640+ Magical Company Names Ideas And Domains (Generator + Guide)

We all are aware of the magic shows. Everyone in their childhood gets amazed after watching the magician do tricks, including card tricks, table magic, hat tricks, etc. When we were kids, we used to think all these magics were natural.

However, we are grown enough to realize that these all are tricks. Magicians deserve applause, but we must equally appreciate the business of selling magical items. In the end, tricks depend on these items.

Trained Magicians are not the only people who need magical items, but beginners also need them. Even the non-magicians like us usually look for these magical items for entertainment purposes. 

So, if you have a magical business, you are going well. But you must know that you are not the only business selling magical products. There is plenty of competition, and to outshine amongst the million, you just need to come up with a good name for your magical business. 

This article is all about the mystic names for your magical company, which will help you to get noticed. 

best magical company names:

The Magic Word

Evil Eye Co.

Enchanted Garden of Eve

Witches Brew

The Witch’s Brew

Magic Castings

Potion and Potions

Miss Practical Magic

Wiccan Warzone

Magic Mirror

Hex N Things

Pagina De Magia

The Mystical Bazaar

Astral Magic

Dark Moon Fashions

Rock Star Crystals

Green Moon Mystery

The Raven’s Cauldron

Divine Intervention

Charmed Paraphernalia

Witchcraft Morgue

Witches Lab

Magick Made Easy

Dragon Wares

Mystic Mystique

Magic Potions

Witchy Beads

Enchanting Image

Mysteria Covens

The Lucky Witch

Krystal Clear

Aphrodite’s Pots of Love

Mystic Moth

Ancient Enchantments

Witch Way Out

Cool Magical Business Names

Magic tricks are one of the coolest things to do, and with the growing technology, we have many magical companies that are selling the coolest magical items. Perhaps, you are one of them. But, to attract cool magicians or buyers to buy the items, you need to have the coolest name for your company. Here’s the list of the coolest magical company names:

Nature’s Windows

Little Witch Shop

Personal Flair

Affinity Enchantments

The Mystic Emporium

Magic Wands

Handmade Machine

Witch House

The Witches Den

Enchanted Garden of Eve

Go Witches

Witchcraft Spells

Spooky Shop

The Witching Hour

Crystal Wheel


Magic Shop Olde Worlde

Terrific Tarot

Quaint and Curious

Heaven’s Door

Abracadabra Magical Supplies

The Cats Meow

Magic Castings

Magick Bored

The Crone’s Cottage


Spiritual Baskets

Sophia’s Witchcraft

Jinx Corner

Misty Hollows & More

The Sleeping Hydra

Sunshine Peace

Witchy You

The Raven’s Cauldron

Dusty Spells and Charms

Broomsticks and Books

Dark and Dirty Soap

Bewitching Beauty

The Silly Artifact

Spells and Rituals

Demeter’s Crafts Emporium

Witch Way

Dragon Wares

Witch Tails

Hardwood Handmade

Witches Wares

Olde Witch & Co.

Twilight Willow

The Spirit Queen

Brightest Witch Coven

Rabbit & Firkin

Cauldron Cottage

Witches In Love

The Fortune Teller

Witch-In-A-Box, Inc

Witch Wind Shoppe

Wheel of Fortune

Singing Bones

Witchy Decisions

Witches Brews & Potions


Enchant A Witch

Whisked Away

Tower of Heaven

Style Loft

Minted Potions & Tinctures

Abode of Enchantment

A Witch’s Brew

Cauldron Bubble Tea

Clairton Candle Co

Awesome Magical Company Names

When we saw the magic show for the first time, we was so amazed, and the first word that came to my mind was, ‘Awesome’. Well, you are equally awesome if you are selling magical items. But, there are so many awesome magical companies who already got the awesome name.

Haven’t you got the name yet? If you are thinking about some awesome name for your magical company, so here’s the list of awesome names:

Pulsed Dream Studios

Lily’s Mystic

C & M’s Witchcraft

New Moon Potion Emporium

Taboos and Voodoos

Something Witchy

Serenity Witch

Otherworldly Elements

Sunsinger Saints


Astral Images

Gothic Emporium

Green Moon Mystery

Witch Corner

Diva’s Magik

The Witchy Store

Wizards Wonders

Enchantments and Spells

The Kingdom Within You

Witchy Delights

Magic Moccasins

Cauldron Corner

The Mystic Emporium

Crystals and Stones

Scaby’s Farm Magic

Witch Crafts

Polka Dots

Witchy Little Things

The Witch Cottage

Charm Wizard

Earthly Needs

Magic and Miracles

Blessed Spirituality

The Witch’s Cottage

Dragon’s Breath Magick Shoppe

Dark and Dirty Soap

The Mystic Oasis II

The Witch’s Brew

Mystic Mystique

Spirit Way Books and Gifts

House Wiccan

Beyond the Veil

Celtic Magic

Aphrodite’s Forecasts

Shadow Shop

Healing Angel

Tinctures ‘n Tonics

Curse This Witch

White Magic Emporium

The Tomb of Spells

Sucrose Wiccan

Blessed Witchy Shop

Demeter’s Crafts Emporium

Aroma Sensation

La Fiore Witch

Olde Witch & Co.

Witches & Spies The

Witch on the Wall

Amazing Witch Shop

Moon – Lunar Connection

Rainbow Lunar

Witch & Bones


Incense & More

Cauldron Emporium

Roses & Thorns

French Kiss

Rebirth of Karma

Angelica Enchantments

The Jolly Hag

Crescent Moon Apothecary

Charming Dreams

Chaos Magick Shop

Oh Là Là

Mermaid Wicca Shoppe

Mundane Witchcraft

Amazing Magical Company Names

Magic shows and the magicians are one of the most amazing things to watch. But the most amazing out of them are those who are selling magical items.

If you are also one of those people who owned the magical company, it’s amazing. But, to attract the customer, you must have a fantastic name as well for your company. Here’s the list of amazing magical company names:

Magic Voodoo

The Fortune Teller

Evil Spell Co.

The Black Cat Coven

Solutions and Answers

Moon – Lunar Connection

A Magickal Menagerie

Dark Artsy and Crafty

The Wealthy Witch

The Big Book Superstore

Witchy Claws

The Witch’s Closet

Fortune Telling Makeover

Wow Wut

New Spell

Spell Casters

Witches’ Brew

Dawn’s Charm

The Wholesome Crafter

Witchy Stitches

Beacon of Light

Fashionably Witchy

My Little Library

Scary’s Magic Shop

Black Cat Shop

Enchantments and Spells

Foxglove’s Stuff Shop

Mushrooms & Bones

Broom Stick Boutique

Harmony Spirituality

Textual Enchantments

The Witching Place

The Ancient Succubus

Capricorn Owl

Crowning the Witch

Witchy Tricks and Treats

Good Luck Charms

Sunburst Wiccan

Dazzle My Eyes

Wicked House

Black Magic


Creepy Creations

Darkside Den

The Witch’s Cup

The Spiritual Place

Wands & Things

Psychic City

Baroness of Delight

Haunter Books

The Halberdashery

Ninja School Supplies

Amazing Soothsayers

Potion Design Incorporated

The Lucky Witch

Divine Messenger


Ebony & Ivy

Gem Witch

Cielo House

Snatch & Save

Magick Bored

Spirited Path

Future Prediction

The Witch’s Candle

Spiritual Magical Company Names

When you hear about the word magic, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Spiritual! Isn’t it? Of course, everyone who is related to magical business is equally related to spirituality. So, isn’t it good to have a spiritual name for your magical business? Here’s the list of spiritual names for the magical company:

The Magic of Plants

The Wild Hunt Witch

The Cat Familiar

The Chanting Coven

Witches Brew Pot

The Crystal Connection

Spellbound Incense

Magic Amusements

The Greedy Orb

Energy Galore

Magicks and Potions

Witch Tails

Love Potion Inc.

Witch and Wizard

The Enchantress Kit

The Witch’s Den

Potions and Potents

Voodoo and Spells

The Corrupt Wand

Cackle Dust

Love Spells

Hocus Pocus Books

Anointed In Time

Chakra Balancing Metaphysics

Supernatural Vintage

Witchy Woman

Designer Hands

The Mystic Lady

Marketplace Lifestyle

Mysticism and Magic

Witchy Pot

We Love Books!

Bohemian Grimoire

Gleam and Trickery

The Magique

Oddwitch’s Magic

Peaches & Witchery

Mind Reading Magic

Herbs of Endearment

The Witches Den

Witches & Witches

Dazzling Spells

Dream Weaver

Witchy’s Treasures

Hocus Pocus Wigs and Thangz

Witch-In-A-Box, Inc

The Greedy Sprite

The Aggressive Troll

Peaceful Cosmos

Gem Magician

Magic and Miracles

Witchy Devil

Craft Box Creations

Owl’s Cosmic Feather

Moonlit Valley.

Alchemy’s Potions

Silk & Honey

Faith in Hermetics

Candle Magick and Incense

Daughters of Eris

Darkside Den

Dormont Spirits

Book of Shadows

Catchy Magical Company Names

Magic tricks never fail to catch your attention. Magicians always attract you. If you own a magical company, you must keep in mind that the first and the most important thing is to catch attention. Here’s the list of catchy names for the magical company:

The Falling Feather

The Fancy Blade

The Flimsy Amulet

The Nightmare

The Mystery Glimpse

Shady Shield

The Common Shield

The Blood Pact

The New Tome

The Broken Vial

The Humble Scepter

The Light Centaur

The Flimsy Vampire

The Arcane Scroll

The Wild Orb

The Quiet Hydra

The Bronze Vampire

The Wild Succubus

Hocusses and Pocusses

The Second Chance

Trident Trinity

The Last Spell

The Loving Cupid

The Greedy Robe

The Sneaky Wisp

Arcane Minded

The Fancy Satyr

The Fluffy Rune

The Spell Counter


The Serene Tome

The Heavy Marker

The Amusing Ring

The Little Focus

The Graceful Stone

The Wishbone

The Common Fairy

The Dancing Shapeshifter

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