Top 31+ Best Preschool Brands in the World

Preschool is created for children who are not old enough for kindergarten. With so many preschool brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Given below is a list of top preschool brands around the globe.

Preschool Brands in the World

The Episcopal School in the City of New York

Country: United States

Located in New York’s this preschool believes in manners and tradition. Besides productive Specials lessons, they also concentrated on movement, storytelling, and music. The academy is not sectarian and independent.

92St Y

Country: United States

It is a community and cultural and community center situated in New York City, USA. It is not associated with the CA.


Country: United States

This global network of for-profit non-governmental academies for pre-K-12th degrees. The original campus of this academy was introduced in New York City in 2012. Their agenda is to launch 20 campuses in other hamlets around the globe. The strategy is plotted to be an incorporated “learning community” with the professional growth of staff, technology, curriculum, and a shared vision.

Saint Ann’s

Country: United States 

This art-oriented non-governmental academy is situated in Brooklyn, New York City. The academy is a co-educational pre-K-12 non-sectarian, day academy with strict programs in the sciences, humanities, and arts.

The Packer Collegiate Institute

Country: United States

This detached university primary academy for learners from nursery through class 12. This academy has been situated in Brooklyn, New York City since its establishment in 1845.

Grace Church School

Country: United States

This non-governmental academy is situated in Manhattan in New York City. The Grace Church introduced this school in 1894 in New York City as the first ensemble boarding academy. The High School department of Grace Church School was established in 2012.

Center for Early Education

Country: United States

This non-governmental nursery academy is based in Los Angeles County, California. An organization of experienced psychoanalysts introduced this academy in 1939. Since its establishment, it has become one of the leading primary academies in the country.

Phillips Brooks School

Country: United States

This autonomous, primary academy class 5, coeducational day academy is situated in Menlo Park, California. The academy is mainly popular as PBS and a team of educators and officials introduced this preschool in 1978. The registration of this school is 270 learners. 

Beacon Hill Nursery School

Country: United States 

The goal of this school is to build a nurturing society that infuses a permanent fondness of knowledge in its learners. Tutored by outstanding teachers, they value games as deliberate and delightful kids’ natural interests. They serve Junior Kindergarteners, preschoolers, and toddlers ages 2-6.


Country: United States

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts this non-governmental, non-profit, NAEYC-accredited primary academy gives stimulating and warm preschool familiarity in a loving and joyful atmosphere. They facilitate the optimal growth of the kid through an emergent curriculum, play-based, creative, and intensity on outdoor play and art.

Washington, D.C. Beauvoir

Country: United States

This coeducational nursery academy is situated in the Washington National Cathedral in Washington D.C. They serve learners from nursery through class 3. It was launched in 1933 to educate students for National Cathedral School and St. Albans School.

L’Université Paris-Sud

Country: France

This French institute was introduced in 1971. It was allocated among multiple campuses in Paris, including Kremlin-Bicêtre, Sceaux, Châtenay-Malabry, Cachan, and Orsay campuses. The primary campus of this institute is situated in Orsay.

ESSCA School of management 

Country: France

Angers-based this large industry academy of France presently has campuses in Shanghai, Budapest, Cholet, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, and Paris. The academy provides multiple programs. It was first introduced in 1909.

Ecole Nationale Superieure Louis Lumiere

Country: France

This primary academy offers artistic, technical, practical, and theoretical education and coaching for those wanting to attain many departments of the audiovisual business. Paul Montel, Léon Gaumont, and Louis Lumière opened this preschool in 1926.

Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)

Country: France

This multidisciplinary academy of France is based in the headquarters of Brittany and Finistère province. The backing of the foundation of Education of Brittany and the Higher Academy of Professorship, this academy has institutions in Saint-Brieuc, Vannes, and Rennes.

TBS Business School – Paris

Country: France

The Toulouse Chamber of Industry and Commerce introduced this Academy in 1903. The preliminary mission of this school was to acknowledge the necessities of the regional industry community for eligible industry managers.

Saint-Denis International School

Country: France

Based in the Loire Valley, this preschool provides its students with a safe and warm living atmosphere in Loches, which acquires a variation of cafes, shops, and restaurants. Saint-Denis school was opened in 1858.

Albert College

Country: Canada

In this Academy, each learner is an ‘A’ learner. They provide their students with knowledge of Adventure programming, Active citizenship, Athletics, Arts, and Academics.

Toronto Waldorf School

Country: Canada

This Canada-based preschool provides a curriculum that incorporates emotional & social, physical aspects, arts, academics, movement of child growth.

Clanmore Montessori School

Country: Canada

This Canada-based academy provides credible Montessori programming. Their atmosphere is calm and attracting and their ideology authorizes them to aid every kid as a different person.

Kendellhurst Academy

Country: Canada

An enriched curriculum is offered by Kendellhurst Academy to their learners with a combination of arts-infused curriculum, traditional and project-based with personal appliances, Macs and PC’s in each class, and digital displays for grades 5 to 8.

Elmwood School

Country: Canada

Ottawa-based this pre-eminent academy for girls provides a supportive and safe atmosphere, small-sized classes, high educational standards.

Westside Montessori School   

Country: Canada

Downtown Toronto-based this credible preschool provides programs for Elementary kids, Casa, and Toddlers.

Académie Marie-Claire

Country: Canada

This academically popular English and French bilingual offers learners from nursery to High School. There is an availability of Boarding in this preschool.

Lynn-Rose Heights Private School

Country: Canada

This is one of the top pre-schools in Canada and is known for the amazing education it provides.It is an authorized Global Baccalaureate World Academy.


Country: Canada

This top independent accredited academy provides international Baccalaureate programs and a different design of Montessori. Their learners grow in intellectuals while creating an organization of Significance.

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