Top 41+ Potato Chip Brands To Try

Potato chips are generally served as an appetizer, a side, or a snack. There are several brands of potato chips, and choosing one is not easy. Given below is a list of the top potato chip brands in the world.

Potato Chips Brands of the World


Country: United States

It is the brand of potato chip variations and the title of the corporation that established the chip brand in America. The brand has also been known as Frito-Lay with Fritos. PepsiCo has owned this brand since 1965.


Country: United States

It is a ruffled potato chip brand in the United States. Frito-Lay has been retailing this brand since 1961. They have several unique flavors of chips, such as Ketchup, Sour Cream, and Onion. The Frito corporation owned the privileges of Ruffles company in 1958 from its founder, Bernhardt Stahmer.


Country: United States

It is a brand of wheat-based stackable snack and potato chips. Pringles are acquired by Kellogg’s. In 2011, It was traded in over 140 countries. As of 2012, the brand was the fourth most prominent brand of a snack after Cheetos, Doritos, and Lay, with a 2.2% retail share internationally.

Kettle Foods

Country: United States

It is a global plant of nut butter, popcorn, tortilla chips and potato chips founded in Oregon, United States, with the Middle East and European head offices located in Norwich, United Kingdom. In 2016, it was the biggest brand of natural potato chips in America. Cameron Healy established this company.

Utz Quality Foods

Country: United States

This brand, typically recognized as Utz, is the biggest autonomous, secretly held brand of snack food in America. Established in Hanover, Pennsylvania, the corporation manufactures an expansive variation of pretzels, potato chips, and other snacks.

Cape Cod Potato Chips

Country: United States

It is a snack food corporation typically popular for its trademark of potato chips. The corporation has its head offices situated in Hyannis, Massachusetts, on Cape Cod. It is associated with Snyder’s-Lance.

Miss Vickie’s

Country: Canada

It is a brand of potato chips created by Frito-Lay in Canada and the United States. The chips of this brand are kettle prepared and they offer the chips in some unique flavors. They are traded in the United States, Europe, and Canada.


Country: United States 

It is a potato chip snack item produced from drained potatoes by Frito-Lay company. It is relatively similar to Pringles and Lay’s Stax which are also prepared from dried potatoes.

Wise Foods

Country: United States 

It is a corporation founded in Berwick, Pennsylvania, that prepares snacks and trades them through market food openings in more than 10 eastern seaboard states, as well as Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Vermont. Mostly popular for its variations of potato chips.

Herr’s Snacks

Country: United States

This potato chips and other snack foods brand is established in Nottingham, Pennsylvania. While the products of this brand are traded throughout Canada and the Eastern United States, the stronghold of this brand is the Mid-Atlantic area. The stocks of this company are marketed in over 40 nations.

Snyder’s of Hanover

Country: United States

It is an American manufacturer of snack foods and bakery lines. It was founded in Hanover, Pennsylvania. They mainly work in conventional German pretzels. The stocks of this company are traded throughout Canada, the United States, Canada, several European countries, and Asia.

Old Dutch

Country: United States

It is a plant of snack food items and potato chips in Canada and the Midwestern United States. The product chain of this brand includes brands such as Restaurante Style Tortilla Chips, Cheese Pleasers, Ripples, Dutch Crunch, and Old Dutch Potato Chips.


Country: United States

It is an American potato chip brand. The chips of this brand are packaged and cooked in Gramercy, Louisiana. They retail their products with their Cajun heritage, using titles such as “Cajun Dill Gator-tators,” “Sour Cream and Creole Onion,” and “Spicy Cajun Crawtator.”

Jays Foods

Country: United States

It is a factory of snack items, including pretzels, popcorn, and potato chips. It was established in Chicago, Illinois, in 1927 and is presently associated with Snyder’s of Hanover. Managing in many Midwestern states, their popcorn and potato chips maintain large shares of their individual markets.


Country: United States 

It is a brand of corn and popped potato products traded as comparable to potato chips. They give its snack through a chain of commercial shops, including Walgreens, Safeway, and Target in Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, and also online.


Country: United States

This manufacturer of snack foods and potato chips is founded in Dayton, Ohio. The company ordinances itself as the “oldest steady managing potato chip corporation in the United States. The products of this company are manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Dayton, Ohio. Their stocks are available in commercial markets in Illinois, Kentucky, and Ohio.


Country: Australia

It is Australia’s one of biggest savory snack potato chip brand. Snack Brands Australia owns this brand. Initially, Arnott owned the company. Thins make a thinly sliced potato crisp which comes in many flavors, including “Light & Tangy,” “Sour Cream & Chives,” “Cheese & Onion,” and many more.

Uncle Chipps

Country: India

It is a potato chips brand that is traded in India. Uncle Chipps was introduced by Amrit Agro Ltd. in 1992.


Country: United Kingdom

It is a manufacturer of crinkle-cut crisps prepared by KP Snacks in the UK. It is the third-largest corporation in the packed crisps retail.

Better Made Potato Chips Inc.

Country: United States

It is an American brand of variation of potato chips that was established in 1930. It is also the title of the corporation that manufactures potatoes. The corporation offers customers an extensive variation ovarietypuffs, cheese curls and potato chips.

Real Crisps

Country: United Kingdom

It is a brand of crisp (potato chip). The corporation was created in 1997. They have a range of flavored flavors, and the corporation operated an exclusive version political-themedious to the 2010 England public election.

Source: realhandcooked

Golden Wonder

Country: United Kingdom

It is a British corporation that produces, most notably, chips and snack foods. These include Transform-A-Snack, Golden Wonder, and Ringos. Since 2006, this brand has been an entirely acquired associate of the Northern Irish corporation Tayto.

The Smith’s Snackfood Company

Country: United Kingdom

It is a British-Australian producing corporation popular for producing chips. Jim Viney and Frank Smith established this corporation in 1920 in the United Kingdom. The company is acquired by the American global company PepsiCo. The corporation manufactures and retails several snack foods. 

KP Snacks

Country: United Kingdom

It is a British creator of own-label maize- and branded and nut-, and potato-based nuts, “Choc Dips”, snacks. The corporation is established in Slough, England, UK.

Jones Potato Chips

Country:  United Kingdom 

Frederick W. Jones started Jones Potato Chips in 1945 and is popular for Jones Marcelled Potato Chips. It has its head office located in Mansfield.

Mrs. Fisher’s

Country: United States

This brand is also recognized as Mrs. Fisher’s Potato Chips. It is a local plant of potato chips established in Rockford, Illinois. Ethel Fisher started this company in 1932, and presently, it is a famous trademark of potato chips in the Midwestern United States.

Simba Chips

Country: South Africa

It is a prominent South African company of potato crisps. The Greyvensteyn family originally introduced this brand in 1957.

San Nicasio

Country: Spain

It is a gourmet potato chips brand from Spain, founded in 1999. Husband Wife team Rafael del Rosal Lopez and Carmen Osuna founded this brand.

Salt ‘n’ Shake

Country: United Kingdom

It is one of the oldest potato crisp brands in the United Kingdom, initially produced by The Smith’s Snackfood corporation. Salt ‘n’ Shake is mainly popular for containing 0.6g of salt; Presently, this brand has been acquired by Walkers.


Country: United Kingdom

It was a British company of potato crisps and packers of “Blue Lagoon” raisins and nuts. Crispy had manufacturers in Winnersh in Wokingham and Airdrie, North Lanarkshire. It was established in 1950. 

Seabrook Potato Crisps

Country: United Kingdom

It is a brand of chips in the United Kingdom. Manufactured in Bradford, England, by Seabrook Crisps Ltd. Charles Brook established this brand in 1945.


Country: Latvia

The Chips Group, previously known as Taffel Chips, was a corporation founded in Latvia, an independent province of Latvia, manufacturing savory items and potato chips since the creation of Chips Ab Suomi. This industry is incorporated within the organization as part of Orkla Suomi.

Red Sky snacks

Country: United Kingdom

It is a breakthrough sharing stock in the dividend sector of the Nuts, Snacks, and Crisps category. The best of nature is given by it with its amazing taste from 100% natural components.

San Carlo

Country: Italy

It is an Italian company of snack foods, including crackers and crisps. Global trademarks include the French trademarks Gardeil and Flodor, Spanish trademark Crecs, and Highlander chips in America.

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