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101+ Top Law school blogs and Pages names

There are many Law school blogs which give an insight of law schools and how a student can proceed with law studies through these schools. Many lawyers have created blogs guiding these students to get internships and meet real clients in the field.

Top 15 law blogs of the world

Above the law- If you want to find material that is well contextualized, have a look at this blog. If you start following them, it is going to be your go-to blog for in house blog reading. 

Ten Things You Need to Know as In House Counsel- The amazing owner of the blog breaks down complex and difficult topics in such a way that anyone can understand them. This is the reason her blog is considered as one of the best and most famous. She has an engaging literary style that provides a lot of insights to the audience. 

ACC Docket- If you want stories in regard to ethics, compliance, litigation, law department management. HR, Career in law or technology, this is the best blog to look into. It is very well designed and also provides opinion columns. 

InhouseBlog- The main focus of this blog is the latest business discoveries and how they are valuable in the house. It also provides other resources that you might find useful. 

In House Ops- The blog is published by Law Business Media and has been used for the last 25 years by the legal industry. It coordinates with various international firms to provide the best content for its audience. You will find articles on law department management, legal technology as well as career development in the field of law. 

Metropolitan Corporate Counsel- This blog provides you with the best case studies. They cater to the need of their audience in such a way that it will help you as well as inspire you. 

CLOC- It will provide you information about best practices in legal operation. Their content is great and also delivers information about the conference and year-end reports. 

LawSites- The blog was found by Robert Ambrogi. The blog focuses on technologies that can be used. 

Law Technology Today- This blog is owned by ABA Legal Technology Resource Centre and aims to deliver direction to technology that can be used in legal settings. If you are looking for quick legal tips, case studies, or recommendations on books, podcasts, and videos, this blog should be surely followed by you. 

ABA TECHSHOW- The blog is updated frequently but the event takes place once every year. They offer news and advice regarding social media publicizing for legal experts. On this blog, you will find trending legal stories, podcasts, and press releases. It is for sure one of the topmost blogs that you can find.

Legal Desire- This blog has news of in house and law firms, deals, and analysis. If you are interested in networking with a good community and want to stay updated about upcoming legal events, this is a must-follow blog. 

Legal Reader- This blog should be followed if you are looking for news with uncompromising ethos. You can look at it for the protection of customers from malpractice and are an excellent source of legal news. 

Illinois Business Law Journal- This student publication is independent and peer-reviewed and is owned by the University Of Illinois College Of Law. Their content is usually different and passionate. They publish articles that provide the audience with a different outlook in the legal areas that interest them. 

Law 4 Small Business- This is considered among the finest outlets as it is very well accounted for. This blog should be followed by people who own small businesses as it offers field reports on recent small business cases. 

A blog is a page online which is used by an individual to share their opinion with people online and get comments from them. Bloggers create blogs to earn money these days and hence it has evolved as a profession. Blogs are used in marketing fields too for promoting businesses online. A blog is the fresh news updater since it is renewed every now and then. The blog name is an essential part as it acts as a magical magnet to attract readers to it.

Here are the memorable Law school blog names for your interest in Law.

Military Concept

Signature Think

Military Arithmetic

Legally Answer

Judicial Recess

Legally Writing

Provision Folder

Vote Paste

People Bookmark

Provision Learn

Union Pupil

Legal Library

Policy Folder

Judicial Notebook

Police Writing

Public Calculator

Judicial Arithmetic

Judicial Teacher

National Recess

Country Principal

Legally Test

Legal Desk

Signature Paper

Vote Student

Police Reading

Rule Recess

Provision Quiz

Provision Board

Rule Recess

Military Pupil

Judicial Think

Office Lesson

Military Student

Rule School

Tax Blackboard

Policy Principal

Country Lesson

Rule Paste

Judicial Board

Power Writing

Office Pen

Signature Lesson

Union Smart

Legal Science

Local School

Policy Student

Public Student

Vote Learn

Vote School

Police Calculator

There was a time when nobody was interested in studying law as it is boring for the students to sit and hear the talks and attend the same boring classes again the next day. But these days the law schools have introduced internship concepts which make student opt for law studies. Watching and learning make big differences as a law student.

Top Law School Pages Names

You get good experience and your inspiration to become a lawyer will increase with time. Actually there is no need for law schools as they can actually see and learn from real clients. The renowned thinking of internships has made law schools popular.

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