Top 45+ Best Makeup Brands in the world

As far as makeup products are concerned, you should always purchase a good quality one so that it is gentle on the skin and also make you look beautiful. Here are some of the top makeup brands in the world that everyone should try on.

Makeup Brands in the world


Country- France

Chanel is a very famous brand known all over the world. Their beauty products are absolutely luxurious, stylish, and chic. The important thing is their quality. Their high-quality makeup products will make you look glamorous and worth a try.

Estee Lauder

Country- United States

This makeup brand has been serving women with beautiful makeup products since the year 1946. Estee Lauder has become one of the most popular cosmetic brands. They create high-quality makeup items, skincare products, fragrance, etc. Their products are extremely innovative, effective, and advanced.


Country- France

The three things associated with this makeup brand are luxury, creativity, and excellence. It has a wide range of cosmetic items. You must try out their products definitely and you are sure to fall in love with them as soon as you use them. 


Country- France

L’Oréal is one of the leading makeup brands all over the world. Their makeup products are extremely luxurious and high quality and the best thing about their products is that they are very much affordable. You will never be disappointed after using their makeup products.


Country- France

This makeup brand was introduced by Armand Petit Jean in the year 1935. This makeup brand has been creating wonderful, elegant makeup products for more than 80 years.


Country- France

There are several things that you must know about this makeup brand. But their passion and high values are something that has made them so popular all over the world. While some businesses worry about making money only, this brand always makes sure to deliver high-quality products to the customers first.

Maybelline New York

Country- United States

Maybelline was a small and family business when it had just started. But now it is one of the top makeup brands that are used by women all over the world. This makeup brand is known for creating trendy shades and scientifically advanced makeup products.


Country- France

This makeup brand came into the business in the year 1828. Since then they have been innovating, enhancing, and exploring the world of cosmetics and creating the best makeup products that you will find in the market.


Country- United States 

MAC was created in the year 1984. Now it has become the leading global cosmetics brand. The products of this brand are so creative, trendsetting, and full of diversity. They are mainly known for their remarkable and impressive cosmetic collections.


Country- France

This makeup brand was introduced with the aim of encouraging women towards experimenting and having fun with makeup products. The brand takes pride in its goal, creation, and also in teaching women in enhancing their self-confidence and beauty with their products.

Yves Saint Laurent

Country- France

This makeup brand creates an amazing weightless foundation that suits the shade of your skin beautifully. Right from mascaras, eyeliners to lipsticks this makeup brand is one of the leading producers of high-quality products. Once you start using them you will want to return to this brand even more.


Country- France

Givenchy has been dealing with beauty products for women for a really long time. In the year 1989, this brand started creating its first makeup products and since then it has shown tremendous growth. Givenchy is known for its high-quality products as well as their loyalty towards consumers.


Country- United States

Revlon is mostly known for its glamorous and innovative makeup products which are quite affordable. Their products are extremely trendsetting and it will never disappoint you at any cost.

Laura Mercier

Country- France

This is also one of the leading makeup brands in the world. Laura Mercier is a very famous make-up artist who has put her skills, knowledge, and talent in her products. Some of her makeup products have also received awards.

Bobbi Brown

Country- United States

There are no women who haven’t heard of this name. Bobbi Brown is a renowned make-up artist and the brand goes by the same name. This makeup brand is known to create some of the amazing makeup brands in the world.


Country- United States

Covergirl is mostly about creating high quality, affordable, and trusted makeup products. This brand is a great one to shop for.


Country- United States

Clinique was introduced in the year 1968 and still, now this brand continues to create amazing, high quality, effective product that is gentle on almost every skin type. This brand also creates products that will fit almost every complexion.


Country- Japan

This brand has served their knowledge of beauty for more than 140 years with the entire world. Today, its high-quality products are used by a lot of people.


Country- United States

This brand is popular for creating amazing skincare products that are nourishing to the skin. In fact, their makeup products contain minerals that make it the best one for any type of skin. Their products are extremely natural and pure and you would feel good after using them.

Elizabeth Arden

Country- United States

This brand offers are a huge range of high quality, anti-aging, skincare products. Their makeup products are known all over the world especially their lip gloss, concealer, foundation, or eyeliners. Their products are always in trend.


Country-United Kingdom

Burberry is a world-renowned brand that creates amazing makeup products as well as accessories. Their products are extremely innovative and trend-setting.

Shu Uemura


This brand was created by a Japanese make-up artist whose name is Shu Uemura. This brand always promises to create high-quality makeup products that blend science, nature, art.

Cover FX

Country- United States

This knows what they are doing and what will make the customers keep coming back to them. Their products are affordable, skin-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan. They take pride in their formulas which are customizable.

Napoleon Perdis


Napoleon Perdis was founded twenty years ago. Their products are extremely innovative and luxurious. This brand is trying continuously to create unbeatable and unique products. 



As far as makeup products are concerned, Sephora is always the best place to shop for those things. This brand offers a huge variety of makeup products that are really amazing.


Country- United States

NYX is popular for its high quality, affordable, seasonal, trendsetting and classic cosmetics. This is one of the best and fastest growing makeup brands. This brand has gained a lot of popularity among the professional makeup artists and the beauty lovers out there. 

Urban Decay

Country-United Kingdom

For the people who love daring and bold makeup, then Urban Decay is the one. Their makeup products are amazing, edgy, and innovative. This brand is popular for its Naked Palettes which are a must-have for all.

E.l.f. Cosmetics

Country- United States

This brand is the best for those who want affordable yet high-quality makeup products then this is the best brand. In fact, e.l.f is the fastest growing makeup company that creates amazing makeup items for face, eyes, and lips.

Derma blend

Country- United States

This makeup brand was specially created by dermatologists who mainly focus on creating makeup items that are gentle on the skin. Their mousse foundation and concealer are very popular.

IT Cosmetics

Country- United States

IT cosmetics were introduced to give the women the control to look as well as feel bold and beautiful. Their huge range of products is of high quality and performance. 

Giorgio Armani Beauty


This makeup brand is mostly known for its silk and luminous foundations and also bold and amazing lipstick. This brand has over 20 foundation shades and more than 10 concealer shades from which you can choose. The entire range of makeup products is so beautiful that no one can resist themselves from using it.

Marc Jacobs Beauty

Country- United States

This beauty brand has created bold and chic products that are kind of edgy too. Their products are designed keeping in mind the preference of most women. Their fine liners are an excellent product that defines the eyes really well.

Tom Ford

Country- United States

Tom Ford is another famous makeup brand that also makes accessories and clothing for women. Their wide range of foundations, eyeshadows, and lipsticks are really popular which you can choose from their extensive color palette. 


Country- United States

This brand is fresh and young. Their main focus is on creating kits and in-store services. They have a huge collection of lipsticks, brow kits, various skincare products, eye shadows, etc. Their products are popular for their retro branding.

Charlotte Tilbury

Country- United States

This brand was started by Charlotte Tilbury herself in the year 2013 and the name of the brand is the same as hers. Her brand mostly features beautiful lipsticks and eye shadows. In fact, they also offer skincare and makeup tutorials online for men and women both.

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty

Country- United States

Their main motive is to create makeup products that are creative, fun, and most importantly travel friendly. Hence, they mostly have combo makeup kits and travel kits in their collection. 

Becca Cosmetics

Country- Australia

The makeup products from this brand are simply glamorous. They have a huge range of lip, face, and eye make-up products that you find mostly in bright colors. This brand is popular mainly because its products are cruelty-free.

Hourglass Cosmetics

Country- United States

Hourglass cosmetics were introduced in the year 2004. They offer amazing make-up items that are cruelty-free and come in sleek packaging. Their products are refined and classic yet it never fails to give that modern touch to a woman.


Country- United States

Their products are vibrant and young which makes sure to bring out the inner beauty of a woman. This brand also offers a variety of accessories apart from makeup. If you are looking for affordable make-up items then this is the one.

Fenty Beauty

Country- United States

Fenty Beauty is a new make-up brand which was introduced by Rihanna in the year 2017. This brand mainly features bold and bright colored makeup items. The lipsticks, highlighters from this brand are just amazing.

Kim Kardashian West

Country- United States

KKW was designed by Kim Kardashian West and this brand offers a huge range of makeup products for the women that come in amazing shades. The lip products, eye shadows, brightening products are just amazing.


Country- United States

This brand does its business online. This makeup brand is mostly known for enhancing the natural beauty of women through its wide range of products.


Country- United States

This brand has won quite a lot of awards. Beautycounter always makes sure to promote products that are skin-friendly, cleaner, and safer. Its products contain ingredients like lanolin, aloe, flower oils, etc. 

Kylie Cosmetics

Country- United States

The founder of this makeup brand is Kylie Jenner. It is mainly known for its glossy, glamorous, glitzy products that come in vibrant colors. The products from this brand are absolutely affordable and high quality.

Too faced

Country- United States

If someone loves makeup products that are plush and come in cute packaging then this is just the right brand for them. Makeup products from this brand are quite quirky and full of fun. It is very popular among makeup artists and beauty lovers.


Country- United States

This is another makeup brand that creates amazing and affordable beauty products. The products from this brand are cruelty-free and vegan. The eye shadow palette and lipsticks from this brand are very trendy, luxurious, and long-lasting.

OFRA Cosmetics

Country- United States

OFRA cosmetics were introduced in the year 1994 and it is popular for its beautiful highlighter and eye shadow palettes. They also offer customizable makeup products to their customers.

Kat Von D Beauty

Country- United States

Founded by Katherine Von Drachenberg, the makeup products from this brand is absolutely cruelty-free and vegan. It is very popular all the world for its beautiful packaging and high-quality makeup products.

Smash box

Country- United States

This makeup brand was introduced in the year 1996. It was founded by Dean Factor and Davis. This brand is popular for its 15-hr hydrating and photo finish foundations and primers. There are so many shades of foundation that people can easily choose one that matches their complexion.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Country- United States

Anastasia Beverly Hills was created in the year 1997. This makeup brand creates products that are a perfect blend of modern and classic style. Their products for the eyebrows are really famous.

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