club

11th Dimension Jazz Lounge

Hot Jams

Downbeat Cafe

The Underground Café

Jazz Music Café

Jazz Breakers

Downbeat Café

Mr J’s Bar and Grill

Musically Speaking

5th Street Jazz Club

velvet lounge

Voiceless Jazz Bar

Jazz Style House

Mellow Moon

Jazzy’s Juke Joint

Wicked Forties

Jazzman’s Delight

The Jazz Matazz

Cooler Jazz Club

Black Diamond Jazz Club

Tavern on the Green

Hear Now!

Aces in Spades Cafe

Jazz at Seven

House of Swing

Sloppy Joe’s Jazz Restaurant

Unique Jazz Club Names

Right since jazz started in the 50s, it started to be a unique genre of music. Almost every club had a corner for jazz.

There are so many jazz clubs around us today, so you should be looking for a unique name as well? Do not worry, and we will help you. Look at the following list and find your suitable name.

Fizzy Jazz

Jazz a Bit of Music

Clarinet and Piano

Jazz Medicine

Beautiful Jazz

Romantic Candlelight


Dream Place

Melodic, Thematic

Lovely Sophistication

The Evening Sonata

Swing Big

Prelude to Heaven

Day and Night

A Drink For Jazz

The Maestros

Recollections and Music

Jazz Come In

Heart to Heart

Lovie Dub

The Duke

Out of Somewhere

48th Street

Boogie Woogie

The Jazzercise

The Cabaret

The Goodman Show

Tower of Stars

The Silver Uptempo


A Sip of Music

The Saxxy Sax

Azure Jazz

The Best Classics


The Miranda

The Jazz Connection

The Jazzet

The Cooler Jazz

The Warm Up

Celebrate Jazz

The Jazz Room

The 20th Note

Your Fill of Jazz

Simply Jazz

Come On Jazz

Caribbean Sunset

Golden Rainbow

Pandora’s Box

Indigo Mood

Memories and Music

The Nostalgic Visitor

Beautiful Music

Count Basie

Marimba Sobriquet

The Music of the Night

Lucky 20

Wind, Brass, and Strings

Star Clarinet

The Cool Jazz

Enjoy True Music

Music from the Past

Cool Folks

Jazz Em’ Up

Body and Soul

The Jazzers

The Club

Sleepy South

Lazy River

Gorgeously Jazz

The 1920’s

Bright Corner

The Blue Bar

Heart and Soul

Rag Time

The Warmth of Jazz

The Ultimate Jazz Bar

It’s Soulful


The Harrow

Minty Condition

The Spirits

Jazz 1920

Oldies but Goodies

The Everglades


In the Mood

Light Jazz

The Late Twilight

The Jazz Avengers

Let’s Stop a While

The Musical Arena

The Jam

If You Want Jazz

Creatures of Jazz

20th Streak

Soft Evening

Great Mood

Pretty Music

Love N’ Music

Blast from the Past

Top Jazz

The Rhythm of Jazz

The Bandleaders

The Wolves

The Bonanza

Music of the Stars

The Spirit of Music

The Jazz Collection

Blues, Drinks, and Fun

The Beginning

The Jazz Club

Soulful Music Here

Flying Colors

Soul Gym

Cherokee Jazz

Five’s a Crowd

Jazz It!

The Jazz Place

Cries of Jazz

The Skippers

The Brass Clarinet

Lady Georgia

Jumping the Blues

The Caravan

The Emerald Place

Blues Chord

The Embrace

Blue Jazz

All of You

The Music of the 20s

The Nineties in Jazz

Real Music

Bebop Club

Wonder Blues

Center Jazz

The Baritones

The Mezzanine

The Miller and Art Club

Beautiful Autumn

Dusk N’ Twilight

20s Romance

Jazzy Jam

Music for the Soul

Randy’s Bar

Confessions of a Jazz Player

The 20s

Jazz in Your Mind

Sweet Clarinet

Music in Heaven

Those Who Love Jazz

Starlit Night

Jazz Come True

20th Luck

Food for the Soul

Yesterday Night

Latest Jazz Club Names

Ah! Jazz is the sweetest. As thousands of jazz clubs are coming up, you should also have an idea about the different names of the clubs! It will help you to choose or make your jazz club name better. So here is a list for you to check. 

The Evening Club

Smokin’ Music

The White Shoreline

The Wooden Bar

A Relaxing Weekend

The Horse’s Mane

Cowboy Django

The Jazz Festival

The Fiddlers

Love Bites

The Song of the Stars

Windsor Farm

The Afterparty

The Dance Floor

Let the Evening Begin

The Bowside

Glittering Hope

To the Brim

Lighting Fire

The Gateway

Lola’s Menagerie

Young Night

Music Prairie

Swaying to the Music

Evergreen Music

The Mandarin

The Music Harvest


The Country Club

Flower Country

Dizzy and Chano

The Boon

Brass And Gold

After Work

The Upward Trail

The Music Shoppe


The Green Meadows

Country Hour

Music to the Ears

88th Road

The Epitome

A Cuban Experience

Swaying Wheat

The Bandwagon

Melodious Affairs

The Sway

The Barsters


The Barn

Tomorrow’s Music

The Music of the Night

Country Blues


Yellow Daisies

Hats N’ Cigars

The Edelweiss

The Country Maiden


Where Cowboys Listen to Great Music


The Listeners

The Great Cowgirl


The Jasmine

The Gentle Glade

Destination Music

The Farmer’s Place

Summer Salt

The Kender’s Hoop

The Music Men

The Beer Place

Fields of Gold

The Music Fair


Music Sways

The Stable

The Back Country

Smooth Moves

Jazz N’ Soul

Musical Perfection

80th Avenue

The Shine

The Black Dome

Ale Haven

Nighttime’s Best

Music Therapy

Moonlight Sky

Music You Love

The Night’s Specials

Gentle Breeze

Dibs on Happiness

Golden Fields

Sunny Bells

Purple Poppies

The Fair Maiden

Soul Filler

The Dominion

Silken Bridle

The Bloomery

Number Eight

Sit Back and Relax

Glittering Night

The Concordia

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