874+ Luau Party Slogans (Generator)

Luau Party Slogans are the fun and catchy phrases that set the mood for your Hawaiian-themed celebration. They capture the essence of aloha and get everyone in the tropical spirit.

From “Let’s Hula” to “Tiki Time,” these slogans add a splash of fun to your party, making it memorable and exciting. So, grab your leis, put on your grass skirts, and let these slogans transport you to a Hawaiian paradise right at your party!

Top Luau Party Slogans

Luau Party Slogan
Tropical ParadiseEscape to the Tropics!
Hawaiian LuauAloha Spirit in Every Limb
Island BreezeFeel the Island Vibes
Tiki TimeSip, Sway, and Play
Sunset SerenityChasing Sunsets, Making Memories
Luau in ParadiseHula All the Way!
Beach BashDance in the Sand
Tropicana FiestaSamba Under the Stars
Hula HeavenWhere Grass Skirts Twirl
Pacific PalmsSway to the Rhythms of the Pacific

Best Luau Party Slogans

Hula ‘Til You Drop: Luau Extravaganza!

Aloha Spirit: Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Lei’d Back Luau: Paradise Found!

Tropical Bliss, Luau Kiss!

Sway, Eat, Play: Luau All Day!

Island Vibes, Good Times!

Tiki, Torch, and Tropics: Let’s Luau!

Laid-Back Luau: Where Grass Skirts and Good Times Meet!

Aloha Nights: Luau Delight!

Catch the Wave: Luau Style!

Hawaiian Dreams, Luau Scenes!

Luau Love: Tropically Yours!

Paradise Found: Let’s Luau Around!

Tropical Treats and Hula Beats!

Island Escape: Luau Spectacle!

Aloha Sunset, Luau Funset!

Luau Life: Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Tropical Luau, Cool Breeze, and Good Vibes!

Hula ‘n’ Howl: A Night in the Tropics!

Island Rhythms, Luau Dreams!

Lei’d Back Luau: Where the Fun Never Sets!

Tropical Tidings, Luau Ridings!

Sandy Toes, Hula Pros!

Aloha Adventure: Luau Grand!

Island Luau: Where Memories Are Made!

Hula on Over to Our Luau!

Aloha, Good Times Ahead!

Lei’d Back and Luau On!

Tropical Vibes, Tiki Tribe!

Island Breeze and Hula Dreams.

Sip, Dance, and Say Aloha!

Get Your Grass Skirts Ready!

Tiki Time: Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Let’s Hula ’til the Stars Come Out!

Aloha State of Mind.

Flamingos, Ukuleles, and Luau Fun!

Dance the Night Away, Luau Style!

Tropical Tunes and Tiki Cheers.

Paradise Found at Our Luau Grounds!

Don’t Worry, Be Hula!

Shake Your Coconuts!

Sunkissed and Lei’d Back.

Aloha Spirit in Every Sip.

Tiki Torch Glow, Hearts Aglow.

Luau Life, Best Life!

Hawaiian Nights, Starry Delights!

Polynesian Paradise, Right Here!

Sway to the Luau Beat!

Sun, Sea, and Hula Glee.

Where Grass Skirts and Good Times Swirl.

Tiki Time: Where Friends Unwind!

Hula Hoops and Hula Whoops!

Luau Love and Island Magic.

Aloha Adventures Await!

Escape to Tiki Paradise.

Tropical Paradise in Every Bite.

Hawaii Calls, We Answer!

Under the Stars, We Luau On!

Tropical Rhythms, Happy Vibes.

Palm Trees and Pina Coladas.

Luau Lights, Shining Bright!

Hakuna Matiki – No Worries Here!

Luau All Day, Hula All Night!

Ukulele Strums and Tiki Drums.

Island Dreams, Luau Themes.

Luau Party Slogans

It’s a Pau Hana party we are having.

Let’s have a wiki wiki luau party.

Tonight’s party will be a Hawaiian-style barbecue party.

What is more fun than a poolside luau?

This party is totally tiki.

Let’s have a tiki party this weekend.

Under the shelter of the palms, let’s celebrate.

Welcome to the ultimate loco moco luau party of the year.

Barbecue in a neon paradise.

A luau party in the midst of the city.

It’s a luau-themed party, and we will have barbeque and lots to drink.

It is going to be a fiesta and luau-themed fiesta.   

Coconuts and cocktails this is a luau feast.

Summer party is just another name for a luau party.

If it is summer, we will be having a luau-themed party.

It is officially summertime for luau parties.

Throw a luau party at home this summer.

A lawn with palm trees calls for a luau party.

Crash by the beach tonight; we are having a luau party.

Who says we have to be on the beach to have a luau party? We can do it in our living room.

Let’s light the tiki torches tonight.

Tonight is going to be a pina colada fest.

I don’t need an excuse to throw a luau party.

Bring the coals, and we have Hawaiian-style barbeque tonight.

Wear your brightest shirts, and it is a luau party afterward.

Boys wear your bright shirts; girls wear your grass skirts.

Bring your inner Moana out, and it is going to be a luau party.

Tropical parties are what I live for.

A tropical luau party to celebrate the winners.

Is not the night a tropical extravaganza?

Welcome to the Hawaiian hideaway.

A Hawaiian hoedown is what is needed to relax.

A Hawaiian luau-themed bash is the need of the time.

Give us Hawaiian cheer, everyone. Hoohiwahiwa!

Elevate your party with a luau party theme.

Be beach dandy, and it is to be a Hawaiian-themed party.

Change your theme to a luau-themed party, and it is what is in vogue.

Make going to the beach a habit, this season we are going to have a lot of luau parties.

Beaches deem a Hawaiian theme.

A Hawaiian wonderland.

Mom, I want a Luau birthday party.

Eat, chill, drink and make friends here.

Get those hips going.

A party is an artistic carnival.

The concentrated essence of the fantasies is dancing.

Parties are necessary.

Free will is happiness.

Exchange grins and club tickets.

I had a party outside the day I was born.

I’m only about to swing.

Simply have faith in parties.

Your characteristics are what people are saying about you.

Parties are when bad thoughts are violently put down.

Just have fun, dance, and converse with the moon.

Just have fun and indulge in your deepest fantasies.

Uncertainty logs out of the party.

The mantra is to work through the day and to party through dawn.

You should stick to the holy four when you are young: sleep, eat, work, and party.

Why do expensive therapy when you can just party all night?

A bit of relaxation and a lot of fun.

For the best of the night with the best of friends.

Luau parties mean an endless summer.

We have sand, surfing boards, and sandwiches.

Aloha night party at the Tiki bar.

Enjoy the Hawaiian delights.

Bringing heritage into the party.

We are kahuna at hosting luau parties.

Mahalo for coming.

Everyone here is ohana.

We have pineapples for the luau party.

Be a pineapple, among other fruits; bring your own crown to the party.

Only minimal clothing is needed; it is a luau party afterall.

Welcome Ohana; it is tiki time.

Fruity drinks and little umbrellas, we have all of it here.

Ladies in grass skirts and men adorned in floral prints; it is going to be beautiful.

Come over for some tropical fun.

The only requirement is aloha in your heart.

Wear your garlands and get ready for the tropical fiesta.

E komo mai, to our luau party.

Dance mau loa.

Come to our party, and there is Vitamin Sea.

Cute Luau Party Slogans

Hula ‘Til You Drop: Luau Party Nonstop!

Tropical Vibes & Hula Jives: Luau Delight!

Lei’d Back and Luau Fab!

Aloha to the Luau: Where Smiles and Sunshine Meet!

Tiki Time: Let’s Luau!

Hawaiian Hula-Palooza: Get Your Grass Skirts On!

Island Breeze and Palm Trees: Luau Dreams Come True!

Sip, Sway, and Play: Luau All Day!

Aloha Spirit, Luau Delight: Party into the Starry Night!

Flamingos, Ukuleles, and Hula Galore: Luau Magic on the Shore!

Grass Skirts and Tiki Drinks: It’s Luau O’Clock!

Hawaiian Luau: Where Memories are Made in Flip Flops!

Tropical Luau Paradise: Come for the Food, Stay for the Fun!

Get Leid at our Luau: Where Friends and Fun Unite!

Sun, Sand, and Hula Hands: Luau Bliss Awaits!

Hula ’til the Sun Goes Down: Luau in Paradise Town!

Luau Love: Where Smiles Never End!

Shake Your Coconuts: Luau Party Zone!

Tropical Tides & Luau Pride!

Island Dreams and Pineapple Schemes: Let’s Luau!

Lei’d Back Luau: Where Worries Wash Away!

Hawaiian Luau Hoopla: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Sway to the Luau Beat: Sand, Sun, and Fun!

Luau Lovin’ in the Sunshine State!

Tropical Paradise Found: Luau Unplugged!

Island Hopping, Luau Rocking!

Aloha Spirit: Luau Style!

Hula the Night Away: Luau All the Way!

Life’s a Beach, So Let’s Luau!

Sunset Serenity and Luau Harmony!

Tropical Delights and Luau Nights!

Palm Trees & Pineapples: It’s Luau Time!

Tiki Torches Aglow: Luau on the Go!

Hula Your Way to Happiness: Luau Bliss!

Sandy Toes & Hula Flows: Luau Heaven Awaits!

Tropical Bliss, Luau Kiss: Paradise Found!

Luau Aloha: Where Friends Become Ohana!

Tropical Dreams Come True: Luau for You!

Flip Flops & Flower Crowns: Luau Fun Abounds!

Catch the Luau Wave: Ride the Good Vibes!

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki: Luau Mania!

Aloha Adventure: Luau Extravaganza!

Hawaiian Hula Happening: Luau Love in the Air!

Sandy Beaches & Tiki Speeches: Luau Magic Unleashed!

Island Escape, Luau Grape: Cheers to Good Times!

Lively Luau Vibes: Aloha to the Jive!

Dance, Eat, Repeat: Luau Treats!

Flowers, Fire, and Luau Desire!

Beach Blankets & Hula Skirts: Luau Fun Always Flirts!

Tropical Tunes and Luau Moons!

Luau Life: Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Hula Groove & Tropical Move: Luau in the House!

Paradise Party: Let’s Luau and Play!

Shaka & Sway: Luau All Day!

Aloha State of Mind: Luau You Can’t Leave Behind!

Tropical Thrills & Luau Chills!

Island Magic & Luau Fantastic!

Lei It On Me: Luau Extravaganza!

Sunny Skies & Luau Highs!

Tropical Heat, Luau Beat: A Perfect Treat!

Luau Luaus Everywhere: Let’s Celebrate!

Hula Fever: Luau Forever!

Aloha, Sunshine: It’s Luau Time!

Paradise Party: Luau All the Way!

Sunkissed Sands and Luau Bands!

Tiki Time & Beach Rhyme: Luau Memories Await!

Hula Dance & Beach Romance: Luau Magic in the Air!

Luau Love Story: Where Memories Begin!

Island Breezes & Hula Squeezes: Luau Please!

Chasing Rainbows, Luau Cheers!

Palm Trees & Good Vibes: Luau Paradise!

Tropical Nights & Luau Delights!

Hawaiian Luau Harmony: Sing, Dance, and Shine!

Luau Legends: Where Friends Unite!

Tiki Time Travel: Luau Magic Unraveled!

Funny Luau Party Slogans

Lei’d Back and Lovin’ It!

Hula ‘Til You Drop!

Grass Skirts and Good Times!

Tropical Vibes, Laid-Back Tribe!

Island Time, Party Prime!

Aloha and Let’s Get Aloha’d!

Get Your Hula On!

Sip, Sway, and Play Luau Way!

Beachy Keen Luau Scene!

Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Party!

Luau Like There’s No Tomorrow!


Shake Your Coconuts!

Island Luau: Where the Fun Flows!

Limbo ‘Til You Win, Then Do It Again!

Surf, Sand, and a Mai Tai in Hand!

Lei It All Out on the Dance Floor!

Lu-Wow, What a Party!

Tropical Tidings and Tiki Delights!

Sunny Skies, Tiki Fires, and Good Times!

Palm Trees and Good Company!

Luau Legends Unite!

Island Grooves and Hula Hoops!

Let’s Get Coconuts!

Tropical Paradise in Every Sip!

Hawaiian Nights, Luau Lights!

Lilo, Stitch, and Some Luau Bliss!

Grass Skirts and Hula Shirts: Let’s Party!

Dance, Dip, and Luau Flip!

Tropical Dreams and Hula Themes!

Island Breezes and Party Seas!

Aloha Means Hello, Goodbye, and Let’s Party!

Tropical Tunes, Tasty Treats, and Tiki Feats!

Hawaii Five-O’clock Somewhere!

Coconuts, Leis, and Good Company!

Pineapple Paradise, Luau Slice!

Surf’s Up, Grass Skirts On!

Tiki Time and Sunshine Rhyme!

Hula ‘Til You Drop, Then Hula Some More!

Tropical Nights, Luau Delights!

Mai Tai Moments and Tiki Dreams!

Hawaiian Lu-Wow: Get Ready to Bow!

Island Luau: Where Memories Are Made!

Flamingos, Tiki Torches, and Good Times!

Sway to the Luau Beat!

Luau Love: Where Friends and Fun Meet!

Tropical Bliss and Lei-tastic Kiss!

Beach Blankets and Hula Spankets!

Limbo ‘Til You Win, Then Limbo Again!

Sip, Sway, and Play the Hawaiian Way!

Island Heat, Luau Treat!

Hawaii: Where the Party Never Sets!

Lei’d Back, Sun-kissed, and Happy!

Tiki Time: Where Every Hour Is Happy Hour!

Let’s Get Laid-Back and Luau-fied!

Hula, Hula, Hurray!

Surf’s Up, Luau’s Up!

Sandy Toes and Hula Prose!

Tropical Rhythms and Good Vibes!

Hawaiian Nights, Starry Lights!

Grass Skirts and Hula Hearts!

Aloha Friday, Luau Saturday!

Tiki Dreams and Starry Gleams!

Island Luau: Where Laughter Flows Like the Sea!

Limbo Low, Luau High!

Hawaiian Hula-lujah!

Tropical Joys and Hula Noise!

Sunset Hues and Luau News!

Hula Fever: Catch It!

Paradise Found: Luau All Around!

Sip, Dip, and Hula Hip!

Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze!

Tiki Magic and Party Logic!

Luau Like You Mean It!

Shells, Swells, and Luau Yells!

Hawaiian Heat, Party Beat!

Aloha, Luau, and Howdy Do!

Tropical Waves and Luau Raves!

Lei Off Some Steam!

Hula Happy Hour: Tiki-tastic!

Beachy Vibes and Luau Jives!

Island Life: Where Luau Thrives!

Sandy Beaches and Good Speeches!

Tiki Tunes and Luau Moons!

Hawaiian Luau: Where Laughter Reigns Supreme!

Tropical Cheers and Hula Gears!

Paradise Party: Aloha All the Way!

Sip Slow, Dance Low, Luau Glow!

Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze: Luau Ease!

Island Delights and Luau Nights!

Faith Luau Partytaglines

Faith, Fun, and Hula in the Sun!

Surfing on a Wave of Faith!

Island Blessings and Hula Dancing: A Faith-Filled Luau

Lei Your Faith Shine Bright!

Tropical Paradise: Where Faith Meets Aloha Spirit

Palm Trees, Praise, and Pineapples: Our Faith Luau

Luau of Love and Faith: Aloha, Jesus!

Hawaiian Hymns and Hula Skirts: A Faithful Luau

Swaying in Faith: A Luau to Remember

Finding God’s Grace Under the Palm Trees

From the Pulpit to the Palms: Luau of Faith

Tropical Worship: Surfing the Waves of Faith

Aloha to Faith: Dancing in God’s Light

Tiki Torches and Testimonies: A Faithful Luau

Praise in Paradise: A Faith-Filled Luau Celebration

Sailing on Waves of Faith at Our Luau

Tropical Blessings: Our Faith-Fueled Luau

Heavenly Hula: Where Faith Takes Center Stage

Palm Fronds and Praise: A Luau of Faith

Lei of Love: Celebrating Faith in Paradise

Worship, Waves, and Hula Sways

Aloha, Amen: Our Faith-Filled Luau

Dancing in the Spirit of Aloha

Tropical Joy: Celebrating Faith by the Sea

Island Vibes and Holy Tribes

Beachside Blessings: A Luau of Faith

Surfing with the Savior: A Faith-Filled Luau

Praise the Lord, Pass the Lei!

Hawaiian Hymns and Heavenly Luau

Faith, Friends, and Flower Crowns

Luau in Paradise: Where Faith Blooms

God’s Aloha: A Luau of Faith and Love

Tropical Worship Night: Praise on the Beach

Island Faith: Hula and Hymns

Riding the Faith Wave to Luau Bliss

Hearts Aloha: Celebrating Faith with a Luau

Jesus and Hula: A Perfect Luau Pairing

Luau Lights the Path to Faith

Blessings in Bloom at Our Luau

Faith in Every Lei: Luau Celebration

Worshiping by the Waves: A Faithful Luau

Pineapples, Praise, and Paradise

Surfing in the Spirit: A Faith-Filled Luau

Hula, Hymns, and Heavenly Vibes

Faithful Aloha: Luau Under the Stars

Tropical Testimonies: A Luau of Faith

Walking in Faith, Dancing in Paradise

God’s Love Luau: A Faithful Celebration

From the Pulpit to the Palms: Luau of Praise

Lei Your Worries Behind: Faith in the Luau

Tropical Tunes and Testimonies

Sun, Sand, and Sacred Songs

Aloha Blessings: Where Faith Shines Bright

Palm Trees and Praises: A Faithful Luau

Dancing in Faith: Luau Style

Island Hymns and Heavenly Luau Nights

Tropical Grace: Luau of Faith

Riding the Faith Wave in Paradise

Hearts United in Faith and Aloha

Tiki Torches and Testimonies: A Faithful Luau

Palm Trees and Praise Beams

Faith in Full Bloom at Our Luau

Hula, Hymns, and Holy Moments

Aloha to God’s Love: Luau of Faith

Tropical Worship: Surfing the Faith Wave

Swaying in Faith Under the Stars

Hula Your Way to Heaven

Pineapples, Praise, and Palm Leaves

Blessings in Every Lei: A Faith-Filled Luau

Faithful Luau Nights: An Island Celebration

Tropical Testimonies: Stories of Faith

Waves of Worship at Our Luau

Hawaiian Hymns and Heavenly Luau Nights

Aloha, Jesus: Celebrating Faith in Style

Lei Your Faith Shine On!

Dancing with Faith at Our Luau

God’s Light Shines Bright in Paradise

Surfing in the Spirit of Faith

Praise by the Palm Trees

Luau Love and Faith by the Sea

Hula, Harmony, and Heavenly Joy

Tropical Blessings: A Luau of Faith and Love

Riding the Faith Wave to Luau Bliss

Faith in Every Flower Crown

Aloha Grace: Luau of Faith

Tropical Tunes and Testimonies of Faith

Swaying in the Spirit: Luau-Style Worship

Heavenly Hula and Island Faith

God’s Aloha: A Luau of Faithful Celebration

Catchy Luau Party Slogans

Hula ‘Til You Drop: Luau Nonstop!

Tropical Vibes, Hula Thrives!

Lei’d Back Luau: Where the Fun Begins!

Aloha Spirit: Luau Delight!

Island Dreams, Luau Scenes!

Sandy Toes and Hula Pros!

Tiki, Torch, and Hula Torch!

Get Your Grass Skirt On: Luau’s On!

Hawaii Five-Oh Yeah: Luau Extravaganza!

Tropical Tunes, Hula Moons!

Lei Me Down at the Luau Town!

Island Beats and Tiki Treats!

Luau Lovin’, Ocean Groovin’!

From Hula to Hooray: Luau All Day!

Surf, Sand, and Luau Land!

Polynesian Passion: Luau Fashion!

Tropical Delights, Luau Nights!

Flamingos, Fruits, and Hula Suits!

Sip, Sway, and Hula Your Day!

Luau Legends Unite: Party in Paradise!

Tropical Bliss, Luau Kiss!

Hula Hooray: Luau Magic All the Way!

Island Breeze and Hula Ease!

Aloha Friday: Let’s Luau Away!

Grass Skirts & Ukulele Hearts: Luau Sweet Arts!

Sandy Beaches, Hula Reaches!

Polynesian Paradise: Luau Nice!

Tropical Grooves, Hula Moves!

Luau Fever: Catch the Wave!

From Coconuts to Leis: Luau, Please!

Aloha Aloft: It’s a Luau Takeoff!

Hula and Hooray: Luau All Day!

Island Heat, Hula Beat!

Luau Lights, Island Nights!

Tiki Time: Luau Sublime!

Lei It On Me: Luau Fantasy!

Dance with Aloha at the Luau!

Palm Trees, Ocean Breeze: Luau Ease!

Hula in the Moonlight: Luau So Right!

Tropical Cheers and Hula Spears!

Luau Bliss, Ocean Kiss!

Hawaiian Luau: Where Joy Begins!

Tiki Tunes, Hula Moons!

Sunset Luau: Where Dreams Come True!

Surf’s Up, Hula’s In!

From Grass Skirts to Good Times: Luau Rhymes!

Luau Magic, Tiki Fantastic!

Polynesian Passion, Luau Fashion!

Catch the Luau Wave, Ride the Joy!

Tropical Fantasy: Luau Ecstasy!

Hula Hearts and Luau Beats!

Sway and Play at the Luau Bay!

Island Dreams, Hula Teams!

Lei-Dies and Gentlemen: Luau Sensation!

Luau Love, Stars Above!

Tiki Treats and Hula Beats!

Grass Skirts, Tiki Drinks: Luau Links!

Let’s Hula at the Luau-la!

Aloha Nights: Luau Delights!

Tropical Glow and Hula Flow!

Luau Legends Unite: Party All Night!

Pineapples and Tiki Handles: Luau Candles!

Hula It Up, Bottoms Up!

Island Rhythms, Luau Wisdoms!

Catch the Luau Bug: It’s Contagious!

Sun, Sand, and Luau Grand!

Tropical Heat, Hula Beat!

Luau Bliss: Where Memories Begin!

Surf, Sand, and Hula Band!

Sip, Sway, and Hula Away!

Luau Love: A Gift from Above!

Island Dreaming, Luau Gleaming!

Hula Fever: We Believe Her!

Tropical Thrills, Luau Skills!

Lei’d Back Fun: Luau Has Begun!

Aloha Friday, Luau Getaway!

Hawaiian Nights, Hula Delights!

Luau Life, No Strife!

Tiki Tales and Hula Fails!

Grass Skirts, Tiki Flirts: Luau Experts!

Shells, Leis, and Hula Hoorays!

Luau Lovers, Unite Under the Stars!

Polynesian Beats, Luau Treats!

Tropical Bliss, Hula Kiss!

Luau Party Slogans in English

Hula On Over!

Tropical Vibes, Good Times!

Lei’d Back Luau

Aloha, Beaches!

Island Escape

Sip, Sway, and Play!

Tiki Time!

Let’s Get Lū’au’d!

Grass Skirts & Good Times

Aloha State of Mind

Luau Like There’s No Tomorrow

Beachy Keen Luau Scene

Shake Your Coconuts!

Party in Paradise

Tropical Dreams & Tiki Schemes

Hakuna Ma’Luau – It Means No Worries!

Tropical Delight, All Day and Night!

Island Breeze and Hula Seas

Surf, Sand, and Aloha!

Dance the Hula Night Away

Tropical Paradise Awaits

Lū’au Luvin’

Beach Blanket Bingo Luau

Tropical Getaway, Here to Stay!

Sunkissed & Lū’au Blissed

Shake, Rattle, and Lei It Out!

Sandy Toes & Tiki Pros

Lei Off the Stress, Let’s Luau!

Tropical Fever – Catch It!

Island Groove & Hula Moves

Surf’s Up, Luau’s On!

Life’s a Beach, Luau’s in Reach

Sun, Sea, and Lū’au Glee

Lū’au Legends in the Making

Dance Like a Pineapple, Sweet and Sassy!

Tropical Tidings & Lū’au Ridings

Lū’au Love & Hula Hugs

Tropical Nights & Tiki Lights

Hawaiian Heatwave

Sunsets & Ukulele Serenades

Tropical Fiesta – It’s a Must-Sea!

Palm Trees & Ocean Breeze

Grass Skirts & Tiki Hearts

Luau Life, No Strife

Shaka and Luau!

Tropical Dreams Unite

Sea, Sand, and Mai Tai in Hand

Island Style, All the While

Flowers in Your Hair, No Cares!

Tropical Beats & Barefoot Feats

Hawaiian Magic in the Air

Limbo Lower, Luau Slower

Tropical Fever – Catch the Wave!

Lū’au Legends & Tiki Traditions

Sandy Shores & Lū’au Roars

Surf, Sand, and Hula Bands

Tropical Delights, Lū’au Nights

Sip, Dip, and Hula Hip!

Lei Me Down to Luau

Paradise Found, Lū’au All Around

Aloha Spirit, Never Quit It!

Luau Love, From Dusk to Dawn

Tropical Bliss & Hula Kiss

Sandy Feet & Lū’au Beat

Tiki Torch Magic

Island Dreams & Lū’au Themes

Surf’s Up, Luau’s the Way!

Sunkissed Smiles & Hula Styles

Tropical Fiesta, No Siesta!

Tropical Vibes, Good Times Five!

Lei It On Me, Baby!

Hula Hearts & Tiki Starts

Tropical Bliss, No Miss!

Island Magic & Hula Tragic!

Luau Legends, Tiki Traditions

Sandy Toes & Lū’au Prose

Surf’s Up, Luau’s the Cup!

Shaka Shake & Lū’au Bake

Sunset Serenades & Tiki Escapades

Tropical Treats & Hula Beats

Luau Party Sayings

Aloha, it’s luau time!

Get your grass skirts ready, it’s time to hula!

Lei’d back and loving it!

Let the tides take your cares away.

Island vibes and good times.

Tropical paradise found.

Sip, hula, repeat.

Life’s a beach, and we’re just playing in the sand.

Catch the wave to our luau cave.

Flamingos, flip-flops, and fun!

Palm trees and iced teas, that’s the life for me.

Luau like there’s no tomorrow.

Sun, surf, and smiles.

Feeling ‘lei’d back and loving it.

Tropical dreams and tiki themes.

Shake your coconuts!

Happiness is a warm luau.

Dance the night away under the stars.

Life is better in a grass skirt.

Mahalo for joining our luau ohana! (Ohana means family in Hawaiian)

Let the tiki torches light the way.

Sandy toes and salty kisses.

Hula your way into the sunset.

Surf’s up, drinks are cold, and friends are gold.

Don’t worry, be sandy!

Tiki, tiki, tiki, let’s get freaky!

Sway to the rhythm of the island beat.

Flowers in your hair, aloha in the air.

Paradise found, worries left behind.

Luau luvin’ and ocean breezes.

Hawaii calls, we must go!

Surf’s up, drinks are cool, join us by the pool.

Tropical cocktails and good vibes only.

Sea, sun, and endless fun!

Island time: slow and steady.

Hakuna Ma’vodka – it means no worries at the luau.

Let’s get leid!

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot!

Under the tiki moonlight.

Flip-flop, hula-hop, let’s luau ’til we drop!

Life’s a beach ball, so let’s party!

Tropical paradise, where worries are the rarest.

Coconuts for you and me.

Sip, dip, and hula hip!

Catch a wave of fun.

Keep palm and luau on.

Hawaiian shirts, leis, and aloha spirit.

Aloha vibes and tiki tribe.

Luau legends in the making.

Dancing beneath the coconut trees.

Surf, sand, and sun-kissed fun.

Island adventure awaits!

Don’t be a poi-spoiler, join the luau!

Sip, hula, repeat, and stay tropical!

Sun-kissed and luau-lovin’.

Life’s better with a little tiki in it.

Island dreams and pineapple themes.

Tropical sensations and good vibrations.

Waves of laughter and aloha ever after.

Sandy feet and salty kisses.

Leis, luaus, and laughter.

Floatin’ and hula-motin’.

Hawaiian nights and tiki delights.

Tropical heat and island beats.

Paradise is a state of mind.

Hula the night away.

Let’s hula dance and take a chance.

Luau legends in the making.

Tropical treats and tiki beats.

Sandy toes and ocean glows.

Sunsets, surfboards, and soulmates.

Life is sweet in bare feet.

Palm trees and iced teas, please!

Lost in paradise, found in a luau.

Flip-flops and aloha stops.

Tropical Luau Party Slogans

Get Leid-Back at Our Luau Bash!

Hula on Over to Our Tropical Paradise!

Aloha! It’s Luau Time, Island Style.

Sip, Sway, and Play – Luau All Day!

Tropical Vibes and Good Times Await!

Escape to Paradise: Luau Under the Stars.

Island Breezes and Hula Teases.

Let the Luau Begin: Tiki, Tunes, and Tropics!

Hawaiian Luau: Where Every Hour is Happy Hour!

Grab Your Grass Skirt and Join the Luau Craze!

Tiki Torches and Ukuleles – It’s Luau O’Clock!

Aloha, Sunshine! Let’s Luau ’til the Moonrise.

Party in Paradise: Our Tropical Luau Extravaganza!

Flowers, Friends, and Fun: Luau Under the Sun.

Palm Trees and Pineapples: Luau Like You Mean It!

Tropical Dreams, Endless Themes: Luau Delight.

Hula to the Rhythm of our Luau Soiree!

Tropical Luau: Where Memories are Made in Leis.

Luau Love – Share the Aloha Spirit!

Surf’s Up, Hula’s On: Let’s Luau Until Dawn!

Tropical Bliss, Luau Kiss.

Hawaiian Lu-Wow, Let’s Go!

Sandy Toes and Hula Prose.

Tiki Time: Where the Party’s Sublime!

Aloha Nights, Shining Bright.

Luau Fever: Catch it and Celebrate!

Island Groove, Party Mood!

Hula-Hoopla: Join the Luau Frenzy!

Tropical Tides and Good Vibes.

Sunkissed and Luau-Struck.

Hawaiian Happenings: Our Luau Awakens!

Tropical Escapes, Luau Capes.

Sunsets, Sand, and Swanky Luau Bands.

Let the Good Times Lei On!

Palm Trees and Sea Breeze: Luau Ease.

Beachy Keen Luau Scene.

Island Life: Where the Luau Thrives.

Tropic Like It’s Hot!

Get Leid at the Luau Parade!

Aloha Aloft: Our Luau Takes Flight!

Luau Lights, Tropical Delights.

Hawaiian Luau: The Happiest Hula on Earth!

Sip and Sway the Luau Way.

Sun, Sand, and Shaka Hands.

Tropical Nights, Luau Delights.

Island Magic: Luau Fantastic!

Hula, Hula, Hooray!

Surfboards and Leis: Luau in Style.

Luau Legends in the Making.

Tropical Waves, Luau Raves.

Get Your Tiki On!

Aloha All Day, Luau All Night.

Hawaii Five-O’clock Somewhere!

Paradise Found: Luau Underground!

Sunset Dreams and Hula Teams.

Tiki Torches and Tropic Forces: Luau Unleashed!

Ride the Luau Wave!

Aloha Adventure: Let’s Luau Together.

Luau Love: Where Hearts and Hula Converge.

Island Dreams: Luau Supreme.

Shake Your Coconuts: Luau Commotion!

Tropical Flavors, Luau Savors.

Aloha Spirit, Party Merit.

Hula Heat: Luau Beat.

Join the Luau Crew: We’ve Got Tiki for You!

Luau Magic in the Air.

Sun-Kissed Smiles, Luau Styles.

Tropical Temptations, Luau Celebrations.

Aloha Life, Luau Strife.

Hula Hearts, Luau Sparks.

Sway and Play, Luau Day!

Under the Luau Moonlight.

Palm Trees and Ocean Breeze: Luau at Ease.

Island Joys, Luau Noise.

Tiki Time: Where Fun’s the Climb!

Aloha Vibes: Luau Thrives.

Hula Daze and Paradise.

Luau, Luau, Hooray!

Sunkissed Bliss, Luau’s the List.

Tropical Dreams, Luau Teams.

Aloha Adventure, Luau Rapture.

Beachy Keen and Luau Dreams.

Island Beats, Luau Treats.

Hula Hype, Luau Type.

Let the Luau Begin: Where Laughter’s a Sin!

Tropical Nights, Luau Lights.

Palm Trees and Sea Breeze: Luau Please.

Tiki Tunes and Luau Moons.

Aloha Nights, Luau Lights.

Hawaiian Luau: Where Memories Unfold.


Luau Party slogans add a tropical touch to the fun. They capture the Hawaiian vibe, making your party feel like a mini vacation with friends. These catchy phrases set the mood for a memorable gathering filled with smiles, laughter, and the spirit of aloha.

Frequently Asked Questions For Luau Party Slogans

Why do I need a Luau party slogan?

A Luau party slogan adds personality and excitement to your event. It helps convey the theme to your guests and can serve as a memorable and fun element of the party.

How do I come up with a Luau party slogan?

Start by thinking about the key elements of a Luau, such as tropical vibes, Hawaiian culture, and beach themes. Then, brainstorm words and phrases that capture these elements. You can also use puns or wordplay to make your slogan more memorable.

Should my Luau party slogan be in Hawaiian?

It’s not necessary, but adding some Hawaiian words or phrases can enhance the authenticity of your Luau theme. Just make sure to provide translations or explanations for guests who may not be familiar with the language.

Can I personalize my Luau party slogan?

Absolutely! Personalizing your slogan with the guest of honor’s name or other relevant details can make it even more special and unique to your event.

Should I consult with others when choosing a Luau party slogan?

Yes, getting input from friends or family members can be helpful in selecting the best slogan. It ensures that the slogan resonates with your intended audience and fits the overall vibe of the party.

Luau Party Slogan Generator

Luau Party Slogan Generator

The Luau Party Slogan Generator is a fun tool that crafts catchy and tropical slogans, adding a festive flair to gatherings.

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