Jungle Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

The jungle is located between the rain woodlands where the ground is packed with wild plants. They have numerous streams and rivers situated between the jungles. Jungles can also be termed rain forests. Wild animals can also be found in jungles. The environment of the jungles is humid. 

The air is dank with a strange smell. Due to the shades of big leaves, it is impractical to catch sight of the sky. Sounds of different varieties of insects and birds singing can be heard very clearly in the jungles. The list of some great jungle names is given below.

Cool Jungle Names

A large variety of mushrooms can be found below the trees in the jungle. Some strange insects and plants can also be encountered in rainforests. Sponges are the most common insect which is present in large numbers in the jungle. Here are some cool jungle names.

The Hollow Tropics

The Preying Paradise

Kitayaale Bush

The Silent Garden

Nakulaba Garden

The Pygmy Tropics

Luaruru Wilds

The Thundering Gardens

The White Parrot Bush

The Garden of Maliho

The Elephant Tusk Jungle

The Baboon Bush

Ruhaya Rain Forest

Buraradley Gardens

Eldodali Wild

The Lioness Gardens

Jamaaley Tropics

Chewani Rain Forest

The Distant Wilderness

Nambahancha Paradise

Beydi Jungle

Jidarawa Paradise

Barigori Gardens

The Silent Tropics

The Whining Rain Forest

The Empty Wild

The Growing Jungles

Dhamagood Bush

The Sterile Paradise

Barihaya Wilds

Jiifkuru Wilds

The Southern Bush

The Windless Tropics

The Red Gardens

The Thirsty Gardens

The Fearsome Jungles

Fadradley Wild

Kipihere Wilds

The Sleeping Tropics

The Wilderness of Yubho

Ceericade Paradise

The Towering Paradise

The Savage Tropics

Kipkeyaale Jungles

Kipkesamo Jungles

Abukueni Bush

Kisuralal Paradise

The Tropics of Oyulifi

The Grim Paradise

Nyahubohol Jungle

The Laughing Tropics

Gosoruri Wilds

The Ancient Gardens

The Windy Bush

The Soft Rain Forest

Kuroka Bush

Namanmasa Jungles

The Flower Gardens

Arabfi Wilderness

The Dark Wilds

The Quiet Jungle

The Broken Wilderness

The White Tiger Jungles

The Storm Wilderness

The Turbulent Bush

The Ebon Wilds

Dahadiani Tropics

Fago Rain Forest

The Waking Wilderness

The White Bush

The Bush of Nabohol

The Lioness Rain Forest

The Gardens of Aftimo

The Golden Jungle

Soreey Gardens

The Wet Wilds

The Grim Garden

The Western Bush

Siriringo Gardens

The Titan Garden

The Fearsome Gardens

The Hollow Paradise

The Lunar Gardens

The Volcanic Wilds

The Expanding Wilds

The Whimpering Jungle

Bardegadi Wilds

The Shadowed Wilderness

The White Paradise

The Thornbush Wilderness

Catchy Jungle Names

The oldest sustained ecosystem of earth is rainforests. They are surviving for the past 65 million years. They are providing habitats to more than 600 species of birds and insects. Rainforests or jungles are present on every continent except Antarctica. Here are some catchy jungle names.

The Towering Jungles

Ludo Wilds

The Garden of Mogori

The Diamond Tropics

The Lioness Tropics

The Sighing Rain Forest

The Spider Monkey Wilds

The Diamond Wilds

Dahadu Jungles

Mbasumu Wild

The Screaming Rain Forest

Nyesoon Garden

Dhamaya Rain Forest

The Sleeping Bush

Kapsaleex Gardens

The Jungle of Wobmega

The Wailing Wilds

Kikugori Wild

The Flower Wild

The Flower Jungles

The Western Paradise

The Toucan Jungle

Buraki Wild

The Wild Jungle

The Black Elephant Wilderness

Waye Wild

The Elephant Wild

Nyesoon GardenThe Growing Wilds

The Giant Wild

Nanhumei Gardens

Mbariban Jungle

The Silverback Jungles

Chusumu Wild

The Emperor Jungle

The Empty Jungles

The Haunted Bush

The Southern Rain Forest

The Pristine Wilderness

The Western Wilderness

The Wild Wilderness

Burtinsha Bush

The Slumbering Wilderness

The Gardens of Rigorame

The Wet Bush

Bartale Tropics

The Sacred Garden

Ngodiani WildsThe Violent Bush

The Sacred Rain Forest

Jasamo Paradise

Lonhumei Rain Forest

The Tropics of Tuhele

The Bush of Dhuumanyo

The Infernal Gardens

The Hopeless Wilderness

The Thunder Wilds

The Volcanic Rain Forest

The Tigress Rain Forest

The Wild Wilds

The Turbulent Wild

Dalgulu Gardens

Qeekamega Jungle

The Broken Bush

The Brutal Wilds

Kajiadishi Wild

The Wild of Gaco

The Black Elephant Paradise

The Flower Wilds

Momkamega Wild

The Furious Paradise

The Jungle of Bojiado

The Ever Reaching Jungle

The Savage Wilds

The Black Gardens

Kabarwani Wilds

The Wilderness of Galinmayo

The Ebon Paradise

Mombaroni Wild

The Whispering Garden

Galinkisi Jungles

The Greedy Wilds

Kanwani Wilds

Lanyi Jungles

The Primeval Jungles

The Titan Paradise

The Jungles of Webuyoley

Bunyahumei Jungles

Nabarnet Bush

The Severed Wilds

Qoryalal Bush

The Haunted Garden

Best Jungle Names

Jungles are organized into four coatings: canopy, emergent, forest floor, and underwood. Every layer has its special characteristics. The differentiation between the four-layer is based on sunlight, water, and air circulation through them. These layers are interconnected with each other.

The Brutal Tropics

The Black Bush

Isiomala Paradise

Qardhere Jungles

The Scrambling Paradise

The Solar Wilds

The Storm Bush

The Growing Garden

The Expanding Wild

The Treacherous Gardens

Ilion Rain Forest

The Silver Wild

Keridar Paradise

Daldanyi Jungles

The Thunder Garden

The Sad Tropics

Bardeley Gardens

Dhuusaharro Paradise

The Sacred Wilds

The Neverending Gardens

The Bush of Dilshiikh

The Moonlit Paradise

Machalifi Jungle

The Quiet Wild

Sarralal Wilds

The Cougar Tropics

Jiigis Bush

The Ancient Paradise

Rigobo Wilderness

Barimeddo Wild

The Shimmering Jungle

The White Elephant Garden

Goldiani Wilderness

Takaunguria Paradise

The Timeless Wilds

Naromo Jungle

Saba Wilderness

The Stormy Wilderness

The Roaring Garden

Tavebu Jungle

The Bustling Wild

The Tigerpaw Tropics

Ceelrane Bush

The Whining Paradise

Kisbit Wilderness

Faddhitinle Wilds

The Silent Wilderness

Emdara Wild

The Thundering GardensThe Playful Wilds

Kinagomane Tropics

The Gloomy Wilderness

Moyakuyu Tropics

The Moving Wilds

Bandali Tropics

The Watching Jungle

The Rainy Wild

The Venomous Wilderness

The Violent Tropics

The Spider Monkey Gardens

Farafi Tropics

Kipkegale Garden

The Jungles of Kwagomane

The Lioness Wilds

The Thundering Rain Forest

The Dark Jungles

The Rising Gardens

Jidaho Wilderness

Qoryatui Wilderness

The Feared Tropics

The Lifeless Paradise

Jigare Bush

The Bush of Qoryayale

The Soft Wilds

The Toucan Wild

The Enchanted Wild

The Soft Jungle

The Bloodthirsty Gardens

The Burning Jungle

The Wilderness of Chulal

Qosokaba Wild

The Orangutan Rain Forest

The Windless Paradise

The Black Elephant Garden

The Paradise of Abaala

The Roaring Wild

The Wet Wilderness

The Orangutan Garden

The Cursed Bush

The Turbulent Wilderness

Kikumei Wilderness

Amazing Jungle Names

Tropical jungles are situated between the latitudes of 23.4°N and 23.4°S. Mostly jungles are established in the southern and central parts of America, the Western part of Africa, and the western part of India.

A huge amount of solar energy can be produced in these jungles due to the direct strikes of sunlight on them.

The Violent Paradise

Arahan Jungles

Wunba Wilderness

Mombajid Wild

Chulin Jungle

Malaba Jungle

The Ever Reaching Wild

The Paradise of Bardedogob

The Spider Wilderness

Belboni Paradise

Doocado Wilderness

Abutik Garden

Kandanango Tropics

The Red Garden

Nadoret Rain Forest

The Elephant Bush

The Infernal Wilderness

Rusumu Wild

The Neverending Jungle

The Tigress Garden

Lawreria Bush

The Northern Bush

The Lunar Paradise

The Wild of Otharuti

The Titan Tropics

Jowvine Wild

The Red Rain Forest

The Ocelot Wild

Jamaadara Paradise

The Greedy Tropics

The Tigerpaw Wilderness

The Northern Gardens

The Wild of Zeileex

The Expanding Garden

The White Jungle

The Calm Paradise

The Hopeless Wilds

The Windless Bush

The Ever Reaching Jungles

The Lioness Wilderness

The Orangutan Jungle

The Savage Paradise

The Sighing Gardens

The Burning Tropics

The Tigerpaw Gardens

The Growing Wilds

The Windless Wild

The Fearsome Garden

Barinya Wild

The Watching Wilds

Wundanmadow Wilds

The Macaw Gardens

The Feared Wilderness

Makumias Wilderness

The Western Rain Forest

The Soft Garden

The Rain Forest of Pumgooye

Harapini Paradise

The Gardens of Lazkigi

Bandiikani Wild

The Growing Wilderness

Jorok Jungles

The Shadowed Wilds

The Tempest Wilderness

The Watching Jungles

The Violent Jungles

Luanbaa Paradise

The Narrow Bush

The Roaring Rain Forest

The Moving Jungle

The Rainy Jungle

Fakayo Jungle

The Peaceful Jungles

The Lionroar Jungle

The Rising Garden

The Black Rhino Wild

Ngodiani Wilds

The Infernal Rain Forest

Hararhanhumei Jungles

The Gloomy Gardens

The Anaconda Jungle

The Screaming Garden

Kiphakaba Rain Forest

Moyuki Wild

The Rugged Jungle

The Silent Rain Forest

Wofun Rain Forest

The Fabled Wilds

Turso Bush

The Feral Wilds

Awesome Jungle Names

Jungles have provided habitats to several complex communities for the past hundred years. The people of the Mbuti community of South Africa have been living in the rainforest for the past 80 years.

This community consists of professional animal hunters. Here are some awesome jungle names.

The Bellowing Wild

Kipkezi Gardens

Beydar Wilderness

The Scarlet Wilderness

Lokuyu Jungles

The Thunder Bush

Ahekuyu Garden

The Toucan Rain Forest

The Rain Forest of Jikuru

The White Rain Forest

The Fabled Jungles

The Garden of Kabasiyo

The Mighty Wilderness

The Emerald Tropics

The Solar Wild

The Mirrored Tropics

Faddhiweyne Tropics

The Black Jungle

Marsamuru Garden

The Bush of Kinadu

The Lemur Bush

Ballidoret Gardens

The Rugged Paradise

Momlion Jungles

Luugudheer Garden

The Sleeping Jungles

The Tropics of Kijagob

The Pristine Wilds

The Voiceless Bush

Elgusa Jungle

The Gardens of Ballida

The Pristine Wild

The Mighty Bush

The Jungle of Didhere

Magaruguya Wilderness

The Screaming Jungles

Lanshi Garden

The Shimmering Wild

Thiki Wild

The Soft Paradise

Kiliso Wild

Manhaarreey Wilderness

The Bush of Kikuriasamo

The Rugged Bush

The Ebon Wilderness

Baidi Jungles

The Misty Bush

The Thunderstorm Wilds

Belradley Rain Forest

Laariban Bush

The Tropics of Kihanbaa

The Sleeping Gardens

The Moonlit Bush

The Pygmy Wilderness

The Ivory Bush

The Gentle Jungles

The Sacred Wilderness

Luanjid Paradise

Kulahero Paradise

The Quiet Bush

The Pristine Paradise

The Lemur Garden

The Violent Bush

Rongori Gardens

The Thunder Rain Forest

Afmalu Wild

The Gloomy Rain Forest

Eldodho Gardens

The Toucan Wilderness

The Ancient Garden

The Bloodthirsty Paradise

The Titan Rain Forest

Sorisia Garden

The Restless Wild

The Violent Gardens

Gosogai Jungles

The Crocodile Rain Forest

Jilweyne Wilderness

Rumukoile Garden

Malingi Garden

The Primeval Gardens

The Severed Paradise

The Moving Tropics

Kapsaka Tropics

Kabarweyne Paradise

The Spider Monkey Wilderness

The Wilds of Jagaruen

The Savage Bush

The Lonely Wilds

The Hungry Paradise

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