Top 32+ Best Noodle Brands in the World

Noodles are generally made in hot water, periodically with salt and edible oil added. With so many noodle brands in the world, it is difficult to prefer one. Given below is a list of top noodle brands in the world.

Noodle Brands in the World


Country: South Korea

Nongshim produced this ramyeon brand in 1983 in South Korea and it is South Korea’s third-highest retailing noodle brand. In Anseong they prepare this noodle with beef stock from cows.

Buitoni Instant Noodles

Country: Italy

This Sansepolcro-based Italian food corporation was introduced in 1827. Buitoni Instant Noodles is mainly popular for its manufacturer produced stocks of sauces and pasta. The Buitoni household retailed the corporation to Carlo De Benedetti in 1985. Nestlé owned this company in 1988.

Buldak Bokkeum Myun

Country: South Korea 

Samyang Food manufactured this ramyeon brand in 2012 in South Korea. The corporation attained over 100 million total exchanges in 2014. It is reckoned one of the best rayon accessible in the market of South Korea.

Cham-ggae Ramyeon

Country: South Korea

They made this South Korean ramyeon with unique ingredients. It comprises vegetables, egg, sesame, seasoning oil, and a dried noodle block. They offer it both in a bag and a cup.


Country: South Korea

Nongshim developed this ramyeon brand in 1984 in South Korea. It is South Korea’s second-highest retailing instant noodles company. The exchanges of Chapagetti attained 159.5 billion in 2012.

Chicken Ramen

Country: Japan

Nissin Foods produced this Japanese instant noodle brand in 1958. Momofuku Ando invented this brand. The stock is traded in Japan.

Ching’s Secret

Country: India

This Indian company of Desi Chinese items with stocks includes schezwan chutney, sauces, Desi Chicken masala, cook up soups, instant soups, and instant noodles. Capital Foods Pvt. Ltd. owns this brand.

Cup Noodles

Country: Japan

Nissin produced and invented this instant cup noodle brand in 1971. Other trademark titles are used in particular nations. The stock has encouraged multiple competing stocks, for example,  Maruchan’s Instant Lunch.

Demae Iccho

Country: Japan

It was originally launched in 1969 in Japan and next year joined the Hong Kong market. It has become Hong Kong’s most well-known brand of instant noodles with an extensive range of seasonings.


Country: South Korea

Paldo produced this cup ramyeon brand in 1986 in South Korea. Since 1990, Doshirak has become Russia’s one of the most well-known instant noodles brands.


Country: Indonesia 

Indonesia-based PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk corporation manufactured this instant noodle brand. The brand supplies its product in Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Africa, United States, Asia, Australia, and Middle Eastern Nations. Since 1995, It is also manufactured in Nigeria and it has the biggest corporation of instant noodles in Africa.


Country: Singapore

Tat Hui Foods Pte. Ltd. produced this instant noodle brand in 1886 in Singapore. They offer their noodles in multiple flavors, as cup noodles and packet noodles. Their noodles have been shipped to the market of Oceania, Africa, Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia.

Lucky Me!

Country: Philippines 

This Philippines-based instant noodle was originally launched in 1989. Presently, Monde Nissin acquires and retails this brand.

Mamee Double-Decker

Country: Malaysia

This corporation involves the distribution, trade, and manufacturing of drinks, snack foods, and other items based in Malaysia. They ship to over 100 nations globally and are extremely prominent in regions like Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. The head office of this corporation is located in Malacca, Malaysia with a department in Subang, Selangor.


Country: Switzerland

This global brand of noodles, instant soups, and seasonings were first introduced in the late 19th century in Switzerland. Nestlé owned this Maggi corporation in 1947.


Country: Thailand 

The major proud of this corporation are seasoned instant noodles primarily retailed under the trademark MAMA and other trademarks such as “Honghow”, “Sai Keo”, “Papa”,  “Pama”, and “Mamy” which are supplied in the global market. As of 2014, the corporation had a totaled everyday facility of six million parcels.


Country: Japan

Toyo Suisan produced this Japanese-American company of ramen noodles and similar stocks in Tokyo, Japan. In 1972. It has one manufacturer in Bexar County, Texas, and others in Richmond, Virginia. The company manufactures more than 3.6 billion packets of ramen noodle soup annually. It remains greatly famous in Mexico and the United States.

Mr. Lee’s Noodles

Country: United Kingdom 

It is a premium cup noodles brand in Australia, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. They produce their noodles with freeze-dried components. It retailed globally and domestically online, through digital wholesaling machines and train lines and airlines and train lines.

Mr. Noodles

Country: Canada

Anderson Watts Ltd. of Vancouver imports this Canada-based instant noodle brand and Beltek Foods of Huizhou, China produces it. The noodles are offered in containers the similar length of conventional ramen. Mr. Noodles is traded at convenience shops and grocery shops and periodically in retailing machines.

The Nation’s Noodle

Country: United Kingdom

This snack item and instant noodle brands were obtainable in a choice of seasonings and categories. Symington first introduced this brand in 2009 utilizing the trademark, Golden Wonder. It had formerly invented and acquired the UK-market top Pot Noodle brand, presently acquired by Unilever.


Country: South Korea

Nongshim produced this ramyun brand in 1982 in South Korea. Neoguri is shipped to more than 80 different nations, and South Korea’s fourth-highest trading noodles brand. Neoguri is mainly popular for its spicy seafood flavor and thick noodles.

Paldo Bibim Men

Country: South Korea

Korea Yakult PalDo produced a brothless ramyeon brand in 1984. They manufacture spicy and sweet flavor sauce noodles. Paldo Bibim Men is Korea’s oldest brand of brothless ramyeon.

Pop Mie 

Country: Indonesia 

Pop Mie Cup available in Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Egypt. They serve it in multiple seasonings including Mi Goreng Pedas and Mi Goreng Special. It was originally launched in 1991 in Indonesia and presently available in 3 mini seasonings and 8 ordinary seasonings.

Pot Noodle

Country: United Kingdom

These instant noodle snack items are accessible in a choice of varieties and seasonings. This dry food comprises seasoning power, assorted dried vegetables, and extensive noodles.

Prima Taste

Country: Singapore

Prima Food Pte Ltd, a solely acquired associate of Prima Limited operates this Singaporean brand of drinks and food. Singaporean Culinarian, Janice Wong recommends the Laska Sauce kits as foodie antiques.

Sapporo Ichiban

Country: Japan

Chiba, Japan-based company Sanyo Foods manufactured this instant noodle brand. Their noodles are also produced in California for the North American and United States markets. It was originally launched in 1966. They also run their business in the Japanese market, most remarkably with customers in Canada, Argentina, Mexico, America, and Hong Kong.

Science Noodles

Country: Taiwan

The Uni-President Enterprises Corporation marketed this instant noodle brand in Taiwan. Science noodles are mainly consumed without cooking them. it is consumed as a snack item.

Shin Ramyun

Country: South Korea

Since 1986, the South Korean nutriment corporation Nongshim has produced this instant noodle brand. Presently, it is shipped to more than 100 nations and Shin Ramyun is South Korea’s highest trading brand of instant noodles.

Smith & Jones

Country: India

Capital Foods Ltd India produces and distributes the sauces and instant noodles of this brand.

Top Ramen

Country: United States

Nissin Foods originally launched this instant ramen noodles brand in 1970. Presently it is a leading brand of instant noodles. It was launched in America after Ando saw the development capacity of ramen stocks in American markets in 1972.

Wai Wai

Country: Thailand

The Chaudhary Group in Nepal and Thai Preserved Food Manufacturer Co. Limited produced this instant noodle brand in 1972. Son of the Creator, Price Napapruekchat has been operating this company since 1998.

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