Knight Names: 850+ Catchy, Cool, Strong Names

When choosing a name for the Knight character, several things should be considered. A knight is an honorary title usually given by the head of the state or representative. Knights were initially known as mounted warriors.

They were introduced in the early middle ages. However, by the late middle ages, the title Knight was associated with the idea of chivalry and power. Knights used to participate in the war to protect their countries. They often took part in the fight to protect women and children too.

While choosing a name, keep these factors in mind. Try to find a name so that you can express all these hidden characteristics through the selected name.

Cool Knight Names

If you want to represent your Knight character, then you can easily go with a cool name. It will make your character a special personality with which people will be comfortable and familiar. Also, if you want to attract teenagers or young minds, then it is the cool name that will make the best impression. However, make sure that the name goes perfectly with your Knight character.

Maalot the Romantic

Madeleine the Messenger

Ione the Silence

Isard of the Lake

Roheisia the Patroller

Alisone the Messenger

Malkyn the Polite

Odolina the Outsider

Gaunlaya the Widow

Helewisa the Jackal

Emelot the Champion

Sallie the Gentle

Helueua the Observant

Ysmay the Heartbreaker

Gwenore the Lion

Gonore of the West

The Quick Lady

Matilldis the Turbulent

Christina the Paladin

Galienne of the Snow

Maly of the Ice

Helewisa of the Dark

Aleneite the Chaotic

Evelune the Gracious

Havisa the Observant

Gwenore the Warden

Guillote the Lion

Elizabethe the Amazing

Ascelina the Lionheart

Yvonne the Strong

Griselda the Harbinger

Eleanor the Wild

Elianora the Butcher

Wenefreda the Rude

Linet of the Ocean

Egelina the Stubborn

Aaliz the Lionheart

Annot the Ghost

Anastas the Broken

Gele the Deviant

Ymanye the Talented

Avin of the Lake

Biby the Yellow

Roesia the Fearless

Ryia the Wild

Besse the Observant

Alyson the Silence

Alienora the Honest

Lisa the Brave

Muriel the Hero

Anchoretta of the South

Ann the Powerful

Merhild of the Winter

Elewys the Outsider

Lillias the Gentlewoman

Sukie the Worthy

Elspat the Adamant

Adelin the Swift

Milisandia the Mercyful

Catrain the Bear

Adelina the Guard

Roseaman the Silence

Alienor of the Nightfall

Rikild the Maneater

Ysout the Shield

Richil the Champ

Sueteluue the Shield

Linnet the Grand

Sally of the Spring

Richildis the Tough

Betty the Muscle

Ancreta the Courteous

Thomassete the Tiny

Ryia the Clumsy

Rosa the CuteLily

Lylie the Keeper

Richill the Twisted

Linyeve the Silence

Crystina the Little

Millesant the Allegiant

Gismon the Tiny

Maryell the Allegiant

Jenny the Broken

Cedany the Selfish

Havisa the Ugly

Phrowenia the Unbreakable

Eleanora the Slayer

Seloua the Angel

Tilla the Magnificent

Hele the Honorable

Catherine the Allegiant

Lina the Brown

Maheut the Truthful

Alise the Pygmy

Acelina the Gorgeous

Crislye of the Nightfall

Isotta the Bruiser

Seloue the Insane

Malina the Clever

Gwendolynn the Evangelist

Mediaval Knight Names

Knights characters have been known for a long time, and they have a reach history since medieval times. If you want to show the deep history of your character through the name, you can choose a name from the below-given list.

In this way, you will be able to attach your character to the route and the origin. If you successfully depict your characters’ true origin through the name, it will work as a positive advantage for your character. 

Reinhold the Divine

Azemar the Deviant

Folke the Fierce

Richal the Heroic

Hemonnet the Loyal

Warin the Amazing

Iohannes the Strong

Tommie the Humble

Brien of the Sea

Pearse the Magnificent

Hubertus the Protector

Job the Kind

Hanequin of the Sea

Warner the Prodigy

Simcock the Blue

Botolfe the Loner

Gavinus of the Spring

Basuin the Romantic

Geofridus the Grand

Filbert the Wild

Noy the Colossus

Rawlin the Rude

Elyes the Persistent

Humphery the Clumsy

Timm the Colossus

Yvet the Merciful

Ligier the Little

Guillelmus the Guardian

Huguenin the Pale

Mousse the Maneater

Guillemaque the Old

Badcock of the Fire

Gozelinus the Muscle

Joppa the Defender

Joss the Phantom

Tibald of the Dawn

Hobb of the North

Janshai of the Mountains

Wylymot the Highborn

Jewell the Huge

Asselin the Smiling

Ligart the Romantic

Godefry the Warm

Radulfus of the Water

Jankin the Poet

Jervis the Gentle

Andry the Honorable

Warin the Tracker

Jobba the Smile

Godfreed the Warm

Triston of the Sea

Lovel of the South

Teodbald the Scar

Ancelot the Gracious

Selle the Wolf

Rollo the Poet

Artus the Reliable

Wichard the Shadow

Gervaise the Smiling

Tedbaldus the Poet

Ancelm the Keeper

Azur of the Fall

Walkelinus the Kind

Helie the Unbreakable

Hamond the Widow

Josclyn the Lion

Quinn the Bald

Dickon the Horrific

Ives the Guardian

Brice the Strong

Anderewe the Hungry

Reginalde the Demon

Haimmon the Jackal

Hanry the Warm

Jakke the Gentleman

Hamund the Wild

Jock the Hungry

Engerrand the Timid

Ansgot the Poor

Malgerius the Young

Aderlard the Undefeated

Uranius the Jackal

Eden the Old

Nab the Honorable

Marmaducus the Clever

Thomelin the Highborn

Rollin of the Ice

Tedbaldus the Swift

Powle the Humble

Percyvallus the Slayer

Beuves the Harbinger

Jehannin the Poor

Tobias the Keen

Evrouin of the East

Richardin the Protector

Guymar the Fair

Loyset the Pale

Gauvain of the River

Lodewicus the Honorable

Tedric the Orphan

Badass Knight Names

Knights are known for their skilled fighting performances, and you can use this characteristic of the character by selecting a totally badass name. If you want to represent your character as one of the most fierce and powerful personas, feel free to select a name that will describe the bold side of your Knight character.

Gerald the Confident

Reynard the Courageous

Anfroi the Conqueror

Beuves the Yellow

Dyryke, le Démon

Hab the Colossus

Gabryell the Huge

Bartelot of the Fire

Yve, l’Horrible

Hodgkin the Black

Hugin the Warrior

Neal the Undefeated

Maugier the Bane

Gabriel of the Sea

Barnabas the Bear

Charles the Traitor

Tammie the Creature

Droart the Slayer

Trustram the Honest

Hamelen the Brilliant

Terryn the Omen

Bertelemy the Bruiser

Jacquemin the Clumsy

Gawne the Gentle

Anscoul the Smile

Ralf the Widow

Topher the Eager

Jamys the Butcher

Holger the Smile

Gwychardus the Scar

Godefroy the Devoted

Americ the Smiling

Wymare the Heroic

Tibaut the Reliable

Audry the Stranger

Gieffrinnet the Chaotic

Hamund the Guardian

Ranulph the Warm

Audri of the Sea

Adeite, l’Ami

Averet the Shepherd

Jak the Quick

Robyn the Lion

Roland, le Rouge

Guarin the Slayer

Geffrai the Honorable

Raymundus the Cold

Ivo the Slayer

Hicket the Clever

Drystan the Colossus

Gawen the Noble

Garnier the Dragonslayer

Tybost the Divine

Persivell the Wolf

Degore the Warrior

Thoumassin the Green

Oudet the Maneater

Beuves of the Ocean

Uranius the Young

Bobby the Champion

Rolf the Observant

Rob, le Titan

Godebert, le Démon

Bayard the Vigilant

Marmaduc the Eager

Brom the Great

Tib the Orange

Athelardus the Yellow

Gallien the Orange

Willcock the Lion

Iohannes the Shepherd

Dumphry the Tracker

Barnabas the Mild

Frank the Butcher

Paulin the Bold

Loys the Dragon

Howard of the Fall

Helyot the Reckless

Hanekin of the Mountain

Jeffcock the Keen

Andryr, le Jeune

Ingelram the Gentleman

Viliame the Prodigy

Urianus the Wild

Higg, le Mignon

Isaac the Invincible

Jaspar the Gracious

Selle the Silence

Jourdain the Romantic

Hewlett the Fearless

Lowis the Smile

Jehannot of the Winter

Moyse the Eager

Beavis the Cold

Warinus the Colossus

Ernisius the Mild

Bartrem the Defender

Perinnet the Courageous

Watkin the Heroic

Ancelmus the Slayer

Barda the Champ

Aldis of the River

Guernon the Heartbreaker

Elys the Great

Umfray the Heartbreaker

Colet the Invincible

Bryant the Lionheart

Hamlin the Loyal

Col the Deviant

Frank the Shadow

Bartelot of the Ocean

Jocet the Jackal

Bricet of the Dawn

Karles, le Maladroit

Gib of the Light

Betyn the Invincible

Hunfray, le Juste

Andreas the Black

Girout the Handsome

Tebaud the Brave

Fantasy Knight Names

To choose a fantasy Knight name, you have to put yourself in the shoe of your audience. Also, be careful about the sound of the selected name because, in this way, you will be able to understand the difference between a good and a better name. 

Edolina of the Forest

Guernot the Dragonslayer

Hersent the Highborn

Polly the Giant

Thomasina the Pale

Guibe the Traitor

Aphrah the Warm

Nicholas the Muscle

Frederick the Brown

Immine the Giant

Melisent of the Summer

Barnabas of the Dark

Hildebrandus the Lion

Bertrannus the Weak

Gerontius the Slayer

Helewyse the Shield

Hosianna of the Night

Bertelemy the Righteous

Raullin the Illuminator

Raoulet the Reliable

Hugolinus the Whisper

Isake the Dreamer

Vanora the Weak

Renier the Warden

Libbe the Great

Elizabetht the Protector

Mauger the Shadow

Symonnet the Harbinger

Artur the Bane

Armant the Heartbreaker

Elsie the Agile

Tiphina the Keeper

Bartlet the Black

Raimbaud the Romantic

Marekyn the Daring

Erneis the Persistent

Gylbart the Phantom

Lambard the Black

Swetyene the Rich

Rolandus the Champ

Bibele the Orphan

Madeleine the Honest

Gaunliena of the South

Robbie the Clumsy

Mousse the Gorgeous

Tillie the Green

Helewys the Adamant

Drest of the East

Jordanus the Caring

Hubertus the Protector

Ranulfus the Orphan

Eleanor the Muscle

Gerente the Courageous

Aubreda the Wolf

David the Amazing

Sairey of the Winter

Taffy the Romantic

Alyon of the West

Isolt of the Dawn

Hawise the Champion

Betha the Stubborn

Hunfray the Brute

Tierri the Silence

Jarin the Beast

Jossy the Guardian

Umphrey the Insane

Jonet the Huge

Mylle the Shepherd

Garrett the Fair

Josclyn the Shadow

Gui of the Lake

Girardus the Young

Christie the Humble

Gabell the Keen

Hugolinus the Hero

Cristan the Swift

Housewife the Brilliant

Brien the Cute

Symounde the Giant

Batsuen of the Summer

Jaquemin the Stubborn

Guiraudet the Twisted

Colin the Ugly

Nanette the Polite

Batcock the Blue

Maugier the Daring

Reyner of the River

Hickie the Reliable

Amaury the Devious

Gresilda of the Lake

Mariel the Devoted

Linota the Warrior

Roulant the Patrol

Daw of the Dark

Hemmet the Prodigy

Gerente the Escort

Maucolyn the Stubborn

Merilda the Hawk

Adeliz the Fearless

Rosaline the Righteous

Male Knight Names

If you want to specify the fact that you have a male Knight Character, then don’t hesitate to choose a name that will describe the gender of your character to your audience.

Male Knights are known for their loyalty, faithfulness, and bold personality, so try to choose the name accordingly. 

Kaylein the Hungry

Emm the Maneater

Ellice the Relentless

Ganor the Resilient

Alse the Poor

James the Humble

Mactilda the Bane

James the Enigma

Theffania the Loving

May the Insane

Anchoret the Faithful

Sarre the Highborn

Cristian of the Dawn

Gisella the Gentle

Margery the Fair

Matty the Warm

Ascilia the Faithful

Jehannette the Resilient

Eleanor the Warden

Edelinne the Giant

Isold the Poor

Tilly the Brute

Maaline the Truthful

Ingaret the Turbulent

Hawisia the Loyal

Alice the Shadow

Roheisa the Gorgeous

Tillot the Gracious

Ewe of the West

Galiene the Harbinger

Jossy the Hungry

Nanette the Cute

Masse the Earnest

Hawis the Horrific

Emblema the Wild

Ybot the Traitor

Eschina the Relentless

Malyn the Strong

Jasmine the Green

Katrina the Valiant

Hismena the Worthy

Guenevere the Tenacious

Oriolt the Silence

Alycie the Protector

Havisa the Daring

Ysabelon the Traitor

Annot the Highborn

Heloise the Heartbreaker

Liza the Huge

Tamsin the Strong

Christaire the Divine

Rikild the Grand

Sephare the Resilient

Gaenor the Highborn

Jonett the Beast

Issat of the Mountains

Maghenyld the Cold

Ela the Daring

Milessent the Brown

Aalez the Poet

Lilias of the Fall

Maryell the Reckless

Jone of the Night

Theffanie the Traitor

Jehanne the Friend

Magdalen the Selfish

Alicia the Horrific

Hemin the Hero

Alyna the Resilient

Ameline the Swift

Albray of the Snow

Amalone the Cold

Crestienne the Orange

Muriel the Unbreakable

Wantelien the Poet

Heloise the Brown

Emmet the Friend

Ybot the Resolute

Galiena the Divine

Helisent the Handsome

Sarre the Widow

Aeleis the Caring

Adelisa the Selfish

Auphrey the Bold

Aeleis the Butcher

Giselle the Sentinel

Bathshua the Vigilant

Melissent the Dragonheart

Bella of the Night

Husewyf the Colossus

Roysia the Daring

Housewife the Ghost

Eleanor of the Nightfall

Rykeld the Phantom

Elisot the Messenger

Metylda the Broken

Beleite the Magnificent

Ysabiau the Green

Tiffany the Grand

Roheis the Angel

Female Knight Names

If you are looking for a female Knight name, then try to keep in mind the characteristics of the female Knight characters. They are known for their power, strength, kindness, and sympathy. Try to collect all these qualities in your selected name so that you can perfectly describe your female character.

Lambequin the Ghost

Wymond the Dragonslayer

Guischard the Tough

Foulque the Hawk

Americus the Devious

Galeren the Escort

Hamonet the Resilient

Gerbaut the Pygmy

Fouques the Harbinger

Jasper the Ghost

Federic the Handsome

Azur the Romantic

Dumphry the Worthy

Gui the Wild

Peyton the Clever

Clerenbald the Whisper

Alard the Timid

Solomon the Honest

Joffridus the Hawk

Filbert the Jackal

Humfrey of the Water

Elies the Prodigy

Joyce the Gorgeous

Bardolf the Dragonheart

Gozelinus the Loving

Gwatkin the Little

Guntard the Horrific

Elias the Titan

Alfonce the Righteous

HenryHaimirich the Confident

Hamelot the Insane

Allen the Cold

Colley the Dragonslayer

Favian the Clever

Christouer the Shy

Isembart the Maneater

Drust the Dragon

Richemanus of the Sea

Malcolum the Merciful

Tedric the Loving

Blavier the Daring

Lambin the Young

Theodric the Muscle

Ralphwolf of the Ocean

Hanecock the Hawk

Wyman the Escort

Alane the Gentle

Ancelot the Widow

Hudd the Tiny

Isemberd the Swift

Nicolet the Bear

Hugubert the Kind

Ade the Tiny

Paul the Highborn

Gervaise the Shield

Thomasin the Relentless

Michael the Little

Oddo the Sentinel

Ferrand the Wild

Tomkin the Magnificent

Clerebald the Blue

Wymer the Timid

Hurrey the Guard

Sam the Romantic

Michael the Hero

Thomass the Green

Mace the Warm

Malcolum the Maneater

Barrett the Warrior

Haimmon the Red

Dicken the Brave

Ilbert the Lionheart

Hervey the Stubborn

Gui the Agile

Nob the Faithful

Droet of the River

Stephen the Sentinel

Tommy the Messenger

Jacky the Huge

Andryr the Caring

Droet the Silence

Yves the Omen

Gillotin the Slayer

Arther the Divine

Acur the Colossus

Jankin the Fierce

Maugre of the South

Hunfridus the Gorgeous

Arthur the Faithful

Sadon the Courageous

Jacquelin the Courteous

Gaillard the Hawk

Jacobus the Brilliant

Jermyn the Old

Hervey of the Mountain

Ham the Divine

Aimeri the Maneater

Edon the Dragonslayer

Gosfridus the Jackal

Androu the Grand

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