231+ Catchy Potluck Captions for Instagram to Make Your Own

Thanksgiving is when people come together to share their love and happiness in the form of delicious dishes, gifts, and various offerings. We often hear that good food is the way to the heart, so here are some potluck captions for your social media.

Potluck Captions for Instagram

Good food and great company make anything extra special.

Bring your best dish to the table.

Who can’t stop falling in love with a good potluck?

Time to gather around with some great food. #thanksgiving

Food is my first love.

Can’t be living in denial that food means the most to me.

What better way to show your love than to share your food?

Family, food, and unlimited fun. #potluck

I appreciate the people who love to eat.

Even if you fall short of words, food will serve as your love language.

Good food is what connects us to the soul.

Do you think I came here for the people? It is the food.

My mood automatically shoots up every time I see good food.

This potluck must be the best one. 

I am sorry, but I do not share my food. 

Sharing is caring does not apply here. #saynotosharing

Any excuse to hang out with my friends.

No better way to kick off Thanksgiving than hosting a potluck.

Bring over your recipe of the year.

The passionate foodie in me goes crazy! #potluckplan

Snap a few pictures of this lavish spread.

This is my time to rise and shine.

I have been eyeing this dish for a long time now.

Digging into the deliciousness of these delicacies.

Let the party begin.

Endless gossips over good food are my thing.

Time to make new plans with the squad over food.

Relishing these moments that will count as priceless memories.

May your pots fill with love and luck this season. #potluck

This feels like paradise to food lovers.

Welcome to the potluck paradise.

Who cares about a balanced diet anyway?

Food and friends are the perfect combinations.

The party is on.

Keep moving and grooving.

I like good food, and I cannot lie.

Today seems to be the perfect night for a potluck.

One more round, please.

Pass me the plate, please.

Time to eat, drink and have fun! #potluckfun

May the pot overflow with mind-blowing recipes served with love.

I choose food first.

I am ready to finish all the food on the table.

Never settle for less, especially when it comes to food.

Bring it on! The foodies are waiting.

The chef in me was waiting for this day.

Join us to double up the fun.

Now is the time to be merry.

I have been waiting for this potluck for the longest time.

Good food is the doorway to my heart. #potluckhappiness

Time for me to gobble up everything.

Hosting a potluck dinner at home feels so warm and welcoming.

There can be no kind gesture other than bringing over food.

There is nothing that makes my soul happier than food.

Drooling over the delicious delicacies.

Say hello to my first love that is food!

Food is my ultimate priority. #thanksgivingpotluck

Focusing on food over people since birth.

Thankful for receiving food on my plate every day.

Food brings people together.

Wishing you love, luck, peace, and happiness over good food.

Being thankful for the little things in life. #thanksgiving

Having a potluck with your favorite people around is a blessing.

The potluck is proof that food can be a cause of unity among people.

I feel blessed to share this special day with my family.

Let me raise a toast to this potluck dinner and us!

I have got sweet lime soda on my mind.

Time to say ‘Cheese’! #potluckhappiness

This feels like heaven to me.

A little sweeter and a lot more butter.

Sugar, spice, and all things nice.

I feel ‘butter’ when I am with you.

Why look for a caption anyway?

I’m still thinking about you. #foodlover

My love for good food knows no bounds.

Food will never break your heart, no matter what.

You can never make every person happy as you are not food.

Make sure that just like you, the food chooses you too.

This potluck was the best one so far.

Family, happiness, and good food go hand in hand. #potluck

May you have a pot overfilled with love and care.

This is the season to make every moment count.

Cherishing the deliciousness of the potluck.

Love, luck, and great food will guide your way.

Counting my blessings every day. #thanksgiving

Funny Potluck Captions

The best moments in life are free of cost.

If a family comes first, then what about food?

This is my time to rise and shine.

Making life a little better.

The door to my soul is through delicious food.

It took me a long time to master this recipe.

These dishes feel like heaven to me. #potlucknight

Having people over feels so warm and comforting.

United we stand, divided we eat!

‘Say No to sharing’ is written on my cake.

What is the best dish you have tried out so far?

Potluck Paradise welcomes you to the squad.

Still thinking about the delicious delicacies.

Good food and great company sum up my Thanksgiving. #thanksgivingpotluck

Food will not break your heart ever.

One thing that will always make you smile is great food.

Just bringing your fork to the potluck will make no sense.

Why look elsewhere if heaven is right in front of your eyes?

My heart beats faster every time I think of you.

Good food is a lifestyle that I prefer to choose.

My pot of secrets spills out love, laughter, and recipes. #potluck

This Thanksgiving taught me the value of unity.

May there be love, light, and great food everywhere.

With great food comes greater ideas.

The secret of my happiness is a potluck like this.

I never believed in love at first sight until the smell of chicken swept me off my feet.

‘Love at first smell’ happened to me.

I wish the potluck never ended.

The pain when all the food is finished compares to nothing.

Nothing tastes better than freshly baked cookies. #potluckrecipes

I sent out the first invitation to the potluck to myself.

Why worry when you can have more curry?

Without food, the potluck would make no sense.

I have a thing or two for potlucks and you.

My love for new dishes is a never-ending tale, it seems.

You deserve a pot full of happiness and blessings.

May all good dishes happen to you. #potluckprayers

Why look for a caption if you can have more parmesan?

This Thanksgiving was a bit too ‘cheesy.’

Praying for another potluck soon.

Living the best time of my life.

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