Karate Team Names: 650+ Catchy and Cool Names

Karate Team Names: 650+ Catchy and Cool Names

Karate was first introduced in Japan by Master Funakoshi. From the 19th century to now, this fighting sport has been popular across the globe. Even in your area, so many people started their own karate classes. 

Behind learning karate, different people have different motives. Somebody wants to learn it for self-defense, somebody wants to take it as a full-time career. Therefore, we are witnessing many karate teams in towns and cities. 

karate team names:

If you are also one of the owners or members of the karate team, then this article is helpful to you. This article is all about the list of karate team names that will assist you in getting the best name for your team.

Boomerang MMA

Kiai Kids Karate

Karte Attacker

Karate To the Stars

Karate Thunders

Karate Ninjas

The Karate Sense

Elite Kneads

Democrat Kickers

Karate Superstars

Karate Chop

Absolute Karate


The Karate Game

Power Moves

Active Tigers

Cobra Karate

Hong Kong Phooies

British Martial Arts Academy


The Takedown Lounge


Karate Kicks

Oxford Karate Academy

Cult of Karate

Karate Liners

Edge Of Karate


Rising Phoenix Studio

9 King Karate

CombatTrace karate Academy

Elite TaeKwo Do Schools

Mixed Karate

Krav Maga

Karate Kickers

Cool Karate Team Names

Karate is the coolest form of fighting because it focuses on strength as well as techniques. We have plenty of cool karate teams in our own city. However, not all of them are cool enough to get a cool name for their team. Here’s the list of the coolest karate team names:

Team Karate Calgary

Escape Alert

Karate to the Right

Pop Tarts

Karate Venom

Gold Medal Masters

Iron Monkey Karate

Harrow Shotokan Karate

The Monk’s Eye

Karate Power

UK Wing Chun Kung Fu

Hajime Karate Studio

The Fighting Circle

Castle Martial Arts

The Good-Fight

Karate Group

V8 Karate

New World Karate

Gold Star Karate

Karate Monsters

Grove Martial Arts


True Karate Works

Reading School Of Martial Arts

Edge Karates

Lioness Fighting Systems

Mindful Karate

Fairwater Shotokan Karate

Young’s Black Belt Academy

The Dojo Karate Centre

Karate Deffender

Didcot Karate Kings


Master Martial-Arts Club

Little Dragons

Lone Star Karate Club

Karate Of Kings

Zen Warrior

Karate Avengers

Alpha Martial Arts

True Kicks

Karate Lovers

Flying Fists

Karate at the Lakes

Taiyo Karateka

Hidden Dragons

Chaussures en Volk

Elite Mixed Martial Arts Club

Ryukyu Karate

Wong Karate Academy

Nyuja Karate Academy

Karaoke City

Knight Karate


The Ultimate Koto

Karate Again

Karete Riders

Peanut Sticks

Honor Warrior Karate

Karma Karate

Ninja Bums

Art Of Defensee

MVP Karate Club


Karate Spirit Japan

Dynemo Karates

Hayabusa Fitness

Karate Club


Victory Martial Arts

Kiai Life

Karate’s Last Laugh

Gyu’s Karate

Karate In Motion

Martial Arts Alliance

Crown Martial Arts

The Karate Capital

Momentum Karate & Fitness

SaiKyuTai Fitness

Montgomery Karate

Mousel’s Self Defense Academy

Fantastic Fighting Moves

The Ninja’s Footrace

Honor on the Ground

Earthy Karate

Bokken Karate

The Karate King

UFC Fitness Calgary

Kime Kawa Club

Karate Lovers

Tiger Kibachi

Martino Style Karate

Amazing Karate Team Names

We guess all of us have seen the movies related to karate. How do you feel? Amazing! Right? Well, you will feel more amazing than in the movie if you are going to watch it in real.

Karate is an amazing sport, and those with a complete karate team are equally amazing. But, not all of them ended up with an equally amazing name. So, here’s the list of amazing karate team names:

Self-Defense Co.

Karate Master

Ki-Hi-Ki Karate

Sakura Karate

Karate Method

Karate Fighters

Fitness 4 Peace

Passion With Karate

Karate of Foothills

LA KO Championship

Noodled Knights

The Zen Karate

Maiyo Karate

Jabu Karate

Democrat Kickers

Legendary Lion



Blue Sky Karate

Sasukekyo Karate

Redwings Karate

Dojo Wanna Learn?

Glezz Karate Academy

BlueDragon karate Club

Uqah Gokudo

Blue Cloud Karate


Corkey’s Cubbies

Karate Chateau

Takedown Defense

Karate Finisher

DynCorp International

K & K Kids Fitness

Peanut Sticks

The Karate Zone

Brat Pack

Men Of Karate

Team Kiai

Zen Tai Karate

My Asian Life

Still Standing Martial Arts

Fight For Fitness

Iron Tiger Karate

Duo Kickboxing

Omega Dojo

Complete Martial Arts

The Karate Cage

Maximum Martial Arts Dojo

Rumble Dojo

Tower of Youth Dojo


At the Edge Fitness

Phoenix Tiger Ballet

AZ ATA Martial Arts

Join Karate

Sunrise Vale Karate

Rampart Fitness

Karate Dojo Tempe

Lincoln Kwon’s Dojo

Fighting Spirit Dojo

Shogun Dojo

Master Kariyana

Karate Academy

Truly Japanese Kenpo

Takedown Kicks

Kim’s Judo Karate

Krav Fit Now

Black Knight Karate


Arms Unlimited

Karate Family

Dynamic Self Defense International

Pilates and Sprints

Smooth Moves Dojo


Honolulu Karate

Excellence Defense Training

Karate Factory

The Dojo Society

World Taekwondo Gym

Karate Storm

Awesome Karate Team Names

The people like us who watch karate movies believe that karate is all about awesome moves and techniques. But, only the teams and players know that karate is beyond that thing. There are many awesome things about karate. So, why don’t you also have an awesome name for your team? Here’s the list of an awesome karate team names:

Hibachi Supreme

Active Arts

I Do Kung Fu

Crescent City Self Defense Studio

Taichi Sō-Geido Dojo

Hookah With Dave!

Karate House

Olympia Karate

Karate Champions

Steel Karate

Kusi Dojo Phoenix

Karate of the Mind

Kung Fu Joe’s

Chiara Karate Sense

Mindless Drones

Mindtown Karate

Bigday Karate Academy

Hajime Karate School

Karate Finisher

Jujitsu School

Maui Martial Arts

FireFlip karates

The Gown Connection


Dojo on Main

Winners Only Karate

Glass Jaws

Karate Worms

The Tumi Judo

Extreme Elite Dojo

Sunrise Dojo

Dedication Dojo

Persistence Dojo

Triggers Karate Academy

Karate Heros

Rory’s Karate

Kenma Ken Karts

Crown Pointe

Karate Crackers

Danger Dojo

Bodhi Dojo

Rising Sun MMA

Paper Crane Training

9th Sense Karate

Karateki BKK

Warrior Spirit Karate

Rise Up Karate

Kenshu Dojo

Southside Dojo

Laughing Tigers

D-Point Karate

5 Star Dojo

Karate Warriors


The Red Tree Dojo

Striker’s Dojo

5 Maxims Dojo

Gomi Ken Judo Club

Rock em Sockems

Real MMA Grappling

2nd Generation Dojo

Dojo on Main Street

Karate Root

Cobra Defense

Maya Dojo

Hiphop Karate

United Judo & Karate

Soul2Soul Karate

Kickboxing & Karate

Homi Kenpo Kenpo

Ultimate Dojo

The Urban Dojo

CorePower Dojo

Pure Fight

Blood Leopard Martial Arts

Sagaof Karate

Mystical Karate Dojo

JT Tactical Boxing


Red Belt Karates

Unique Karate Team Names 

Karate is surely not a unique sport. This sport was introduced in the ancient period. If you own the karate team, you must know that you are not the only team in the town. So what if the sport is not unique? You can get a unique name for your team. Here’s the list of the unique karate team names:

 Soulful Karate

Wise Guy Defense

Alpha Bravo Kettle

Karate Swing

ProCore Fitness

Flying Tiger Dojo

Karate Kaizen!

Power Dojo


Zen Fights

Masters at Arms

The Karate Room


Karate Rangers


Karate Rocking

Dwell Martial Arts

Hybron Karates

Lucky’s Fight Club

FireFlip Karates

The Dragon’s Lair

Serenity Dojo

Uppercut Kicks

Karate Finders

Weekend Warriors

Master Karate Taichi

Bondage for Pain

Authentic Israeli Krav

The Karate Method


Mister Karatek’s

Won Dojo

Abby Karate

The Dojo at SLS

Reality Kings Karate

The Downtown Dojo

Fist of Glory

Empire Karate Team

Mighty Karate

Azzona Karate Academy

Legends Martial Arts

Thug Karates

Kung Fu Champs

YingYang Karates

Manny Bravo Dojo


Eaton Personal Defense

3 Kings Karate

Karate Rockstar

CappaWood Karate Academy

The Jiu Jitsu Guys

Revolution Taekwondo

Mighty Mites

High Kick Karate

Red Mountain Karate

IP Man’s Understudies


Blue Sky Karate School

Young and Broke Karate

Restless Karate School

Karate Spirit

Golden Dragon Karate Club

Black Belt Karate


Korea Kickboxing

Cascade Karate

Self-Defense Co.


Big Challenge Defense

Awakening Defense

Get Er Dones

Flying high in the dojo


The Shredder’s Karate Krew

True Strength Karate

Death Adders

Stuffed Shrimps


Catchy Karate Team Names 

Karate is a sport that never fails to catch our attention. It’s the most catchy fighting sport for sure. If you are an owner of a karate team, don’t you think that your team name should be as catchy as the sport itself? So, here’s the list of the catchy karate team names:

Martial Law

Karate! Chocolate!

The Good-Fight

Kuk Sool Won


Karate Dojo Awesomeness

Catch A Kick

The Black Horse

Kung Fu Kingdom

Fight Like A Girl

Screaming Beagles

Hojime Karate Pro

Punt pass and kickers

Rice Krispies Karate

Awakening Defense

Goof Troops

Karate for the Forces

Harry Potters



Cactus Karate

On the Square Karate

Black Bull Martial Arts

Weak knees




Bagles On Top



Ninja Bums

Karate Dreams Dojo

Black Belt Fitness




5th Avenue Karate



Happy Fighter Hub

Championship Karate Co.


Rug Rats


Golden Cobras

Karate is for Everyone, Except for You

Punch Judo



Sea Otters

Pop Tarts


Prestige Kids Karate

Dedication Dojo


The Zen of Karate

Mindful Bodhi


Winners Only Karate

Jet Lee Karate

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