Top 28+ Best Popcorn Brands in the World

Popcorn is a very popular snack. It is extremely healthy and eating it in moderation may actually enable it to decrease body weight. With so many popcorn brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top popcorn brands in the globe.

Popcorn Brands in the World

Orville Redenbacher

Country: United States

This company of popcorn manufactured initially by Chester Inc. which was acquired by Orville Redenbacher and Charles F. Bowman. The commodity was introduced to the global market in 1969 and was traded to Hunt-Wesson in 1976. The popcorn industry and other former Hunt-Wesson industries were traded to Conagra Brands in 1990.

Pop Secret

Country: United States 

This popcorn brand was manufactured by Snyder’s-Lance, associated with Campbell Soup Company. Pop Secret was originally introduced in 1986. Previously, General Mills manufactured this brand and then the Diamond Foods purchased this brand in 2008. The company manufactured a category of colored popcorn. Colors included green, blue, yellow, and a secret bag with amazing colors.

Act II

Country: United States

North America-based this company of microwave popcorn is apparently based on the flavor and look of film theater popcorn. Conagra Brands manufactured and supplied this popcorn. Act I was launched in 1981. Act II, microwave popcorn was introduced in 1984, becoming the primary mass-traded microwave popcorn.

Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn

Country: United States 

The Frito-Lay company manufactured this brand of flavored and pre-popped popcorn. It was originally introduced by Annie Withey, Ken Meyers, and Andrew Martin in 1985. Hampton, Connecticut. The brand was originally produced in Marlborough, Massachusetts in 1985 and traded under the registered trademark.

Cracker Jack

Country: United States 

This is an American corporation of snack food including caramel-coated, molasses flavored peanuts and popcorn, mainly prominent for being packaged with a gift of insignificant value inside. The brand is prominent for its association with baseball lore. Frito-Lay has acquired and traded this brand since 1997. 

Jiffy Pop

Country: United States

This popcorn brand of ConAgra Foods The product of this popcorn brand of ConAgra Foods compresses oil, and popcorn kernels. It is one of the few brands of popcorn that keeps on trading popcorn in this pattern. Frederick C. Mennen, an industrialist, inventor, and chemist is associated with inventing the commodity in 1958. 


Country: United States

This American trader of popcorn was introduced by Bill O’Sullivan in Casper, Wyoming in 1929. Originally, Karmelkorn shops traded caramel corn and popcorn. In the 1960s, the line started performing in shopping malls. The line had 270 stores in 43 provinces as of 1982.

Kirkland Signature

Country: United States

This is Costco’s non-governmental brand. Kirkland Signature is marketed by Costco at their warehouses and website. Kirkland Signature trademarked by Costco in 1992 as its personal label. The brand has its department in Kirkland, Washington. Non-governmental brand bottler Niagara Bottling manufactures the bottled water of Kirkland.

Skinny Pop

Country: United States

This snack corporation trades and produces popcorn commodities. With departments in Austin, Texas Hershey Co. acquires this company and markets globally. SkinnyPop was introduced by Pam Netzky and Andy Friedman with investors Michael and Jeffrey Eiserman in Skokie, Illinois. The introductory thousand packs of SkinnyPop were made by the founders of the corporation and retailed in Chicago shops. 

Newman’s Own Organics

Country: United States

This food corporation was introduced in 1982 by author A. E. Hotchner and actor Paul Newman. The corporation provides 100% of the after-tax revenues from the exchange of its commodities to Newman’s Own Organization, a non-governmental non-beneficial organization which in turn provides the capital to several charitable and educational organizations.

Great Value

Country: United States

Great Value was originally intended in 1993. Its stocks are as impressive as national organization offerings but are generally exchanged at a lower fee. The chain of Great Value includes frozen dinners, canned foods, light bulbs, buttermilk biscuits, and trash bags, and many more.

Healthy Choice

Country: United States 

This United States-based corporation is a sole trader of cold and refrigerated items. ConAgra Foods develops Healthy Choice. Extensive choices of nutrients are exchanged by ConAgra through Healthy Choice, including canned soups, side dishes, pasta sauce, meats, popcorn, frozen dinners, bread, and many more food choices.

Ramsey Popcorn Co. Inc

Country: United States

This American firm was first introduced in 1996. The corporation’s chain of the industry includes the retail supply of confectionery and similar commodities.

Eden Foods Inc.

Country: United States

Clinton, Michigan-based this corporation of organic food is particularly famous for its chain of Japanese condiments and foods and Edensoy chain of organic soy milk. Eden Foods Inc. is considered to be America’s oldest supreme manufacturer of organic food, and the biggest distributor of organic dry grocery products. 

Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs

Country: Australia

The Greens food corporation made this Australian snack item. Initially launched in the 1970s, Lolly Gobble Blish Bombs is ready-to-eat, caramelized popcorn. The company is mainly famous for its colorful packaging, which showed The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, reminiscent of Peter Max, and surreal psychedelic artwork. 

Lucky Elephant Pink Candy Popcorn

Country: Canada

This Canadian candy brand has been specializing in snack food since 1950. Their items are typically found wholesale at neighborhood and arenas, food openings, carnivals, concession stands, and pop and mom grocery shops, and more newly are being introduced in prominent grocery openings across Canada.


Country: United Kingdom

It is one of the most popular popcorn brands of the United Kingdom with approximately 40% of the £90 million demand. James Holcomb and Fred Hoke started to trade popcorn machines in 1914 in Kentucky, the United States in the der Butter-Kist trademark. As their industry grew, merchants started purchasing popcorn machines and the corporation started to develop. 

Cape Cod 

Country: United States

With departments in Hyannis, Massachusetts this snack food corporation is mainly recognized for its potato chips manufacturer. It is merged with Snyder’Lance. Two brothers Jude and Steve Bernard introduced this brand in 1980 with the concept of providing healthier items manufactured with quick processing. 

Fiddle Faddle

Country: United States

ConAgra Foods manufactured this candy-coated popcorn. Launched in 1967, it is typically found in US drug and discount shops. The company offers popped popcorn coated with butter toffee or caramel and combined with peanuts.

LesserEvil Snacks LLC

Country: United States

Danbury, Connecticut-based this leading corporation of natural snack food supplies and produces its own commodities. Presently, the corporation hires nearly 80 individuals between its office, two warehouses, and a manufacturer. The corporation operates four snack chains: Green Elephant Chips, Egg White Curls, Paleo Puffs, and LesserEvil Popcorn.

The Weaver Popcorn Company

Country: United States

Van Buren, Indiana-based this corporation is one of the biggest brands of popcorn in the US. Launched by Ira E. Weaver in 1928 it distributes, packages, processes, grows and develops a variety of popcorn commodities for exchanges around the globe. Their buyers include shop lines around the globe, as well as global popcorn suppliers and concessionaires. 


Country: United States

This candied popcorn brand is traded in an assortment of varieties, the actual combination comprises of pecans, almonds, and clusters of popcorn coated in a confectionery glaze.

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