241+ Best Marine Corps Slogans and Mottos

Marine Corps, more commonly known as the USMC or United States Marines, is one of the branches of the United States Armed Forces that is well known for the conduction of expenditures along with the US Navy and the Army and Air force.

The Marine Corps is considered one of the seven uniformed services in the United States. The Marine Corps is also one of the most prestigious services in the United States. 

Marine Corps Slogans

It’s all about do or die

There is no other option

March forward

Until the enemy is defeated

You can do it too

We will serve our nation right

For all that matters

Experience life with us

Join the Marine Corp

WE fight for the nation

For everything that matters

It’s all about courage

Work hard till you achieve it

We have the common goal

Losing is not an option

We are no cowards

Rise your head high

Let us die for the nation

Long live America

Serving country is our pleasure

For all that matters

We are with the country

Our nation is absolute

The Marine Corp will survive

It’s all about greatness

We leave legacies behind

For our true love

Everything for our country

We respect the uniform

For all that’s right

A Marine live and dies for the nation

A great salute to our nation

We love destroying our enemy

For the love of the country

We are ready to be sacrificed

East or West, Marine is the best

For everything at seems too great

We are God’s own Crop

The Marine for the sea

We are the true definition of a man

We strive for perfection

For everything at counts

We serve for a greater good

We are always faithful to the nation

1/6 HARD 

Forever faithful

Angels on the Corps 

We are there when the judgement calls

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Professionals summing up

Death Out of the Shadows

One Touch Death

Death by touch

Fear the Marine Corp

Dogs of the Devil

Utter devotion for the country

The Elite’s elite

Esprit de Corps

First of all, the First

First of all, to fight

First to serve

First to die

Always ready to die

We are always battle ready

For something that matters

The perfect role models

Enemy’s worst nightmare

We are feared for a reason

For a better future

The Corp of the elites

The best soldier ever

Go for it

You are here too

For something than us

We fight for a reason

The toughest in town

People you can count on

We are always battle ready

The Corp for the nation

We are people with uniform

For a better world

Brighter future awaits in our hand

No one going to stop us

Dare to stand in our way

For everything we abide by

The protector of the law

For everything that counts

Don’t even try 

Unbeatable skills

Get a few for us

Hell in a casket

Respect – respect – faithfulness

Honour Ahead of Fame

We are the group of hot heads

The skirts of leather

It’s all about brute strength

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Marine Corps Motto

More than just the job

Welcome to the family of Marine Corp

Join the force with us

Ooh Rah, you know

Get ready for March

Ready for all, to give up to None

Ready to fight

Hell’s escape

Second to Nothing

Semper Fi, you know

Fast, Deadly, Silent

We know how to deal with it

You can get the picture

You know what it is like

Feel the power of force

The force is with us

For the defence of our country

With all that matters

We understand the emotions

Our country counts on us

We know how to fight

The nation relies on us

We fight for peace, not violance

You get the idea

It’s all about the fight

A good fight is worth savouring

For the nation’s call

We love serving the country

Nation matters above all

We know what it takes

We fight for the nation’s dream

It all starts with us

The courageous soldiers

Where country comes first

Our lives don’t matter

We fight for a higher cause

The line of the blood

The soldier with red stripes

We wear white to stain in red

Rage runs through our vein

The point of the cutting

The honourable soldiers

We are no little ones

The fifth battle

The mountaineers

The old breed

The most ancient, the most powerful

The Professionals

The Second Silence

The death runners

Thundering in third place

Unusual value

The Bold’s Triumph

Anything it takes

We are hell’s own soldier

Even Satan fears the Corp

The Corp live and dies together

Where running is not an option

Face the enemy with pride

Your pride is everything

Don’t lower your self esteem

Everything matters

Speed up your life

Flying, battling, winning

Faithful all the time

Be prepared all the time

We are always ready

We are the best Corp in the world

Who’s the best?

The heck we are 

Every time, every place

Our Corp is bigger than you can imagine

The Corps ‘ sticks

Be everything you can be

To suffer rather than being a coward

Duty, State, Honour

Fire in the air

We are the power of the government

Where every life is at stake

The enemy won’t know what’s coming

Far greater than imagined

The friend of the nation

Enemy’s Worst Fear

In the first place

Liberty at work

Go, make a name for yourself

The perfect opportunity for fame

It will protect the one who has planted

When the hell fears us

Courage, bravery, commitment

In the war and peace

In the name of peace

It’s not a work alone, it’s an adventure

Let’s continue the journey

Look in front of you

Do it or die in peace

Where death awaits every single second

No Bad Enemy, No Good Friend

For everything we abide by

Protect the things you love

marine corps slogans

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