Locksmith Company Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you a locksmith business owner and are looking for some great locksmith company names? You have come across the right page! We have listed some interesting, creative, and unique locksmith company names and name ideas for you. 

If you are a locksmith business owner, offering personal security for one’s goods and household is your primal duty, and therefore the selection of a name of your company must be assuring in nature in order to build faith amongst the customers.

Choosing the perfect name to identify your work and brand is essential and difficult, but do not worry. We have you covered.

We have gathered and sorted out some name selections of the best Locksmith company names or title ideas below. We would also recommend you develop a catchy company name considering our name suggestions. So without further due, let’s embark on a search!

Cool Locksmith Company Names

If this is your start-up business, and you are a young entrepreneur looking for some name suggestions, then this list is for you. This list is perfect if you would like something not really exclusive and, most importantly, kill the air of seriousness.

We have got some amazing suggestions awaiting you. Let’s check out some cool locksmith company names:

Meyer Commercial Locksmith Service

Locks Engaged

Let Me In!

The Bloomin Key!

Knock Knock Locksmiths

Tri-County Locksmith

On The Double Locksmiths

My Unlock Guy.

Expert Locksmiths

Spare Key Solutions

Global Locksmith Pros

SE Lock and Key

Open Door Locksmiths

Yearning Keys

123 Lock and Key

Lock Chief.

Key Programming San Antonio

Mobile Locksmith Services

The Locksmith Company

Rapid Locksmith

ASAP Lock and Key

All Hours Lock & Key

Captain Locksmith.

Speedy Lock and Key

Lockness Monsters

Little’s 24h Locksmiths

Hanging Keys

Locking Eyes Locksmiths

My Auto Locksmiths.

Blocks Locks

Locksmith Services of Tyler

The Town Locksmith



911 Locksmiths



Rick’s Unlock Service

American Lock and Key

Emergency Lockout Service

Meister Keys

Key Hangers

Break Da Lock!

The Original Keyworkers

Keys Plus

Belton Lock Shop

Foot Lockers

The Nonstop Locksmith.

Think Locksmiths.

The DoorKeepers

Rolling Locks

Captain Locksmith.

Goldy Locks

D&A 24/7 Locksmiths

Catchy Locksmith Company Names

In the competitive market environment of the times, it is a challenging task to build an identity for your brand. For example, imagine how amazing it would be if just the mention of its name recognized your brand or company.

If you took an interest in such name ideas, we would like to present some terrific name suggestions that would help attract the customer’s attention. 

AllHours Lock

Reliable Locksmiths

Locksmith Pros

Outstanding Locksmiths

Diligent Locksmiths

24×7 Locksmith

Marvel Locksmiths

Luminous Locksmiths

Key Masters

Humanistic Locksmiths

123 Locksmiths

Focused Locksmiths

Locksmith Choice

ASAP Locksmiths

Smith’s Lock

Missing Link Locks


WeRLocked Out

Gorgeous Locksmiths

7 Days Locksmiths

Efficient Lock & Key

Energetic Locksmiths

Master Locking


A-1 Locksmith Co.

All Locksmiths

Get Homekeys

3rd Shift Locksmith

Locks Plus

Exquisite Locksmiths

Worthy Locksmiths

Fortress Lock Systems

Secure Snaps

Handle Fasteners

Goodness Locks

Boltshutter Locksmiths

Pop N Lock

Certified Locksmiths

Zip It

Day and Night Locksmiths

Clique Locksmith & Security

Thor Locks


Speedy Locks

Modern Locksmiths

Trusty Lock-Key

5 Star Locksmith

Locked by Smith

Raised Guard Locksmiths

24/7 Locksmiths

Artful Locksmiths

Able Locksmiths

Ace Locksmiths

Anytime Locks

Rapid Locksmith

Latching Solutions

911 Locksmiths

Get Keys

Superior Lock Services Company

Home Locks

Unique Locksmith Company Names

The best kinds of locksmith companies are those that provide excellent service and are transparent with their customers.

These attributes also call for a name that could stand out, just like the company’s extraordinary service. So if you are looking for such uncommon company name ideas, then this list is got to be your call!

Think Keys

Access Keys

Home Locking Solutions

Breakit Locks

Lock Cutters

Lock Bosses

The Lock Experts

High Security Locks

Shut That Door!

Office Lock Solutions

Key Chains

Lock Craftsmen

Full Locking Solutions

Lock Manufacturers

Lock Repair Pros

The Lock Box

Pick A Lock

Unlocky Guys

Red Locksmith

Trustful Locks

Get Lost Keys

Trusty KeyNLocks

The Lock Breaker

Locking Company

Smart Locking Solutions

Make New Keys

The Lock Shop

The Naked Locksmith

Nonstop Locksmith Solutions

All Hours Locksmith

Speedster Locksmith

Metal Locks

Lock ER

Barricading Blues Locksmiths

Key Programs

Sunkissed Locks

Goldy Locks

Office Lock N Keys

Sledgehammer Locksmith

Key Masters

Lock Chieftain

Pick Locks

Change Door Locks

Car Lock Solutions

Rekeying Services

Make it Lock

Lock Co

Key Holders

Metallurgist Locksmiths

Local Locksmiths

Town Locksmith

The Lock Handyman

Pick Locks

Little Locksmith

ASAP Locks

Lockpicking Professionals

Keyless Entry

Marauding Locksmiths

Lock Picking Solutions


Peeping Locks

LockNKey Needs

Car Key Made

The Lock Hacker

Breaker of Locks

Latest Locksmith Company Names

The ongoing trends influence these days majority of our lives. Starting from fashion to technology and even brand names are no exception. So being updated and in context with your times is a necessity.

Many entrepreneurs use this tactic to appeal to customer demand. Hence, if you search for some brilliant name suggestions that are not only modern but also interesting, we have a list for you. 


GoldiLock Smiths

The Keys!

Benefit From Locksmiths

The DoorKeepers


Affordable Open Lock

Break Da Lock!

Spare Key Solutions

Prima Lock

Locking Eyes Locksmiths

Lockdown with Locksmiths

Blocks Locks

Keynote Speakers

City Key Service

Cheap Locksmith

The Chilling Locksmith

Expert Locksmiths

Freeedom!!! Locksmith

Yearning Keys

Slick Pickings

LockPick and Chill

The Lock Sleuth

The Original Keyworkers

Lockness Pros

Kingdom Keys

Bolting for Doors

The Bloomin Key!

Melting Locks

Lock O Graphers

Foot Lockers

The Locksmith Guild

Key Workers

Key Hangers

The Frugal Locksmith

Lock Crackers

Groovy Locksmith

Locks Engaged

The Lock Aid

The Lock Diggers

Secret Locksmith

Fixit Locksmiths


Prime Lock Service

Hanging Keys

All Keyed Up

You Are In!

Rolling Locks

The Masked Locksmith

Open Door Locksmiths

Knock Knock Locksmiths

Master Tumbler

Quality LockNKey


Home Secure Locks

Creative Locksmith Company Names

Now to wrap it all up. Finally, you may select a name for your company that is realistic and unique. If this is what you are seeking, we are here to cater to your requirement.

The following list comprises names that are exclusive yet essential in their approach and appeal. We would suggest this list for you if your company desires a professional and still innovative identity. 

Under Locks

Lock RepairsRUs

Guarded Doorways

Wayward Locksmiths

Interlocking Services

Safe Locks

Double Locks

Shut Locks

Key House

Instant Locksmith

Open Keys

Security Snobs

Key Solutions

Bolt Cutters

Vehicle Locksmiths

Locked Out

Shut Out

Lock Masters

Lock Repairs

The Lock Masters

Reliable Locksmiths

Car Locksmiths

Buy LocksKeys

Lock, Stock, and Barrel

Secure Locks

Surefire Locksmith


Supreme Locksmith

Pandora’s Box

Auto Keys

Lock Chief

Key World

Double Locks

Master Key

Powerkey services

Think Keys

Bonding Locks

Duplicate Key Service

Missing Keys

The Lock Box

Key Repairs

Lock Techs

Powerlock Services

Relief Locks

Lock Security

BreakIt Locks

Constrained Locks

Change Da Locks

Key Jams

Captain Locksmith

Auto Locksmiths

Locksmith Services

Immovable Locksmith

Unlocking Guy

Lock Break

Take Lock

Bolt Callers

Locking Chamber

Lock Smithy

Latched Locks

Lock Gurus

Big Locksmiths

Lovely Locks

Fearless Locksmith

Sticky Jams

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