100+ Catchy Patchouli Instagram Captions to Make Your Own

Saving your captions for a better day? Fear not as we have a list of curated captions that shall help you today and always. Here, is a list of ‘patchouli essential oil’ captions that shall make your day! Go through them to pick your best and do not forget to tag us! 

Patchouli Oil Captions for Facebook 

What are essential oils for? To calm yourself. #calmdown

Calm yourself down or use an essential oil!  #patchouli

Oil mood and hence, oil mode on!  #mood&mode

Have a thousand pleasant dreams with patchouli oils! #splendid

Work stress is not a piece of cake. Use essential oil to reduce it. #reduceit

Don’t carry a chip on your shoulder. Live better with patchouli oils! #livebetter

Have you tried our brand-new range of patchouli oils? #brandnew

Have you tried essential oils yet? #whodidnt

Be close to nature with patchouli oils! #beclose

What are patchouli oils for if not to relax your mind? #relax

Keep calm and if you cannot, here are a thousand oils to calm you down. #keepcalm

Patchouli oils cost me an arm and a leg but are worth every drop. #worthit

The essence is in the oil and until you use it, you wouldn’t understand it. #essence

May the force of patchouli oils be with you! #starwars

Frankly, dear, I don’t give a damn! Use our patchouli oil to swear less. #gonewiththewind

‘I am gonna make you an offer, you cannot refuse.’ #thegodfather

 I could have done so many things right now, but priority says I need to relax with patchouli oils. #priority

Bro, I have a feeling, we are not under the essence of any essential oils. #thewizardofoz

Here’s looking at you, patchouli essential oils. #casablanca

Patchouli oils shall always make your day! #suddenimpact

A day without patchouli oil means a painful day. #painful

I am ready for my first day with patchouli oils! #ready

Fasten your seat belts as patchouli essential oils are gonna take you to a different universe! #allabouteve

Are you talking to me or essential oils? #taxidriver

I blend with people who use essential oils. #blendwell

I love people who think that essential oils are better than chewing on chemicals. #betterthan

I used to hate people, but essential oils make me a better person. #betterperson

Love changes you and so has patchouli! #lovereallydoes

What we’ve got here is a failure to make people understand that essential oil is the better product. #coolhandluke

Patchouli Oil Captions for Instagram 

I love the smell of the fresh dew on the grass. I love the smell of essential oil early in the morning. #loveboth

With patchouli essential oils, you shall never say sorry. #lovestory

Essential oils contain things that make dreams happen. #themaltesefalcon

Dream better with patchouli oils! #dreambetter

‘They call me the master of essential oils!’ – sincerely, patchouli essential oils. #master

With patchouli oils, make it to the top of the world. #whiteheat

I am mad as hell, and I shall not talk to anyone until the patchouli oils kick in. #letitkickin

When you make friends on the essential oil alley. #awesome

The first step to happiness begins with patchouli oils. #firststep

When you bond over essential oils with a random stranger, it’s the birth of a beautiful friendship! #beautifulfriendship

Essential oils. Patchouli essential oils. #bondjamesbond

There’s no oil better than patchouli. #patchouliisthebest

I am a big man and patchouli essential oils are a necessity in my everyday life. #necessity

Who feminized essential oils? #whodid

Essential oils are meant for everybody! #foreverybody

Show me the essential oil first! #here

Come home and show me your latest essential oil collection! #comehome

What is that smell? Hmmm, essential oil user. #necessarily

Relax with patchouli oils and relax more as time passes by. #relaxmore

With essential oils, you can handle the truth! #yesyes

I want to be alone with patchouli essential oils. #leavemealone

Leave me alone with my essential oils! #yesplease

After all this hard work, I get to use my patchouli essential oil! #finally

Today is my essential oil hunting day. #oilhunting

Do you have any suggestions on what essential oil to buy? #patchouliofcourse

I’ll buy whatever you are buying. #patchoulitwoplease

The doctor said I need some essential oils. #doctorsaid

Essential oils indeed are needed to make our daily life better. #indeed

I finally have the money to buy a patchouli essential oil! #finally

Patchouli Oil Captions for Twitter

What do you do with your money? I buy oils. #patchouli

I’ll be back with my essential oil collection! #berightback

Under the influence of patchouli essential oils, I consider myself to be the luckiest man on earth! #luckiestman

Patchouli oils prepare you for the best! #forthebest

We rob essential oils. #robbedblack

I see essential oils, whenever I need some me-time. #metime

Let’s pray for better health and let’s start with essential oils. #letsstartwithpatchouli

Nobody’s perfect but patchouli essential oil makes you one. #patchoulis

Patchouli essential oil at your service! #atyourservice

Some like it hot. What’s your preference? #hotplease

Jerry, we have a problem. We are out of essential oils. #majorproblem

When Ross had a major oil explosion, he wasted so much essential oil. I hope not. #hopefullyno

You gotta ask yourself, ‘Do you feel happy?’ #yesidowithpatchouli

With patchouli essential oils, you shall always feel happy! #feelhappy

With patchouli oils, happiness shall knock on your doors. #kockknock

You had me at essential oils. #hadmealready

There’s no going back. There’s no crying. You have got to be strong and use patchouli oils to get back with better health! #bebetterwith

Take an ‘essential’ break. #essentialoilbreak

A man’s best friend is an essential oil. At least, so for me. #mansbestfriend

As God is my witness, I shall never be underconfident anymore. I have my essential oil with me! #neverunderconfident

Say hello to my latest essential oil! #hello

Let’s put an end to all wars with patchouli essential oils. #canwe

Making peace with essential oils. #makepeace

Essential oils can make good peace offerings. #peaceofferings

Why are you stinking! Here, put on some and feel fresh. #feelfresh

Of all the essential oil shops in the capital, I love this one! #myshop

Here’s my patchouli essential oil! Say hi. #hi

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