601+ Best Military Blogs and Pages Names

There are many military-related blogs that convey the reader’s fresh news about the military. Some retired military officers create blogs about their experiences in the military. Some blogs focus on military education. These days, many of them are military aspirants who can actually go through these blogs and get insight into military missions.

Top 10 Military blogs of the world

Task and Purpose- The blog was started by Air Force Brigadier General John Michel. The blog has articles on military innovation, vet affairs, and the latest trends updates. 

From The Green Notebook- The blog was started and is written by an Army Major. If you are looking for articles on leadership, values, history, and professional discourse, you need to follow this blog. The blog is very well written and organized. 

War On the Rocks- The blog is hosted by a group of people who infuse military commentary to discuss topics like good liquor. They also have articles on foreign policies and military affairs. You will also find posts about experiences of combat, interviews with defense leaders, topics that are controversial, and art in war as well. 

War Council- The blog is hosted by Army officers and will give you insightful information on the historical points of view of recent happenings. What makes this blog different from others is its academic flavor to its military writing. 

Small War Journal- The blog has some real reliable content and you can trust the articles to the core. If you are looking for posts on counterinsurgency or force structure or leadership, this is one of the best blogs that you will find on the internet today. 

Military Crashpad- If you are a military member or someone from their family and are looking for fully furnished, temporary lodging for military members and their family members on TDY or PCS, this is the right blog for you. Not only this, but they also provide amenities like Lyft credits, maid services, information blogs, and many more such things. 

Defense Blog- The blog is based in the US and is a very good source of world defense decision-makers. If you need information regarding international defense, military, and strategies, this is the best place to look at. The blog focuses on events and technologies that have an impact on the future.

GOV.UK- The blog aims to secure the interest and independence of the country in and abroad. They want to make sure that their forces are trained well and have all the required equipment in the given budget. 

IHS Jane’s 360- It is a very well-established open-source intelligence provider to militaries, industry, government as well as intelligence agencies. 

USNI Blog- This stands for United States Naval Institute is based in Maryland, US. It provides open, independent, and nonpartisan forum for discussion on issues of national defense and security.

A blog is a webpage created by an individual to exhibit their opinion on a particular subject and get comments from readers.

Blogging is a popular profession as many individuals earn money through blogs. The blog has also become a marketing tool for many businesses.

Unlike a website, a blog is updated regularly and hence we can always get updated information through blogs. The blog name is an essential aspect of the blog since has the power to attract readers to the blog.

Awesome military blog names for you.

Company Ally

Base Academy

Soldier Fire

Company Colonel

Gun Enlist

Captain Gunner

Captain Munition

Base Marshal

Major Decode

Base Explosive

Advance Marshal

Soldier Garrison

Naval Engage

Garrison Battle

Martial Camouflage

Civilian Captain

Naval Fireteam

Soldiers Grenade

Civilian Sergeant

Camp Bomb

Fire Defense

Security Fire

Company Corps

Fire Arms

Fire Commission

Camp Casualty

Camp Gunnery

Jet Cannonball

War Enlist

Base Arms

Advance Bombardment

Martial Helmet

Civilian Furlough

Army Aircraft

War Attack

Soldier Battle

Captain Encode

Mine Advance

Fire Maneuver

Major Company

Army Arms

Soldier Cannon

Captain Barracks

Soldier Missile

Army Covert

Company Arsenal

Troop Cannonball

Gun Battery

Camp Invasion

Mine Airforce

Troop Cavalry

War Draft

Gun Besiege

Soldiers Attention

The military has various missions, like to defend the U.S. Their work is not only to fight for the nation but it includes various other missions such as rescue operations, food relief, medical assistance wherever needed, security for embassies and other such locations, guarding volatile locations, natural disaster relief, law enforcement, and piracy/drug interdiction.

Top Military Pages Names

Since the military is acquiring these many responsibilities, we need to have great respect for it.

-Military shout outs 

-Military invention

-Major Army blogs

-Welcome military blogs 

-Soldier news feeds 

-Manoeuvre committee 

-Historical junctures 

-Recent Military Academy 

-Military writing 

-Rising military power 

-Strategies and defense

-National guard 

-Intelligent agencies 

-Defense and security 

-Military Academy 

-Military justice reforms 

-Military interviews 

-Armed Brigades 

-Airlift Wing 

-Grounded novelty 

-Public safety & security 

-Military university edge 

-Military duty 

-Veterans & retirees

-Military members 

-The latest battlefield technology 

-Military Content 

-Army instructions 

-Military jobs 

-Carryings the weapons 

-Boom operators 

-Training units 

-Military wings 

-Lieutenants teachings 

-Drill Square 

-Valour & wisdom

-Cadet training 

-Warrior Code 

-Weapons training 

-Military analysis blogs 

-Maneuver connections 

-Think military 

-Soldier systems 

-Respective armies

-Independence Movement

-War on borders 

-Royal Military troops 

-National defense blogs 

-Global open-source intelligence 

-Native soldier 

-A High rank 

-Military performers

-Ministry of defense 

-Independence inauguration

-Maneuver vehicles

-Independent & Partition 

-Military & veterans community 

-Great military blogs 

-Collective armed forces 

-Military lifestyle 

-Military tips 

-Maneuver formations 

-Military Experiences

-Military actions & objectives

-Brats Aspirants 

-Military missions 

-Commander’s intent 

-Open-source intelligence

-Military ally 

-Arms & ammunition 

-Warrior & member 

-Military values 

-Schemes of maneuver 

-Maneuver units 

-Action & enemy contacts 

-Site preparation plans 

-Task and drills 

-Freedom Guardian 

-Coordinating instructions 

-The Army blogs 

-Friendly forces

-Nation welfare 

-Honor & integrity 

-Command & signal 

– Next higher units

-Military execution blogs 

-Suppressive fires 

-Face of terror 

-A soldier 

-Heart & territory 

-Life & freedom 

-Chain of command 

-Comrade & brother 

-Challenges & call signs 

-Tactical mission blogs 

-Enemy forces

-Mother’s tear

-Soldiers grave 

-Small scale operations 

-Trained elite Military personnel 

-Conquer fear 

-Military time

-Military actions 

-Natural & artificial barrier 

-Killing zone 

-Successful soldier 

-Troop movements 

-The true soldier 

-Commando ethos

-Commando mindset

-Adapt & respond 

-Ground zero operation 

-Courageous commander 

-Soldier Commander Under control

-Commissioned officer 

-Militant debarkation 

-Military operation 

-Militant preference

-Armed strategies 

-Military buildup

-Military counter take 

-National Guard units 

-Military checkpoint 

-Defence Department

-International security 

-Military Troops 

-Militant intervention

-Military chemical warfare 

-Attack & barrage  

-Heavily Armed Forces 

-Organised Troops

-Area defense blogs

-Aircraft carrier 

-Military branches 

-Soldierly procession 

-Paramilitary Forces 

-Militia troops 

-Military technology 

-The rank hierarchy

-Military disciplines

-Military laws 

-Economic security

-Rangers service 

-Fighters colors 

-Up in Arms

-Military budgets 

-Country’s Interest 

-Brave combatants 

-Salute & Uniform 

-Armed assistance 

-War machine

-Soldiers personality blogs 

-Military secrets 

-Battle schemes  

-Good self-contained 

-Inner domain blogs

-Military slang

-Great soldiers

-Long crusade 

-Greatest icon 

-Military garrisons

-Retired authorities 

-Military aspirants blogs 

-Colonel Company

-Guns enrolled 

-Top Military blogs 

-Attentive soldiers 


-Rescue policy 


-Automatic weapon 

-Semi-automatic weapon 

-Army barracks 

-Military families 

-Militant world 

-Bullet catcher 

-Joining Army blogs

-A military spouse 

-Nation devotee 

-Research Arm 

-Common military jet 

-Line of control 

-Nuclear projectiles 


-Strategic matters 

-Private military networks 

-Homeland protecting blogs 

-Civil aerospace

-Defence candidates 

-Retired Colonel

-Soldiers & weapons 

-Conservative strategy 

-Inside the wire 

-Military fora deliver 

-Asian martial blogs 

-Zone of action 

-Defence techniques 

-Military Leadership qualities 

-Military preference 

-Global Defence industry 

-Kinetic blogging 

-Security courses 

-Field of Army 

-Blogs on Defence

-Defence updates 

-Valiant Armed force

-Life of a soldier 

-Honorable fighter 

-Militant advantages

-Defence Infrastructure

-Defence Administration 

-Army niche 

-Military equipment

-Military technology blogs 

-Division of Military Academy 

-Military and veterans community

-Military capabilities

-Hardened site 

-Defence tech 

-Defence goal

-National contribution

-Soldier armor

-Intruders away 

-Enthusiastic soldiers 

-Military rescues 

-Integrity of soldiers

-Base of fire 

-Major Military News 

-Ground troops blogs 

-lethal Air capabilities

-Joint squadron 

-Military attack terms 

-Ground operators 

-Officer of the deck 

-Versatile battalion 

-Logistics agency 

-Armed athletics 

-Active-duty soldiers 

-Military activities 

-Dittybooper blogs 

-Military assurance

-Assistance program 

-Freedom information 

-Military terms 

-Defense secretary

-Today’s warriors 

-Combatant authorities

-Regional Military Forces

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