Poke Restaurant Names: 600+ Catchy and Cool names

We all know about restaurants, but have you ever heard about poke? What do you mean by poke? Well, poke is the Hawaiian tradition, and it refers to cutting something. It’s usually a chunk of raw and marinated fish that is tossed over rice and then vegetables and sauces. 

In short, it’s uncooked seafood. It is served either as an appetizer or as dinner depending on their choice and preferences. Poke food is one of the most popular cuisines in Hawaii, and it’s one of the main dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine. However, not only in Hawaii, the dish is the choice of people across the globe.

poke restaurants’ names:

Hence, we are witnessing many restaurant owners either adding poke food to their menu or coming up with a new poke restaurant.

This article is all about the list of poke restaurants that will host your restaurant toward a good name.

Poke Agile

Tonkatsu Domo

Kinza Sushi

Restaurant Havana

Restaurant Fiesta

Hideout Club

Poke Lucha

Poke Festive

Restaurant Bash

Poke Crisp

Poke Coastal


Mediterra Seafood

Udon Restaurants

Poke Munchies

Poke Wrap


El Pirata Porch

Sushi Junkies

Restaurant Appetite

Poke Answer

Poke Fuel

Trip to Japan

Dojo Sushi

Flavor Limu

Poke Midnight

Rolls Royce

Poke Fresh


The Dragon and Eel

Sushi of the Sea

Restaurant Dished


Poke Bash

Poke Boy

Cool Poke Restaurant Names

We live in a generation where posting a cool meal photo on social media is considered cool. And, to get cool pics people always look for cool restaurants. If you are a poke restaurant owner, you know that your menu has pretty good items to give them a cool photo.

However, to attract cool customers, the first thing is to have a cool name. So, here’s the list of cool poke restaurant names:


Restaurant Chef

Poke Dip

Poke Cater

Veganic Corner

Restaurant Sumo


Poke Spicy

Poke Chopped

Ember Days

Poke Cave

Poke Hotspot

For Pete’s Sake

The Warrior’s Table

Love Sushi

Poke Ranch

Poke Accelerate

Restaurant Toss

Restaurant Cuts of Pokers

Sushi Al Dente

Poke Agents

Bangalore Spices

Restaurant Baby

Poke Allure

Salty Squid

Gaijin Sushi

Poke Yummy

Gorgeous Poke


Restaurant Edulis

Poke Forage

Poke Abundance

Restaurant Spicy


Gatten Sushi

Poke Lord

Poke Ammo

Restaurant Smack

The PokéSpot

Restaurant Lion

Restaurant Chopped

Restaurant Acclaimed

The Leavener

Ebisu Sushi

Dragon and Eel


Poke Cellar

Kukui Flavor

Poke Article

Classic Poke House

Restaurant Wrap


The Poke Jar

Restaurant Nibble

Restaurant Fine

Poke Superior

Restaurant Dip

Restaurant Grub

Sushi of the Sea

Poke Palace

Poke Crave

Poke Galore

Poke Secret


Poke Slice

Poke Archives

Restaurant Feast

Poke Brew

Passion of Rice

Sushi Yasaka


Sweet Fin Poke

Restaurant Served

Restaurant Served

Slasher Sushi

Restaurant Wedge

Enni’s Myth

Poke Boy

Poke Midnight

Restaurant Nibble

Poke Ague

Nutriable Logo Mockup


Sweet Escape

Poke Dude

Restaurant Lord


Paterro’s Kitchen

Amazing Poke Restaurant Names 

When poke cuisine first came to our introduction, it was a highly amazing one. And, many of us tried it as well. Inarguably, poke is an amazing cuisine, and it’s the choice of amazing people. So, don’t you think to attract amazing people, you must have an amazing poke restaurant name? Here’s the list of amazing poke restaurant name:

Restaurant Fed

Restaurant Captain

Mediterra Seafood

Sushi Tsujita

Kukui Flavor

Green Curry

House of Bamboo

Poke Fodder

Poke Chopped

The PokéSpot

Poke Beauty

Emperor’s Sushi

Ember Days


Rice Rolls

Poke Desire

Restaurant Tasteful

Nurilo Logo Mockup

Geek Girls Gone Wild

Nori Wraps

Sushi Junkies

Poke Diced

Poke Flame

Poke Slice

Poke Akin

Kazoku Sushi

Casual Kaiseki

Restaurant Relish

Mission Sushi

Restaurant Barons

Sir Sushi

Sushi Ginza Onodera

Poke Ark

Poke Spices

Kantaro Sushi

Poke Fury

Restaurant Reservation

Hirohito’s Sushi Shop

Rolls of Fish

Poke Aim

Restaurant Stake

Poke Devine

Real Ahi

Restaurant Lion

Hikari Sushi

Sushi SenNin

Poke Dockside

Casual Kaiseki


Grassfed Grill

Greenanic Smoothies

Eastern Roe



Sushi and Sake


Restaurant Grove

Kukai’s Offering

Restaurant Appetite

Atomic Sushi

Poke Crumb


Restaurant You

Sushi SenNin

Kukai’s Offering

Rising Sun Sushi

Sushi Eyaki

Restaurant Wrap

Domo Furai

Poke Hungry

Sen no Rikyu

Angry Bird

Poke Minty


The Dragon’s Kin

Grandma’s Sweets

Asukama Sushi Poke

Poke Magma

Restaurant Fix

Katana Sushi

Poke Bang

Nigiri House


Restaurant Accent

Restaurant Nouveau

Restaurant Garnish

The Poke Jar

Poke Carte


Poke Palate

Kappa Maki

Poke Chef

Poke Sizzle

Butterfly Roll Poke

Hirohito’s Sushi Shop

Awesome Poke Restaurant Names

Do you remember your experience when you saw the poke dish preparation for the first time? It’s obviously an awesome experience. And, undoubtedly, the taste was awesome to you as well. Well, that’s the beauty of the poke restaurant.

So, awesome like the dish, you must have an awesome restaurant name as well. Here’s the list of awesome poke restaurant names:

Big Island Deli

Ono Hawaiian Grill

Papio’s Hawaiian Delight

Maximilian’s Beachside

Poke Arid

Cabana Charlie’s Haole Hut

Hawaiian Fire

Dancing Dolphin

Raw Delights

Poke Tale


Sexy Lobster Roll

The Volcano Lounge

Ocean Breeze Bistro

Catch A Wave

Go Bananas

King Kamehameha Seafood Buffet

I Love Da Kine Cafe

Poke Bazaar

Raw Fish in Seaweed

Restaurant Scrumptious

Mauna Kea on Kauai

Lei-Aha Wok

Restaurant Gnaw

Real Ahi

Hauoli Cafe

Sea Side Star

Restaurant Lucha

Banana Leaf


Shark Bites Café

Manapua & Curry

Snociety Urban Eatery


The Center Court Seafood Grill

Cracked Coconut Café

Samurai Sushi


Travel East

Poke Purist

So Much Sushi

Shaka Hots

The Pink Onion

Restaurant Wagon

Luau on the Beach

Crazy for Crab Restaurant

Xin Chao Vietnamese Restaurant

Restaurant Fiery

Bite of Paradise

Sushi Ginza Onodera

Maki Taki

The Battered Yam

Lanai’s Best Kept Secret

Leave The Fish Alone

Tempura Restaurants

Blue Isle Bistro

Catch Me If You Can Fish

Under the Banyan Tree

Surf Shack

Aloha Beach House

Bamboo Grove Terrace

Ohana Poke Co

Bubba’s Aloha Grill

Hawaii Five-Oyster Co

Restaurant is

Sea in a Bottle

Cook’s Cave

Black Pearl Isle Grill

Cube Luaus

Spectacular Hawaiian

Poke Ambrosial

Big Kahuna Tacos

The Coral Reef

Beach Bum’s Beach Poke

The Wild Poi

Duke’s Barefoot

Poke Connoisseur

Aloha on The Rocks

Mango Hut Seafood & Grill

Hook’d On The Plank

Poke Aegis

Waikiki Express

Hawaii Love Shack

Enjoy Hawaii

Aumakua Poke Restaurant

Poke Hearty

Puka Dog Hawaii

Restaurant Fuel


Poke All-Star

Blue Lagoon Poke


Hawaii Five

Sushi Reef

El Pirata Porch

Dreaming by the Sea


Unique Poke Restaurant Names

Do you know the harsh truth about the food industry? There’s no such thing as a unique restaurant. However, many restaurants introduce unique dishes on their menu, and there are many cuisines we haven’t tried yet, or that might be unique for our locality.

Pole cuisine is also one of those cuisines, and if you are a poke restaurant owner, you must have a unique name for your restaurant to attract more customers. Here’s the list of unique poke restaurant names:

The Caramel Dome

Ka-Manu Puaa

Tropipusi Fusion

Super Supper

Taste of the Islands

Rich Table

Tropical Thunder

Duane’s Shrimp Truck

Mai Tai Mobile

The Minty Valley

Aloha Specialties


Filled of Dreams

Frogman Lobster

Travel East

Homestyle Hawaiian

Rice House

The Fresh Moment

Rice Corner

Blue Mermaid

Maui Wowie Goodness

Waikiki Beach Treats

Hula On The Go


Heirloom Café

Off the Hook

Soma Saimin

Full Moon


Toshi Sushi

Xi’an Famous Foods

The Crispy prawn

Mikado Ramen House

Malatesta Trattoria

Hurakee Luau

Finest Dining

Bankers Hill

Aloha Plate

Rocco’s Cafe

Big Wave Boba Food Truck

Mastro’s Steakhouse

Taste The Rainbow

21st Century Pole

Mana Wahine

Mamma Maria

Fancy Restaurant

Sora Domo Ramen


Tamarind Tribeca

Thai Jasmine

Maui Waui

Hula Poke Stop

Poke Bowl

Pupu Platter

Momofuku 207

Under the Sea


Havana Central Times Square

Ono Kine Grinds Truck

Sunset Salads Truck

Eight AM

Miyako Express

The Mellow Commander

King and Queen

Luscious Hawaii

Aloha Falafel

Big Sheep

Heirloom Cafe

Loco Moco Express

Stop and Get Lei’d Hot Poke Stand

Vessel Restaurant

The Best of Aloha

Kauai Doggie Wheels

Octopus Sushi Co.

Piccola Cucina Osteria Siciliana

A Salt & Battery

Melon Hula Truck

Tropical Treats Truck

Supreme Restaurant

Catchy Poke Restaurant Names

When we saw the poke cuisine for the first time, it caught our eyes. Well, poke cuisine is indeed an eye-catching cuisine, and those who started or started their own poke restaurant are really moving on the great road.

However, it would help if you had a catchy name for your restaurant to attract more customers. So, here’s the list of catchy poke restaurant names:

Funky Fish Tacos

Blossom on University


Richmond Station

The Smoking Goat

Island Time

Shaker + Spear

Thai Me Up

The Marine Room

Shrimp Shack

The Table at Season To Taste



Catch of the Day

The Lava Kilauea Volcano

Pier 23

Hula On The Go!

Industry Kitchen

Pi’iholo Poke & Breakfast

Butter Midtown

My Dung

Lau Lau Truck

Duke’s Seafood

EPIC Steak

Wok This Way

Joe’s Shanghai

Pu Pu Hot Pot

Waikiki Bowls

San Carlo Osteria Piemonte

Pita Express

Momofuku Ko

Barley Mash

Zero Restaurant

Locanda Verde

Ramen Domo

Oceana Restaurant

The Vintage Cottage


Top of the Mark

Hanoi House

Scarlett a

Sea Salt

Ono Grindz

The Pennsy Food Hall

The Big 4

Stomach Clinic Railways Restaurant

Umami Burger

Benoit New York

STK Downtown

Mercado Little Spain

Gran Morsi

Blue Collar

Le Bernardin

Top of the Market

Lava Togo

Thai Tanic

Cloak & Petal

Dante NYC


Empellon Al Pastor

Luau on The Go!


Aloha Poke

Tempura Restaurants

Season 53

The Flatiron Room

Dos Toros Taqueria

BRIO Tuscan Grille

Fig & Olive

Hawaiian Proper Poke

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