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222+ Catchy Eyelash Slogans and Taglines

When it comes to beauty, our eyes play an important role. In fact, our eyes are the most vital part of our face when it comes to beauty. If you compare your eyes to a window, you can then compare your lashes with the curtains of that window.

The lashes are very important for the eyes as they provide them with protection from dust and other foreign particles. Apart from the protection part, lashes also play a vital role in enhancing the beauty of the eyes.

Long, dark and bold lashes look pretty and attractive. Now, everyone does not have long eyelashes, and they opt for fake eyelashes. If you have an eyelash brand, the right lash slogan has to be used.

What to keep in mind when creating an eyelash slogan?

  • The eyelash slogan should be catchy and interesting.
  • The slogan for the eyelash business is the voice of the brand should consist of qualities of the brand.
  • The eyelash slogan should be simple and taken from daily life conditions so that people can remember it easily.
  • The mink lash slogan should be unique because it’s the identity of your brand.
  • The slogan should give a related and attached feeling to the customers.

Best Lash Slogans

  • Best lashes for the beauty queen
  • Step up your make-up game
  • Because, lashes matter
  • For your own beauty
  • Recommended by a ton of beauticians
  • It’s time to stop the eye drama
  • Lashes for a better face
  • For your magnificent eyes
  • Lashes for beautiful eyes
  • Your eyes deserves better
  • Be fabulash.
  • Oh, my lash!
  • An individual may not be flawless, but his lashes will be.
  • Companions don’t allow companions to have little lashes.
  • Maintain your level high and eyelashes long.

Even nowadays, artificial lashes or fake eye lids are found in the beauty market. They are very trending in the market this day and are being used my many women who has short lashes and who are unable to grow them big.

Fake lashes can add beauty to the eyes and make you look pretty and bold. To make your business grow, you need the ideal slogan for lashes.

Catchy Slogans on EyeLash

Go pretty, go lash!

Go beautiful, go lash!

Find more beautiful lashes

Life is short, so are your lashes

Pretty lashes, pretty you

Outstanding eyelashes don’t happen by chance.

Love, Life, Lash.

Lash out at opponents.

Lash indulgence at its best.

The absolute lash.

Beautiful lashes, beautiful you

Long lashes, beautiful you

Longer lashes, pretty you

Lashes –longer and prettier!

Lashes –longer and darker

Longer and darker lashes!

Big lashes, beautiful you.

Awesome lashes, deeper eyes.

Because your lashes talk

Let your lashes talk

Lash out your lashes!

Make your lashes do the talking

Amazing lashes, amazing you

Let me do you lashes

 Hold on… do your lashes

Lash out loud

Eye drama lashes

Bigger lashes… better you

Get your lashes done

Your lashes are done, have fun!

Don’t let your lashes remain small

No more small lashes

Make it longer… make it bigger

Dark and black… 

Cool lashes

Lashes that add to your personality

Lashes that define you

Lashes that define your eyes

Lashes that tell about you

Lash out your tale

Look beautiful with long lashes

Lashes that suit you

Lashes suits your personality

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Catchy Mink Lash Slogans

Lashes that suits your eyes

Lashes for your eyes.

Let your eyes talk with your lashes

Lashes and eyes go hand in hand

Let the world go wow by your lashes

Make them woe by your lashes

Woo lashes

Lashes that woos them 

Slaying lashes

Slaying cool lashes

Slay the look, get your lashes done

Do your lashes… slay the look!

Your eyes are windows, lashes are the curtains.

Take care of your lashes

Bigger lashes, safer eyes

Your eyes talk. So do your lashes

Lash nap is the best nap

Best nap. Lash nap

Come let’s get your lashes done

Lashes on the flick

Fun lashes

Lash like a leader.

The delightful eye confectionery around.

Make eyelashes quintessential.

Get them to express deformity by following the orders and lick your lash.

Make souls sink, every time you blink.

Wonderful lashes

Lashes bristles

Lash it out

Bash the lash

Let your eyes narrate a tale

Lashes that change your looks

Lashes that change your personality

Lashes to beautify you

Lashes to beautify your eyes

Lashes that beautify you and your eyes

Eyes lashes: go bold, go beautiful.

Lashes… let your eyes look deeper.

Perfect for your eyes

Perfectly made for you

Perfectly made your eyes

Lashes that make your eyes lively

Look beautiful with new lashes

Need perfection? Get a lash extension!

Lash extension, provides you perfection.

Cool lashes cool eyes.

Lash out your look

Unleash your personality with new lashes

Lashes that help you unleash your personality

Lashes that unleashes you

Lashes talk. So do your eyes

Apart from the right slogan for lashes business, you also need a perfect business name, that will totally compliment your brand. Make sure you select quite a few lash business names and select one that goes with your slogans.

catchy eyelash slogans

Lash Business Taglines

Short lashes? Come get an extension.

Lashes of all kind.

Lashes… the perfect one for you

Lashes… the perfect one for your eyes.

Slay the style, get your lashes done

Slay the look

Slay the style by your big lashes

Take care of lashes. They are the curtains of your eyes.

Lashes… that turn your passion to obsession.

Lashion fasion

Life is short. Let you’re your lashes be long

Life is short, don’t let your lashes be so

Bid goodbye mascara… say hi to lashes

Bye bye mascara… hello lashes

No make up, only lashes

Lashes are important

Cuz your lashes vital

Look beautiful with beautiful lashes

In the flick of an eye lash

Eye lashes on the flick

Key to the beauty: long and beautiful eye lashes.

Become awesome with awesome lashes

Key to look beautiful: beautiful lashes.

When are you getting your lashes done?

Come… so your lashes

Take your lashes on flick

Perfect lashes

Slogans for Lash Business

Lashes to adorn your eyes

Lashes to bring life to your looks

Lashes are the protector of your eyes

Lashes are the shield of your eyes.

When you have pretty lashes, you don’t need make up

Go wow with perfect lashes

It is understandable that it is highly difficult to start an Eyelash Business, and you will face loads of bumps on the road. Therefore, you must follow the right tips to set up your eyelash business

how to decide eyelash slogans

Lashes as a boss. Act as a lady

Lash like a queen

Lash like a princess

Your eyes are priceless. Adorn them with beautiful lashes.

Get your eyes some long and big lashes.

Eyes looks awesome… when your lashes are big

Small lashes? Get them bigger now!

Kiss with the rain of your lashes

The kiss of rain of lashes

Kiss it with lashes’ rain

 Bat your eyes get them whiplash

Cause them to sink your lashes’ blink

Sprinkle beauty with the twinkle of your lash

Get lashes, get beautiful.

Eyelashes that Bling and Sing.

The most perfect eyelashes around.

Real lash proficiency.

Penalizing males with long eyelashes.

We create a masterpiece out of eyelashes.

The leverage of the blink.

eyelash slogans

Create your brows amazing. 

Outstanding quality eyelash for fifty percent cash.

A person can’t be flawless but his eyelashes can be. 

The most jealous eyelashes in the city.

Killing eyelashes the whole day.

A solely classy lash boutique.

A blink is worth a hundred utterances.

Lash night is the best night. 

No more short lashes

Tired of eye make-up? Get lashes

Sick of make-up? Get your lashes now

Do your lashes… do your eyes!

Eyes without lashes looks so bare and dull.

Lashes are now at doorstep

Protect your eyes with beautiful lashes

Get ready for a good lash day…

Turn your casual day into a good lash day.

Taglines on Eyelash

The lash game

Game of Lashes

Lashes N You

Come, flash your lash.

On Point with the Lash.

Lash it, babe.

No lash, no life.

Welcome to LashLand!

Lash splash!

Lash that suits you the best

Lash that fosters your eyes…

Lash Queen.

Amazing eyes, longer lashes.

Eyes are defined by lashes.

Flawlessness is provided by eyelashes.

Existence is short but your eyelashes are not.

Wink and brink amazingly.

Eyelash that suits her the best.

Get more attention with your long lashes.

Dramatic eyelashes.

Your lashes stun everyone.

No eyelash, no existence.

Fabulash eyes.

Eyelashes for your impressive eyes.

Eyelashes that give you a better complexion.

Wonderful lashes for a wonderful lady.

Thicker and longer lashes.

Impressive lashes.

Playful lashes.

Delightful Glance.

Classy Lashes.

A wink away from outstanding eyelashes.

Your words are less loud than your lashes.

The ideal frosting for visions.

What you need to speak up is far more significant than the length of your lashes. 

Unnatural lashes are a wonderful strategy to boost your appearance to another level.

I like lashes, blushers, and eyeshadow with liquid eyeliner.

She pulls her lashes when she’s thinking or tired – it is an anxious thing.

The sign of a lash is a flicker.

Greet me with a shower on lashes.

Behave like a gentlewoman, lash like a leader.

Gorgeous eyelashes are a wink away.

Catchy Eyelash Quotes

Dream big with big lashes

Lashes that Prink your blink.

Prink your blink

Prink your blink with beautiful lashes.

Spruce up your eyes with beautiful lashes

Prink your eyes with beautiful lashes

Preen your blink

Get yourself prinked… get your lashes within a blink

Plume eyes… beautiful lashes

Existence is not long, but eyelashes have to be.

Eyes with eyelashes are similar to the cake with icing. 

Each day could be a nice lash day.

Wish for long eyelashes. 

Lashes that preen your eyes

Wow lashes… wow you!

Its Extension, Its Eye Extension

Look big… with big lashes.

Awesome lashes… blossoming look

Bring some drama to your eyes.

Lashes that are dramatic.

Long and big… how beautiful and dramatic.

The most enjoyable drama is that of your lashes

Let your lash splash

Eyelash Catchy phrases

Splash drama with your lash

Lashes are within a blink. No more wait for prink.

Lashes that amazes everyone.

Blink to prink… prink to amaze.

Let your lashes speak louder than your words

Bring life to your lashes.

Kiss with your eyes with beautiful lashes.

Lashes that bashes

Lash that cause a bash

Unleash your lashes

Woo the world with beautiful lashes.

Lashes: the curtains of your eyes.

Take a lash nap

Flap the lash

Make it longer… make it more beautiful

Let the curtain of your eyes do the talking.

Lashes that speaks.

Listen to the words of lashes.

Listen what your lashes say.

Catch more eyes with your big lashes.

Brink and blink beautifully.

Blink beautifully with long lashes

Get them go wow with your blink

Let them sink with your blink

Beautiful lashes are here

Time to get new lashes

Time to beautiful with awesome lashes

Lashes are now a blink away

Frequently Asked Questions on Eyelash Slogans

  1. How to write the best slogans for fake eyelash brands?

Eyes are the most vital part when it comes to enhancing beauty. Therefore, the best slogan for fake eyelashes brands should be written to keep that in mind.

  1. How to choose an ideal slogan for the eyelash brand? 

An ideal slogan must be unique, interesting, catchy, and sounds classy. It should be capable to attract customers.

  1. Why is the slogan important?

The slogan is the voice of the brand which speaks on the behalf of the brand. It also plays an important role in the success of the brand.

  1. How to make a slogan unique? 

To make a slogan unique, you must write all the good and real features and qualities of your brand and then finalize a slogan while mix-matching the words.

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