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125+ Best Ladder Safety Slogans

Safety comes first. It is a very important thing to keep yourself safe when you are working somewhere, especially when your job is a bit risky.

When you are working at the construction department, or somewhere where you have climbed heights, there are often chances of an accidental fall for some lack of safety measures.

It is always necessary to take the essential safety measures before climbing heights as it might even claim your life.

Best Ladder Safety Slogans

  • Let someone hold you
  • Always be careful
  • Don’t let your foot slip
  • It will end with one slip
  • Know to keep the distance
  • Be safe then climb
  • Don’t hurry while climbing
  • Climbing is an art too
  • Hold the ladder firmly
  • Attain great heights with precautions

Proper harnesses and proper building of the ladder that you are climbing are some musts when you are doing such jobs.

It is widely believed that “it is better safe than sorry”. This saying is true indeed. Maintaining proper safety should always be everyone’s priority. A well-built ladder and a dry base are necessary.

Your caution may decide your destiny, so better be cautious rather than repent later.

List of Best ladder safety slogans and Sayings

Your safety today, can lead you to a better tomorrow.

Just be safe while climbing a ladder. 

Be alert! It make your tomorrow better.

Carelessness may even claim your life, so be safe. Keep safe.

Ladder safety is important, practice it before you step on it.

Take a step ahead of the rest, practicing ladder safety is the best!

Safety costs no money, just a little bit of carefulness is enough!

Safety should never be given a day off.

Safety comes first.

Be safe, build a better tomorrow.

Before using, first take some safety measure!

Practice ladder safety to climb higher.

Trying to climb too far, might end up causing you a scar.

Ladder safety is must because accident can happen anytime.

Prevent any spill or a slip and do not invite a hospital trip.

Harness and proper build quality, should be there in ladder safety.

Just create a better grip on the floor. 

Ladder safety, you must not ignore.

ladder safety slogans

Ladder safety practice and climb heights with ease.

If your ladder is shaky then you might end up feeling achy.

Stop climbing ladders which are not authentically built.

Your ladder should be build. Don’t cause it to tilt.

Keep your ladder safe and still, do not get up getting ill.

Prevent ladder from facing glitches.

Be careful, you may end up with some stitches.

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Build your ladder perfect, it must not have any defect.

Protect your ladder from any defect, make your climbing perfect.

Take proper safety measure to prevent accidents

Safety is not a choice, it is a must…

Your safety is in your hand…

A ladder should be build right, your grip should hold you tight.

Today’s is safety is going to decide your tomorrow’s destiny.

Your safety, your life. Be it a ladder or a knife.

Ladders let you climb great heights. Only if you keep your safety right.

Safety is a big thing. Prevent any damage or a twinge.

Whether breaks or cuts, it all depends on your safety bolts and nuts.

Crew your bolts and nuts tight. Keep your bones healthy and right.

Fasten yourself tight. Keep yourself safe and right.

Don’t panic while climbing a ladder. It will only make you sadder.

If you are having trouble in climbing in ladders, practice more.

Take your safety measures properly to live peacefully.

 The first and foremost thing to consider when you are climbing heights.

Safe is a must. Don’t make your bones turn into dust.

A ladder should be well built. It should not have chances to tilt.

Let us raise our voices for ladder safety awareness.

Don’t let your feet slip, it might led your ladder to flip.

A spill or a slip calls for a hospital trip.

Your safety measures should never take a break.

Give your safety a break, cause your bones to break.

A ladder safety important. Keep practicing constant.

No matter what age, be safe and prevent any damage.

Proper built and proper grip can prevent a hospital trip.

In case of safety, be keen, else you will need doses of medicine.

Your safety is in your hand.

Stop causing an accidental land.

First thing first the safety is will save your life.

Better be safe while climbing a ladder… don’t be sorry later.

I take my safety measure while I climb, do you?

Let’s be safe and be secured 

Your safety must needs to be assured.

Are you climbing a ladder? Your safety should not be a thing of later.

It is the prior thing to keep in mind.

If you are safe then you can climb great heights.

Ladder safety is not a choice, it is a must.

Don’t be afraid, just be safe and careful.

Your ladder should be well shaped to avoid accidents.

Carefulness and safety must go hand in hand.

Your safety measures should be taken right. Hold yourself on tight.

An important thing to consider.

Your safety and your security must be your priority…

I am safe… are you? Better be

 Climbing a ladder might be easy, lack of safety might get you dizzy.

Don’t be lazy, taking safety measures is easy.

Your life can be better if your safety has been assured proper.

The more the safety measure, the lesser the chances of your accidents.

Keep your floor clean and dry, a fall from the ladder and cause you to cry.

Keep your bones and your muscles safe with proper ladder safety.

Assure your safety measures before you climb the ladders.

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Be safe and climb it high.

East or west, being safe while climbing ladders is the best.

East is east, south is south… safety and security, I want both…

Safety is your need, so you must pay your heed.

Take proper safety measures before climbing up the ladders.

Practicing ladder safety is what you need, first be safe and then proceed.

Keep our feet clean and dry, a bad grip can make you cry.

Keep yourself safe. Else, your life might be on stake.

ladder safety slogans

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