Top 71+ Best Packaged Water Brands in the world

Today, we are living in a world where packaged drinking water is essential and has become a vital survival aspect of our daily life in order to remain healthy. Whenever we travel we make sure that we carry our packaged drinking water along with us.

Drinking packaged water may be from any source but it has to be disinfected, which involves filtering through natural process or using Reverse Osmosis, UV, or Ozone treatment.

Some of the top brand packaged mineral drinking water around the world used for consumption due to its purifications and health benefits are:

Packaged Water Brands in the world


Country: India

It is a very well-known water brand in India, purchased by “The Parle Group”. Whether it’s a local train or airport everyone would love to carry Bisleri. People usually trust this brand without giving a second thought as it is considered one of the safest packaged drinking water while travelling. 


Country: India

The Coca Cola Company-owned Kinley is another brand in packaged water. It’s a trusted package water brand nationwide. It is believed that Kinley uses the latest Reverse Osmosis technology while purifying. It is a carbonated water with added minerals. It is mostly, sold in the European and Asian Countries.


Country: India

A very familiar brand named kingfisher is in our next list in providing and supplying pure drinking water to meet its customer needs on a large scale basis. This brand of premium package drinking water is purified by disposing off contaminants and other pollutants. It is owned by United Breweries LTD.

Himalayan Water

Country: India

This is the only Indian packaged water brand that has been accredited by renowned institutes worldwide. Himalayan package drinking water has a tag ‘Live Pure’ which is applied in company norms. It is a joint venture between Tata Global Beverages and Pepsico India. It is made from natural water without any further use of chemicals.

Manikchand Oxyrich

Country: India

The ISO 22000:2005 certified packaged drinking water is the only brand to have 200% oxygen in it. It is also certified by World Standard for Food Safety Management System. It is so rich and pure that the brand itself speaks for its quality.

Qua, Narang Group

Country: India

This brand is packaged by expertise of French bottlers. Qua is loaded with minerals that nourish health. The water is over stripped off minerals and electrolytes which are essential for a good health and renewal of the body. It is collected from the natural water source of the Himalayan foothills containing 100% organic minerals.

Rail Neer, IRCTC

Country: India

Rail Neer, bottled water provided by Indian Railways to train travellers, has been given ‘India’s Most Trusted Brand for 2016′ Award’, in the packaged drinking water segment, by IBC Infomedia Private Ltd.

Tata Water Plus

Country: India

“Tata Water Plus aims at a larger mission of lessening the nutritional gaps and to enhance hydration category in the Indian diets. It was launched in February 2012, and currently, it is available in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat. It is produced by NourishCo.

Vedica, Bisleri

Country: India

It is gathered from the naturally occurring mountainous spring water at the foothills of the Himalayas, Uttarakhand. It contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphates and bicarbonates. The pH value of Vedica spring water is 7.9 so, it can be treated as a natural antidote.

Amma Kudineer

Country: India

In Tamil “Amma Kudineer” means “Mother Drinking Water”. It launched on 15th September 2013, by the government of Tamil Naidu in India with the aim of supplying pure water for long-distances running state buses and in bus station.

This project was purposed to supply pure water to people of all class, at a reasonable price.


Country: USA

It is a brand of packaged water made from tap water after filtration by using sodium. It was established in 1999, by the Coca Cola Company.



Aquafina is one of the most popular water brand launched in late 2000, owned by Pepsico company. After sourcing it from the municipal tap, filtration is done using reverse osmosis, sterilization of ozone, and ultraviolet. It has a unique eco-friendly packaging for which it is considered as the top packaged water brand in the world.

Arrowhead Water

Country: USA

This brand of package water is sold in the Western United States. The Spring Water is sourced from Arrowhead Springs, California. The name is implied for its natural giant barren arrowheaded- like structure in the San Bernardino Mountains.

Crystal Geyser Water

Country: USA, California

Crystal Geyser Water is founded in 1977 in Calistoga, California. The packaged  parkling water is sourced of mineral and spring water from their original place in Calistoga.  


Country: Germany, USA

It is a German naturally sparkling mineral water, owned by Coca-Cola in 2006. It was discovered by chance in 1852 in Germany. It was named after Apollinaris of Ravenna, a patron saint of wine. The red triangle is the symbol with a slogan of “The Queen of Table Waters” were adopted as trademarks in 1895.

Deja Blue

Country: United States

It is packaged in a blue bottle and distributed by Keurig Dr. Pepper in USA. In 1996, the water was available only in Oklahoma. It is a purified, popular-priced water, packaged to protects the environment. Its package includes eco-friendly label process and low-plastic engineering. It takes “Going Green” seriously.

Starbuck’s Ethos Water

Country: California, United States

It is originated from a drought-ridden County in California. It was founded in 2001, with a social mission of “helping children get clean water.” The packaging that Starbucks uses is situated in Merced, California and it is ranked as the ‘exceptional drought’ by the US Drought Monitor.

Nestle Waters

Country: Paris, France

In the year 1992, the healthy hydrating company, Nestle Waters was originated. It was placed on the top of packaged water brands in the world. The water is maintained in 94 plant base almost around 34 countries. Nestle waters always innovates to meet its customer’s expectation in a healthier way.

Iceland Pure

Country: Iceland

It is a pure water packaged by Iceland Spring.  The water is taken from Hedmark, which is also the source for tap water of Reykjavik city. 

The water is chemically basic with a pH of 7.64, 4 times more base than the pH of pure water. The packaging is expensive in Iceland than imported product.

Nestle Pure Life

Country: Switzerland

The brand sold as Nestlé Pure Life since 2002. Prior to that, it is known as Aberfoyle Springs produced by the Aberfoyle Springs company since 1993. It is sold in 28 countries of the continent excluding Australia and Antarctica. Its tagline is “A healthy, active lifestyle starts staying well hydrated with Nestlé Pure Life Purified Water.”

Glaceau SmartWater

Country: USA, UK, India, Netherlands and Russia

Smartwater is a topmost brand of package water containing a pure crispy delicious taste of water. It makes water as the hydrologic cycle.

The water undergoes vapor distilling process where each water drops is preserved with extent care like fresh rainwater prior contamination. Subsequently, adding electrolytes for a clean and crispy taste of water.

Poland Spring

Country: Poland 

This water brand is sourced from natural spring water in the city of Poland, Maine, and is the highest-selling brand of spring water in America in 2006. It is a subsidiary product of packaged water by Nestle in the U.S. Its products are obtained from the Poland spring water.

Danone Bottled

Country: Barcelona, Spain

It aims at providing healthy hydration and safe drinking by preserving natural resources and improving lives.

Being one of the leading brands of packaged water worldwide, its motive is to provide healthy water in refined stylish bottles with great usability. It is a user-friendly pack for people to carry anywhere conveniently, or make other use.


Country: Los Angeles, California

It is widely used for consumption due to its purity and health benefits. It is sourced from a remote Pacific Island since, 1996. It has the finest quality of water considering to be the topmost bottled water in the world. Fiji is supplied mostly, by top hotels, restaurants, airport as well as for direct delivery.

Fine-$5 per & 750ml

Country: Japan

It is sourced from Japan since, 2005. The filtration occurs naturally, through ancient volcanic rock underneath Mount Fuji, producing a mineral-rich and fresh spring water. It never gets into contact with man-made pollutants. It is very high-quality spring water making it the most expensive sold packaged water at $5 per 750ml in the world. 

Tasmanian Rain- $5 per 750ml

Country: Australia

It occurs naturally from pure and fresh healthy rainwater in Australia, from Tasmania island. The Tasmanian rainwater never falls on the ground, so when it is bottled, its lightly infused with bubbles for a soft and delightful drink. Its package involves extraordinarily stylish healthy water bottles costing to $5 per & 750ml.  

10 Thousand BC-$14 per Bottle

Country: Canada

This water is not manufactured in a factory, it is, therefore, sourced from the Hat Mountain Glacier in Canada. It remains too pure and uncontaminated as it is untouched by anyone thus, no filtration required. It has a unique and high-end packaging.

Berg Water-$20 per bottle

Country: Canada

The water is naturally acquired from Canada’s remote island Newfoundland. The iceberg filled area is said to be one of the most pollutant-free places in the world due to its widespread location, so the water remains uncontaminated. The packaging is done in a special encased to represent the purity of nature.

Hildon Natural Mineral Water

Country: United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s one of the most prestigious packaged water is Hildon, being served at the House of Commons and the Royal Buckingham Palace. The pure water emerges from rainfall that is naturally filtered through the chalk hills of the Hampshire countryside, after 50 years at an underground aquifer beneath the 19th century Hildon Estate. 


Country: UK

It is a package of carbonneutral and ethically-sourced bottled waters based in the UK. The 100% of its profit earned is donated to WaterAid. It aims at achieving of social and environmental gains.

Buxton Mineral Water

Country: UK

This packaged water brand is sourced from spa town, located at the heart of the Peak District in Buxton. Due to its slower process of filtration, through a mile of Derbyshire’s ancient limestones the formation of this water requires 5000 years of rainfall in order to get packaged for 100% pure natural mineral water.


Country: Indonesia

This brand of packaged mineral water is found and sold only in Indonesia, also known as I-Lohas in Japan. The Coca-Cola Company owned this brand for $20 million in 2000. Currently, produce by Pt Coca-Cola Bottling Indonesia in Bekasi, West Java. It is marketed as the purest, safest and trusted brand in packaged water.

Acqua Panna 

Country: Italy

The Acqua Panna water source is located above 3700 feet of Tuscany’s Apennine Mountains, at Northside of Florence. The powerful family of the 16th century of Medicis in Florence owned the spring water and had fresh drinking water from this preserved natural spring.

Currently, marketed to Europe and North America by Nestle, San Pellegrino.

Agua Mineral Salus

Country: Uruguay

It is a patent brand of mineral water produced by Salus SA. Its industrial base is in Lavelleja Department, Uruguay. The plant is situated at mineral spring site, 110 km northeast of Montevideo, and 10 km west of Minas.

Ambo Mineral Water

Country: Ethiopia

 It is a thermal mineral spring water that contains natural minerals within such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, bicarbonates, and carbon dioxide. It originates from volcanic fissures where it is collected from Ambo Senkele, Ethiopia’s downstream at the montane environment. Since 1930 Ambo mineral water has been doing businesses.


Country: Ireland

It is an Irish brand of mineral water. It is packaged at Newcastle West in County Limerick, near its source at the site of a reputed holy well used by the Knights Temple.

Crystal Clear

Country: Philippines

It was found in Philippines in 1990 by Solerex Water Technologies Inc. This brand of package water uses reverse osmosis for water purification. 

Cool Ridge

Country: Australia

The Cool Ridge is made from pure Australian spring water. It is aimed at meeting its consumer’s expectations especially when they need packaged water in hand while traveling. The Cool ridge sparkling packaging is made from 100% recycled PET (RPET).


Country: Iran

It is the largest bottled mineral water production in Iran along with carbonated water. They are packaged in polyethylene terephthalate bottles using most advanced machines.

Deep River Rock

Country: Northern Ireland

This water brand is packaged in County Antrim by Coca-Cola and supplied all over the island of Ireland. It is made after the filtration of tap water using sodium and potassium chloride that is similar to the level of acidity of soft drinks.

Highland Spring

Country: Scotland

This Scottish supplied packaged brand is of distilled and sparkling water. The water is produced at a factory in Blackford, Perth, and Kinross. Highland Spring is one of the best known packaged drinking brands of water.

Mai Dubai

Country: Dubai

This packaged premium water is based in Dubai that was founded on 19th Dec 2012 by the state-run Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). It is one of DEWA’s key investments towards diversifications of its revenue system. It is supplied to various retailers and also available for direct delivery to consumers.


Country: Slovenia

The worldwide known Slovenia-based brand of mineral water is the trademark of the Radenska company. It is one of the oldest Slovenian brands.

Mohai Agnes mineral water

Country: Hungary

This spring water is sourced from Hungary in Fejer county, located in the Bakony area of the countryside, in the “Heart of Europe”. It contains unique minerals that are rich in calcium and magnesium. It is a naturally carbonated mineral water having a refreshing and delicious nature. Daily consumption helps in preserving health.

Persa water

Country: Peru

It is a Peruvian brand of packaged water owned by Rocio Torres Garcia, CEO of Productos Persa in Iquitos, Peru. This brand of water is sold in PET bottles of 600ml.

Topo Chico

Country: Mexico

It is a brand of sparkling mineral water sourced from Monterrey, Mexico since 1895, later purchased by the Coca-Cola Company in 2017. The name is taken from the mountain Cerro del Topo Chico, near Monterry.


Country: Ghana

This brand of packaged water is produced from uncontaminated underground water and marketed by the Twellium industrial Company in Ghana. It is the topmost brand of bottled water in Ghana.

Watsons water

Country: Hong Kong

Watson water is prepared through the process of distillation in Tai Po Industrial Estate New Territories East, Hong Kong. This brand of packaged water is also produced in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. Watson’s water is consumed across the Asia-Pacific region.


Country: Norway

This brand of packaged water is found in the village of Vatnestrom, Iveland municipality, in Aust-Agder county, Norway. Voss is available in both distilled and sparkling forms of water. This brand is sold almost in 50 countries, mostly, focused on the United States.

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