Top 25 Logo Softwares That You Can Use To Create Logo Like Pro

A logo is a symbol or pattern that identifies a business or organization, its products, services, people employed within, etc.

A logo is an integral aspect of every business that promotes its message to prospective clients and consumers. It is an important medium for quick, clear, and successful communication between brands and potential customers.

A logo, in its most basic meaning, identifies. Through a logo, a corporation is known and remembered. It also serves as the company’s public face. A logo can also state a specific group.

What Is Logo Designing Software?

Logo creator software is an online solution for quickly and easily designing professional logos without requiring graphic tools or design experience.

The application software offers a wide range of font options, graphics, icons, and color options for creating a unique logo.

When developing a logo, some software uses a drag-and-drop interface. In some instances, it even uses descriptive parameters provided by the user to generate logos automatically.

If you want to design a logo for your business or group, you can also explore these great applications for making reliable and effective logos.

Again, if you are a graphic designer entering this field, you should know the best applications to use for logo creation to become highly proficient.

Wix Logo Maker

wix logo maker
Source: digitalsynopsis

With just a few clicks, you can develop professional, customizable logos using Wix’s free browser-based logo generator.

After creating a Wix account, you can visit the logo generator and start making a logo by inputting your company’s name.

You can further edit your logo’s colors, typeface, and symbol after choosing your chosen created template. A low-resolution version of your final logo is available for free download; otherwise, you can buy the basic or advanced logo bundle.

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator
Source: oregonstate

Adobe Illustrator is one of the premier vector graphic software created by Adobe Systems. With this fantastic tool, anyone—professional or amateur—can create various logo design projects.

Brushes, colors, transition effects, and other exciting processing tools can transform your design into something spectacular with excellent touches.

Furthermore, this application includes a complete template section that will guide you on fully exploiting Adobe Illustrator to make logo designs.

It consists of a creative cloud, anchor point improvements, CCS extractions, pen tool preview, live forms, and other necessary tools to assist you in creating a fantastic logo. If you know the specifics, making a visually appealing logo won’t be challenging; use your creativity!


Source: placeit

Placeit makes it simple to create logos. Simply enter your company’s name, and thousands of editable logos will be generated.

Drag and drop the pieces to customize them, then choose or modify the color scheme. After creating your logo, you can use it with any of Placeit’s themes.

For example, you can produce logos for branded t-shirts, sweatshirts, and coffee mugs. You can design your e-book covers and generate 3D graphics of your book for use on landing pages. You can also make professional visuals such as Instagram Stories, flyers, and business cards.

Shopify Logo Maker

Shopify Logo Maker
Source: shopify

You can create a logo with Shopify’s Hatchful tool in just a few seconds. You don’t need any technical knowledge or a design degree to create a logo with this tool.

Small businesses and new internet entrepreneurs can create distinctive logos using Shopify’s stock photos. It offers a vast selection of options and regularly expands that collection.

Ucraft Logo Maker

Ucraft Logo Maker
Source: ucraft

Ucraft’s free logo maker is a free application. The most significant advantage of Ucraft is that you will receive a free transparent, high-resolution PNG file once you create your logo.

Additionally, Free Logo Maker by Ucraft provides more than 2 million royalty-free vector icons to design your unique brand logo. You can use your creativity to make any logo you like by combining shapes, inscriptions, icons, and color variations if more customizations are necessary.

Even beginners can use the Free Logo Maker by Ucraft because of its simple drag-and-drop interface. The tool also offers a comprehensive website builder.

Jeta Logo Designer

Since the layout and tool icons are so straightforward, Jeta’s logo creator tool is ideal for experienced designers and beginners who wish to create a simple logo. It is a reliable, quick, and dynamic tool for creating icons, logos, and online graphics.

To help you create the ideal logo, Jetta offers more than 500 vector shapes and icons, 400 logo templates, and more than 200 shape styles.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker
Source: logomaker

Logomaker is the most inexpensive logo design application, with strong editing, illustration, and design features.

This program provides its registered users with a free logo design service for the first six logos. In less than five minutes, you can create a logo, and the quality of the final result is unmatchable.

It features a large number of icons and effects that really can help you quickly design stunning logos.

You can use the trial edition to understand better the system’s operations and how to make logos properly before you buy it. It includes a modern and user-friendly interface and many tools and functions to help you create a brilliant logo design.


Source: Looka

Looka is a user-friendly logo maker with a plethora of features. The robust yet user-friendly logo creation software from Looka lets users take any created logo and apply it to various media, including business cards, flyers, business letterheads, and more.

Additionally, the “brand kit” from Looka includes ready-to-use social media materials for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. The application lets users export all logos into several high-resolution file formats.


Source: kreateable

Kreateable is a logo design tool that helps users create high-quality logos for their businesses. It allows you to develop your logo at first, and the cost is set once you are done, and it’s a simple one-time payment.

Kreateable can generate a logo for you at an affordable price and with countless features. The logos are in 4 different file types: PNG, PDF, EPS, and SVG. All of them have a superb resolution.


Source: tomsguide

With its one-of-a-kind design wizard, Namecheap offers amazing logo design solutions. With the help of its software, users can create high-end, personalized logos from thousands of distinct designs.

You can download this user-friendly application to create logos in PNG and SVG formats and add or edit them wherever and anywhere. Its logo-creation tools provide a plethora of templates, fonts, icons, and color schemes.

It has carefully selected color schemes that help capitalize on the same branding principles employed by the largest corporations in the world.


Logaster logo
Source: facebook

With the help of the logo-creation software Logaster, you can easily create various logos. Using the user’s specifications, the program sorts through a list of matched logo combinations. After the designs have been generated, the user will be given the option to select preferred logotypes.

Users will then need to register an account in order to save the logo design. Finally, users can edit the logo before downloading the customized version.

Logo Genie

Source: thesmbguide

Logo Genie is another free logo builder that provides quick and easy logo design with on-site logo maker software. Logo Genie is an automatic logo creator with some editing options; it includes readymade icons and layouts for a variety of industries.

After a logo is created, it can be downloaded in a number of high-resolution formats, such as EPS and PNG.

LogoBee Logo Maker

LogoBee Logo Maker
Source: mouthshut

Making quick, cost-free social media-ready logos is simple with LogoBee Logo Maker. Users can start designing logos right away with the software’s endless selection of templates.

More customization options, such as multiple fonts, shapes, and colors, are available to the users. For those seeking a more upmarket feel, this is the perfect tool to go for!

GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings Logo Creator
Source: thesmbguide

A feature-rich tool on this list is the GraphicSprings Logo Creator. It has many of the same functions as a professional visual editor. This online logo design is an excellent choice for firms that want more control over their branding customization.

The software has a dynamic drag-and-drop editor with a comprehensive toolkit that is simple to use. Although creating a logo is free, those who wish to download and export it for use need to buy a premium subscription.


Source: petapixel

Canva is a free logo-creation tool that has gained a significant following in recent years due to its simplicity of use and solid complementary mode. Canva has a lot to offer if you require high-quality graphics, even if you do not have the premium version.

You’ll notice many similarities to Adobe Photoshop in Canva, which strives to replicate many of the features of professional design applications. The magic of Canva lies in its simple drag-and-drop interface, which lets anyone produce awesome graphics in a matter of clicks.

Canva also offers an impressive collection of stock images, icons, and symbols for user projects. It also features team-based design collaboration tools, though access to this feature requires a Canva Pro subscription.

Hipster Logo Generator

Hipster Logo Generator
Source: thesmbguide

The widespread hipster movement of a few years ago led to the creation of the Hipster Logo Generator.

The logos produced by this logo maker mimic the hipster look, as you could expect. It is, therefore, not suitable for everyone. However, this logo maker may be ideal for you if your company serves a younger demographic market.

The simplest logo creation software we’ve found is Hipster Logo Generator. Just browse the options available and begin creating your logo. Without professional expertise, you can download a high-resolution version of your logo for a price.

Squarespace Logo Maker

Squarespace Logo Maker
Source: squarespace

Unpopular addition to this list is the logo maker from Squarespace. When this logo maker was first launched, designers reacted angrily because it was meant for small businesses that wanted a quality logo without paying for it.

However, it’s difficult to ignore the fantastic outcomes that Squarespace’s logo generator can produce. The results are spectacular and can be compared to those of a professional designer, thanks to the straightforward drag-and-drop interface and sleek UI.

DesignHill Logo Maker

DesignHill Logo Maker
Source: designhill

The way that DesignHill operates is distinct from the other logo makers on this list. The difference with DesignHill is that it offers more than just a free logo maker; it is a three-step procedure.

First, Design Hill gives out a logo creator for free. With Design Hill’s colossal collection of forms, icons, pictures, and more, together with its feature-rich drag-and-drop editing interface, you can quickly create visuals that are suitable for the web.

Additionally, Design Hill provides an AI logo maker that uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to produce logos in a matter of minutes.

Last, Design Hill provides a useful email signature maker for a unique and expert email presentation.
Tailor Brands

Free logo creation tools like Tailor Brands provide a wide range of functional, user-friendly features. It claims a 3-minute logo design time by adopting AI to generate several pre-parameter logo solutions.

After selecting the ideal logo, users can choose font options to ensure the typeface is both visually stunning and comprehensible. To make this logo unique, add any additional customizations.

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio
Source: clipartmax

You should test Summitsoft Logo Design Studio if you are sick of using conventional logo-design software. It provides built logo templates that may be used to create visually appealing logos.

This logo-making application provides a fantastic selection of graphics, layouts, icons, templates, and other tools that help build top-notch logos.

You may quickly change the shapes, fonts, colors, and effects to make your graphics more distinctive. Additionally, it can guide you through the trademark registration procedure so you can protect your brand identification and build taglines and slogans to go along with your newly designed logo.

Quick Logo Designer

As the name implies, it is the fastest and one of the least expensive tools for creating logos on the market. You can use it to design beautiful and original logos for both commercial and personal use. To make stunning logos quickly, you can try it for free.

You may create the best logos with the help of Quick Logo Designer’s more than 2500 logo templates, over 300 fonts, and over 5000 vector symbols.

It is also an excellent choice for anyone who requires simple logo creation software. Furthermore, because of its superb design concept, it is incredibly user-friendly.

LogoSmartz Logo Design

LogoSmartz is a powerful and feature-rich online logo creation application that will appeal to any designer, logo developer, or small company owner.

With thousands of templates in various themes, sophisticated design options for objects and texts, and output that outperforms many of its rivals, it is an affordable application for designing logos.

The LogoSmartz Logo Design tool provides significant advantages with a user-friendly and simple customization interface.

It is a desktop program that helps you design and quickly produce high-quality logos. Modern and polished, the graphics have a professional vibe to them.

You can access more than 4500 high-quality graphic symbols and more than 1000 typefaces. Additionally, you have access to unique effects that can be applied to symbols and text, including shadow, gradient, outline, and bevel effects.

Corel Draw

corel draw
Source: techforest

Corel Draw is one of the most intelligent software for vector drawing since it supports cutting-edge technology like 3D and mobile apps.

It helps designers in producing quality artwork and designs, particularly stunning logo designs. It is a great editing and simple drawing tool for beginning designers.

This application is jam-packed with innovative features and tools made specifically for producing high-quality output in the graphic sector.

With Corel Draw, you can design whatever you can imagine. The program has interactive features that can help you design a logo that looks great.

Corel has increased the number of free content. The free package now includes more than 2,000 high-resolution graphics, over 10,000 digital images, and clipart, 1,000 open-type fonts, 1,200 elements, 400 pattern fills, 600 expert-created templates, etc.

It includes all of the tools needed to produce sparkling logo designs, such as power traces, photo paint, Corel capture, and Corel connect.


DesignEvo Logo
Source: collectiveray

DesignEvo is, at its core, a logo-creation program. Users can freely build a logo using several icons, text styles, forms, colors, and other elements.

Users who want the Basic Plan’s features plus access to typeface files and the export of vector image files while maintaining copyright ownership must subscribe to the Plus Plan, which costs $49.99 per month.

Logo Type Maker

logo type maker
Source: Facebook

Another simple-to-use logo-creation tool is Logo Type Maker, which allows users to create logos without any design expertise. Users of Logo Type Maker can edit text, change fonts, scale and resize elements, and even add and layer a variety of shapes and icons.

The user can then download the logo for free, but for a small cost, more formatting and quality options are available.

Key Factors While Picking a Logo Maker Program To Remember

The most significant part of your branding will be your logo. It will help your brand stand out from the competition and highlight what it stands for.

It would be great if you took the time to consider your options for your logo’s design.

While there are so many options to choose from, you can pick the best one that comes with the following features-

  • Drag-and-drop editor: Any decent logo creator software will have a drag-and-drop editor. Users with little to no experience in graphic design or logo creation can easily create great designs using an intelligent drag-and-drop editor by dragging visual technologies like icons and text into the proper design position.
  • Image collection: Some logo-designing software has an almost unfathomable number of stock icons, shapes, and other digital products. These icons typically span many professions, including photography, real estate, and construction.
  • Design templates: Having design templates on hand can be a fantastic way to create abstract logo designs swiftly. Typically, templates include placeholder text and one to two visual elements like shapes, images, or icons.
  • Customization: Some logo designers outperform their competition regarding skills to personalize a logo design deeply. The key to making a design stand out from other logos is customization. A user’s unique logo design is shaped by the text size, font color, and dominating symbol or picture placement.
  • Collaboration tools: When brainstorming design concepts with teammates or clients, collaboration tools are helpful. This makes it possible for designers to collaborate on designs and receive constructive style criticism. This feedback loop can help keep logo designers ethical and flexible while keeping the client informed.

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