100+ Long Life Slogans for A Good Life

It is a fact that some people are of the notion that life is short and we must lead everyday life like it is our last day on the planet. However, it is not a fact, and life is undoubtedly long. Here, we have provided several long-life slogans that should catch your interest.

Here are Long Life Slogans for you

Try to make contributions in case you want to live for long.

I wish your pet a long and healthy life.

Make your life insured; enjoy it.

Faith happens to be the soul’s aroma. 

Life is concerned with handling plan B.

Get a life on which you can depend.

Life is not long; make use of it.

Save the future by saving a life.

Wisdom can be considered to be the wealth of life.

Unwind and be elated. 

Always give preference to your interest in life.

Float your career by becoming a lifeguard.

I love my life so long I can breathe and see.

Don’t forget to be happy. 

Stop worrying about what others might think of you. 

Insure your life before it is too late.

Life is simply a game.

Attitude ought to be your gratitude. 

Have to go; have to save.

Change your life today.

The secret to a long and healthy life.

Relay for life happens to be a humanitarian act.

I consider laughter to be the best medication.

Create your opportunities on your own. 

Join the battle, step by step.

Try to be a good human.

Save lives and have fun.

Have patience; have power. 

Lifeguards save your life on the beach.

I always dream of living a long life.

Long-life happens to be a reward in the long run.

Just make it happen now.

Always have a dream in your life. 

Life can change instantly.

Hire us as your lifeguard of the future.

Make your life full of innovativeness. 

None can change your life except you.

Life happens to be an adventure.

Life is short; so, don’t worry.

Join us for saving a life.

Discover happiness and long life.

Every day is an opportunity to change your life. 

Try to do a good thing today. 

Quit smoking to live longer.

Stay positive in your life while extending support to others.

We are warmer than the sun.

Guard hard.

Be clear, concise, and positive. 

It takes time to build masterpieces. 

You will not become a saint by counting the sins of other people.

Don’t be scared of problems in your life.

Long-life can prevent you from attaining stardom.

A job where swimming is similar to winning.

Wisdom happens to be an internal reservoir.

Talking positively will provoke positive outcomes. 

Peace is your soul’s language.

A day has no meaning without laughter.

Lifeguarding happens to be a masterful stroke.

The action happens to be eloquence.

Be your genuine buddy. 

Tin can provide your food with a long shelf life. 

Every life does matter. 

Don’t gamble with your life.

Caring for you since your life is a special one.

You are identified by your character. 

Never make use of an excuse for ruining an apology.

Dream big and try to achieve it. 

Sunshine, but not clouds, should be trusted. 

If you are bold enough to try, you won’t fail. 

Keep the wings while holding the roots.

Be a hero by saving a life.

Certified and prepared for duty.

Save lives while enjoying the water.

The job which goes on swimming. 

Earn some cash by making a splash.

Live life peacefully and not in pieces. 

Take advantage of living long.

Bear in mind that you are the creator of your own life.

Persevere and never quit. 

Do small things in life with care.

Do not have faith in the shadows – have faith in the sun. 

Save somebody by catching some sun.

Your life is your decisions’ product.

Think positive and live your life to the fullest.

The secret of your success is concentration. 

You will be capable of achieving it in case you believe. 

What you decide today will become a reality tomorrow. 

The essence of your soul is love. 

Wear a helmet for living longer.

It is possible for you to save a life.

Splash safely.

You will swim; we will guard.

My life is meaningful to me.

Get a properly insured life.

Dance joyfully. 

Spend your life-saving lives.

Make donations in your life and make it worth it. 

Life is not a destination but a journey.

Life is a race that you should run for.

The ingredients of long life are some care and open air.

Precision helps to bring efficiency. 

Notice your life; it is beautiful.

Help somebody by catching some sun.

Combating cancer is in our soul.

The essence of life happens to be creativity.

Execute your dream without killing it. 

The brave will only be able to guard the waves.

Having the ability to accept life changes. 

Learn from your mistakes in life.

Adventure brings creativity to life.

Your life can change instantly.

We will get to you after swimming in the oceans.

Reap the rewards after pooling your resources.

It is only you who can modify your life.

It is the depth of life and not the length of life.

Standing guard at all times.

It is not possible to escape cancer.

We don’t like cancer, but one day, cancer will not like us.

Lend a hand for saving a life.

Greatness lies in you. 

Freedom commences from within.

It is too early to think about life.

Make your life worthy.

Swim like a brave person.

Make your life a unique one. 

Use life properly; it is a one-time offer.

Do not trust a doctor to live long.

Spice up your life’s journey.

A life packed with celebration. 

Life is quite short for love and art.

By walking together, we become bigger than cancer.

Try to face new challenges in your life.

Live your life according to your likings.

Never quit without a fight.

The job of a lifeguard is to protect others.

Learn from the errors made by you. 

We won’t allow people to drown.

I am all set for a cure.

Be patient; God has heard your prayers. 

One life, savor it to the fullest. 

Life is short, and art is long.

Everybody wants to live long and not die young.

Laughter is the best medicine for leading a happy life. 

Get a fresh life today.

God is always with you.

Make a difference by making a splash.

Learn till the last day of your life.

You are playing a role while giving life to a soul.

Go on struggling by keeping calm. 

Don’t live in the imagination, but live in reality. 

It is possible for us to be heroes.

I am against abortion being an erstwhile fetus. 

Try to make every moment in your life a happy one.

Live happily, irrespective of where you live. 

Partners afterlife as well.

Make full use of your life. 

Don’t allow idiots to spoil your day. 

Live happily and don’t count your age.

Enjoy your life step-by-step; it is special.

Run for the life of everybody.

Savor it since it is happening. 

An abortion can be a lifetime regret for you.

Life is quite short; therefore, it cannot be fake.

You are not pregnant if it is not an infant.

Enjoy your life while making yourself busy.

Life is tough, just like you.

Always remember to be yourself. 

Send cancer to Neverland. 

Live life according to your likings.

Don’t take your life seriously; savor it.

Make your life enjoyable.

God loves all – born as well as unborn. 

Enjoy the simple things in life.

Choose happiness in your life; it is short.

I am not scared of death; but, I want to live long.

Smile heartily to spice up your life.

Keep smiling to have a long life.

Keep cool and enjoy your life.

Remember those moments in your life which are happy.

Be unique. 

A light heart is going to live for long.

It is your mom who provided you with the gift of life.

Life is something that is made by you.

Life does not have any CTRL + Z.

Painting is something innovative that makes the artists live for a long. 

It would be better to have a world with more birthdays. 

Alive, contented, and built to survive.

Life ought to be happy. 

Life is valuable; don’t waste it.

Be happy while making others happy too.

Living a long life means indulging in boredom. 

It seems to me that living a long life is extremely punishing.

Your life is created by your thoughts.

Design your life in your way.

Without darkness, stars will not be able to shine. 

Enjoy life by breathing deeply. 

Life commences after taking birth.

I thank the Almighty that I am healthy.

The thought of dying early makes my life miserable.

Cancer, please be quiet if possible.

Help people in your daily life.

In case you are free of tension, your life will be quite short.

Be true to yourself. 

The best gift that you can get from your mother is living.

Savor each moment of your life.

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