143+ Mindblowing Oral Hygiene Slogans

Oral hygiene is very important. Proper hygiene of the oral cavity starts with clean teeth. Having clean teeth is a mark of proper health as well as prosperity.

Since ancient times, people have tried different methods of keeping their mouths clean and healthy.

Best Oral Hygiene Slogans

  • Floss it
  • Oral hygiene is important 
  • Keep the germs out 
  • Watch for bleeding gums
  • Ditch Bad breath 
  • Clean the tongue too 
  • Practice hygiene
  • Cleaning is a necessity 
  • Keep flossing 
  • See your dentist regularly

Back then different natural substances were used to clean teeth such as twigs of neem, charcoal, leaves of mint, etc.

Nowadays different products have been developed, at affordable prices, to clean teeth, along with various accessories, which have helped improve oral hygiene among the masses drastically.

List of Oral hygiene and Clean Teeth Slogans:

Healthy teeth. Healthy you.

Better teeth. Better you.

To win the war against tooth decay.

Your smile shows your health.

A white smile is a perfect smile.

Clean teeth. Clean health.

Please heed my advice. Improper brushing is your vice.

There is no rush when you brush.

Clean your teeth regularly like you take a bath to take care of your body.

Do not use paste in haste.

Get back that bite.

Strong gums speak for themselves.

Toothache is a special kind of pain.

Forget about any bacteria in your mouth anymore.

Bite better. Bite harder.

Avoid sweets for better teeth.

A healthy gum is your teeth’s best friend.

Your teeth do not deserve to be yellow dirty fellows.

Be proud to flaunt your smile.

Have a smile that can win hearts.

Teeth so good that even your family will take pride in it.

If you want to better chew, do not keep your dental checkup due.

Say goodbye to crooked teeth.

Go ahead in life with a smile.

Clean your gums properly.

Children should be taught the proper ways to brush.

Proper brushing is the best advice.

Treat your teeth with care.

If you get rid of the plaque, you will be in for some luck.

If you do not care for your smile, who will?

Better teeth give you better life.

A healthy living starts with healthier teeth.

The healthier are your teeth, the healthier are you.

Sparkling teeth are the way to shine.

Shiny teeth shine your life.

No more bad breath.

Gift a great smile to the world.

Your teeth shine bright like diamonds.

Wash your mouth properly after every meal.

Stop tooth decay in its tracks.

Impress everyone with your lovely smile.

A shine so bright that it is brighter than light.

People will talk about your smile.

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oral hygiene slogans

Maintain a proper clean tongue.

Wash your mouth well to remove all food particles.

Teeth should be pristine white, not any other color.

Teeth as white as snowcaps of mountains.

Get rid of all the plaque today.

Be free of any gum disease today.

If your teeth have plaque it is not good.

Brush properly. Brush every day.

Let your teeth see the world.

Brushing twice daily is the real way to do it.

Now nothing can stop you from eating whatever you want.

Even your teeth will have a smile on them.

Floss daily. It helps.

Use a mouthwash from time to time to keep your mouth fresh.

Have a smile that can launch a thousand warships.

Do not hesitate to talk closely anymore.

Proper flossing leads to proper shine.

A visit to the dentist is something I must insist.

Half of the care of your teeth is taken by you. The rest was half by the dentist.

Never ignore the advice of a dentist.

Guarantee a perfect smile for yourself.

Do not let anyone hurt your feelings for your teeth.

Get those cavities filled in as soon as possible.

Brush up and down and all around the inside.

Clean your teeth like a pro.

Food stuck in teeth can cause cavities.

If you like to clean your house well every day, why not your teeth?

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Do not put someone off by your teeth.

Do not let the cavities grow.

Always keep a toothpick handy.

Get your cavities filled in now.

Visit your dentist regularly.

No one will hesitate to be up close to you anymore.

Stay away from acidic foods.

If you floss, you will be the boss.

Have a smile that can win wars.

Your breath will smell like fresh air.

Do not hide your smile anymore.

Nothing can stop you from laughing heartily anymore.

Destroy all your oral germs in five minutes.

Clean all the nooks and crannies in your teeth well.

Do not taste the plaque. Taste the food.

Have all thirty-two not out!

Be free of toothache forever.

Take care of your teeth before you lose them all.

Your perfect smile can steal someone’s heart.

Have a natural smile naturally.

When you talk, talk confidently.

You do not have to worry about your smile in close-ups anymore.

If you take good care of your teeth, your dentist will be proud.

Do not let your teeth down.

Do not let your gums suffer.

Children need to learn how to brush properly at an early age.

Do not miss any corner when brushing.

Show your teeth to the world.

A healthy gum is your teeth’s best support.

Have strong and hard teeth.

No more tooth decay, no more problem.

A perfectly curved smile sets everything straight.

A smile like pearls.

Use proper gum-care products.

If you do not floss, it is your loss.

Clean and clear teeth cannot be beat.

Eat food yourself. Do not give the bacteria in your mouth any food.

Now no one will stay away from your proximity.

Move ahead with a smile on your face.

Live long and prosper, and also have white teeth.

Have a smile equal to a thousand light bulbs.

For a smile that make your lover’s knees go weak.

Never forget to clean the back of your teeth.

Sweets are problematic for your teeth.

Gift yourself a happy smile.

Now your teeth will know that you take care of them.

A toothpick picks out what to pick out of your teeth.

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Mouthwash really helps.

Let your hearty laughter lose.

Elderly people require better care for their teeth.

oral hygiene slogans

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