601+ Best Makeup Blogs and Pages Names

These days, almost all know about makeup, and those who do not yet know about makeup tricks, have blogs that are exclusive to makeup-related topics. They guide you on how to do makeup and the tutorials help you get insight into the makeup.

Top 15 Make-up Blogs of The World

Makeup and Beauty Blog-  This blog was started in February 2007 and has been uploading a new post every day, since then. The blog provides us with makeup tutorials, product reviews, beauty tips, swatches and so much more. 

Lisa Eldridge Make Up –   Based in London, United Kingdom, Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist. She is the author and Creative Director of New York Times’ bestselling publication, “Face Paint- The Story of Makeup”. This blog is a landmine of resources on modern makeup techniques.

Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog –  This is probably one of the best-known beauty and makeup blogs in India with about 7.5 million fans on Facebook. The blog shares about 2 posts a day covering topics like makeup, hairstyle, fitness tips, fashion, and skincare.

London Drugs Beauty Blog – This blog was started in July 2010 and since then, has been churning out interesting posts, 3 times a month, about how to achieve that flawless look. Makeup hacks, beauty tips, and tricks from cosmetic experts are regularly featured here.

Glo Skin Beauty Blog –  Sharing a new post every month, this Colorado-based beauty blogger runs this blog with the aim to enlighten her readers about the benefits of using mineral-based makeup, which heals the skin while covering its flaws.  

The Small Things Blog – This blog is run by a makeup artist based in North Carolina, United States, and is basically a lifestyle blog with a focus on hair and makeup. Be sure to follow this blog to remain updated about the latest makeup trends, beauty hacks, and more.

The Indian Beauty Blog –  New Delhi-based Ritu Rajput runs this blog and posts roughly about four times a year.  This blog covers everything about makeup, starting from makeup reviews to tutorials. It also has a lot of resources on how to choose the correct fashion trend for different events.

The Skinny Scout Makeup Blog –  The blog shares about 3 posts a month and covers important beauty tips, makeup hacks, reviews of makeup products, provides makeup tutorials of different looks and so much more.

Bella Angel Hair & Makeup – This blog is run by a team of extremely talented, award-winning makeup and hair professionals in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and other areas. You can also book them for your bridal makeup by contacting them personally through the details mentioned in the blog.

 Beyond the Makeup Brush – The blog started in October 2017 and since then has emerged to be one of the finest beauty blogs. The uniqueness of this makeup blog is that it also reminds its readers that inner beauty is most important and urges the readers to never forget that.

Makeup lover Sarah JB-  Sharing about 8 posts a year, Sarah uses this blog as a medium to share with the world her love for makeup. The blog covers everything related to makeup and lots of product reviews of her favorite brand, Makeup Revolution.

 Kiss and Makeup Beauty Blog –  This makeup blog is run by a Switzerland-based Belgian beauty blogger. Sharing a new post each day, this blog has some of the classiest makeup tutorials and beauty hacks for its readers.

Elite Beauty Blog –  The blog was started in June 2018 and since then has been sharing 2 new posts each quarter. Follow this blog to keep yourself updated about the latest makeup trends, fashion, hairstyle hacks, skincare tips, and more. 

 Pout So Pretty –  This beauty blog is run by a team of makeup enthusiasts who want to share their passion for makeup with the rest of the world. The blog provides abundant resources on styling tips, makeup hacks, and hottest makeup trends.

Marina Writes Life –  This blog is run by USA-based Marina and shares 2 posts per week. It provides its readers with updates on beauty tips, makeup hacks, trending fashion statements, and also features interesting articles about food and lifestyle.  

The blog is a webpage created for sharing opinions.  Unlike a website, readers can comment on a blog. Blogging is a great profession these days. Many people get their income from blogs.

The blog is the best way to earn an extra income for the family. Also, it is an online marketing tool for many of companies and businesses. We always get newer information through a blog as it is updated frequently. The contents of the blogs are important for the blog. Similarly, a blog name too.

Makeup blog names

Beauty Mix

Beauty Face

Tour Hair

Face Mix

Face Cosmetic

The Artist Of Beauty

The makeup artist

Paint Mix

Cosmetic Beauty

Character Face

Makeover Mix

Distinct Salon

Makeover  Beauty

Mascara Beauty

Grandeur Salon

Lineup Face

Makeover Paint

Pretty Thrive

Face Aura Spur

Moving Tresses

Beau Me Beauty

Glam Galvanize

Fabric Lineup

Makeup Blog Names

GlamUp Propel

Alluren Beauty

Fare Looks

Beautify City

I Move Beauty

Styler Salon

Beautify Expert

Sense a Beauty

Avante Prime

Makeup Mart



Present Look

Beauty Limo

Face Designer

Beauty Artisan

Lineup Art

Formation Artist

Patchwork Artist

Fashion Gold

Dream Makeup

Magic Artist

Grace Model

Fab Face

Beautiful Magic

Look Face

Platinum Way

Girls are beautiful whether they chose to make up or not. They wear it because it is a creative and girly expression. Makeup is an art and when we Makeup others, we feel that artistic character of ours. Makeup corrects most of the things which we cannot actually correct by ourselves.

Trending Makeup Blog Names

Top Makeup Pages Names

Makeup boosts the confidence of women. A lot of girls want to look old which in the sense want to look mature.

Some on their 30s want to look young. Many working women find it difficult to maintain healthy skin and that is why they apply makeup to correct the imperfections. Makeup is a way to attract someone you love.

-Beauty Bureau 

-FacePaint Fantasy 

-Hairstyle Harbour 

-Cosmetic Convo 

-Makeup Marvel

-Salon Secrets 

-Mascara Muse

-Pretty Portal 

-Get The Glam On!

-Makeover Maze 

-Product Prodigy

-Skincare Skill

-Trend Thesis

-Styling Society

-Fashion Fables 

-Lifestyle Legacy

-Digital Diva 

-Anti-aging Aura 

-DolledUp Domain

-Esthetic Era

-You Glow, Girl! 

-Personality Project


-Herbal Hues

-Fancy Feedback 

-Feminity Fluency

-Glitter Giggles

-Highlighter Happiness

-Lipstick Lane 

-Concealor Concepts 

-Beauty Bliss 

-FacePaint Fad 

-Hairstyle Hood 

-Cosmetic Clues

-Makeup Minutes 

-Salon Stories

-Mascara Mode

-Pretty Page 

-Glam Fam

-Makeover Magic 

-Product Passion

-One Skincare Stop 

-Trend Tacts

-Styling Sensation

-Famous Fashion

-Lazy Lifestyle

-Diva N Drama

-Anti-aging Ambience

-DolledUp Definition

-Esthetic Engine 

-Global Glow 

-Personality Prophecy

-Derma Daily 

-Herbal Horizon

-A Fan Of Fancy 

-Go For The Glitters 

-Lipstick Lookout

-Feminity Focus

-Here For The Highlights

-Beauty N Brains 

-FacePaint Fort

-Hairstyle Harmony

-Call For Cosmetic

-Makeup Momentum 

-Salon Satellite

-Mascara Module 

Makeup Pages Names

-Pretty Paradox

-Glam Gossips

-Maps Of Makeover

-Product Prism

-Skincare Solution

-Trend Theme 

-Styling Spirit

-Fun With Fashion 

-Lifestyle Lawn 

-Diva Dynamics

-Anti-aging Abstract

-DolledUp Deck 

-Esthetic Excellence 

-Glow Group

-Pure Personality

-Derma Delights 

-How About Herbal! 

-Fancy Fix 

-The Concealor Critic

-Lipstick Login 

-Future Is Feminine

-Glittery Gaze 

-Beauty Bytes 

-Fine FacePaint 

-Hairstyle Heritage

-Cosmetic Crib 

-Makeup Motive 

-Salon Spree 

-Mascara Mayhem

-Pretty Paradigm

-Glam Geek 

-More Makeover

-Product Profile 

-Skincare Summit

-Trend Temple

-Styling Secrets 

-Fashion Frame 

-Live Love Laugh

-Discussion With Diva 

-Anti-aging Assembly

-Daily DolledUp 

-Esthetic Everything

-Glowing Grid 

-Personality Passion

-Derma Design

-Herbal Habits 

-Fancy Fate 

-Creative Concealer

-Lazy Lipstick

-Groove To The Glitter 

-Feminine Folder

-Beauty Belief

-FacePaint Friends

-Hairstyle Habitat

-Cosmetic Cosmo

-Makeup Magic 

-Salon Snaps 

-Mascara Melody

-Pretty Philosophy 

-Global Glam

-Makeover Map

-Product Powerhouse

-Skincare Studio

-Trendy Tricks

-Styling Saints 

-Fashion Formula

-Love The Lifestyle

-Diva Details

-Anti-aging Awe

-DolledUp Day 

-Everyday Esthetic

-Glow Guidance

-Personality Plans 

-Derma Drill 

-Herbal Helps 

-Concealor Chapter

-Lipstick Logic 

-Feminity Factor

-Glitter N Glam 

-Hues Of Highlights

-Beauty Base 

-FacePaint Fuss 

-Hairstyle Haven

-Cosmetic Community

-Makeup Museum

-Social Salon 

-Mortal Mascara 

-Pretty Pals 

-Glam Goal 

-Mind Makeover

-Product Planet

-Trend Tribe 

-Skincare Stories

-Styling Spree 

-For The Fashion

-Lifestyle Lux 

-Diva Doses 

-Anti-aging Answers


-Esthetic Essence 

-Glow Genius

-A Personality Page

-Derma Desire

-Hitched To Herbal

-Fancy Fables 

-For The Feminine

-Concealor Council

Trending Makeup Pages Names

-Love The Lipstick! 

-Highlighter Hints

-Glitter Gen 

-Beauty Bank

-FacePaint Feedback 

-Hairstyle Hub

-Cosmetic Craze

-Makeup Muse

-Salon Survey

-Mascara On My Mind 

-Pretty Plans 

-Glam Graphic

-Merry Makeover

-Product Plans 

-Skincare Stocks

-Take The Trend

-Styling Sisterhood

-Fashion Fix 

-Livin’ The Life

-Diva Daily

-Anti-aging Antidote

-DolledUp Dome 

-Esthetic Ease 

-Get The Glow! 

-People With Personality

-Derma Data 

-Herbal Haven 

-Fancy Fuss 

-Feel The Feminity

-Concealor Can 

-A Lipstick List

-Glittery Guidance

-Highlighter Hunt

-Beauty Backpack

-But First FacePaint! 

-Hairstyle Hero 

-Cosmetic Corner

-Makeup On My Mind 

-Sunny Salon 

-Mascara Matrix 

-Pretty Pact 

-Glam Genius

-Makeover Muse 

;Product Preview

-So Much Skincare

-Trend Tradition

-Styling Social


-Lifestyle Leaders

-A Day With Diva

-All About Anti-aging

-DolledUp Delights

-Esthetic Engineer

-Glowing Giggles

-Personality Pact 

-The Derma Drama

-Fancy Philosophy

-A Herbal Host 

-Feminity Fort

-For Your Concealer Concerns

-Lipstick Lab 

-Glitter Is The Goal! 

-Highlighter Hoops 

-Beauty Blog 

-FacePaint Feels 

-Hairstyle Hacks 

-Cosmetic Crew

-Makeup Mines 

-Got The Salon Stamp! 

-Mascara And Me 

-Pretty Preview

-Glam Grip 

-Makeover Matrix

-Pro Product

-Skincare Sentiments

-Trendy Thesis

-Styling Spotlight 

-Anti-aging Aspects

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