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700+ Catchy Chicken Slogans and Taglines

The Chicken farming business is raising cultivated birds such as chickens, turkeys, and ducks, for the rationale of farming meat or eggs for food.

Chicken farming is a constant resource of income. It is not recurring and can construct income for the entire year.

Chicken fertilizers are prosperous in nitrogen and organic material and hence, are well thought out valuable as fertilizer which is another cost advantage.

Best Chicken Slogans

  • Authentic chicken
  • A chicken you will fall for
  • Quality tested chicken
  • We are best chickens in town
  • Unbeatable taste
  • A taste like never before
  • Think chicken? Think us
  • Eggs with mesmerizing taste
  • The chicken everyone thrives
  • No added hormones

Broiler’s nourish ingestion is very low while producing the maximum possible amount of food. The major benefit is chicken farming business does not require huge capital to start with.

It is very challenging to create a slogan for a business nowadays. It is because there are many features that a business slogan must contain. So go through the business slogan guide.

chicken slogans

This nevertheless implies that the poultry farming business, if done right, can make more money from this business.

To make the chicken business famous, one must require a lot of catchy slogans. The most difficult task in this world is understanding and satisfying people’s tastes and preferences.

Hence we provide you with various slogans. Hence we provide you with various slogans. 

Cool Chicken Business Slogans

Chicken business is one of the most growing businesses during these times, and to be a part of it, you need to make sure that you are at par with your competitors. To make a name for your business, you need to make sure that you are doing something different from the mainstream business, which will make you stand out from the rest of the competitors.

In such cases, you should not only focus on the quality, but also you should look out for some cool captions or slogans which will attract your consumers; these are the things that will enable you to make a place for your business even if the competition is high.

You need to aim at making your business flourish even if there are numerous competitors. Here given below are a few cool chicken business slogans:

  • Best Protein. Best Service
  • An egg a day saves the doctor away.
  • for breakfast matters.
  • Because strong shouldn’t be hard.
  • Recovering for everyone.
  • Better taste. Better diet. Better eggs.
  • Bright for breakfast.
  • Loyal to quality.
  • Lovely day today.
  • Do one decent thing.
  • Chicken Beaters. Unbeatable.
  • Special every day.
  • Excellent eggs by fabulous birds.
  • Get cracking with chicken.
  • Go to effort on an egg.
  • Pleasure is egg-shaped.
  • Happy chicks lay tasty eggs.
  • It’s not fair any egg.
  • Hire chickens to be chickens.
  • Assembly healthy lifestyles are possible.
  • May conceivable by the egg.
  • More space to bounce, perch, groom, and nest.
  • Logically Your Best Choice.
  • Nature’s Intention with chicken.
  • Our hens live in more large accommodations.
  • Conceit in every egg.
  • Actual hot breakfast.
  • Better-off golden yolks.
  • Dramatic in salads.
  • Aid eggs, save money!
  • Simply lovely free-range eggs.
  • Palate the healthy side of eggs.
  • The chicken always comes chief.
  • The typical rural taste.
  • The egg finished.
  • The absurd edible egg.
  • The material thing. Only better.
  • Two Chicks. The hoarier lighter egg.
  • Matchless for breakfast.
  • Eggs for your fitness.
  • We are having the top eggs.
  • A firm for eggs. 
  • An egg construction company 
  • Well hens for eggs 
  • Because eggs arise first
  • Its all almost eggs 
  • Gives you flawless protein 
  • We stand for eggs 
  • Eggs clear for eggs 
  • It is not impartial eggs 
  • Taking best eggs for you 
  • We are finest for eggs
  • Eat a moral thing 
  • Eggs better for everybody 
  • Unsurpassedegg for breakfast
  • Having peerless eggs
  • We are unwavering to quality
  • Get rather healthy 
  • Start your day per an egg
  • Breakfast for a wonderful day 
  • Elect the naturally best 
  • Eggs, natures aim 
  • Egotism on every egg 
  • Because progenies are better 
  • Because eggs are unsurpassed 
  • Your shape is our priority 
  • Eggs are supreme for breakfast 
  • Eggs always come first
  • Eggs simply delicious
  • Attends eggs for health 
  • Eggs for a vigorous lifestyle 
  • Sensitivity the healthy sides of eggs  
Poultry Slogans

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Catchy Chicken Taglines

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed products all over the world, and when you are starting your chicken business then, you need to get this thing straight if you go on to carry your business like your fellow competitors, then you might be the last one in the game, and to avoid that apart from mainstream production and quality you need to make sure that the advertisements are of top-notch quality and it is distinctive enough to draw the attention of your consumers.

These advertisements should not be something which has already been done by other business, rather it should something which is your creation and sets your business apart from the rest of your competitors, here are a few catchy chicken taglines that you can include to boost your sales:

  • Having the best value eggs
  • Get the unsurpassed eggs here eggs
  • Eggs for a healthy everyday life
  • Eggs variety your life healthy 
  • Get the different eggs here 
  • Get the best value eggs here 
  • We are on behalf of eggs 
  • For this reason, eggs are truly good 
  • Having value eggs for you 
  • We are made for egg making 
  • Looking for eggs arise here 
  • Admirable range of eggs 
  • For all your eggs essential
  • An egg concern for you 
  • Having eggs with good taste 
  • Eggs are simply lovely 
  • Get the best array of eggs 
  • We service eggs to save currency
  • Well eggs from healthier hens
  • Eggs expressly for you 
  • Restored eggs for better tomorrow
  • Champion syndicate for eggs 
  • We are branded for our quality 
  • Your town superlative egg company 
  • Perception of the best eggs 
  • Arise here for eggs 
  • We are arranged on behalf of eggs
  • Having farfetched eggs 
  • The superlative egg company for you
  • An egg that arises first
  • Eggs for the best condition 
  • Real eggs for the preeminent health 
  • An egg enterprise for you 
  • We always give worth  
  • We are naturally virtuous 
  • We function eggs and egg company 
  • Eggs are simply the best and most wonderful 
  • The eggs each time come first  
  • Because strength is important  
  • Eggs are better for every man jack 
  • A company committed to quality 
  • Fabulous diet for egg 
  • An egg enterprise 
  • Our invention is always the best 
  • Inferiority company for eggs 
  • We are superlative for eggs 
  • We make a healthy way of life  
  • Company for the superlative choice 
  • We yield the best quality eggs  
  • We make you vigorous  
  • An eminence company for eggs 
  • We are only for egg fabrication 
  • Having value eggs 
  • Having eminence for eggs 
  • Perfection in every single egg 
  • Eggs are making best eggs 
  • Eggs that are hale and hearty for you  
  • Eat the best brunch with eggs 
  • A victor for an egg company 
  • An egg concern or you
  • Having fresh eggs with the unsurpassed price  
  • We are shockingly good 
  • Eggs make your way of life easy 
  • One step domicile for eggs
  • We kind you happiness 
  • We always serve you cheerfulness 
  • Having were and reduce eggs
  • We are only enhanced 
  • We are dedicated for egg fabrication 
  • Taste the strong eggs 
  • The best taste with better spawns
  • Free-range of frogspawn 
  • A concern for all types of eggs
  • Your capacities best place for eggs 
  • We serve eggs for your well-being 
  • Want eggs then visit at this point  
  • Please give us a fortuitous 
  • A family firm for eggs
  • Give you superb quality eggs 
  • Having healthy chicks for the best eggs 
  • We pact with every type of eggs
  • Because eggs are strong  
  • A real and hot feast for you
  • Makes a healthy lifestyle thinkable 
  • Fabulous eggs from great hens 
  • Choose the pre-eminent 
  • Eggs are superlative and better 
  • A company for best and inexpensive eggs 
  • Eat a healthy7 banquet with eggs 
  • A company for ordinary eggs 
  • We are satisfied to be here 
  • Eggs are intense for breakfast 
  • Eggs mark your breakfast healthy  
  • Eat healthy for a vigorous life  
  • Our eggs are truly moral 
  • Start your era with proteins 
  • Exceptional system every day  
  • Range of eminence eggs 
  • We make every egg unadulterated 
  • We are impeccable for health 
  • Your health 8is our urgency 
  • A house for healthy egg
  • Give you quality hen 
  • Quality eggs at a cheap price
  • Chicken business the positive attitude
  • Live Chicken business

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Catchy Chicken Phrases

When you are starting on your chicken journey, then you need to understand that there are probably thousands of your competitors who have been in the business for years, and so you need to make sure that you are doing something different which draws the attention of your consumers and bring you to the business.

Chicken consumption has gradually increased with time as it is one of the major sources of protein and deliciousness; it is a type of meat eaten by everyone around the world, no matter their caste or creed.

Chicken is consumed by all, so you have a choice of a huge market here. Given below are some catchy chicken phrases:

  • We make our chickens work out to make them fat-free.
  • How about some tender chicken steak tonight?
  • Here to just level up the chicken game.
  • Even the chicken would have recommended us.
  • A chicken that will make you fall in love with it.
  • Nah, we are not here for your regular dry chicken.
  • Only the authenticity will speak for itself
  • Quality like you haven’t eaten before.
  • Thrive to eat healthily, and by healthy, I mean our chickens.
  • If you are not obsessed with our chickens, then we are ready to refund you.
  • Hiring chicken now!
  • Thinking about some chicken? think about us.
  • How about some unbeatable chicken breasts?
  • The chicken which you haven’t tasted before
  • For a good breakfast, maybe?
  • Always being loyal to the taste.
  • For some juicy chickens, it’s worth it.
  • Get some bomb-ass recipe with our chicken.
  • We put our best effort into giving you some best quality chickens.
  • Healthy? Did you mean chicken?
  • Technically, the best choice you are avoiding.
  • just some happy chicken is laying tasty eggs.
  • Our chickens are more conceivable.
  • Better off with some golden yellow yolks.
  • Someone’s breakfast will be bussin’
  • How about some runny yolk with some ramen?
  • Chickens and salads, are a match made in heaven.
  • Chicken and eggs that matter for your fitness.
  • Matchless for your tomorrow breakfast.
  • Just a business which we have taken seriously.
  • To make your diet a bit more healthy.

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Funny Chicken Slogans

Chicken is one of the businesses which has widely started to grow, and if you are someone new to the business, then you need to make sure that you are doing something distinctive apart from just focussing on the quality and production of chicken and eggs.

This business will make you the billionaire that you want to be, it can surely be a turning point in your life if you use it correctly, but you need to make sure that you are going head-to-head with your competitors to excel in this.

Since you are starting a business that has a worldwide market, you have ample opportunities to grow in this business; here are a few funny chicken slogans given below:

  • The day can only be best if you start with our poached eggs.
  • Loyal to our consumers always
  • We deliver the best, or we don’t
  • Producing some unbeatable chickens
  • Eggs that provide you with the best form of energy can only be delivered here.
  • Get day cracking with the eggs.
  • Assemble here to get into a healthy lifestyle
  • How about smoking’ a hot breakfast.
  • The plate that healthy side of eggs.
  • The only material things which will make your life better.
  • A firm only for elite things.
  • Constructing the best eggs for y’all.
  • Proteins that match your fitness standard.
  • Take only the best chicken for yourself.
  • Never wavering to our quality.
  • How about some eggilicious breakfast?
  • Healthy is cheaper than hospital bills.
  • You can’t miss out on this sunny yolk for breakfast.
  • Elect the ones that are best for yourself.
  • Chickens or eggs come first? It’s your health, dude.
  • Eggs and chicken are always unsurpassed.
  • Attention to the eggs for your fitness regime.
  • Chicken and eggs? sounds like a delicious breakfast.
  • Eggs are made to aim for your health.
  • Chicken whose meat is juicier than your lives.
  • We came back just for the business.
  • We and chicken an unmatched combo.
  • Eggs from healthier hens are always good.
  • Chicken, is the expression of fitness.
  • Restoring the eggs for your better future.
  • Perception for the best chicken overs here.
  • Assemble here for the best chicken.
  • Chicken and eggs are naturally virtuous.
  • A conscious person always needs the best quality of eggs.

Poultry Farm Slogan

The poultry farm is a business that has seen rapid growth in recent times and is also one of the businesses which require an immense amount of patience, hard work, and money. You need to devote yourself to this business to make it flourish and also make sure to take care of this business to not compromise the quality.

.When you are starting this business, you need to make sure to make connections with the wholesale dealers and retailers too so that you can have an enormous chance of growth in this sector; after all of this, you need to make sure that your poultry farm business should not like any other poultry farm business rather it should be something unique.

Therefore to add the taste of uniqueness to your business here are a few poultry farm slogans that you can use :

  • We add no hormones to our chickens.
  • You are thriving for our chickens.
  • Eggs and chicken make a scrumptious meal.
  • Best proteins require the best services(from us).
  • Bright eggs for breakfast.
  • Doing one decent thing and excelling in it is our aim.
  • Pleasure always comes in the shape of an egg.
  • We prefer happy chickens as they lay the best of eggs.
  • Making your breakfast special every day.
  • Providing our chickens more space to bounce and perch.
  • We provide luxury to our hens and chickens.
  • Our eggs give dramatic entry into the salads.
  • The typical rural taste from a premium firm.
  • Eggs arise first always.
  • Top eggs for our top consumers.
  • Handpicking the best eggs only for you.
  • Eat something which matches your morals.
  • Start your day with the best proteins.
  • Having only the winner eggs.
  • Your shape is our foremost priority.
  • Eggs and chicken? You are one heck of a health-conscious person.
  • Providing an unbeatable range of chickens and eggs.
  • Eggs that are in the best condition.
  • You can call us an egg enterprise.
  • Making a healthy way for your life.
  • Concern for the best eggs stops here.
  • We are just shockingly good in our business.
  • Serving you some health.
  • Enhancing our quality.
  • Taste only the strongest eggs.

Eat More Chicken Slogan

Chicken is one of the proteins which are widely eaten all around the world, and this indeed has a very big market to grow; chickens are considered a healthy source of protein, and many health-conscious people consider this as a holy grail, so when you start on your chicken business, then you need to make sure that you are providing the best quality and also catering to the needs of your consumers.

You need to make sure that you are listening to the unfulfilled demands of your consumers, which will eventually take you ahead in the game; you also need to upskill your advertisement sector to do that; here given below are some eat more chicken slogans:

  • Eat healthily, eat great.
  • Feeling better with our chickens.
  • Only premium quality chickens are found here.
  • Eat healthy to live luxuriously.
  • Watch what you eat, dude!
  • If you want to feel good, check what you eat.
  • Eat better and also live better.
  • A healthy body requires the best chicken.
  • Chicken with unbeatable meat.
  • Juicy meat to satiate your protein count.
  • You become what you eat, so choose wisely.
  • Chickens your soul will crave for.
  • The search for the juiciest chicken ends here.
  • We live up to our words.
  • Average, what’s that? We deliver premium quality only.
  • Chickens are here to indulge you in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Eat more chicken and worry less.
  • The only place for your customized needs.
  • Eat healthily and keep your heart healthy.
  • Give the body what it wants.
  • Chickens that are meant for your lifestyle.
  • We keep our chicken happy.
  • Your diet needs our chicken.
  • A place that serves the best quality chicken.
  • Healthy eating? did you mean our chicken?
  • Keep your body strong with our chickens.
  • Snack on our chickens, and you will not regret it.
  • Eat more healthy and live more healthy.
  • Chickens that are made only for you.
  • Keep your chickens healthy and your life healthier.
  • Healthy meal calls for the best quality chickens.
  • Look the best and eat the best chickens.
  • Eat right and speak right.
  • The search for the healthiest chicken ends here.
  • You are going to lick your lips after eating our chicken.

Poultry Slogan Ideas

The poultry business is one of the most widely spread businesses, this is one of the most difficult businesses as it requires your constant care and affection, and with the onset of digitalization, it has become essentially important to always keep yourself updated and also to keep up at par with the world.

In such scenarios, advertisements play a major role, and you need to keep up with the edgy captions and slogans that this digital world needs to propagate your business. You need to keep at par with this new generation and not be left behind with your business; to help you with this, here are a few poultry slogan ideas:

  • Authenticity at its best.
  • The best chicken that you can get.
  • The chicken which is loved by all.
  • The best chicken that you can get from the best poultry farm.
  • Quality that speaks for itself.
  • Unmatched chicken with the best quality is found here.
  • Freshly from the farm for you.
  • The chickens that are best for you.
  • Proteins for your healthy lifestyle.
  • Best chickens fin the multiverse.
  • The best poultry farm in town is unmatched!
  • One-stop for your best chicken and eggs.
  • Bringing it fresh from the farm.
  • Eggs and chicken waiting to be yours.
  • Serving it fresh every day. 
  • With our business, quality is our only goal.
  • We don’t consider anyone as our competitors
  • We do not aim for better; we aim only for the best.
  • Eggs and chicken, which are specially kept with care for you.
  • Let us know about the chicken recipe tonight.
  • Chickens who are the best in their lot.
  • Runny yolks are a treat to watch during breakfast.
  • Nothing comes close to our quality.
  • Serving only the fresh and holding it right.
  • Anything with our chicken is technically perfect.
  • The best you can get in this town.
  • Eggs are better if you order them.
  • We do not compromise with our quality.
  • We consider chicken as the food of the winners.
  • Everything you cook with our chicken is delicious.
  • You will fall in love with our chicken.
  • Nothing can be better than a healthy chicken meal.
  • Waiting for the best chicken ends here.

Poultry Farm Taglines

The poultry farm business can be a major turning point in your life if you use it correctly, It can be taken constant resource for your income, and it can change your fortune totally, but for this, you need to be able to devote your time and patience to it and also take care that you are meeting the demands of your consumers, there are numerous poultry farm businesses but why will they choose you, you need to do your business in such a way that it caters to all the unfulfilled needs and you are aiming at best in every sector, unlike your competitors.

Nowadays, when you are starting your business then, you need to make sure that digitalization is essential since that is the need of the hour, and for that, you need to focus on your advertisement and make sure that you are at par with the rest of the world, here are a few poultry farm taglines given below that you can use for your business:

  • The best chicken that you can offer to your diet.
  • We make chicken taste good, not for profit.
  • The quality remains unwavering.
  • Best chicken? Did you mean us?
  • Chickens can be a great start to your day.
  • Love the way you make chickens.
  • Eggs, a necessity of mankind.
  • We grow for you, and that’s what matters.
  • Eggs that satiate your protein cravings.
  • Proteins that your body needs.
  • Chickens feed not only your appetite but also your body.
  • Proteins that your body needs are provided here.
  • Unadulterated proteins and eggs.
  • Searching for the juiciest chicken?
  • Eggs with some mesmerizing taste.
  • The best chicken and eggs in town are here.
  • The chickens that will make you fall for them.
  • We deal here with some unbeatable taste.
  • We make chickens and eggs only for the best.
  • The eggs get cracking throughout the day.
  • The best proteins which are chickens and eggs, require the best service.
  • Recovering the taste for chicken and eggs or everyone.
  • A better diet calls for the best chicken and eggs.
  • Keeping it loyal to the quality fresh from the start.
  • Pleasure is when your yolk is golden and runny.
  • Avocado toast with half-boiled eggs sound like a perfect breakfast.
  • Making it special for you every day.

Chicken Advertisement Lines

Chicken business is rapidly growing and if you are a newbie to this, then let me tell you that this has enormous growth, so if you take this in the correct direction, then this will provide a huge amount of revenue, but for that, you need to understand that you have to devote your time and also be patient with this business, and also you need to make sure that there is proper sanitary and hygienic measures present in the farm.

You need to do a research regarding the complaints that consumers have regarding the other chicken farms and try to fill in the gaps; this will help you in catering to their needs; here are a few chicken advertisement lines:

  • Chickens are made only for premium consumers.
  • The best proteins require the best efforts.
  • How about some chicken steak and salad tonight?
  • Quality never goes compromised.
  • The eggs give you the perfect sponge cakes.
  • Live healthily by adding our chicken to your diet.
  • Eggs? the best you can get in is here.
  • The search for the best quality chicken and eggs ends here.
  • Who is not wanting a healthy lifestyle now?
  • The way we farm chicken, we farm it for you.
  • The juiciest chicken thighs you ever gonna eat.
  • Add those soft-boiled eggs to your diet.
  • Add a side of the chicken to your plate.
  • Your protein command is our demand.
  • Always at your service with the best chicken.
  • The best eggs in the town undoubtedly.
  • Surely not ready to miss this chance to live healthily.
  • Healthy chicken and eggs always call for us.
  • Love the way you always consider us your best choice.
  • We are dealing here only with premium chickens and eggs.
  • Caring is your only option always.
  • We care for our chickens as much as care for your diet.
  • Unbeatable and we are the only combination we ever wish for.
  • If the chicken had mouths, they would have only recommended us.
  • Farmed with care to eat.
  • The eggs are waiting for your arrival.
  • The way you want is the only demand we are here to fulfill.
  • Chicken and eggs are made for the best only.
  • We do not compromise our hygiene.

Chicken Slogans That Rhyme

Chicken is indeed a very good business to start within this scenario, but you need to look after it. In this era of digitalization, you need to pay 

heed to a lot of external factors apart from production and quality; digital marketing is essential in this generation if you are willing to start your business, and this also enables your business to grow rapidly and also helps you in increasing your market worldwide; this digitalization also helps you in managing things rather doing things manually and also let your consumers have faith in you.

Here are a few chicken slogan that rhyme that can go well with the advertisement part of your business:

  • The best chicken is not made for the rest.
  • No compromise for the chicken things.
  • Get those eggs cracking, and the days bussin’
  • Love the eggs, live the life.
  • Premium eggs for the premium souls.
  • Health comes from chicken, and wealth comes from you.
  • Healthy and wise, always choose the best.
  • Best delivering the best.
  • Compromise can never be made with nice consumers.
  • Thrive for the best chicken.
  • Hiring the best to be the best.
  • Quality is never exchanged with duality.
  • Wealth comes only when you are healthy.
  • Eat the chicken and beat the shit out at the gym.
  • Special chicken for special deals.
  • Flavors of chicken that your heart will crave for.
  • Colorful souls require the best chickens.
  • Eggs that are gonna give you days to your life.
  • Smokin’ hot wings for smoking hot people.
  • Chicken that goes on with your diet.
  • Life-s short, but make your protein count longer.
  • Proteins that are best for your body.
  • Crave the thing which is good for you.
  • Grilling chicken and doing squats.
  • Eggs that are as golden as your destiny.
  • Runny yolks your tongue craves for.
  • Kept with care so that you can bear.
  • Chickens that give the muscle.
  • Beautiful occasion calls for the juiciest chicken wings.
  • Best shape requires the best chicken.
  • Best meat for the best.

Chicken Shop Slogans

Chicken is one of the most widely consumed proteins in the world, and so when you are embarking onto this new path then, you need to make sure that you are using it correctly to make your revenue; this revenue is not something that will come easy to the world, and if you are someone who does not like being on social media or phone for a very long time then it is going to be difficult because we are shifting to a time frame that makes everything available around you just by the click and for that, you need to use proper digitalization of your business so that you can run it well even digitally and so for that you need to do proper advertisements for which there are a few chicken shop slogans:

  • The meat the best can get.
  • We keep our chicken with love.
  • Chicken with eggs calls for a delish breakfast.
  • You call protein. We hear our names.
  • Eggs that your body needs.
  • Love our chickens, love our eggs.
  • Authenticity is maintained from the start.
  • Kick-off your day with some chicken and eggs.
  • The best always requires service from the best.
  • The flawless protein your body needs.
  • Finest of the finest chickens come from here.
  • Eat something which fits your morals.
  • Eggs that aim for your fitness goals.
  • Start your day with the best of eggs.
  • Let’s get your life healthy.
  • Eggs supremacy always.
  • We deliver only delicious eggs.
  • A vigorous lifestyle calls for vigorous eggs.
  • We just made for the idea of egg-making.
  • Providing you with an adorable range of delicious eggs.
  • Having valued eggs only for you.
  • You and healthy is what we call for.
  • We call only for expressing eggs.
  • We make our eggs healthy for you.
  • We are here on behalf of eggs.
  • The eggs that we give come from the superlative company.
  • Being always naturally virtuous.
  • Our company is always committed to the best quality.
  • We only deliver the best and nothing less than that.
  • We are talking only about the elite.
  • Love for goods eggs calls for us.
  • Providing only the fresh eggs to you.
  • We are only enhanced in our system of making eggs.
  • Well-being comes from good eggs.

Chicken Farm Slogan

Chicken farming has become one of the most increasing sectors. You need to be wise to excel in this business; in this age of digitalization, apart from manufacturing and product quality, you need to keep other things in mind and carry on with your work accordingly.

You need to update with all the latest news and whatever is happening around the world; this will help you get the upper hand and understand how you will be able to link this to your business and use it to your benefit.

These need to understand as we are shifting towards a digital world where everything is possible with one touch. To help you with it, here are a few chicken farm slogans:

  • A company that is not here to sell the ordinary.
  • We are here for your health-conscious lifestyle.
  • Live life king size just like our eggs.
  • Premium deals for premium consumers.
  • Chickens that are good for your muscles.
  • Your protein is our headache.
  • Eat only ethical eggs.
  • Delivering only the supreme quality.
  • The egg’s supremacy shall continue as long as we are here.
  • Life feels great when you start with eggs.
  • Chicken which your muscle will need surely.
  • Unadulterated eggs for the unadulterated souls.
  • Eggs and chicken that fits your life.
  • Proteins that your body craves require the best.
  • Giving you only the supreme quality hen.
  • Making the live chicken business a success.
  • Delivering chickens with a positive attitude.
  • Quality chickens at the most affordable prices.
  • Your health calls for our urgency.
  • Start this day with the best eggs.
  • Poached eggs are best for breakfast.
  • Chickens which you will not stop eating.
  • Meeting your protein count every day.
  • Life is all about good eggs and juicy chickens.
  • Range of eminent eggs.
  • Delivering only the juiciest chickens right here.
  • Grilled chickens and veggies are a perfect combo.
  • Exceptional eggs for the exceptional you.
  • Chickens are impeccable for your health.
  • Chickens business with only a positive attitude.
chicken slogans and taglines

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