189+ Catchy Magic Captions For All Social Media

Be it from Harry Potter or Harry Houdini, We all had dreams of becoming a magician someday and spent several nights waiting for Hagrid to come smashing through the door.

But the true magic is not the act. It’s the message, “Anything is possible.” So, here are some magic captions for your social media posts.

Magic Captions for Instagram

Never Let your magic lose its charm. #Magicinyou

What is the greatest magic trick in the world? Your eyes. #Youreyes

Magic is not about the act; it’s about the story, and the story starts with you.

What do a murderer and a magician have in common? People ask, “How did you do it?” #Magickills

Maybe some things are best kept a secret. #Talesofmagic

If only magic could get me a date. #Magicdate

I didn’t believe in magic Until I met you. #Youaremymagic

Magic is the art of distracting, not insulting.

We all deserve a bit of magic now and then. #Magicindemand

In this world of Chris Angels, be a Houdini. #OGmaician

You, Me, the stars … Pure magic. #Magicinthesky

Close your eyes and look within. That is the real magic. #Magicinside

Don’t be a magician. Be a goddamn wizard.

It’s all about the magic. Let your world fill up with illusion. #Allaboutthemagic

All magic is true, but all truth is not always real. #Magicisreal

May the magic in you inspire the magic in me. #Magicalus

Us falling in love was no coincidence; it was pure magic. #Loveismagic

Never learn a magician’s secret. You might get killed.

Hope is magic. #Magicishope

I wanted to be a magician when I was a kid, and I still want to be one. #Imagician

What is more magical than these frosted cupcakes? #Magicincakes

What is more magical than equal rights for everyone? #Righttomagic

Life is too short not to realize its magic. #Magicinlife

What is a rabbit most scared of? Magicians. #Magichat

Old songs and a long afternoon… pure magic. 

No matter how old you are, magically bring out the kid in you. #Childrenaremagical

The magic might be fake, but the emotion isn’t. #Magicinemotion

A magic trick is as good as a magician’s. #Magicians

If I were a magician … I would make you vanish first. #Yourvanished

All I have is a broken heart, and no magic can fix it. #Fixitmagic

Never give up. Use the magic, use the power, and receive the applause. #Magicisstrength

In this world of norms and normalcy, be a magic trick. #Iammyownmagic

True magic is every single breath we shared staring at each other. #Meandu

From the time we met to the time we left, everything was pure magic. #Puremagic

There is no greater magic than the magic of dreams. #Dreasmsaremagical

Is he a magician? Because I am already hypnotized. #Hypnotised

If only I knew a magic trick to vanish dry days. #Drydayssuck

We are all magicians after the 6th drink. #Alcohlicmuch

Do you believe in magic? 

What do magicians call their rabbits? Dinner #Magicrabbit

Magic is the purest form of Fraud, but we all love it. #Magicthug

Do all magicians suffer from a God complex? Or is it just me? #Godcomplex

Allow the universe to flow through you, and she will reveal all her magic. #Magicinthestars

Nature is god’s greatest magic trick. #Natureismagic

My boyfriend is a magician, and He is very good at disappearing. #Mybfisamagician

She is mad, but she is magic. #Madbutmagic

My girlfriend knows magic, and she transforms even the worst of days into the greatest of memories. #Mygfisamagician 

Her magic was her innocence. #Magicinher

Kissing the person you love is just magical. #Magicoflove

All these architectures are magic on their own terms. #Magic in buildings

Her thinking is rational, but her heart is magical. #Rationallymagical

Music is magic for your ears. #Magicinmusic

Everyone deserves a bit of magic in their lives. #Lifemagic

Magic is believing in yourself. #Believeinyourself 

Funny Magic captions

Harness your magic; let it grow and consume you. #Bemagic

Don’t rub the magic lamp the wrong way; you wouldn’t want a cranky Genie. #CrankyGenie

Mothers are Undoubtedly the greatest magicians; they know everything. #Magicinmoms

We all have that one nickelodeon magic phase. #TrickyTV

Magic is real; we know it when we are kids, but somewhere along the line, we forget that. #Neverforget

Magic saved my life.

Doctors are modern-day magicians. #Magicinmedicine

My love for you is like a never-ending magic show. #Lovemagic

There should have been one magic word to solve all our problems. #Whatstheword

True magic was hearing my baby’s first words. #Babymagic

True magic was to see my baby walk for the first time. 

There is no greater magic than life itself. 

That smile of yours fills my life with magic. #Magicinyoursmile 

When You are sad, it feels as if the entire world just lost all its magic. #Youaremymagic

Magic can be found in the strangest of places. #Accidenatlmagic

Magic can be found in the tiniest of things. #Tinymiracles

There is magic in everything, and you need to find it. #Gottacatchemall

Imagine being a magician’s assistant and getting your head decapitated daily.

What do you call a magic parrot? A Tarot #Tarotmagic

My uncle is a magician, and He can turn one glass of wine into a whole bottle.

The only difference between a serial killer and a magician is that magicians only “pretend” to see people.

What is a magician’s favorite movie? The Saw franchises

My mother is a magician, and she always manages to hide my stuff.

Know what the easiest magic trick in the world is? Making your bank balance disappear.

Magic is one of the most ancient arts. It seems we have been tired of reality for a very long time. #Realitysucks

The magician tells of picking any card; The man took his credit card and ran away. #Magicfailed

Magicians flying here and there, I can’t even walk straight. #Wannabemagician

The season of magic is almost here. #Christmas

There’s nothing in the world like the magic of isolation. #Magicofisolatin

The difference between a thief and a magician is that the magician will bring the wallet back. #Stealingaintmagic

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