7 InnovativeĀ Logo Design Trends To Inspire Your Branding

Imagine you’re walking in a busy city 🌆. You see many logos on shops, big ads, and screens. Logos today are more than just pictures; they are like the heart of a brand, sharing stories and feelings. 🎨

This year, logo design is changing a lot. It’s all about new styles and ideas. We will see logos with strong colors and simple, powerful designs. These designs use fewer things to say more.

If you like making logos or just love looking at them, let’s discover these new trends together. Get ready for an exciting journey in logo design! 👀

7 Inspiring Logo Design Trends

1. Bold Color-Blocking

This trend emphasizes striking, high-contrast color combinations that catch the eye and make a statement.

Bold color-blocking in logos involves using distinct, often vivid hues in large, clearly defined areas. This approach is effective in creating memorable, impactful branding that stands out in digital and print media.

It speaks to a brand’s confidence and modernity, appealing to audiences seeking freshness and vibrancy.

spotify logo
netflix logo
google logo

2. Eco-modern

Eco-modern logo design reflects a brand’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. This trend typically utilizes earthy color schemes, organic shapes, and minimalist layouts.

The designs convey a message of simplicity, natural balance, and responsibility, appealing to eco-aware consumers and positioning the brand as environmentally friendly and forward-thinking.

levis logo
gucci logo
starbucks logo

3. Industrial Text

Industrial text in logos incorporates elements reminiscent of industrial signage and typography. This style often features bold, blocky fonts, metallic textures, and a utilitarian look.

It conveys a sense of robustness and reliability, appealing to brands that wish to project strength, durability, and a no-nonsense attitude.

whole foods market logo
patagonia logo
caterpillar logo

4. Abstract Psychedelia

Abstract psychedelia in logo design involves vibrant colors, fluid forms, and often dream-like, surreal quality. This style evokes creativity, innovation, and a break from the conventional.

It appeals to brands that want to stand out as unconventional, artistic, and daring, often resonating with younger, more dynamic audiences.

firefox logo
adobe creative suite logo
instagram logo

5. Cut-out Logos

Cut-out logos use negative space creatively to form distinctive shapes and letters. This design trend plays with viewers’ perceptions, creating an interactive visual experience.

The cut-out effect makes logos memorable and intriguing, as they often require a second look to appreciate the hidden designs or messages fully.

toblerone logo
nbc logo
fedex logo

6. Geometric Iconography

Geometric iconography in logos relies on clean, symmetrical shapes to convey a sense of balance and precision.

This trend often involves using simple geometric forms to create more complex and meaningful symbols.

It’s a popular choice for brands aiming for a modern, streamlined look that symbolizes efficiency, clarity, and a scientific or technological orientation.

imb logo
pepsi logo
adobe logo

7. Solid Silhouettes

Solid silhouettes in logo design focus on bold, unadorned shapes and figures. This minimalist approach often involves a single color and clear outlines, creating a strong visual impact.

This style is effective in conveying straightforwardness and a no-frills approach, appealing to brands that value simplicity and directness in their identity.

nike logo
twitter logo
apple logo


Several of the logo designing trends in 2020 should be dominating the year. These consist of visual tricks, variable logos, usage of abstract, simplicity, enhanced emphasis on gradients and colors, responsive designs, playfulness, and so forth.

The designers are going to experiment with all these trends to develop logos that become unique.

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