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Laundromat Business Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Many centuries have elapsed, and specific innovations have made housekeeping, such as laundry washing, more efficient for students, parents, and working professionals. A coin-operated laundromat is a self-service washing facility that accepts coinage, and it’s where garments are cleaned and dried by machinery rather than by hand.

Some aged individuals live on their own, and their weekly regimen might involve a trip to the laundromat. Laundromat establishments may be found all over the world.

As a result, it would be beneficial if you did anything to distinguish your company from the competition. The first step is to develop a perfect name for your company. This article will show you how to pick the best business name for your shop. 

Cool Laundromat Business Names

People like to choose different and unique things in this trendy new world. So, if you decide to choose a dull and generic name for your laundromat business, you should prepare yourself for the situation that follows after it.

We are here to help you decide on a name that would attract more people. Here’s a list of cool laundromat business names:

Do Right Cleaning

Sandy’s Magic Touch Cleaners

Washing Is Fun

Sunshine Pro Cleaners

Spin City Laundromat

Loaded Suds & More

Planet Laundromat

Down & Dirty Laundry

The Washtub Laundromat

Drop It Off

Clean Sheet

Green’s Laundry

Wash Bowl Laundry & Linen Service

The Clean Wash

Laundry Boyz

Dr. Laundry

On the Dot Laundry

Spiffy Clean

Waterstreet Laundry Service

Super Kleen Laundry

Busy B’s Laundrette

Wash N’ Go Cleaners

Sun Kissed Laundry

The Great American Laundromat

Laundry Room

Cindy’s Cleaners

Wash and Fold

Express Wash

Hygiene Machine

Laundry Hut

Maid to Perfection

Classic Clean Laundry

Little Laundry

Mend and Gather Laundry

Come Clean Launderette

Clean Freedom

Clean up Quickly

Clean Wave

Busy Bee Laundromat

Clean As A Whistle

TLC Cleaners

Door to Door Maids

Dapper Wash

Extreme Clean

Laundry uncle

Keep It Clean

Easy Breezy

Scrub Board

Color Care Laundry Service

Art of the Machine

Laundry Care

Lets Laundry

ABC One Hour Cleaners

Fun with Suds

Laundry Pile

Laundry Hub

Blue Springs Laundry

EZ Wash

Suds Your Duds

Cleanly Laundries

Instawash Laundry

My Laundry Room

Washing Machine World

Miss Clean Laundry

Golden Wash Laundromat

Busy Bees Laundry Services

Clean Start

Perfect Cleaners

Laundry Monster

Ace Laundromat

Chore Complete Washing

Sunshine Laundromat

Laundry Area

Laundry Empire

Kwik Wash Laundry

Bubbles A Plenty Washers

Clean Linens & More

Rainbow Laundromat

Drop ‘n’ Go

In The Fresh

A Free Wash Laundromat

Laundry wala

Bright Cleanse

Rolling Hills Coin Laundry

The Laundry Room

Splash Em Out

Laundry Day

Clean Bay

Toss in Wash

Cleanliness Stinks

Careful Care Cleaners

Green Steam Wash

Wash & Save Laundromat

Rinse and Repeat

Jumble Wash

Sin City Suds Laundromat

A-Wash-It Laundry

All Washed Up

Comfort Cleaners

Catchy Laundromat Business Names

No matter what sort of a business you own, its name becomes its very first identity, and it gives your business a legit brand value. You have to think differently from the crowd if you want your business name to stand out and be unique.

You should take some time and look over the great options we’ve chosen for you. Here’s a list of some catchy laundromat business names:

Rag Tag Team

Dumpster Laundry

Clean living laundry

Eagle Express Laundry

Wash House

Spin Out Wrinkles


Laundry Cart

Suds To You

Bristle Cleaning Services

A1 Laundry

Just Clean It! Drop off Laundry Services

Eco Clean

Spin Cycle Laundromat

Ultra Dry Cleaners

Your Laundry Partner

Laundry Zen

Lean Mean Laundry Center

Personal Touch

Spray n Wash

As the Dryer Spins

Laundry Experts

Peanut’s Clean

On-Demand Dry Cleaners

Village Coin Laundry

Wash House

Smart Wash

Unbelievable Cleaning Service

Fresh Laundry Company

Jeeves Laundry Services

Drapes Fluff Factory

Linen Express

Lean Mean Clean Machine

Five Star Coin Laundry

Spic n Span

Super Cleaners

Caribbean Washpot

Dusty Might

Spotless Laundry

Laundry Labs

Angels Cleaning Service

Super Maids

Bean Clean Laundromat

The Laundress

Broom With A Clue

Angles Cleaning Services

Happy Dry Cleaning

Amigo Laundromat

Suds on the Line

Dry Cleaners Club

Wash Co Laundry

Latest Laundromat Business Names

Given that one can easily find millions of laundromat businesses all around the globe, it will be very hard for a new business to attract people and keep them engaged in it for a longer time.

But your work would get a little easier if you choose a name that people find trendy and new. So, here’s a list of the latest laundromat business names:

Contemporary Dry Cleaners

Fabulous Janitors

Wash-Rinse-Don’t Repeat

Eco Laundry

Spotless Services

Clean Sweep

Let Us Launder

Clean Machine

Soap Opera Laundry

laundry Village

Magic Hands Clothe Care

Coin for Less

The Wash and Fold Place

Priority Laundry Services

Luxurious Launder

Angels Home

Big League Dry Cleaners

Let’s Get Fresh

Sweet Laundry Service

Off Centre Laundry

Best Dry-Cleaning

Alba Dry Cleaners

Legend Cleaners

Laundry Party

Admiral Laundry

Clean Freak Laundromat

Blizz Cleaning Services

B-Booth Cleaners

Bar Laundromat

Magic Moppers

Asian Sensations

Diamondback Laundries

One-Click Cleaners

Express Cleaning

Let Us Hurt Your Dirt

All-in-one Laundry Solution

Elite Cleaners

Rise ‘n Shine

Mr. Clean Laundry

Pecos Laundry

Stain Masters

Laundry Palace

Squeaky Clean

Main Cleaning

Laundry Lady

Laundry List

All Seasons Laundry

The Laundry List

Clean Care Laundry

Wash Out

South Side Laundry

Clean Livin’ Laundry

Laundry 24/7

Clean Break


Best Coin Laundry

Pure Fresh Laundry

Stellar Coin Laundry

Wash n Spin Laundry

Party Animal Laundry

Clean and Green

Budget Dry Cleaners

Mr. Cleaner’s Dry Cleaners

Sparkling Clean

Abracadabra Cleaning Services

Lot-A-Smash Laundry Mat

Fresh Air Laundry

Heavenly House Cleaners

Main Street Dry Cleaners

April Clean

Bird’s Coin Laundry

Bubble Wash

Washing Up

Speedee Wash Coin

Laundry Basket Cleaners

High-Speed Laundry

laundry warehouse

Wild Wash

Bubble Up

All Clean Laundry

The Bucket Wash

Spot Laundromat

Chinese Laundry

Bubble Rave

After Wash

Soap Suds Laundromat

Paradise Laundry

UniFirst Uniform Services

Rapid Wash

Artly Dry-Cleaners

Not Your Average Dry Cleaners

Get the Funk Out

All Fresh Dry-Cleaners

Sundown Laundry

Just Right Cleaners

Boutique Wash

Sea Island Laundry

The Laundry Lounge

Sparkling Laundry

Counts Cleaners & Laundry

Amazing Laundromat Business Names

You must create a unique and trendy name for your because it is very commonly found everywhere.

As a suggestion, we will just let you know that you must think of an impressive business name, and that is when you can expect people to be interested in your store the first minute they see it. So, here’s a list of some amazing laundromat business names:

Rebel Laundromat

Smiley Chores

Bubbles Dry Cleaners

Soapy Suds Laundry

Always Sparkles

Mr. Dry Clean

Inside out Cleaners

Jumbo Wash Laundry

Clean Green

Washing Well

Clean Queen

Clean Green Laundromat

Green Way Laundry

Clean Stop Inc.

Pacific Cleaners

Washy Time

Sunny Fresh Laundry

Laundry of Horror

Laundry Cafe

Wild About Washing

Modern Laundry

Laundry Barn

Mean Clean

Tiny Bubble 24 Hour Laundromat

Fabric Care Coin Laundry

Laundry Bar

Acres of Laundry

Quick Wash Laundry

Hands-on Laundry

Plaza Super Wash

Careful Cleaners

Super Coin Laundry

Wash and Fold Express

Fluff N Fold Laundry

Launder Land

Whiz and Whirl Cleaners

Wash Barn

Laundry Bots

Nifty Laundry

Laundry Wise

Social Spin Laundromat

Boom and Zoom Laundry

Apple Of My Dry Cleaners

Absolute Laundry

Oasis Cleaners

Clean Act

Spots N Stains

The Laundry Yard

Southwest Linen

3 Chicks Laundromat

Conscientious Cleaners

Big Wash Tub Coin Laundry

United Linen Service

Dr. Clean Management


Coin Laundry

Discount Laundry

Splash Laundromat

Double Bubble

Laundry Authority

Royal Spin Cycle

Access Cleaners

Clean Dream Valet

Wash, Fold, and Go

Stack ‘n’ Press

The Palace Laundromat

Delicate Laundry

Blue Water Wash

Sunshine Laundry

Big Blue Laundromat

As the Washer Turns

Emperors Cleaners

Undertaker Laundry Service

Family Laundry Service

The Laundry Basket

Instant Laundry

Soaking Wet Laundry

Anytime Laundry Shop

Affordable Cleaners

High Street Laundry

Thrifty Wash

Vina Coin Laundry

April Fresh Landry

All Clean

Like New Cleaners

Cleaned-Up Laundromat

Super Laundry

Ultra Cleaners

Bright Laundry Services

Dirt Busters

Clothes Connection Laundromat

Rainbow Cleaners

Bright and Beautiful Cleaning

Just Whites Laundry

Snow White Laundry Services

Quick Wash Laundromat

Laundry and Penny Wise

E-Z Coin Laundry

That Laundry Place

Lemon Fresh Cleaning

Awesome Laundromat Business Names

Having a meaningful name for your store is important but what is more important is that it should sound cool and awesome to the people. As the people of the 21st century, all of us look for and crave different and unique things.

Your store names deserve the same. So, here goes a list of some awesome laundromat business names:

Mr. Tumble’s Laundrette

A+ Laundromat

Maid in Your City

Sunrise Laundromat 

Dry Cleaners of the Century

Sparkling Coin

Soap Box

Edgewood Laundry

NYC Dry Cleaners

Scotch Clean Center

Due Dirty Laundry

The Wash Tub

Miracle Bubbles

Gusty’s Dry Cleaning

City Limits Laundry

Express Cleaners

Muddy Waters

Ideal-For-Your-Clothe Care

Butler’s Dry Cleaning

A1 Laundromat

Magic Washer

Strip the Laundry

Freedom Clean

Clean, Clean, Clean

Clean Slate

Washing World

Iron Ready

Baker Laundromat

Diamond Shine

Big B Cleaners

Dust Buddies

White Wave Laundromat

Laundry Shute

24Hrs Laundromat

Silverado Cleaners

Friendly Laundry

Pure Perfection Laundry

Allure Laundry Spa

Peerless Laundry

Laundry, My God!

Cool Breeze Laundromat

EcoDry Carpet Cleaning

Laundry Cartel

Grime Busters

Laundry Basket

Laundry Man

Econo Wash Laundromat

Celebrity Dry Cleaners

Versatile Laundry

Just Clean

Dust to Shine

Laundry 360

Lemon Fresh Laundromat

Pristine White Laundry

Faith Coin Laundry

Allstar Dry Cleaners

Airy Clothe Care

Brainwash Laundromat

Clean In A Flash

Big Apple Cleaners

Coolest Laundromat

Clean Wipe Agency

Chase Cleaners

Washday Blues

A Plus Cleaners

White Noise Wash

Laundry Love

Big City Dry Cleaners

Fast and Fresh Laundromat

Fluff ‘n Fresh Laundromats

The Laundry Depot

The Hollywood Laundromat

Spotless Again

Coming Clean

Speedy Wash

Come Get Fresh

Clean Ease

Top-Notch Laundry

Sparta Laundry

Coin Laundromat

Laundry master

Clean EZ

COIN Less Laundry

Hand-Me-Downs Laundry

White-Glove Cleaners

Splash ’em Out Laundromat

Grand Laundry

Payless Cleaners

Courtesy Coin Laundry

Laundry Source

Klassic Cleaning

Drop Dead Gorgeous Laundry

Five Points Laundromat

Crisp Laundry

Whisker Kleaners

Snappy Wash

Laundry Heaven

Century Dry Cleaners

Green Acres Laundry

Willow Avenue Express Laundry Center

Clean Elegance Laundry

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