350+ Best Mermaid Party Names With Generator

Dive into the fascinating mermaid world! 🧜‍♀️ You will require some intriguing Mermaid Party Names to establish the mood for your amazing underwater party.

We have the ideal names for your event, including “Sirens & Seafoam Soiree” and “Mermaid Magic Mixer,” to make a statement.

However, Our Mermaid Party Names Generator is also available to provide you with countless name suggestions that will get your visitors excited for the day.

Get ready to create waves with the ultimate mermaid celebration by gathering your treasures!

Meaningful Mermaid Party Names

Party NameDescription
Enchanting LagoonDive into a world of enchantment and magic.
Undersea WondersCelebrate amidst the beauty of the ocean floor.
Mermaid MajestyEmbrace the regal charm of the mermaid realm.
Pearl’s ParadiseA party as precious as the ocean’s pearls.
Sea Sparkle SoireeGet ready to shimmer and shine under the sea.
Siren Song SoiréeDance to the melody of the mystical sirens.
Coral Cove CarnivalTurn the coral cove into a festive carnival.
Deep Blue DreamLet your imagination swim in deep blue hues.
Fin-tastic FiestaA fin-tastic celebration of sea and fun.
Neptune’s DelightDelve into the delights of the sea god.

Mermaid Party Names

  • Melodious Mermaids
  • Mermaid’s Merry Making
  • Margaritas with Mermaids
  • Mermaid Minglings
  • Mermaid land!
  • Party for Mermaids
  • Little Mermaid! Big Fun!
  • Fishing for some fun?
  • Mythical Meetup
  • Come ‘seas’ the day!
  • Scale up The fun! 
  • Scaled Up Soirée
  • Mermaid on the rocks
  • Seamaid Soireé
  • Meet my aquatic acquaintance
  • Let’s paint the town Blue
  • New mermaid in town!
  • Mermaid Membership!
  • Oh! Forlorn Fun
  • Shoreline celebration
  • Outta sea, Into a partie!
  • Dancing Tales of Mermaids
  • Sun of beaches!
  • Stories of salty folks
  • Fintastic Festivity
  • Sofishticated Shindig
  • Mermazing Affairs
  • Mermaid vibes tribe
  • Mermaid Gala
  • Tis the sea, sun social
  • Coolest Shellebration
  • Craysea catchup
  • s(Pacific) Socials
  • Fun searum
  • Searious Celebration
  • Wavy Evening
  • Seal of awesomeness
  • Seacret Society
  • Mermaid Social
  • Whatever Floats your boat
  • Gillsy Gala
  • First come, First surf!
  • “The world is your oyster” 
  • It’s party time, bouys and gills!
  • Seaside Sangrias
  • –Shorline Shenanigans
  • Tide down to nothing!
  • Shell yeah!
  • Beach, bitch!
  • Mermaids sh(e)ll dance.
  • Sunbelievably Stunning Social
  • Sea Salon
  • Doses of Vitamin Sea
  • Oh bouy! 
  • S(hr)imly drinks
  • S(hr)imple celebration
  • S(ho)rely Fun Soirée
  • Seems like a fantasea!

Mermaid Party Name Ideas

  • Mermaids and Martinis
  • Mermaids drinks M(er)mosas!
  • Bubbles Troubles
  • Sea creatures coalition
  • Mermates Catch up 
  • Unwindin’ Underwater
  • Trendy Mermaids
  • Mermaids in motion!
  • Mermaids with makeup
  • Selfie with shells
  • Mermazing Time
  • Mermazing meet up!
  • Drinks with mermates
  • Enjoyable merment
  • Crab cakes and cocktails
  • Ariel in the wonderland
  • Broadway Bouys!
  • Eternal Elegance Of Ariel
  • Bright lights, bubble buddies
  • tail and Tequila
  • High waves, higher spirit
  • All water get together
  • Beer with the buoys
  • Mermaids: Up close
  • Seaside Mermaid Night
  • Aquatic Celebration
  • Evening with Ariel
  • Ariel’s Night out
  • Cocktails and fishtails 
  • A S(tail)er Occasion
  • Fundamentally amusing
  • Mermaid Magic
  • Fins Masquerade
  • Fin Night!
  • Fin Fiesta
  • A detailed distraction!
  • Tide down to high spirits
  • Salty Affairs
  • Mermaidology!
  • Fishy Fete
  • A fin fest!
  • Shoreline serenade
  • Fintastic Night Fever
  • Shrimply the best!
  • Shades and Mermaidsuits
  • Ariel meets the world
  • Seashore Amusements
  • Making mermories!
  • Mermazing merriments
  • Coastal Cocktails
  • Magical merments
  • Shellfie Shenanigans
  • Dive in, vibe in!
  • Ariel’s Got Some Moves!
  • GillNPomp
  • Mystical Masquerade
  • Party experiment! 
  • Night of jellyfish jollity
  • Dance by the shoreline
  • Mermaid Outfit Occasion
  • Dressed up Mermaid

Names For Mermaid Party

  • Fantastic Fridaze
  • An Unforgettable F(i)action
  • Areal Occasion
  • Gala with gills!
  • sea Reception
  • Life’s a beach
  • Come outta your shell!
  • Seashore Shellfie
  • Seacret Soirée
  • Fin Fun
  • Sandy affairs!
  • Aqua Affairs
  • Fishy Fun Times
  • Make a fish
  • Sunny Soirée
  • Sandwitch Set Up
  • Sunday Finday
  • Joyful Jellyfish
  • Salty Soirée
  • Sunny Sangria Moments
  • Splashtastic time
  • Splash bash
  • Crab Fiesta!
  • Mindbluing Meetup
  • ‘Tails’ of Tropical Treats 
  • Bewitching Beach Bash
  • Ariel Runaway reveler
  • Mojitos and Mermaids
  • Fun with the sun!
  • Fishy Frolic
  • A day with Mermaids!
  • Tail Tales
  • Take it breezy!
  • Splashing vodka
  • f(i)n Times
  • Shore of shells
  • Ariel looks beaching
  • mermaid partyster
  • Breezy Booze
  • Splashing champagne
  • Toes in sand, drinks in hand
  • Sandwitches and Sanghrias
  • Ariel Gala
  • Mermaid’s Catwalk
  • Diary of Drunk Mermaid
  • Mermaidology
  • Mystical Merments
  • Munching With Mermaids
  • Bay Day
  • Shelfish Shellebration!
  • Wavy Evening
  • Day by the bay!
  • Mermaidy affairs
  • Shellfish Shenanigans
  • Crabby Chaos
  • Mythology Merriments
  • Crabs at casino
  • Outta water, into party
  • Excited Ariel
  • Areal Mermaid Affair
  • Mermaid Circus
  • Cocktails with Crabs
  • Golden (Fish) Hours
  • Shellebration with crabs
  • Crab Carousel
  • Mermaids Shellebration
  • Seamaid Magic Shore 
  • Celebration
  • Beachy Celebration
  • Mai Tais with Mermaids
  • Mai Tais with buoys
  •  Gills Night Out
  • Aquaqueen Regime
  • Ariel’s Bacchanal
  • Classy Crabs
  • Fish Wish
  • Aquatic Affairs
  • Wine at MermaidWorld
  • Mermaids Tea Party
  • Let’s ‘seas’ the Life!
  • Seamen Soirée
  • Seamaid Shellebration
  • WTF What The Fin
  • Shrimply Good Times
  • Sunny Soirée
  • Mindbluing Merriments
  • Partying Mermaids
  • Dim lights, Mermaids Sights
  • Cherished Moments
  • Fantastic Feast
  • Good times, shorelines
  • Mermaid Museum Dance 
  • Mermaids sh(e)ll have Fun
  • Seal of Fun
  • Ariel’s Ball
  • Dance Night by Seaside
  • Crabs, Cosmos, Cupcakes

Funny Mermaid Party Names

Hilarious High Tide Hullabaloo

Laughter Under the Sea

Underwater Uproar Soiree

Mermaid Madness Extravaganza

Flippin’ Fun Fiesta

Laughs, Waves, & Mermaid Maneuvers

Siren Snickers Soiree

Seaside Guffaws Gala

Mermaid Mayhem Mixer

Bubbles & Belly Laughs Bonanza

Oceanic Oddities Party

Aqua Antics Affair

Mermaid Giggle Gathering

Silly Sea Sirens Soirée

Mermaid Mischief Marathon

Tails ‘n’ Tiaras Bash

Whimsical Waverave

Scales & Giggles Gala

Finny Frenzy Fete

Giggles by the Gulf

Fin-tastic Follies Fest

Seashell Shenanigans

Playful Pod Palooza

Chuckles & Coral Carnival

Mer-mirth Mania

Unique Mermaid Party Names

Mermaids Mornings

Mermaid Mash

‘tail’ of good times!

Little Mermaid Merriments

Aquatic Extravaganza

Fantasea Island

S(hr)imple meet and greet

Aquatic Angles Amusements

Aquatic Heaven Affairs

Sunny Sea Creatures

‘Tails’ Of being ‘Waisted’

(Mer)Maid to Dance

Good times, Good Omens

Heads or Tails?

Fintastic Folktale 

(Mer)Maid for Drinking

Algae Amusements

Mythological Margaritas

Welcome the Water Nymphs

Fintastic Fairy Festivity

Mermazing Mermories!

Ariel Amusements

Partying with aquaprincess

AquaWorld High Spirits

Mermaid Soirée

‘Tails’ Of High Tides

Tied To The Tides!

Aquaqueen Affairs

Conseaquences: Extreme Hangover

Beach, Bubbles And Booze

Aquatic Exmeriments

Aquaqueen Activities

Fishing For Good times

Fintastic Fiesta 

‘Sea’ing Blue

Mermaid Party Name Generator

Mermaid Party Name Generator

Explore our Mermaid Party Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!


You now have access to a sea of amazing mermaid party names to add magic to your forthcoming celebration.

These names will undoubtedly create the mood for an extraordinary event, whether you’re celebrating a birthday or a special occasion, or just want to add a splash of mermaid magic to your party.

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