Top 72+ Best LED Brands in the world

In the modern era of Globalization where technology plays a catalyst in the development of human society. LED is just another example of another advanced technology manufactured in the recent era that has helped us to reach a new height of possibilities.

They are a special kind of semiconductor that can emit lights when an electric current is passed through them. 

LED Brands in the world


Country: Unites States Of America

This brand is under continuous transformation as at present they are transforming from silicon to silicon Carbide and GaN. The brand is highly focused on making semiconductors for the future as they move on to keep the market of semiconductors a new shape. The organization believes that with dedication along with collaborations and passion they can do miracles.


Country: Japan

The company runs with the motto of providing a brighter world through their research. The brand has grown in the field of manufacturing, sales, and development of inorganic luminescent materials (phosphors). 


Country: Germany

The german-based company its headquarter located in Germany in the city of Munich. The company has a total revenue of 4.115 billion pounds. The total number of employees working in this organization is 27400. Bain capital is its parent company. In December of 2019 custom was secured by AMS.

Mouser electronic

Country: Unites States Of America

This company has mastered the art and skills of manufacturing LEDs. Semiconductors and electronic components are also manufactured by this company with great care. the company has bagged many awards also due to its extraordinary work in the field of LED. The organization runs with around 630000 customers serving them in 223 countries. 

Bisco Industries 

Country: Unites States Of America

This company is one of the largest distributors of LED in the world. Apart from serving in the normal market there also expanded these services in aerospace, fabrication, industrial equipment, computer, Marine, and military industries. senses heatsink pants spaces charges batteries encoders switch potentiometer Jack’s plugs are also manufactured by this company with great care.

Steven Engineering 

Country: Unites States Of America

This company is very well known in the Western part of the earth. They have mastered their arts in manufacturing LEDs. The organization has a factory of nearly 95000 square feet in size with headquarter very near to the San Francisco international airport they also have branches in regions like South in California and Oregon.

EGL Company

Country: Unites States Of America

The companies located in Prithvi heights of New Jersey. Apart from producing extraordinary LED the company has also made its name in the manufacturing of neon products hai output lamp for sign-making applications. The company has disturbed LEDs in various parts of the world and has attracted customers to a large number. 


Country: Unites States Of America

This company is well known for its work in assembling and manufacturing LED along with other electrical assemblies. Procurement engineering publications confirming service and designs are also offered by this brand. PVC ceramic silicone mica is some of the common materials that are used by this brand for manufacturing LEDs. 

Electronic Industries, Inc

Country: Unites States Of America

The company is an American based company located in Oshok. They are the manufacturer and distributor of LED. Apart from producing good quality LED company has also served its customer with products like circuit protectors, interconnectors, racks, fans power converters, single distributors, switches, and tools. 

JKL Components Corporation

Country: Unites States Of America

The company is an American based company located very near to Los Angeles. This company has mastered the arts and skills of manufacturing miniature lighting technology. The company has provided its customer with 20 and union territories along with fluorescence automotive incandescent and specialty lighting products and accessories. 

Electronic Supply Chain Solution

Country: Unites States Of America 

The company is located in Florida and is an American based company. This company is the distributor and manufacture of wilbrecht  LEDCO LED indicator light, snap-in, incandescent, neon, screw-on, PCB Mount, and also custom LED. The brand has specialized in the manufacturing of electronic parts to supplies and components.

LPR Global 

Country: Unites States Of America

This is a United State based company. The organization offers its customers with ruggedized solar-powered, surface mount LED, and also LED packages. The company has served the society with indoor and outdoor lighting electronics root markers Automotives and meaning beacon. Different types of testing and inspection products are also manufactured by this company. 


Country: San Jose

This brand is the inventor of z and technology. This brand at present leads the way for innovation of high-performance LEDs. Philips lighting ant Agilent technologies partners together to form Lumileds. Philips in the latter year became the complete owner of Lumileds. The company was later sold to Apollo Global management a US investor group. 

Seoul semiconductors

Country: South Korea

This company is a South Korean based company. LED manufacturing in South Korea is dominated by this company. The company has mastered the skills and art of making LED keeps automotive lighting general lighting and backlighting. A high voltage AC driven LED was invented by these companies. Sensors, custom displays, and LED lamps are also manufactured by this company with great care. 

LG Innotek 

Country: South Korea

They are a South Korean based company that manufactures components and materials for mobile display, semiconductors, automotive, and LED applications. They’re known for the world for their components engineering services. company is also sincere and dedicated to providing services that are sustainable and will make the Earth a better place to live in. 

Edison Opto 

Country: Taiwan

This company is located in Taiwan and at present rules the Taiwan market in LED. The company manufactures a wide range of products which include assembly LED chips which are available in various ranges and also SMD LED chips which are of high power and available in 3535 packages. COBs of power voltages are also manufactured by this company. 


Country: Taiwan

This is a Taiwan based company manufactures and markets LED products for its use in the cell phone screen, laptops, televisions, and more. The company has a history of maintaining a good relationship with clients as the belief that the relationship with the client will help them to manufacture high-end quality products. 

San’an Optoelectronics 

Country: China

This is a Chinese based company. They rule the Chinese market in LED manufacturing. The national development and reform commission rated this company with the “National model project of Hitech Industrialisation”. The ministry of science and technology in China has also rated this company with “a leading company in semiconductor illumination project”. 


Country: China

They are among the top sellers and manufacturers of LED lighting products. The brand name of this company is Forest Lighting. The company has served and impressed its customer for a long time with products like road light, downlight, bulb lights, rail lamps, tube lights. They also have a history of working in projects like public lighting projects and commercial lighting projects.


Country: China

This is a Chinese based company of LED manufacturing. The company is one of the oldest companies in LED industries founded in the year 1969. This company is one of the leaders of high-tech companies in the province of China. They have specialized in the art of manufacturing and fabricating GaN LED chips used for backlight, lighting, and display. 


Country: China

This is a Chinese based company with headquarter in Guangzhou. This company was founded in the year 2004 and hence it is among the top new companies in LED. Display lighting, TV backlights, 3C, automotive, UV, SMD, COB, infrared LEDs are the products that are sold at a high rate to their customers with impressive results. 


Country: China

The Organisation was founded in the year 2005 in September. Chinese based company with its headquarter in Guangdong province. this company has mastered these skills and ought manufacturing and marketing SMD LED devices. The company runs with nearly 2000 staff working for them in Shenzhen, Wuhu, and Huizhou. 

Samsung LED 

Country: South Korea

The Organisation was founded in the year  1995. This company has a history of providing its customers with solutions regarding the general lighting and automotive industry. They have also patented some important LED systems that have to change the LED industries forever. Phosphor, packaging, module, and driver for blanket coverage are some of the  LED products made by this brand.


Country: Japan

The Organisation was founded in the year 1958. This brand focuses on manufacturing and marketing products like power devices, ICs, discrete semiconductors, passive devices, cheap LED, and LED lamps. Apart from manufacturing and marketing useful LED products the company has also patented several research papers and strengthen the RandD divisions of the company. 

Osram Opto Semiconductors 

Country: Germany

The Organisation was founded in the year 2012. The company is known throughout the world for its high quality LED products like optoelectronic semiconductor for LED, optical sensors, laser diodes for visible and infrared lights, infrared LED, lighting solutions, and luminaries. The company has also marketed its product through several distributors all around the world. 

Semi LEDs Corporation 

Country: Taiwan

The Organisation was founded in the year 2005. This organization is well known for its LED chips and components in several countries like Hongkong, Netherland, United States Taiwan, France, and China. This brand has served several industries which includes the medical industry, cosmetic industry, horticulture industry, architectural lightning industry, and entertainment industry. 


Country: Taiwan

This brand has served the LED industry for almost 30 years now. They offer their customers with through-hole LEDs, SMD LEDs and display, circuit board indicators, high brightness LEDs, and many more products. Their customer is highly satisfied with their product as they hold a high rating in the market of LED.

Deco Lighting 

Country: United States Of America

They are in the field of lighting for over 50 years now. the brand in the due course has also earned its name in the manufacturing of LED. Their engineers are highly specialized and skilled in making LEDs for next-generation lighting solutions. Their special technology has improved efficiency and also the quality of lightness for their customer. 

Luminus Devices

Country: United States Of America

The Organisation was founded in the year 2002. The engineers of this brand are continuously working day and night to provide their customers with high efficient high output and superior quality of lighting services which last for a lifetime almost. The brand produces nearly 1.5 billion LED chips every month. the brand has issued nearly 90 patents. 

Revolution Lighting Technology 

Country: United States Of America

The brand started its journey in the field of LED manufacturing from the year 1991. They manufacture LED lighting solutions and the engineers are focused on serving Industrial, government, and commercial markets in countries like Canada, United States. they offer their customers with products like exterior LED lamps and interior and also with fixtures that include a control system and signages. 

Orion Energy System, Inc

Country: United States Of America

The Organisation was founded in the year 1996 from then till now they are highly focused on improving the quality of LED lighting for their customers especially in the United States. They have master the arts and skills needed for manufacturing LEDs that are needed for commercial office and retail, Industrial market, and area lighting. 

Energy Focus, Inc 

Country: United States Of America

In the year 1985, the brand was founded. They have provided their customers with a highly energy-efficient lighting system, especially in the United States. Their LED has also served the defense of the United States as their LEDs are used by the US Navy and also by allied foreign Navy. The brand has focused on manufacturing commercial products too.

Amtech System, Inc 

Country: United States Of America

In the year 1981, this brand was founded. They have served their customers with LEDs, fabricating solar cells, and semiconductor devices. The company is well known throughout the United States and in some parts of Asia and Europe. They have impressed their customers with mobile devices and silicon carbide wafers for power device applications and LED.  

LSI Industries, INC 

Country: United States Of America

In the year 1976, this brand was founded. Engineers of this brand have manufactured indoor as well as outdoor lighting and lighting control for their application in commercial as well as industrial purposes. the products available in the different market which includes quick service and automotive market, petroleum store. 


Country: United States Of America

The brand was founded in the year 1962. They are the parent company of many brands which include Draloric, Sprague, Vitramon, Draloric, Dale, Siliconix, B components, and General Semiconductors. These brand has impressed its customers with high-quality LEDs which are highly durable and also with discrete semiconductors. 

Philips Lighting

Country: Netherlands

They are one of the leaders in the Lighting Industry. A total of nearly 32000 workers works under them in almost around 70 nations all around the globe. Their factories are of a high-tech quality which allows their engineers to work easily and develop products faster than ever. At present the earth marketing its products in almost 180 countries. 


Country: Japan

In the year 1949, the company was established, they have a long history of serving the society with products like automotive which are manufactured by plastics and rubber technology under the umbrella of parent company credo of “Boundless Creativity and Social Contribution”. At present they have a total of nearly 67 companies present in 17 different nations all around the globe.

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