Party Bus Names: 650+ Catchy and Cool Names

Are you looking for an eye-catching name for your party bus? We understand that this job can be pretty stressful and time-consuming. But you do not need to worry. We are here to help you.

There is no hard and fast rule regarding what type of names are best for a party bus, and all that is needed is a touch of creativity in the name. But that is the hardest thing to do!

This article has brought a list of names suitable for party buses. You can find all kinds of names here and find the one that you think is your cup of tea. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the list.

Cool Party Bus Names

A simple yet memorable name never goes out of style. Whatever name you choose for your party bus, make sure that it is easy to remember and it’s quite simple. But then again, do not forget to make it catchy.

Northeast Limo Hire

Birthday Shuttle.

Conquest Tours

Knight Transportation

Northeast Limo Hire

Star Courier Express

The Jester Parties

Olde English Party Bus

Seasons Express Bus

24×7 Party Transport

West Yorkshire Travel

The Knight Bus

Boys Moving

Plymouth City Coach


The Royal Decker

Preston Bus

Evergreen Escapes

Prime Transportation Services

Sullivan Buses

Sullivan Buses

South West Coaches

Barnett’s Coach Hire

Cowboy Express

My Local Minibus Hire

Akers Way Top

Big Bus Tours

Rhythm Travel

Safe Drive

Blackpool Transport

Double Deckousine

The Tour Guide Guy

Dream Movers

Decker Party

Westway Coach Services Ltd

Vip Luxury Trips

Memorable Holidays

Big Bus Tours

Nomadic Tours

Vintage Party Machine

Global Coaches Tour n Travel

Lymmited Taxis

Bath Bus Co

Key Kollector

Nation Urban Explorer Tours

Express Planet

Globe Trotter

Evergreen Escapes

Busy Bee Vegas

Top Flat Party Bus

Caravan Transportation

Ready Wheels

Intercity Transport

Airport Super Express

The Original Tour

Logistical Legends


Mills Courier Express

Go North West

Alliance Tours

Double The Fun Party Bus

Seacourt Park And Ride

Doublevision Party Bus

Stifford Road

Superior Carriers Inc.

Dynamic Express

Platinum Limo Hire

Shuttle Service Hammer

Go Transit

Golden Coach Express

Crystenna Coach

Gardiners Nmc

Party Bus And Limo

Inglebys Luxury Coaches Ltd


Evans Trucking

Redroute Buses Ltd

City Sightseeing

Lothian Buses Travel Shop

The Jolly Decker

A & M Super Coach

Energy Transport Logistics

Logical Logistics

Creative Party Bus Names

The main point of this article is to impress the audience with the name. Therefore, it is quite important to know your audience first before jumping to create a name. Try to come up with a name based on the taste and preference of your audience. Let’s check out some creative names for that.


Living on the Edge



Sunrise and Sunset Trips

Magical Places Tours

Towne & Country Party Limo

Here and There Tours

black & double decker

Mind the Party Bus

All Shook Up Double Decker

The Party Line

Country Affair

twin spin

Five Star Systems Inc

Riding Vintage

Homeland Bus Terminal

Town To Town Transport


Man The Maneuver

Austin Vintage (party bus and limo co

Blue Dot Americas

Yellow Rose Limos

The Red Bus Cruise

Everglory Logistics

Tap Royal International


Double Red

Champion Express

The English Bus


Preston Bus

Regal Limo Services

The Green Bus

Pampered Britches Luxury Coach


Value Transportation

Power Mover


Party Decker.

Barnett’s Coach Hire

Estes Express Lines

Beeline Tours Ltd.

Million Services.

Royalty Party & Limo Service

ALphen Coach

Airvan Transport

The transport Business

Party On A Roll

Adams Third Wave Logistics

Trans logic

Bakers Dolphin

Seeing Double Party Line

Oxford coach Company

Double D Entertainment Wagon

The Guv’ner

Hampton Hires

Maritime Bus

Sonic Travels

Limo Hire in Manchester

The Original Tour

Golden Mile Express

First Bus Depot


Knight Rider

Party Knights Limo Service

Catchy Party Bus Names

To create a fantastic name, you can always take inspiration from movies, series, or books. If you take help from this tip, we can assure you that your name will be quite a unique one. But make sure of the fact that the movie, series, or book must be popular, and otherwise, people won’t understand the reason behind choosing such a name.

The Groove Limo

Party Knights Limo Service

Royal Roll’n

Olde Country Party Limo

London Party Machine

Randy Bus Rentals

Double Space

Park and Ride

The Jolly Decker

Roadmaster Party Limo

Double the Fun Party Bus

Double Dribble

Fluke Transportation

Star Courier Express

Seasons Express Bus

Grey Goose Lines

Austin City Limo

Conair Travel

LonTin Soiree

London Lorry Limo Service

Long Live the Party

Trafalgar Square Transport

High Decknology

Nostalgic Party Wheels

London Ride in Motion

Sticha Trucking Inc

Edwards Bus

London auto Export

Big Tex

Metropolitan Shutter Inc.

DoubleVision / limo service

Rainbow Rides

Groovy Red

Metroline Kings Cross

Double Happiness

Party me London Bus/Limo Services

The Upper Decker

Outback City Bus

Horizon Coach Lines

Slingshot Transportation

Waterloo Express

Royalty Party & Limo Service

Vintage Party Crasher Bus

Tower Tours and Limo Service

Bulk Carrier Services

DoubleVision Party Bus

Boogie Knights Party Limo

Brad more Way

Seeing Double Party Line


Wheel Riders

The British Knight

Zelda Logistics

First Choice Moving

LonTin Party Bus

Lucky Jack’s Bus

Secondary Speed

Road King Party Limo

Nut Bus

Cali Party Bus.

Green Dream Tours.

Real London Company

Jefferson Lines

Tiger European

Exclusive Event ride

Sierra Wheel

Pearce Warehousing

First Group Bristol & Avon

All Shook Up Double Decker

Bus 57 where are you?

The JellyBus.


Austin Vintage (party bus and limo co

First West of England

Swindon’s Company

First Group

Astro Bus Lines

Temp transport

Wheel Clap Coach

Power Mover

Amazing Party Bus Names

Long names are a big no for a party bus. Unless you want your audience to forget the name moments after hearing it, please do not create long names. It is always best to create short precise, yet catchy names. Long names are also difficult to attract. Therefore, please take note of this step.

London Transport

Global Coaches Tour n Travel

Travel your Way

Day In The Life

Twin City Bus

Zelda Logistics

Magic Bus

Yelloway Coaches

Lost in Austin Party Limo

Round and Round Party Wheels


Metro line Adware

Squeals on Wheels

Lucky Londoner

The Guv’ner

Roll out the Barrel

Vintage Celebrations

Bus Buzz, Party Bus & Limo

Double Whammy Party Bus

Magical Mystery

The London Tuxedo

Bus 57 where are you?

Party on Top, Party Bus & More

Mountain Goat


Austin Knight Life Limo

Twice as High Decker Bus

Heartland Express

Knight Rider

Valley Trucking Inc

Premier Dirt Transport

Duo Fun

Hampton Hires

Greys of Ely Coach Hire

The Austin Promenade

Limelight Limo Service

Little Bus Company

Wheels of Windsor

The Magical Mystery Bus

Class Act Limo

Transportation Movers

Park ‘n Roll

Dazzling Tours

Luxury Coach Service

The Thames Tuxedo

Superior Carriers Inc.

London Party Loop

Top to Bottom Double Becker Party Bus

Rivelin Travel Ltd

Slingshot Transportation

Party On A Roll

Budget Taxis

Double Deck Your Party

Boys Moving

Knight & Day Party Limo

London Style Limo

The Don

Old Peculiar Party Services

Check Logistics

Pelicanq Coach

Crestline Coach Tours Inc.

Golden Coach Express

(Two) 2 Deckered Party Service

Big Brit Bus

Peter Pan Lines

Evans Trucking

Special Delivery

Unique Party Bus Names

How about brainstorming and creating names based on cool word combinations, alliterations, or puns? It’s indeed a unique and catchy way to create a name for a party bus. For example- isn’t the name “Get Bus-Y” quite chic for a party bus?

Exploriana Travel

Instanst X


Flash Way

Larger Logistics

Planet at Your Fingertips

Top of Woodland Avenue

Premier Sedan Services

Great Wheels of Fire Party Bus

Wow Tors

Top Destinations and Beyond

Snapshot Locations

Muscle Movers

Celebrate Bus

City Sightseeing

The Big Lemon

Booze Bus

Double Shot Party Limo

Lone Star 2 London Party Bus

Double D Entertainment Wagon

Meat Pie in the Sky

Big Bus Tours

Deck it UP Limo Bus

A Hint of London Transport

Vintage Party 

Hopper Bus

Limo Service for Party

Retro Wheels

Between Transit

Vintage Party Bus

Up High/Down Low Party Bus

Mersey Beat Bus

Party Wheels

Premium Trucking

The Austinshire Sire UKanride

Queen Mary Party Line

Austin Knight Party Bus

The Kings Carriage Company

The DeckStar

Good Knight Party Line

Fleet Street Bus and Tours

Reays Coaches Ltd

Heavy Trucking

Sticha Trucking Inc

Harley Quin’s Party Parade

BUSted Limo Service

The Party ’57 Bus

UKan Rent a Rides!

Knight Transportation

The Admiral

Desert Eagle Transportation

Redcoat Rides

57 Double D

Red Rider

Her Majesty’s Limo Service

Terrific Transport

Lights of London

Genesis Transportation Services

Brittish Wheels Transport

Trouble Decker

Chico Travel

British Knights Party Limo

Lights Over London

Party Smarter

Hotel Hoppa

Air Sea Travel

Red Coach

Superior Chauffeur

Double Take Party Limo

Transport Training Centers

Easington Drive

Hayden Motor Coach Co.

Big Bus Tours

Redback Tours

Galactic Shuttle

Mari Party Goers

London Party Machine

Harley Quin’s Party Parade

Mile End Bus Stand

Homeland Terminal

Oxford Bus Co

Vintage Party Hopper Bus/Limo Service

Mainors Bus Service

Imperia Bus Party

Five Star Systems Inc

Alexander Dennis Limited

Heavy Haulers Las Vegas

Double Dribble

Coast Mountain Bus Company

Party Bus Name Generator

Party Bus Name Generator

Explore our Party Bus Name Generator for creative, unique name ideas instantly!

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