Masquerade Ball Names: 677+ Best And Catchy Names

Masquerade Ball Party, also called Bal Masque, is a glamorous event in which participants wear costumes with masks. Such events are usually accompanied by music and dance.  Such parties were a feature of the 15th century Carnivals and are still celebrated. With an amazing Masquerade Ball Party name, you can win hearts.

Masquerade Ball Party is a cool and funky theme for your event. So you must have a fashionable name for the Masquerade Ball Party in order to create an air of magic. This would excite the participants involved in the Ball. Moreover, everyone will remember your party for its innovative name.

Masquerade Ball Party Names

Do you know a masquerade ball party is a very exciting ball party? Well, it is considered to be one of the most luxurious parties. Since you want to organize a masquerade ball party, then you need to have some good knowledge about this kind of party.

However, prior to that, you need to have some exciting names for your masquerade ball party. The name is the first thing that attracts and makes your masquerade ball party famous. Hence, it would help if you had some classic name for your masquerade ball party.

  • An Evening of Mystery
  • Fantasy Fest
  • Captains of Caribbean
  • The Yule Ball
  • The Ball of Mysteries
  • Mysterious Carpet Affair
  • Mystery Land
  • Enchanted Carnival
  • Masked Spring
  • Cupid’s Ball
  • Persian Nights under the Sky
  • Red Carpet Night
  • An Evening in France
  • Fantasy Night
  • Casablanca Carnival
  • Enchanted Woods
  • Twilight Vampires
  • A Diary of Spring
  • Sweet 16 Ball
  • Kiss near Eiffel Tower
  • City of Mystery
  • The Train to Mystical Masque
  • 90’s DJ Night
  • A Classical Ball
  • The Royal Ball
  • Spring Nights
  • Winter Ball
  • Snow Ball
  • Enchanted Snow Ball
  • Secret Ball
  • Secret Partners
  • Jenny at 16
  • Shakespeare’s Ball
  • Romeo-Juliet Night
  • Secret Hall
  • The Secret Garden
  • Royal Garden
  • K & Q
  • Ball Room
  • Fantasy Fam
  • Alice in the Masquerade Ball
  • Princess Ball Night
  • The Gatsby Mansion
  • Queen of the Spring
  • Midnight Ball
  • Cinderella’s Ball Night
  • Glass Slipper Affair
  • Winter Masquerade
  • Batman Night
  • The Masque Show
  • Night of the Nightingale
  • Sweet Music Ball
  • Romantic Gatsby Gala
  • Beauty and the Beast at a Night Feast
  • Twinkling Masks
  • Secret Sapphires
  • The Masquerade of Fall
  • Princess Mania
  • Magnificent Masque
  • The Heavenly Masque
  • Happily Married
  • Good Wishes Ball
  • Bless the Couples
  • The Fantasy Ball
  • Ball of Wonderland
  • Ring from the King
  • Mystical Imagism
  • The Vibrant Evening
  • Secret Garden Party
  • Snow White in a Masquerade
  • The Pink Ball
  • Brightingale Ball
  • Smooth and Soothing
  • A Night to Bless
  • Couples Night Out
  • Shining Stars
  • Glimmering Outfits
  • Outshining Masque
  • The Three Masqereateers
masquerade ball names

Masquerade Ball Names

If you consider the relatable factors for finding a suitable name for your masquerade ball, then your task becomes very easy. This is because you know the names you can use for presenting your masquerade ball.

Moreover, if you have proper knowledge, you can easily choose a good name for a masquerade ball. Hence, it is advisable to have at least some basic knowledge of the names that can be used for masquerade balls in public.

  • Knights of Rome
  • Jennifer’s Jungle 
  • The Magnificent Gala
  • The Hunters of Casablanca
  • Vampire’s Den
  • Sister Hunt
  • The Barbeque Masque
  • Glitter Carnival
  • Glittering Gatsby Gala
  • Shimmering Sister Carnival
  • The Star Show
  • Celebrity Affair
  • Secret Affair
  • Red Carpet Show
  • Ball in the Hall
  • Young Ball Night
  • Miss and Master
  • B’s & G’s
  • Secretly Engaged
  • The Perfect Matching
  • A Midwinter Night
  • The Tempting Masque
  • Guess the Eyes
  • Shining Eyes
  • Mask must be On
  • The Ball of Unknown
  • Secret Hangout
  • Ball in the Mansion
  • The Birthday Masque
  • Sam’s 5-year-old Masquerade
  • Jennie’s Sweet 16 Ball
  • Enchanted Gala
  • Light up the Dark
  • Beautiful Aurora
  • Raining Sparkles
  • Shimmering Candles
  • The Ball under Chandeliers
  • The Ball of Beauty
  • Red Carpet Meet
  • The Glam Ball
  • An Evening of Stars
  • Birthday Ball
  • Joe’s 16th Ball
  • Last Bachelor’s Ball
  • The K-Style Ball
  • An Indian Gala
  • The Damon’s Dance
  • Halloween Ball
  • The Scary Ball
  • Horror Halloween Ball
  • Anniversary Ball
  • The Proposal Ball
  • The Red Masque
  • Quiescence Ball
  • Maddie’s Maniac Ball
  • The F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Ball
  • Never Have I Ever Prom Night
  • The Prom Night
  • Midnight Prom

Masquerade Party Names

The masquerade party is a very famous party that is organized by the upper community of society. These kind of parties are usually for the kind of people who belongs to the rich committee.

Hence, it would help if you had some luxurious ideas for organizing such a masquerade party.

Apart from organizing and looking at the arrangements, it would be best if you also looked at the name of the masquerade party. It will help you in advertising your masquerade party in public.

  • The Great Gala
  • The Fabulous Prom
  • Sleeping Beauty Prom
  • Glass Slipper Dance
  • The Mermaid Show
  • Musketeers in Masquerade
  • The Sparkling Ball
  • Musketeers Daenseu
  • Fifties Show
  • 90’s Ball Dance
  • Michael’s Dancing Mansion
  • Musketeers Bam
  • Wangsil-ui Masque
  • Pretty Prom
  • Welcome to Masquerade Party
  • Dance in Tunisia
  • A Knight in Rome
  • Fantasy Stage
  • Night in Persian Sands
  • The Beach Ball
  • Bonfire Dance
  • The Tribal Prom
  • The Green Gala
  • Mixing in Silver
  • The Ball Night to Love
  • Nerd Prom Night
  • Mask Thy Eyes
  • The V-Diaries Ball
  • Dressing a Vampire
  • The Fox Ball
  • Clever Klein Show
  • Midnight Summer Ball
  • Roller Troller Ramp
  • Sotheby’s Prom Night
  • Museum Ball
  • Jenny’s Jester Show
  • Ferdinand-Miranda Masque
  • Prospero’s Tempest Prom
  • Ramp in Swamp
  • A Prom in Fall
  • The Spring Show
  • Dance in Arabia
  • Aladdin’s Night
  • Yasmin’s Dance Night
  • Charming Charlie
  • The Teen Night
  • The Funky Prom
  • Gala Night at this Site
  • The Sunset Prom
  • Malibu Mansion Night
  • Malibu Prom
  • Bonfire Ball
  • The Arcade Night
  • Casablanca Prom
  • Caribbean Show
  • The Gaudy Show
  • Harry’s Yule Night
  • Tri Wizard Night
  • Arian’s Music Night
  • Retro Classic Affair
  • Magnificent Pool Party
  • Summer Pool Mania
  • Monster Ball
  • Dance of Madness
  • Dance of Love
  • The Caring Couple
  • Late Night Midnight Prom
  • Horror Prom
  • Honey Bunny Boo
  • Weirdester’s Show
  • Masked Goons
  • The Robber’s Show
  • The Conjuring Dance
  • The Evil Night
  • Angelic Prom Arena
  • A Prom to Remember
  • Funkey Fam Ball
  • Dress like a Hipster
  • The Hipster’s Ball
  • The Black Dudes
  • Marvel Ball
  • The Avenger’s Night Show
  • Ben’s Night
  • Mickey Mouse Show
  • Minnie Binnie Show
  • Red Carpet Ball
  • The Minion’s Night
  • Horrible Halloween Night
  • Pirates of the Prom
  • Pirates in a Masquerade Party
  • Mask & Masquerade
  • Evening in Masquerade
  • The Sweet 16 Gala
  • Evelin’s Fall Ball
  • Mystic Woods Masquerade
  • Vampire’s Night Out
  • Half-Blood Prom
  • Pure Blood Night
  • Magicians of the Evening
  • A Party without Dumbledore
  • The Cat Prom
  • Frigid Evening
  • The Snow Couples
  • The Snow Masquerade
  • Training Troops in the Woods
  • The Cute Halloween
  • Ball in Summer Night
  • Autumn Prom Show
  • Damp Masquerade
  • Sizzling Prom Show
  • Welcome to the Masque Party
  • Annual Masquerade Fest

Masquerade Theme Names

Do you know that the name of the masquerade theme party plays a very important role in the party’s growth?

Well, the name always helps you get an identification for your masquerade theme party. You need to have a name that will look attractive for your masquerade theme party.

Ball prom max

Carri bean Dreams

Go chunk

El beautiful ball


Cocktailable night 

An Indian Gala

En globe prom

Soiree Saviors

A Stroll Down


Air prom dance

Pitch us for ball

Holla palooza

Golf prom ring

Promology night 

Dance prom pro

Ballsy fancy prom

On dance floor

Spherela senior prom

Arabian Nights

Bonfire Ball

Fall Flurries

Mittable fancy ball

Masset masquerade ball

Global prom line

Sad ball dance

Weekend Project

Pitching ball night

Malibu Mansion Night

Nushin prom dig

Stoney Broke

La prom mixer

You are Invited

Musketeers in Masquerade

Musketeers Bam

Party Wizard

The Secret Garden

Chunkable prom ball

Red Carpet Meet

One or Two

Chunk ball prom

Up mitt prom

Lumpium ball night

To A T Parties

Party Genius

Pitch ball ring

Party Maker

The Damon’s Dance

Deer known

Shindi gora ball

Ball pro guys

La roller night

In base ball

New Scollock

Sunset Serenade

Dressing a Vampire

Base ballster

Born to Be Wild

Longest Yet

Couples Night Out

Boggle Dyke Cage

The Masquerade of Fall

Magicians of the Evening

Nice Planner

University prom fest

On prom carnival

Fantasy Fest

Ed ball mixer

Compad prom ball

Come To Party

Island Dreams

Orbit ball bar

City Lights

Bootleggers Ball

Bashium gown ball 

Party World

Samas masquerade

Promia night beauty

Carnival ball night

Cocktailify ball bar

Rollerable ladies ball

Holiday max

The Ball under Chandeliers

Shimmering Candles

Candy land

The Pink Ball

Outshining Masque

Kick am ball

Boos & Booze

The Ball of Beauty

Clumper beauty night

Lumpist prom night

El globe ball

Secret Ball

Globify masquerade

In orbit prom

Wappy Springs

Manage Party

The Cute Masquerade

Masquerade Party Theme Names

Are you looking for some amazing names for a masquerade party theme? Well, you have definitely come to the right place to find the name for your masquerade party.

You can take a lot of ideas from the following names for creating a name for a masquerade party. It will make your masquerade party rare in public.

Shining Eyes

Minnie Binnie Show

Celebration Station

Party Maker

Beautiful Aurora

Vaarwel ball inc

Partinent prom day

Persian Nights

Up gown prom

Orbify ball day 

Orbia prom night 

Uni ball lump

Ideal Planners


At prom ball

Majestic Carpet Affair

Last Details

In kick masquerade 

Limelight Party

Prom mantra

Yeoman’s Well

Pleasant Planners

Kicking into prom 

Co ball dance

Ling Bob

Sneaky Souls

Co ball globe

Mitty cast

On prom bring

Ed cocktail

A Night with the Stars

Go prom nights

Shower max prom

Golf way stars 

Midnight Party

Soft ballify

Schedule Party

Witches’ Night Out

Nu stars ball party

Sphere remarkable

Party Hire

Lump prom it

Razzle Dazzle

Roller ball cast

Hell House

Night Paradise

Co prom globe


Pro holiday

Prom night guys 

City of Mystery

Prom ware

Tuesdays Child

Moon over

Zummer zett

Kicker into masquerade

Masquerade Wonderland

The Minion’s Night

Re globe

Funky Fest

Midnight Masquerade

Global gown max

Co bash

Last Bachelor’s Ball

Catchly ball beauty 

Uni prom birthday

El ball dance

Carnivalon prom beauty 

Due Date Party

Roller ball roller

DJ Fire

Ar mask ball 

Fantasy Night

Maria Regina

Prom ball

Quiescence Ball

En prom orbit

Golden prom ring 

The Party

Carnival prom ring


Fabulous Functions

Train to Mystical Masque


Prom ball bar

Night at this Site

Shower able cocktail prom 

Re lump masquerade

The Teen Night

Uni history prom

Happily Ever After

New prom ball

Masquerade Rendezvous

Globe prom dance 

Fest ball up

Party Strategy

The Magnificent Gala

Kick pro

Mixers ball gala 

Masquerade Lane

Masquerade Prom Theme Names

Masquerade prom can be organized in a very authentic manner. If you have any creative ideas, then you can organize the best kind of masquerade prom theme.

Moreover, you can choose the suitable names for a masquerade prom from the following list. We hope these names will eventually help you become different from others.

A Diary of Spring

River and Valley

Wet wang House

Monster Mash

Jennie’s Sweet 16 Ball

Chunk way night 

Soft ballon

Ready. Set

Party Start

Fantasy Fam

Ball in Summer Night

Mittity ball night 

Remit prom couples 

Club Concierge

Basic prom ball

Ed pose

Secret Partners

What A Rush


Up prom kick

Pose gala way

Mixer cast

Plan Night Out

Party Project

En masquerade mask

Yes Party

Weeping Trees

Shores of Venice

Glitter Carnival

Party Port

Clumpsy ball dance 


Maskism prom fest 


Breaking Surf

Drink Outside the Box

Shine stars prom

On max global

Prom night way

Bash ball shower

Uni costume

Squad Up Planning


Carnival lit

Lump line

Bold prom ball

Deer Play

Basement Ball

Short Horns

Prom line

Party Hub


Shakespeare’s Ball



The Masque Show


The Red Masque

Ed lump

The Sparkling Ball

Club Lights

Go gown ball

Re clump

Hallo-Wine Party

Mask must be On

Chaffinch Briars

Pro wine chunk

Glass Slipper Dance

It’ll Doo


Party Preppers

Clover Stump

Cool And Collected

Greek Gala

Mittit wine ball

Hollywood Ball


Secret Affair

Planning Made Easy


Private Affairs Party Planning

Saturday ball night 


Retro Prom

Ball way straight 

Pro ball dancer 

The Proposal Ball


Perfect Party

Little Spruisty

Peppy Parties

Barbeque Masque

Frosty Cottage


Scots Spot

Catch us

Ball us night 


Night Party

The famous prom night 

Masquerade Theme Name Generator

Masquerade Theme Name Generator

Explore our Masquerade Theme Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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