Top 38+ Best Projector Brands in the World

Projectors may be utilized as an option to a television or monitor when displaying images or videos to a minority of individuals. With so many projector brands in the world, it is not easy to choose one. Here is a list of top projector brands in the globe.

Projector Brands in the World


Country: Taiwan

This Taiwanese global corporation markets and retails communications devices, computing devices, customer electronics, and technology commodities under the trademark “BenQ”. Its primary commodities include mobile computing devices, digital cameras, digital projectors, and TFT LCD monitors. The department of BenQ is situated in Taipei, and the corporation has five branch departments in North America, Latin America, China, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.


Country: Japan

This Japanese global company works in the production of optical and Imaging commodities, including medical equipment, microscopes, binoculars, image scanners, printers, imagining sensors, CCTV solutions, computer, photolithography equipment, photocopiers, projectors, film equipment, and TV broadcasting, professional displays, camcorders, and cameras. It has its department in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan.

Hitachi Data Systems

Country: United States

Since the establishment of this US-based company in 2017, Hitachi has become associated with Hitachi Vantara, a contemporary firm that integrates the accomplishments of Hitachi Data Systems,

Hitachi Insight Group, and Pentaho. They offer computer data storage systems, modular mid-range and high-end software, and benefits. It is an exclusively owned affiliate of Hitachi Ltd.


Country: Japan

With head department in Minato, Tokyo, this Japanese global partnership corporation’s different commodities and benefits include office equipment, medical equipment, home appliances, customer electronics, social infrastructure, and industrial systems, power systems, electronic materials and components, communications systems and equipment, logistics and lighting, and information technology.


Country: Japan

This Japanese global electronics and data technology corporation has its office in Minato, Tokyo. The firm was recognized as the Nippon Electric Company, Limited. NEC offers network and IT solutions, including 5G network, IoT platform, Al, and cloud computing to government agencies, communications services providers, and business enterprises.

Optoma Corporation 

Country: Taiwan

This global visual and audio solutions provider specializes in the production and design of professional audio commodities, retail and digital signage solutions, projection mapping, image processing equipment, and software, interactive projectors, DLP projectors, LED projectors, laser projectors, digital cinema, professional audiovisual solutions, and projectors.


Country: Japan

Japan-based this transnational consumer and experienced firm of electronics was created in 1927 and located in Yokohama. They are largely notable for inaugurating the first TV of Japan and for creating the Video Home System (VHS).

Panasonic Corporation

Country: Japan

With a studio in Kadoma, Osaka, this international establishment of customer electronics was formed in 1918 as a company of lightbulb sockets and has broadened to become one of the largest companies of electronics in Japan alongside Canon Inc, Sony, Pioneer, and Hitachi. The firm also provides non-electronic merchandise and assistance such as estate renovation assistance.

Sharp Corporation

Country: Japan

Based in Japan this international association makes and designs electronic merchandise. The bureau of this association is situated in Sakai-Ku, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. They hire more than 50,000 staffers globally. The corporation was founded in Tokyo in 1912.

LG Electronics

Country: South Korea

With offices in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea, LG Electronics is associated with the fourth largest trade coalition of South Korea, and as of 2014, the global marketing of LG reached $55.91 billion. The firm includes four marketing units: Home Entertainment, 

Mobile Communications, Home Appliances & Solutions, and Vehicle Components.


Country: Japan

This Japan-based firm of electronics has branches in Moriguchi, Osaka prefecture, Japan. It was previously a unit of the Fortune Global 500. Sanyo had more than 230 subsidiaries and affiliates. Sanyo was created by Toshio Issue. The brand associated with Panasonic in 2011.


Country: United States

US-based this non-governmental firm is situated in the region of Oregon. Created in 1986, the firm supplies, produces, and develops LCD and DLP projectors and appliances as well as smartphones, tablets, LED televisions, software, and large-format touch displays. They also provide video calling assistance.

Acer Inc.

Country: Taiwan

With an office in Xizhi, New Taipei City, Taiwan this transnational firm of hardware and electronic merchandises largely engaged in advanced electronics technology. The stocks of Acer Inc. include tablets, displays, laptop PCs, servers, smartphones, desktop PCs, storage devices, peripherals, and virtual reality devices.

Mitsubishi Group

Country: Japan

This organization of autonomous Japan-based global corporations in a variety of businesses was created in 1870 by Iwasaki Yatarō. The offices of Mitsubishi Group are situated in Tokyo, Japan.


Country: Canada

This group of corporations produces various digital cinema devices and DLP projectors and offers a choice of presentation and collaboration solutions, line array audio solutions, and LCD projectors which are utilized in many settings. The Christie organization includes Christie Digital Systems Australia Pty Ltd., Christie Digital Systems Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V. (Mexico), and Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc.


Country: United States

This America-based transnational coalition firm oversees in the spaces of worker safety, consumer goods, industry, and US health care. The enterprise generates more than 60,000 merchandises under numerous trademarks, including laminate, orthodontic and dental stocks, healthcare software, medical products, personal protective equipment, car-care stocks, and optical films.


Country: United States

Hewlett-Packard has its bureau in Palo Alto. Based in America this global firm of data technology distributed and developed a wide deviation of software and hardware elements to clients. In 1999, the firm segregated into two associations: one managing the extensive company title, the other trademarked Agilent Technologies.

Yamaha Corporation

Country: Japan

Japan-based this global enterprise and coalition with a remarkably extensive expanse of stocks and assistance is one of the massive firms of piano production in the world. The old division of motorcycle was organized in 1955 as Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


Country: Netherlands

With offices in Amsterdam, this Netherlands-based transnational coalition firm is previously globe’s one of the massive firms of electronics, now engaged in the branch of health technology. Gerard Philips and his father Frederik started this company in 1891 in Eindhoven. Shortly, Phillips has almost 74,000 staffers across 100 regions.


Country: United States

This American firm trades digital documents and print commodities and services in over 160 nations. Their departments are situated in Norwalk, Connecticut. Affiliated Computer Services purchased by this company for $6.4 billion. 


Country: Belgium

This Belgium-based technology corporation works in imaging technology and digital projection, concentrating on three core sectors: healthcare, enterprise, and entertainment. It hires 3600 workers in 90 nations. The offices of Barco are located in Kortrijk, Belgium, and have their own capabilities for Manufacturing, R&D, Customer Support, and Sales & Marketing in Asia-Pacific, North America, and Europe.


Country: Japan

This Japan-based firm of customer electronics and marketable electronics has its offices in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. They produce firm’s stocks include mobile phones, electronic musical instruments, calculators, digital watches, and digital cameras. Created in 1946, this firm produced multiple accessible residence electronic keyboards in the 1980s.


Country: United States

Associated with Planar Systems, Inc., this US-based global firm has its office in Beaverton, Oregon, and produces an extensive range of display equipment. Sam Runco and his partner Lori created this brand in 1987 in Northern California. 


Country: Japan

This Japan-based firm produces DLP and LCD projectors, associated appliances, and overhead projectors. Created in Osaka, Japan in 1953 by four producers. Originally the concentration of the corporation was manufacturing technology.

Eastman Kodak

Country: United States

This American technology corporation generates camera-related commodities with its notable source of photography. The corporation has its department in Rochester, New York. Eastman Kodak offers professional services, graphic communications, functional printing, and packaging for industries around the globe. Kodak is mainly notable for photographic film commodities.


Country: United States

This US-based telecommunications corporation has its spaces in Schaumburg, Illinois. The brand was founded in 1928. In 2011, it separated into two autonomous coalitions: one known as Motorola Mobility and another titled Motorola Solutions. 


Country: United States

This US-based merchandiser was created in 1921. RadioShack performs mainly as an electronic commerce website, a system of nearly 500 singly acquired legal merchant shops, and as a distributor of components for HobbyTown.

Aiptek Inc.

Country: Taiwan

This factory of customer electronic commodities largely manufactures 3D products, photo frames, digitizers, graphics tablets, camcorders, and pico projectors. Aiptek Inc. was launched in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 1997. It has departments in Willich, Irvine, and Shanghai.


Country: Japan

This Japanese global electronics and imaging corporation was created in 1936 by the now-defunct marketable sector of the Institute of Riken Concern. The offices of Ricoh are in the Ricoh Building in Chūō, Tokyo. It manufactures office equipment, primarily cameras and electronic commodities such as fax machines, photocopiers, and printers.


Country: Taiwan

This Taiwanese firm of electronics has its office in Neihu, Taipei. Delta is recognized for its switching power supplies, computer fans, and DC industrial. The brand was created in Xinzhuang Town, Taipei County in 1971. Its introductory commodities were winding magnetic parts, electronic components, and TV deflection coils. Delta is also a distributor of cooling parts. 


Country: Italy

This Italian firm managing in the aerospace division has its department in Colleferro, Rome, Italy. Created in 1908, Avio products are available in Italy and abroad with various retail departments and 10 manufacturing locations. It manages in 5 primary industry areas.


Country: United States

This firm produces and distributes visual equipment. Dukane offers ultrasonic plastic assembly systems and audiovisual equipment. Dukane manufactures heat staking press, slates, spin welders, laser welding, visual cameras, video projectors, iPad charging carts, and LCD projectors.

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