Top 25+ Best Mezcal Brands in the World

Mezcal (oven-cooked agave) is a rare brand of liquor in the alcohol industry. It hails from Mexico and is distilled with a type of specific agave genus of monocots found in hot and arid regions of the Americas.

Even with the vast historical background, it is relatively unknown in comparison to vodka, rum, or whiskey but slowly and steadily gaining prominence and popularity in the world. 

Mezcal Brands in the World

NETA Espadin

Country: Mexico 

It is one of the most common mezcal. The common practice to prepare for this mezcal is to cut the plant before its flower starts to bloom. This results in proper yields and a rich flavor with a hint of fruit and flower with a slight touch of smoke.

Derrumbes Ensamble 

Country: Mexico

It is distilled by the Derrumbes distillery. It is a high energy spirit with a dry and rich mineral palate which also includes wooden spice finish along with hickory and cinnamon. The main reason for this taste is the availability of Funkina, Americana and Univittata agave.

Real Minero largo

Country: Mexico

They have a history of producing mezcals for many generations. They use earthy utensils to cook and are distilled with the help of clay which results in the smell of fine roasted peanuts and coconut and roasted green vegetables in flavor.

Montelobos Tobala

Country: Mexico

Casa lumbres is the company that produces this Montelobos brand. It is prepared by nurturing wild agave seeds for a decade and finally distilled in copper pots. This leads to smell of green herbs and agave and a flavor of roasted nuts, figs and banana along with a mild smoke. 

Lagrimas De Dolores Cenizo

Country: Mexico

It has got the flavors of Maestra mezcalera which can be obtained through yielding a mezcal with a herbal and notes which result in the creamy and rich composition.

La Luna Bruto 

Country: Mexico

It is made with Bruto agave. It has an intimidating size with low sugar content. It is produced in Michoacan . This mezcal has an endless finish which helps it to go down easily although being strong and healthy.

La Medid Tepeztate 

Country: Mexico

It is characterized by a fruity and flowery variety It is made from some rare tepeztate agave which is roasted for three days before being distilled which results in a smoky and savory flavor of tropical papaya along with earthy roasted agave mixed with cut grass and pine.

Dona Vega 

Country: USA 

It is a premium label spirit which is full-bodied and alongside with smoke and minerals renowned for its smooth and balanced range of flavored drinks. It was founded by Sonya Auvray and currently had its headquarters at New York Northeastern US. 

Bozal Saccotoro

Country: Mexico

Here Saccotoro is the agave that is used to prepare this mezcal. It belongs to the Angustifolio family and is harvested from the hillsides of Guerrero. This mezcal is wildly refined which produces flavors that are exotic with earth tones and savory smokiness.

Del Maguey Jabali

Country: Mexico

It is prepared by Jabali agave by Mazcalero Don Rogelio Martinez Cruz and Leopoldino Miranda and consists of at least 45% of ABV. It has a mixture of sweet violet and florals with herbs of tarragon and ultimately finished with sandalwood which results in floral, sweet and sour taste.

Mezcal Vago Madrecuixe 

Country: Mexico

It is prepared by Emigdio Jardin. It is known as one of the fruitiest, funkiest madrecuixes having agave Madrecuishe with 51% of ABV. This mezcal is vegetal in nature with strong minerality and enompases with a smell of green apple and smoke and flavor in line with sweet and dry.

Ilegal Joven 

Country: Mexico

It is founded by John Rexer and is a fourth-generation mezcaleros who use Espadin agave (fully ripe condition) and later double distilled in Santiago Matalan valley of Oaxaca, and delicious piece of agave.

Del Maguey Vida 

Country: Mexico

It is prepared from Angustifolia and is twice distilled to produce a smell of fruit aromatics with a hint of honey, vanilla, and roasted agave and offers flavors such as ginger, cinnamon, burnt sandalwood, tangerine, and banana with a smooth finish.

Agave de Cortes

Country: Mexico

This mezcal is produced by one of the oldest mezcal family Casa Cortes in Oaxaca with the help of 100% Espadin agave. It has an earthy spice smell and smoky-sweet taste. All four agave de Cortes is made with a distinct standard of mezcal production.

Alipus San Luis 

Country: Mexico

The agave used for this mezcal is gathered from the white lands and rocky copper deposits. It has a hot and spicy earthy taste along with a little sweet citrus finish.

Alipus San Andres

Country: Mexico

It has got a little solid smoke with a mineral. It is produced in San Andres with clean flavors and agave.

Cupreata Joven 

Country: USA

Cupreata (Papalote) agave is used to produce this mezcal with an  ABV of 43% by master mezcallier Don Faustino Robledo. It smells of roasted pumpkin seeds, leather, and cocoa and behold bright vegetal flavors along with spice and bell pepper and has a peppery spice taste.


Country: Mexico

It is a 100% Espadin agave mezcal which is from Santiago Matallion, Oaxaca. It consists of a spicy, fruity & smoky smell which goes with a high note citrus. It has got a smooth and warming taste along with a clean and fruity finish.

El Silencio Espadin 

Country: Mexico

It has Espadin agave with deep and robust flavors and smells like subtle smoke, citrus, and earthy greens with a taste of slow-cooked agave, roasted figs, and sweet potatoes along with some charred stone fruit, earthy clay notes, salt, and spice finish.


Country: Mexico

It contains agave Espadin and is produced by Enrique Jimenez from the town Santiago Matalan. It consists of 45% ABV and has a taste of scents like wood smoke, green pepper alongside flavors like tobacco, tar, and pine.

Best Mezcal Brands In The World

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