Plague Names: 520+ Catchy And Cool Names

A disease that impacts both animals and humans is caused by the bacteria known as Yersinia Pestis called Plague. Many countries and people across the globe face this disease, even the United States as well.

It is also known as the black death. It is advised to treat it rapidly because if treatment is not done at the right time, it causes death. Plague has three types, bubonic, pneumonia, and. Septicemic. 

Bubonic Plague still exists today. If you are looking for plague names, this article is helpful to you as this article is all about plague name suggestions.

Plague Names

Nightmare Contagion

l’Éclosion de Silence

The World Death

Malevolent Affliction

Ancient Infestation

The Demise Affliction


Original Plague

The Last Affliction

World Scourge

The Dusk Scourge

Shakagar Kisida

Paragon Infestation

Particle Affliction

The Tomb Affliction

The Mania Scourge

The Storm Outbreak

The Austere Plague

Titan Affliction

The Laughing Plague

The Rabid Scourge

The Austere Contagion

Bleak Epidemic

The Bitter Pandemic

Insanity Scourge

Sanguine Succubus

The Tomb Affliction

Frenzy Plague

The Laughing Contagion

Forlorn Outbreak

l’Épidémie de Torture

The Merciless Contagion

The Deluge Pandemic

Fangful Succubus

The Neglected Infestation

Ending Plague

The Turbulent Affliction

Paragon Scourge

Savage Death

la Mort Perdue

The Grievous Affliction

Cool Plague Names

Plague is uncool, and we pray that the world will never witness the disease again. So, what if the disease is not cool? Are there any restrictions to getting a cool name for it? Obviously, not. So, let’s have some cool plague names:

Terminal Affliction

Lurking Death

 Forlorn Death

Horrid Death

 Dusk Outbreak

Mugor Tojind

Creeping Ghoul

Emelie van Kampen

The Inhuman Pandemic

Titan Contagion

The Solar Scourge

l’Affliction de Limbo

The Desperation Pandemic

Tristan Hexdoom

l’Épidémie du Vide

 Superior Death

 Deluge Affliction

 Maniac Pandemic

The Prime Pandemic

Night Terrorizer

The Inferior Death

The Shadow Epidemic

 Singularity Infestation

 Funereal Pandemic

 Horrid Epidemic


 Third Scourge

le Fléau de Monde

The Deviation Contagion


Creeping Ghoul

The White Epidemic

The Primordial Pandemic

 Malevolent Infestation

la Infestation Ancienne

Void Contagion

Wildlife Infestation

Grisly Outbreak

Curtains Death

Chaos Death

Twilight Epidemic

Stark Plague

Mortal Affliction

End Contagion

Paragon Contagion

Sleeping Contagion



la Pandémie Initiale

The Austere Pandemic

The Deviation Affliction

Galina Kravchuk

The Doom Epidemic

The Blinding Plague

Necrosis Plague

Blind Scourge

Illusion Infestation

Lunar Outbreak

la Infestation de Mort

The Grave Pandemic

The Recurring Outbreak

 Solar Contagion

 Aberration Contagion

 Illusion Outbreak

 Reaper Death

 Malevolent Death

 Veiled Outbreak

 Smothering Plague

 Veiled Contagion

Fangs of Doom

The Ending Plague

The Third Outbreak

The Silence Contagion

 Wretched Contagion

 Chaos Plague

 Original Epidemic

le Décès de Tempête

l’Éclosion Morne

The Vortex Epidemic

la Contagion Fumante

The Twilight Affliction

The Dawn Scourge

The Crippling Pandemic

Moaning Wailing

The End Affliction

The Lunacy Outbreak

 Smothering Plague

 Crazed Epidemic

 Aberration Contagion

Catchy Plague Names

When the plague disease occurred for the first time, it caught the entire world’s attention, similar to the disease covid. People often come up with some names for it. Don’t you think that you should have some catchy name for it? Here’s the list of catchy plague names:


The Mortal Death

Ghoulish Gasper

The Great Plague

The Ivory Plague

 Wildlife Pandemic

 Demise Epidemic

 Lost Epidemic

 Last Death

 Extreme Plague

Chuckling Creature

le Décès Rampante

The Stubborn Death

 Original Scourge

The Mad Contagion

 Fragment Contagion

 Primitive Pandemic

 Grievous Death

 Desperate Epidemic

 Phantom Infestation

 Particle Pandemic

 Sadistic Pandemic

 Molten Plague

 Terminus Infestation

 Gloom Pandemic

 Morose Death

 Neglected Scourge

l’Éclosion d’Illusion

le Fléau de Déviation

The Blinding Scourge

The Lurking Epidemic

Paragon Epidemic

The Primitive Scourge

la Infestation d’Hystérie

The Molten Pandemic

Massacre Epidemic

The Massacre Affliction


The Bleak Pandemic

le Décès Aveugle

The Wretched Scourge

The Delusion Death

Bleak Epidemic

la Pandémie Noire

The Neglect Contagion

The Forlorn Plague

 Dusk Affliction

 Sadistic Outbreak

 Insanity Outbreak

 Immortal Pandemic

la Infestation Acharnée

The Doom Epidemic

The Austere Scourge

 Deviation Affliction

 Wildlife Affliction

la Mort d’Aurore

The Primeval Outbreak

Frenzy Outbreak

 Terminus Outbreak

 Chaos Infestation

 Chronic Scourge

 Sadistic Scourge

Three Autumn

The Dread Death

The Apex Outbreak

 Massacre Contagion

 Forlorn Scourge

Chattering Mummy

The Anomaly Outbreak

The Sleeper Affliction

 Sleeping Death

 Lingering Plague

 Blind Death

 Crippling Pandemic

 Neurosis Epidemic

 Neurosis Scourge

 Dehydration Pandemic

 Chaos Epidemic

 Tearing Death

 Extreme Contagion

la Effection de Limbo

Sanguine Succubus

The Primitive Plague

The Silent Infestation

la Peste de Fureur

la Peste de Zombi

The Smothering Outbreak

l’Épidémie d’Obsidienne

The Grim Epidemic

The Iron Epidemic

Best Plague Names

Plague is the worst disease that was faced by millions of people across the globe. Even today, people are facing it, and those who survived are the best. How about having the best name for the worst disease? Here’s the list of the best plague names:

The Morose Contagion

le Décès de Tombe

The Blind Infestation

The Creeping Affliction

le Décès de Ruine

The Storm Infestation

The Terminal Affliction

la Infestation d’Ouragan

Shagal Akishura

The Extremist Scourge

The Nightmare Plague

The Terminal Plague

The Relentless Scourge

la Pandémie de Démence

Whispering Ghastly

The Singularity Affliction

Bare Death

le Décès Enflammée

The Inferior Plague

The Violent Contagion

l’Éclosion de Tombeau

The Original Plague

The Tomb Death

Crimson Gallows

The Fierce Contagion

The Superior Epidemic

The Uncontrollable Epidemic

The Immortal Pandemic

The Repose Outbreak

Solange Joo

Sneering Zombie

The Bitter Infestation

Chuckling Creature

Adriana Cossu

The Titan Infestation

The Berserker Epidemic

 Savage Pandemic

 Black Pandemic

The Insanity Pandemic

 Terror Scourge

Gloom Death

Life Drainer

The Apex Scourge

la Infestation d’Annihilation

The Grave Affliction

la Infestation de Massacre

The Dehydration Outbreak

The Smothering Affliction

The Relentless Outbreak

la Effection du Vide

The Lingering Scourge

Doctor Acula

The Curtains Epidemic

la Effection Impitoyable

The Stubborn Contagion

The Neglect Scourge

 Desperation Infestation

The Limbo Infestation

The Crazed Outbreak


The Anomaly Pandemic

 Singularity Contagion

The Particle Epidemic

Groaning Wraith

Vicious Vivisectionist

The Extreme Scourge

Corps of the Specter

l’Affliction Implacable

The Fragment Pandemic

The World Pandemic

The Last Pandemic

 Extinction Plague

The Ebon Outbreak

The Spasm Death

Bloody Bloater

The Ebon Scourge

The Lurking Infestation

 Blind Infestation

The Austere Affliction

 Fragment Plague

The Burning Affliction

The Gloom Affliction

Whispering Ghastly

The Laughing Affliction

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Shrieking Devil

The Chaos Affliction

The Sleeping Plague

 Dehydration Affliction

The Black Epidemic

Unique Plague Names

When the disease occurred at first, it was a unique disease ever witnessed by the world. However, today it’s very common, and people also have some names for disease. Do you want to get the name for it as well? Let’s get the unique one. Here’s the list of unique plague names:

The Primitive Scourge

The Wretched Scourge

 Frenzy Scourge

The Radical Contagion

The Iron Death

 Dread Infestation

 End Death

 Delusion Plague

 World Outbreak

Frozen Affliction

The Fierce Epidemic

 Futile Death

The Primordial Epidemic

The Horrid Plague

 Bare Plague

 Apex Outbreak

 Silence Death

The Bleak Scourge

 Creeping Affliction

l’Épidémie Rampante

The Ruthless Outbreak

l’Épidémie de Frénésie

le Décès Ancienne

la Pandémie de Cessation

The Obsidian Plague

The Funereal Infestation

 Aquatic Infestation

The Fuming Death

The Silence Epidemic

Nagis Goltizshura

The Crippling Affliction



Screaming Ghost

The Stark Death

Kigar Fauktilar

The Berserker Affliction

The Radical Scourge

 Terror Scourge

The K.O. Affliction

 Extremist Contagion

The Neglected Epidemic

The Apex Epidemic

 Tearing Epidemic

Arashitaxe Kigalkree

The Finale Plague

The Delirium Epidemic

la Effection Sous-Estimée

 Funereal Epidemic

The Ending Infestation

Deadly Vampire

The Limbo Outbreak

 Deadline Plague

The Dread Outbreak

la Pandémie d’Anormalité

The Original Scourge

la Mort d’Onyx


le Décès Immortelle

la Peste Terminale

The Smothering Contagion

The White Affliction

l’Épidémie de Ruine

The God Pandemic

The Black Pandemic

l’Éclosion Inférieure

The Extremist Affliction

Crusty Scourge

 Horrid Scourge

Omega Contagion

The Dawn Outbreak

The Wretched Plague

 K.O. Epidemic

Croaking Wyvern

The White Scourge

le Décès d’Aube

The Crusty Affliction

la Infestation Chaotique

la Pandémie Invincible

The Abnormality Death

Nosferatu’s Offspring

Fangful Feeder

la Infestation d’Obsidienne

The Tomb Contagion

Deviation Infestation

Lingering Pandemic

The Necrosis Contagion

Tygokasa Voshakar

The Grisly Death

The Invincible Infestation

Good Plague Names

No disease is good, and the world should never get any disease we always hope for. If we talk about the plague, it’s the worst disease. However, nowhere is written that you can’t get a good name for it.

How about having a good name for plague? Here’s the list of good plague names:

The God Plague

Neurosis Pandemic

Mad Death

The Immortal Death

 Invincible Contagion

The Second Scourge

 Terminal Scourge

The Blinding Outbreak

Gukus Kazilabar

The Violent Pandemic

 Stark Infestation

The Dawn Affliction

Dorg Douzahn

le Décès d’Anomalie

The Silent Death

le Décès Morne

Sinkie Visser

Blood Boogie

la Contagion Délirante

The Neglected Death

la Mort de Folie

The Blind Scourge

 Shadow Death

The Curtains Outbreak

Twilight Plague


The Bare Scourge

The Lunar Pandemic

Cain Gravesend

The Inhuman Infestation

The Great Affliction

 Neglected Outbreak

The Second Plague

Terminal Infestation

 Phantom Epidemic

Terror Pandemic


l’Affliction Silencieuse

The Abnormality Contagion

l’Affliction de Crainte

The Blinding Epidemic

 Terror Outbreak

 Lunar Infestation

The Mortal Plague

 Morose Pandemic

 Inferior Infestation

The Crazed Pandemic

The Lost Pandemic

la Contagion de Colère

The Funereal Death

 End Pandemic

 Global Plague

The Ruthless Death

 Terminus Contagion

 Terminal Outbreak

The Dusk Scourge

l’Affliction de Sommet

 Inhuman Epidemic

 Dire Scourge

 Inferior Outbreak

la Mort de Perte

The Tomb Outbreak

la Infestation de Monde

The Stubborn Plague

 Extinction Outbreak

 Grave Infestation

The Funereal Outbreak

The Desperation Death

 Spasm Epidemic

The Delusion Scourge

 Neglected Plague

The Merciless Infestation

 Global Infestation

Bazragore Vukinos

The Delusion Death

 Ivory Plague

 Torture Outbreak

 Silence Contagion

The Black Epidemic

 Terminus Plague

 Alpha Contagion

The Demise Scourge

Blood Sipper

Nosferatu Zodd

Groaning Wraith

The Lingering Death

The Inhuman Contagion

 Scalding Outbreak

Lilith Bloodthorn

la Pandémie Nécrotique

The Doom Scourge

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