140+ Nail Polish Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Nail polish is a lacquer that is applied on the fingernails and the toenails for fashion, protection of the nails, and decoration purposes. Females wear a lot of decorative nail polish. They need to dry after putting them on. It is made from a mix of organic polymer and several compounds to get better versions of nail paints from peeling off or wearing off.

Nail Polish Captions for Instagram

Nail polish nailed Polish. #nailthepolish

Do not judge a nail polish by its first coat. #firscoat

Nail polish for life. #nailpolishforlife

I am helpless when my nail polish hasn’t dried yet. #drynails

When in doubt, wear a nail-polish. #doubtful

Colorful nail-polish for colorful people. #colorfulnails

That moment when you see your own colorful nails typing. #typewithcolorfulnails

What brand is that? #nailpolishbrand

Hey, can I put on nail-paint for you? #nailpaint

Why are you wearing such a color! #whatcolor

Let’s go nail-polish shopping. #nailpolishshopping

Had a dull day? Wear a nail-polish. #dullday

Do not judge my nail-paint! #stopjudging

Did you know how many hours did it take to get my nail-paint right? #nailpaintdoneright

What are you laughing at? That’s creativity! #nailpaintiscreativity

I am creative when it comes to putting on nail polish. #putonnailpolish

I am the best at putting on nail polish. #bestatnailpaint

Nail polish got me laid! #nailpaintsgetyoulaid

Nail polish nail partner! #nailyourpartner

Your man doesn’t like your nail polish? Time to move on! #menbelike

Who doesn’t like nail polish! #hatenailpolish

Only a coward would hate to wear nail polish! #coward

Did you just say that you hate nail-polish? #whatdidyousay

How can you hate nail-polish! #hatenailpaint

The best thing that has ever happened to me is nail-polish! #bestthingever

Nails before men. #nailsbeforemen

Nails complete your look. #completeyourlook

Wear a nail-polish and be confident! #beconfident

Show off your creativity by wearing nail polish! #showoff

What are friends for? To fix your nails and your nail polish! #bffforlife

Good friend fixes your nail-polish. #baeputsonnailpolish

I love to get my nails done! #lovenailart

It’s been a long day without you my friend, and I need to put on some nail-polish! #putonsomenailpaint

Sad, happy, frustrated, angry, low – wear a nail-polish! #wearanailpolish

Who loves to get their nails done? Me! #getyournailsdone

Nail polish is a jewel for your nails! #jewelforyournails

Who cares about life, when you have a perfect nail-polish! #perfectnails

A perfect nail-polish is hard to get. #perfectnailpolish

That’s like the perfect nails! #nicenails

Who else feels helpless when they dry their nail paint? #dryyournailpolish

I absolutely hate to wear nail-polish. #hatetowearnailpolish

Why would anyone put on nail polish! #putonnailpolish

That’s an amazing nail art done! #getyournailsdone

When you eat, you eat your nail paint. #eatyournailpaint

Doing nails are the best kind of hobby! #besthobby

Exercise? No, I prefer to do nails. #prefernails

Great nails require great patience! #greatnails

You are never lucky when getting your nails done. #getlucky

Do you feel a little under the weather? Let’s get your nails done! #letsgetyournailsdone

A man who doesn’t notice your nail paint is a worthless guy. #worthlessguy

Women love nail-art more than diamonds! #nailpolishlove

Compliment your girl for her amazing nails! #amazenails

You automatically look accessorized when you have done your nails! #getaccessorized

Wearing nail polish is an art. #nailpolishisart

Make your nails look perfect. Wear nail-polish. #makeperfectnails

It pains more than a heartbreak when your nail breaks. #nailbreaks

A man shall never understand the power of nail-polish! #powerofnailpolish

Nail polish is like a vacation for your plain nails. #vacation

Nail it! Nailed it! #nailyournails!

Nail your nails! #nailed

Nail polish is not style, it is an art. #nailpolishisnotstyle

Who said money can’t buy you happiness? Nail polish can! #happiness

Funny Nail Polish Captions

Happiness is doing nails! #doyournails

Do your nails, before anybody else #getyournailsdone

Your nail paint reflects your personality. #personality

Who wants life to be perfect when you can get your nails done?! #notperfectlife

We do not want a perfect life! We want perfect nails! #nailsshouldbeperfect

More reasons to live, when your nail is on point! #nailsonpoint

Nail paint on point! #nailpaintonpoint

Plain nails make me feel dull and sad. #plainnailsarebad

Keep calm and put-on nail-polish! #keepcalm

Life’s too short. Wear a nail-polish! #lifeisshort

Nail paint will look dope when you show your middle finger! #dopenailpaint

Nails are the only thing that can be shaped easily! #nailshapeseasily

99 problems, nail-paint is the solution! #nailpaintissolution

Keep your coffee strong, and nails well painted. #wellpaintednails

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