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Pancake Restaurant Names: 645+ Catchy and Cool Names

When you hear the word pancake, the first word that comes to your mind is ‘delicious.’ And it’s true. Pancake is really delicious to eat, so everybody loves it. Therefore, many restaurants are serving pancakes. 

Just imagine! You are new to the city and want to eat a pancake. You don’t know any restaurants that serve pancakes. Now, what will you do? You’ll google the pancakes restaurants.

Now, which one will you choose out of hundreds of pancake restaurants? Of course, you’ll go with the review, and then another thing that matters to you is the name.

pancakes restaurant Names

In today’s world of social media, name plays a very big role because everybody wants to post what they eat and where they eat if the name is good enough to post.

This article is all about pancakes restaurant names that will help your restaurant catch many customers.

Blue Plate Pancakes

Sofie’s Cakes & Pancakes

Batter up Pancakes

Pancake Shack

Pancake Hut

Wafull Hut

Waffle Guru

Waffle Walkers

Waffle Warm

Flip Jack Fricassee

Flintstones Pancake House

Flip Flapjacks

Almost a Pancake Bakery & Cafe


Pancakes for The People

Pancake Wizards

Waffles and Syrup

Babycakes Pantry and Griddlehouse

Carol’s Crepes

Riley’s Waffles

The Strawberry

Swert Waffle

Pancakes and Co.

Honey Jacks Pancakes

Amazing Apple Pancake Diner

Tiny Tasty Pancakes


Big O’s Baked Goods Company

World Famous Waffles

Fried Apples Head Pancakes

Pancake Parlour

Pancake Hut

Mid Morning Muffin Man

The Waffle Stompers

Waffle Kitchen

Waffle Hut

Pancake Cones, LLC

Pancake Depot

Eat Waffle

Crumbs of Passion, Inc.

Cool Pancakes Restaurant Names

Everybody wants to look cool and sound cool by posting what they eat and the restaurant’s name in today’s digital era. Cool things attract the people most, and as a result, they go with the name first. So, don’t you think you should get a cool name for your restaurant? Here’s the list of cool pancakes restaurant names:

The Big Apple Pancakes

Pancake Heaven

Libertine Joe’s Famous Pancakes

Pancake Land, Inc.

Pancakes R Us

All About Pancakes

Colorado Crepe House

The Queen of Pancakes

Power to The Pancake

Fast Waffle

Happy Pancake Land

The Flapjack Shack

Just Pancakes & Coffee

Waffle Restaurant

Jack Spratt’s Pancake Kitchen

Sweet Squares

Pancake Delish

On A Pancake High

Make My Crepes

Nutella in Nebraska

Pancake’d Up

In the Nick of Time

Caramel Filled Day

Pencake Fix

Pie Fever

Pancakes and More

Pancake Energise

Pancake With You

Restaurant Ranch

2gether Crepes And Waffles

Light Pancake

Minnesota Waffle

Waffle Ocean

Just Baked

Cake and Waffle


Giraffe Flips Pancakes

Walls Of Waffles

Caramel Delights

Baked With Love

Pancake On The Go


Caramel Pies

Pumpkin Pie Pancakes

Pancakes 4U

Jack’s Delightful Waffles

Waffle Castle

Better With Bacon

Sugar And Pies

Krazy Pancakes

Blueberry Magic Cakes

The Blueberry Waffle

Pan Me A Cake

Pancake Uptown

Caramel On It

Pie Love You More

What’s Up Café

Pancake Treasures

Restaurant Devine

Pancake Fever

Lovely Maple Pancakes Coffee Shop

Pancake Powerhouse

Pans And Cakes

The Pancake Bakery

Caramels And Cakes

Cake and A Smile Pancake House


Sweet Crepes

Pancake Cartel

Doughboy Pancakes


Pancake Brunch Café

Hot Off the Griddle

Don’t Waffle

Happy Bakes

Flap Jacks Pancake Pub and Grill

The Big Apple Pancakes

Doctor Waffle

Baker’s Delight

Crazy 4 Pancakes

Delicious Waffle

John Doe Pancake House Ltd

Le Petite Crêpe

Pancakes And Waffles

Bake A Pie

Pancake Rescuers Inc.

Amazing Pancakes Restaurant Names

The creamy, buttery flat cake is cooked on a hot griddle. Isn’t that pancakes are one of the most amazing things?

These amazing pancakes are the choice of all fantastic people, and if you have a pancakes restaurant, you should keep in mind that your restaurant should have an amazing name to attract exceptional people. Here’s the list of some great names for the pancakes restaurant:

Delish And Relish

Breakfast Bistro

Sweet And Pie

Waffle Wishes

Blissful Bites

Wow Pancakes

Simply Syrup

Caramelo Fight

Me & My Pancake

Hungry for Pancakes


The Cajun Crepe

Little Pancakes

Pancakes on The Run

All About Pancakes

Wonderful Waffles

Swedish Pancakes

Splash Of Syrup

Criss Cross Waffles

My Granddaddy Pancake

Waffle Squares

Pull-Ups Pancakes

For the Love of Pancakes

Pick a Pancake


Morrison’s Pancakes

Aloha Pancakes & Waffles

Flippin’ Fabulous

Butterfingers Pancake Parlour

Cappuccino Pancakes

Pancake Building Blocks


Waffle Hunters

Pancake Cafe

Pancake Popper

Pancake Basket

Aunt Ellie’s Pancakin’ Cottage


Home With Waffles

Crazy Crepes

Say Hooray for Pancakes!

Unbelievably Light Pancakes

Cute N Pancake

Batter Babes

Old Country Waffle Shop

Alaska Crepe Shop

Brick Stack Pancake House

The Fluffy Baker

Cake Batter Pancakes

The Pancake House

Syrup & Pancake Co

The Pancake Stand

Pancakes R Us

Mouthful Pancake House

Cackleberry Club Pancake Bakery

Sweet Waffle

Pancake House Unlimited

Crazy for Pancakes

World Of Waffles

House of Waffle

Batter up Pancakes

The Pancake Truck

T’s Pancake Parlour

The Waffle Hollywood

Maple Street Pancake Shop

Pancake Consultant

All Puffed up Pancakes

The Ultimate Pancake Place

Waffle and Coffee

Awesome Pancakes Restaurant Names

“What is in the name?” Well, it’s an old concept. The new concept is, “Every name speaks a word.” Like, If I say pancakes,  you are going to say awesome. Obviously, pancakes are awesome and delicious.

If you are a pancakes restaurant owner, you should get the awesome name that defines the goodness of your restaurant. Here’s the list of awesome names for pancakes restaurant:

Killer Pancakes

Pancakes Stack Club

Maple Leaf Pancakes

Pancakes And Palettes

Waffle Taxi

Uptown Pancake Café

Sweet Tart Pancakes

Frozen Pancake

Caramel Exotics

Frying Pan Pancakes

Bakes And Plates

Poets And Pancakes

Caramel Side Up

Sweet Apple Cakes

All Pancakes

Pancake Swap

Restaurant De Pancake

Waffle Fries

Steps With Pancakes

Pancake Barn

Maple Bites

Pancakes N Waffles

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Diner

Lox N’ Pancakes

Pancake Temptation

You Want Pancakes?

After the Stack

Cake It Again

Flapjack’s Pancake House

Pancake Baker

Sugary Caremels

Chicken and Waffle Realm

My Delicious Pancakes

Baking Mania

Power to The Pancake

Pancake Jouney

Blueberrie Pancakes

Royal Waffle King

Sweet Pancake House

Banana Pancakes

Eyes on Pancakes

Crepes Corner

Waddle Waffles

Pansy Pancakes

Blueberry Magic

Bakers’ Delight

Bright On Pancakes

Grandma Recipe

Cake Pancake House

2gether Pancakes

Pancake Flipper

Sweet Pancake Corner

Batter Up Cafe

Maple Over Caramel

Mummy’s Magical Mini Pancake Company

Run for The Flapjacks

Caramel Crushed

Sweet Waffles

Pancake Buffet

World Pancake Supply Co

My Life as A Pancake

Way To Go Waffles

Pancakes Lawn

Be Waffle

Timeless Waffles


New Frontier Waffles

Waffles and More

Cute Little Pancakes

Catchy Pancakes Restaurant Names

Pancakes always catch your attention whenever you hear about them or watch them in advertisements. And, when something catches our attention, we give it a try.

The same goes for your restaurant name. If you get a catchy name for your restaurant, it’ll catch the attention of foodies, and they’ll absolutely give it a try. Here’s the list of catchy pancakes restaurant names:

The Pancake Brunch

The Abode Of Pancakes



Keep Up Pancake

Warm Waffles

Euphoric Pancakes

Cricketers Pancake Shack

Bakery On Mills

Pancakes And Crepes

Big Stack Jack’s Pancake Parlor

Pancake 101

Purebuzz Pancakes

Pancake On Main

Blueberry Pancake House

Pancake Pandora

Charms And Pancakes

Rainbow Croissant

The Pancake Factory

Bubba’s Pancakes

Pancake Central

Bounce Bakeshop

Pan Me Cake

Apple Jacked Pancakes

Waffle Wanter

Ace Of Cakes

Colado’s Coffee & Crepes

Waffle Bed

Bake n’ Take

Crunchy Pancake Shop

Happy Pancake Land

The Ultimate Pancake Hub

Crazy Pancake Guyz

All About Pancakes

Baked And Decked

Make Mine a Pancake


Sugar Shoppe

Tempting Crepes

Almost Pancakes

Buckwheat Pancakes

Pancake Paradise


Pancake Mansion

Hotcakes House of Pancakes

Pop Your Pancake

Brandy Pancakes

Honey Pancake

Pancake Indoors

Welcome Waffles

Crepes By Zenny


Pancake And Go

Crepes For You

Pancake Hopper

2Cool Caramel

The Kwik Pancakes

Caramel On Top

Me And My Pancake

Flip Flapjacks


Pancake Biz


Pancake Aesthetics

Crepes With Cakes

Better Butter Bakery

Pancake Alley

Wobble Waffle

Love In Pancakes

Pancakes In Trap

Anytime Crepes

Pancake Mag

Pancakes Start Up

Bake In Care

Cooks And Cakes

Crepe Over You

Dough Sweet

Sweet Delish

Pancakes Duffy

Sweet First Love

Overlord Pancakes


Pancake Troopers

Pancakes And More

Bake My Day

Pancake Turner

Syrup On Top

Caramel Truffles

Dipped In Caram

Caramel On Cakes

God’s Menu

Caramel Miracle

Pancake Lounge

Sweet Dealings

Caramel Cradle

Bakery Feasts

Pancakes Quarter

Maple Bites

Caramel Ice

Pancake Scribble

Pancakes N All Pies

Pudding Krunch

Baking Basker

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