Top 42+ Best Jewellery Brands in the World

Jewelry is an ornament or a piece of metal particularly, worn on the body for adorning purposes or for decorative of gods and other purposes of embellishing the beauty of something to a more special one.

Jewelry may be in the form of garland, necklace, bangles, tiara, bracelets, anklets, earrings, or some other materials that can be used for adorning.

Here, is a list of brands in jewelry that are produced widely and sold by different countries of the world:

Jewellery Brands in the World

Wald Berlin

Country: Germany

It is an e-commerce house of branded lifestyle goods by Dana Roski and Joyce Binneboese, launched in 2012. Their first collection was jewelry of shell designed called “juicy”, which personified liberty and evoked memories of infancy. Every jewelry is handcrafted to be worn for adorning even in busy cities or a place of serenity.

Katie Mullally

Country: U.K

It is a brand of jewelry by Katie, inspired by her heritage to design jewelry of Irish origin to a more contemporary one. She gives the wearer to personalize their own choice of individuality while adorning it to wear.

Missoma London

Country: U.K

It is a brand of jewelry made in the cooperation of Lucy William. It involves designing of some elegant gemstones and original pieces.  Missoma creates designs that are loved for regular use. It also provides the option to personalize the jewelry.


Country: U.K

Launched in 2014, by Rosh, it produces a wide range of jewelry, induced from the life of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy in London. The pieces are made with a close similarity to one of the poet’s rhyme. It signifies a contemporary valuable object that can be carried along with while traveling.


Country: UK, Spain

It is a brand of handcrafted jewelry designs that uses bivalve mollusks and pearls from fresh groundwater. It involves uniquely different structures, colors, and shapes of jewelry designs using hand.

 Bar Jewelry

Country: U.K

It was established in London, by Sophie McKay designer. It clear-cuts the minimum usage of ornaments with a style of simplicity while adorning. It is a very popular brand among some prominent figures.  It is basically, an aesthetic product made by hand using renewable and ethical sources.

Anissa Kermiche

Country: U.K

Anissa Kermiche designs exceptional jewelry that highlights the age group of successful, strong, and amusing people encompassing her. Her collection of designs is especially for the sophisticated women and dedicated to the women of independent opinion, full of life and energy. The beguiling collection of pearls is most attractive.

Monica Vinader

Country: U.K

It is a worldwide brand of exceptional jewelry in England, that acknowledge the uniqueness of differentiating fashion and fine jewelry. Monica has a wide range of collections from exquisite diamond rings to simple ones. Every piece of jewelry is equally stylish and refined to uplift the situation of any event or at work.


Country: UK

It is located in East-London. This brand is meant to design new aesthetic jewelry of semi-precious stones with a blend of gold and some other metals. It involves the insights from the exploration of their world tour. The universal pieces of jewelry create a fastidious inclusion in any box.


Country: U.K

Laurence Graff launched the brand in 1960. It is not only widely known for its massive exquisite designs of the diamond but also for the purchasing and repositioning of notable diamonds. One of the most notable diamond works of this brand in the world is the great emerald cut Fancy Bright Yellow diamond piece.

Katerina Makriyianni

Country: Greece

Katerina Makriyianni designed jewelry by refining her taste of creativity while serving her family’s jewelry business. This iconic design of jewelry was made from the peaceful surroundings of her home town Greek island.

Maria Black

Country: Denmark

It is managed and run by Maria Black with some collaborators in Copenhagen, who believes that a trend in lifestyle is a way to look into the prospect rather than just speaking about it. They use the techniques of traditional and modern methods of crafting metal for designing from the events of everyday moments.

Laura Lombardi

Country: U.S.A

It is a brand in jewelry from New York. It uses the eponym from Laura. The designs are about her infancy to adulthood in Italy, and it can be drawn from her ornaments. Every piece is uniquely designed for the wearer to look more with elegance.

Celeste Starre

Country: U.S.A

It was produced by Andraya Kenton with the views and opinions of her grandmother. As she was a modern young woman with her creativity, she led the design of her aesthetic work on jewelry which proves to be strikingly trendy jewelry for modern women.

Maria Tash

Country: U.S.A

Maria creates simple and stylish jewelry in her luxurious bursting studio. It has subsequently risen in popularity after her basement of a piercing studio in London’s Liberty store. It is mostly, preferred wore by the celebs.

The Last Line

Country: U.S.A

It is a brand in jewelry at the most reasonably priced by Shelley Sanders and Teddy Sanders. It is the jewelry of contemporary designs to adieu traditional styles of jewelry and welcoming the last ultimate awaited designs. The brand name is meant to satisfy the customers by providing them with the best quality of jewelry.

Tiffany & Co.

Country: U.S.A

Since 1837, it is one of the popular household brands. Today, it has emerged as the major silversmith and has been awarded for its workmanship in silver. Since 1845, they exhibit lavish and outstanding pieces in their yearly Blue Book assembly.

Harry Winston 

Country: U.S.A

It was established by Harry Winston in 1932. He was instated as the “King of Gem” and “Jewel smith to the Stars” for his extreme quality of innovations. His piece of creation was even worn by King George IV of the U.K. Today, his pieces are showcased in Smithsonian Institutions.

Wolf Circus

Country: Canada

It is a brand of demi-fine Jewelry crafted by using hand. It assures confidence to the wearer even in their busy rush. It involves fabrication and casting using hand. It uses recycled fine silver and bronze for coating. It pledges about their products of being good quality and making availability at an affordable rate.


Country: Canada

It is headquartered near Toronto and is manufactured with the collaboration of partners from different countries as it believes that the best work could be achieved from their unique skills of talent rather than in one single country. It produces high quality of jewelry for the modern world from the traditional concept of handmade jewelry.

David Yurman

Country: U.S

Since 1980, David and Sybil Yurman creates designs of the American Craft Movement’s evocative by carving. The exceptional silver and gold cable bracelet adorned with different shades of gems is the most popular design of their brand’s impression. It mostly uses lively and light radiant colors for its aesthetic designs.


Country: U.S

An admirer of nature, Verda Alaton designed Tohum during the journey of her life while traveling and learning the aesthetic work from Asia and Africa. She creates jewelry of thick pieces with a simple and trendy look that suits best for any group.


Country: U.S

It is a California based jewelry design by Gorjana Reidel. It was launched in 2004 when she had a sudden urge of desire to showcase the perfect quality of Laguna Beach jewelry’s design using her eponym along with her husband’s cooperation. The pieces are best suited for the fashion girls who like to be in trend.

Jennifer Zeuner

Country: U.S

It is located in Florida and uses the eponym of Jennifer. It has a collection of simple and dainty pieces that gives the option to select any precious metal or a combination of metals.


Country: U.S

It is influenced by the warm and sunny climate of Los Angeles. It attributes the designs of gold and crystal artistic.

Kendra Scott

Country: U.S

It is the brand eponym of Kendra Scott, who founded it in 2002. It is a well-known brand in jewelry designs. It involves a wide range of collections of different shades to choose from, which makes it more popular among people.


Country: Spain 

This brand of jewelry is located in Barcelona. It has a distinct collection of heavy and flamboyant designs. All its product is handmade with a stunning look.


Country: France

Louis Francois Cartier created this brand in 1847 and was declared “The King of Jewelsmith”, evolving the amalgamation of white gold and diamond. Due to its unique range of collections with a difference in the shade of gold’s color and either with or without diamond adornments, it became a well-known brand among famous celebrities.


Country: France

It was created by Frederic Boucheron in 1858. Its designs were inspired by Egyptian and Asian aesthetics. It used a strange combination of stones for its jewelry design.

Van Cleef & Arpels

Country: France

This brand of extravagant collection of pieces was created by Alfred van Cleef and Estelle Arpels in 1906. Their exceptional creation involves one of the Mystery set, a complexed piece with a pin that it took almost more than 300 hours surprisingly, to build. They mostly use flora and fauna for their designs.


Country: France

It was launched in 1837 as a luxury brand in embellishing accessories. It creates and designs bracelets for their classic bags.


Country: France

It is a brand of classic lifestyle goods and accessories of embellishing. It is the factory products that create goods which becomes the essence of lifestyle. It designs dainty jewelry.


Country: Switzerland

It is a brand in jewelry, created by Louis-Ulysse Chopard during the 1860s. Since 1963, Karl Scheufele is the supplier and is known for its inspiring aesthetic Deco watches and Happy Diamonds collection. The indication of the brand’s unconfined floating diamonds in the back of the watch glass was produced during the 1970s.


Country: Switzerland

It creates exceptional jewelry designs for their rich customers who can pay the price worth for their excellent piece of designs. It blends the concept of traditional design with its modern aesthetics. Rose is known for its brand impression.


Country: Italy

It is an Italian brand jewelry store since 1919, that mainly creates designs using gold, silver, and platinum. It is the most well-known brand that throwback lights on the earlier Hollywood design from the artistry of faunas.


Country: Italy

It is a jewelry brand famous for its lavish accessories of embellishment. It is most preferred for using different shades of gemstones and precious stones since 1884. It is more famous for its reestablishment of a gemstone cut of an earlier time.


Country: Japan

It was founded by Kokichio Mikimoto. He created and cultivated the use of pearls in making jewelry designs. He uses a high-end quality of pearls for its designs.

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