155+ Best Performance Appraisal Slogans and Taglines

As the same suggests, performance appraisal is the regular review of the performance of an employee or showman, towards their contribution to the company or general audience.

Getting a performance appraisal from someone who is sitting in front of you is always hard to come by. Performance appraisal is also sometimes known as performance evaluation.

For the majority of the time, performance appraisal works as a great motivation and it always works to get a person on track. 

Performance Appraisal Slogans and Taglines

Keep doing great as you are doing every day 

Work together and maintain co-ordination

Everyone goes down at a point but who can turn over is a true employee

Together, everything is possible in life

Together, we are strong enough

Be bold, be active, and be positive

Everyone faces criticism but a real employee takes it as a compliment 

Be always on time for meeting and conference 

Never deny helping your co-workers

A group is always stronger than a single person

Communication and work should be effectively done

Politeness is the main weapon of an employee

Discipline always produce a productive employee

Always has a positive attitude that benefits your teammates

Great work, keep it up, you can do it

Love what you are doing, proud manager

When you are down, take rest but at work give your best 

You are the gem of our company 

Any problem? We are here to help

Never afraid to ask a question

Be productive and loyal for your work

Your sacrifice and hard work take us to this position 

Appreciate your hard work 

performance appraisal slogans

Do best among co-workers and take your reward

We never accept cheaters and lazy employee

Starting from the bottom and now we are here

Never exploit your hard work but we reward 

Always be good to us and we are always there for you 

Satisfied with your work but we can be the best 

Your today’s performance is appreciated and hope for continuity 

Thanks for everything you have done for us 

We never get when all work together 

We never get down when you are with us

We are the best company in our country, all credit goes to you 

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Always hope your great performance 

Cheer’s to your performance 

Shout out because you are the best 

We all can do it together

Your morality and attitude take you down

Good performance at telephone services 

Be positive and be sound, we are hoping for your best 

Health is wealth, dedication in life

Encourage your co-workers to give a great performance

Never hesitate to help your co-workers 

Always encourages to a customer who is morally down

Our company needs an employee like you 

Discipline must be there where you are 

Your presentation schedule must be at an exact time 

Never get late in work 

Let’s know your reason to get late in work

Need a proper reason to be absent at work 

Life never gives you second chance to work here

Need to be better at communication with costumers

Our existence is only due to your hard work

To a great worker, anything never interrupts them to be best 

Time and tide wait for none

Always understand the value of time

Encourages teammates to work together toward a common goal

Always has strong relationships with co-workers 

Never been too slow, no show employee

A Positive attitude always helps your co-workers to encourage and keep their motivation high

Promotes a team-centered workplace

Shows the ability to come up with new solutions when a company need 

Shows appreciation for a great job done

Skillfully solves the problems of a client 

Never disappoint clients with your solution 

Shows the flexibility in work 

Takes great pride to help your teammates 

Willing to offer help and advice at any time 

The Best company for the best employee 

Here for your help if you need 

Employees are like a god and we never disappoint

Your performance matters so do you 

Something is better than nothing 

You are hired because you can do best 

Do everything in time because of time matters

Your project is more important at this time 

Deals easily with all type of customers 

Set aim to achieve your project done

Life means to achieve something 

Upgrade your position with your work 

Get rewards for your great contribution 

Take your head up and do your best 

Let us know when you are done

Great to have you

Never disappoint us with your work 

We already know you are the top one 

Distractions are everywhere but those who are able to concentrate is the best 

Never hesitate to point your opinion 

Ask anytime when you don’t get anything 

You have to take the company on the right track when it loses

It’s your right to raise your voice against any cheater 

You all need a rest for your best performance 

Like you and your work done 

Give your presentation in time 

Your presentation shows your capability 

Treat customers as best as you can 

Your salary depends upon your hard work 

The Healthy mind exists as a healthy thing

Your loyalty matters

Fresh mind helps us to produce a fresh thing 

Appreciate the best, motivate the rest 

Work together- achieve together 

Our company- your contribution 

Your contribution- your reward

Can’t be the best without rest

One day you are bad, next to the best, hard work

Smart people don’t cheat 

Smart people don’t disappoint 

Your productivity depends upon your hard work 

Your dreams are not far away 

Always do hard work but never expect the great outcome

Hope for the best but prepare for the worst 

Take your time but do the best 

Our company always expect best from you

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Give the best or leave 

We never bargain with work

Don’t be slow because you are here to glow 

We complain because we want best from you 

Find it easy to connect with the teammates

Hope for positive in every situation 

Come always on time for the start of each workday

Regularly meets all deadlines on time 

Use your time effectively to get the job done 

performance appraisal slogans

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